Cherry Hill 17: Have a Little Faith (LoveXtreme)

Cherry Hill 17

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,383
8 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Contemporary Menage Romantic Suspense Romance, MFMMM, light spanking, HEA]

Faith has pretty much given up on true love and even Cherry Hill. She is about to head back home when she meets and falls in love with Louis, Voight, Worin, and Hunt. 

Four older soldiers with PTSD and attitudes. They realize that she is pretty special and no other woman gets to them as Faith does. Faith wonders if they're worth the risk and if they're ready to commit, despite their bad attitudes and commanding ways. A few kisses and some wild make-out sessions convince them all to take a chance. 

Her friend is looking for love in all the wrong places and winds up putting Faith in danger. Faith is smart enough to get away and heads right to her men's arms. 

The only problem now is she's gained the interest of some men who want to do her harm and failed at the first attempt. They don't intend to fail now, but even battered bruised and ready to pass out, Faith fights for her life and gives her men the time they need to rescue her before it's too late.

Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

Cherry Hill 17: Have a Little Faith (LoveXtreme)
8 Ratings (4.4)

Cherry Hill 17: Have a Little Faith (LoveXtreme)

Cherry Hill 17

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,383
8 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley

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“So I was out the other day in Benter and met this guy, Lance. As soon as he heard I was from Cherry Hill, he started asking about how it is living here, if there are a lot of places to rent or buy. He was flirting a bit.”

“Nice, so are you going to meet up with him again?” Faith asked.

“Well, I wasn’t sure, because he seemed to hold back a bit. He was more interested in the town, the types of people living here, so I thought forget about it.”

“Well, don’t worry. Maybe you’ll see him again.”

“I don’t know. I think if he was interested he would have asked for my number or maybe to meet here in Cherry Hill, something. It was just so odd. I’m seriously thinking about checking out some other towns. I’ve been here a few years now, and I haven’t met one nice guy or guys, only assholes and they’re usually from out of town.”

“I hear ya. My brother and cousin live in Warriorville, about an hour or so from here. I’ve been considering living closer to them and helping them with their ranch and stuff.”

“I’m glad I’m not the only one to—”

Candice stopped talking and her jaw dropped. Faith turned to look and saw two tall, older looking guys come into Harper’s. They both had tattoos on their arms and looked a bit rough. They had scruff along their cheeks, shoulder length hair, wore biker jackets and leather sheaths on their hips that contained pretty big knives for just walking around with. Not exactly legal, and she wasn’t the only one who noticed.

Candice squeezed her arm. “The tall guy with the brown hair is Lance. I don’t know who the blond is,” she whispered excitedly, and then gave a wave and pulled Faith along with her. Both men ate Faith up with their eyes and she got a bad feeling in her gut. If the brunet liked Candice, he should be focusing on her.

“Lance, what are you doing here?” Candice asked and leaned toward him as if to kiss him hello or she expected him to kiss her or hug her. He did but his eyes went to Faith and he winked. Definitely a player. She squinted.

“This is my friend, Faith.”

“Faith, huh? Sweet,” he said and reached his hand out for her to shake. She did and he gave her a squeeze, licked his lower lip as Candice looked at the blond who was looking to shake Faith’s hand next.

“Nice to meet you. This is my friend Benny,” he introduced his buddy who shook Faith’s hand next. Candice hugged Lance’s arm and he smirked. “We came by to check out the town and to see you,” he said to Candice, who blushed.

“That’s so nice. My section is over here,” she said and pointed.

“And your section?” the blond asked Faith.

“She’s right next to mine. Come on over and I’ll buy you a round,” Candice said and she started to lead them toward her section but Faith went to the bar.

“Who are those guys?” Ade asked her suspiciously.

Faith rolled her eyes. “New friends of Candice’s.”

“Hmm, they were both eating you up with their eyes and staring at your chest,” Ade said and he kept his eyes on the guys.

She chuckled.

“Definitely players. Hopefully Candice picks up on it. I’d hate for her to get her heart broken. She really seemed to like the guy with the brown hair.”

“She better be careful,” Ade said in a protective tone.

“I hear ya,” she said and thought about Candice and how she so desperately wanted a boyfriend or men to take care of her. It was a constant thing with her and even Leeann since their other friends started ménage relationships. Faith wanted those things too, but she was shy and she expected a certain type of man or men to snag her heart. Being a virgin and twenty-four didn’t help matters. She continued to work, dealt with the two men flirting and even Candice suggesting a double date or something. Faith could tell the guys weren’t the dating kind at all. As she stopped when they asked her a question, the guy, Benny, placed his hand on her hip and then rubbed her back. It gave her the creeps and she stepped to the side, and bumped into someone. As she turned to look way up, she locked gazes with Louis. Her jaw dropped, her face felt flush. She felt like she got caught flirting or something, meanwhile she wasn’t.

“Faith,” he said and then gave the guys dirty looks before he continued walking towards the men’s room.

“Excuse me,” she said and walked toward the bar. She was getting annoyed at the way the guy Benny thought he could just touch her, rub her back or flirt. Candice, however, was apparently liking how Lance kept touching her, whispering to her and even made her blush several times. She headed to the bar and to where Louis and Voight were having beers with some friends of theirs.

“Those guys are awfully handsy,” Ade said to her and loud enough for Louis and Voight to hear.

“Tell me about it. I think the one guy is part octopus,” she said with an attitude and then lifted her arms to fix her ponytail that was coming undone.

“Don’t be so friendly,” Voight snapped at her.

She turned to look at him. He used his eyes to gaze over her breasts in the tank top she wore. She squinted. “I’m not.”




Faith was exhausted, and by the time she left work she was feeling achy, tired and her hand really felt terrible. She promised Candice she would meet her for lunch, even though she really didn’t want to. That was Faith though, she was always trying to make things right, to keep the peace if she could. She would look at it as a distraction before she headed over to meet Louis, Voight, Worin and Hunt for dinner at their place. She was relieved to learn that the gathering turned into a barbecue with Kane, Athena, Culter, Chase, and Fox, as well as Charlie and her men, the sheriff from Central Valley, Titus Mullen, and his brothers, Corey who owned a dojo in Central Valley as well as Aleck and Mavis, retired Marines. She was looking forward to talking to Charlie about Warriors Way and perhaps ideas of funding and branching out the services. With that thought as she headed to her car, she spotted Hunt along with the others, all gathered near their pickup truck. She squinted.

“We’ll follow you home. Make sure you’re okay,” he said.

She nodded, feeling at a loss for words. She loved that they cared so much and were truly concerned and then she wondered if they expected more fooling around. She had been working all night, and needed to get showered and hit her bed. That got her thinking about the potential relationship with them and having sex with them. She gulped and got into her car and headed home.

Their truck was big and loud and didn’t go unnoticed, kind of like each of the men. Their seasoned expressions, fine lines by their eyes, over tanned skin along their faces, those thick yet well-trimmed beards all made them stand out. Made them appear lethal, capable and intimidating. She didn’t feel unsafe with them though. Her gut didn’t clench and indicate to be cautious or to not trust them. Hell no, she liked them close and she had a feeling her idea about leaving Cherry Hill was going to be tested by exactly what went down in the next few weeks.

As she pulled along the dirt roadway leading to her cottage, she saw how pitch black it was outside around it, nothing but fields and woods on the back side, the one porch light she left on remained on, and of course one inside to make it look like someone was home. She turned off the ignition and got out of her car. They were out of their truck and looking around.

“It’s pretty damn dark out here.” Worin sounded so snappy as he said that.

“It’s three o’clock, Worin. What do you expect?”

She headed to her door and began to unlock it, but then paused and turned around to face them. It was a sight. Four tall, stocky men all standing around her, towering over her and the doorway. They were a force to reckon with and looked gigantic compared to her, never mind her small cottage and the seemingly tiny doorway they surely would need to duck slightly to go inside.

“I appreciate you following me home.”

“Open up and invite us in so we can look at that hand and make plans for tomorrow,” Voight said to her.

“We did make plans for—”

One look and raise of the eyebrows from Louis and Hunt and she turned the knob and entered the house. They filtered in, only slightly ducking. Obviously her mind and body were completely turned on by their sizes and looks that she thought them even bigger, grander than they were.

“This is nice,” Voight said but his eyes were glued to her. She placed her backpack onto the counter and then kicked off her shoes. She sighed as she held on to the counter and felt her feet aching. When Louis placed his hand on her shoulder and caressed her back, she turned to look up at him.

“You work so hard baby, your feet must be killing you,” he said to her.

“They are. I can’t wait to shower and just get off of them,” she said to him.

He drew her against his chest and lowered his mouth to hers. She ran her palms up his forearms to his chest and he lifted her up and placed her ass onto the island in the kitchen. The sound of the two stools sliding across the tiled flooring didn’t pull her attention away from the taste of him, or how dominating Louis was. She moaned into his mouth and he slid his palm up her shirt to cup her breast. She pulled from his mouth but he hugged her to him, his palm squeezing her breast, his mouth suckling against her neck as he spoke to her. “Don’t push us away. We need to be close to you. To explore these feelings.”

“Louis, we don’t really know one another and—”

He pinched her nipple, tugged on the tiny, hardened bud. Her lips parted and she held his gaze. “You’re going to belong to us. We want you, in every way,” he said to her and then kissed her again. He started to slide his hands behind her to unclip her bra and she felt panicked. Like he was moving too fast and his team was right there just watching like she would automatically accept them all. Not that she wouldn’t, but it was damn intimidating.

“Slow down, Louis, please.”

He gripped the counter on either side of her as she tried adjusting her breasts in the top she wore. “Jesus, baby, I can’t help it. Your body is incredible. You’re so sexy and gorgeous and strong, we want to be with you,” he said to her.

“Be inside of you,” Hunt said and stepped closer, clenched her chin between pointer and thumb and kissed her. Louis stepped back and now Hunt was pressed between her legs, kissing her tenderly as he caressed her thigh and then up her ribs to her breast. He pulled from her mouth. “You’re incredible. More than a handful, baby, and I have big fucking hands.” He nipped her neck and teased her nipple with the pad of his thumb. Her pussy clenched and leaked cream as Voight took his place and kissed her next. Voight was wild as he lowered her to the island, kissed her as he slid his palm under her shirt and pushed it all the way up. He somehow got her bra undone as he plunged his tongue into her mouth and her breasts fell from confinement.

She felt another hand on her other breast and then Worin spoke to her. “God, you’re beautiful, baby. So damn beautiful,” Worin said and Hunt released her lips to trail his mouth along her breast and nipple on the left side. He used his hand to hold her wrist by her side and Worin held her other wrist above her head as he feasted on her tit too.

“Oh my God, please. Oh God, I feel something,” she said.

“Let it go, baby. Let go with us and we’ll catch you,” Louis said to her and an orgasm hit her hard. She cried out and came, which aroused Worin and Hunt because they growled as they tugged and suckled on her nipples. When they released them she was panting.


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