Keaton's Lessons (MM)

Brac Village 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 36,236
66 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, public exhibition, sex toys, HEA]

Keaton Richards owns Jammin' Juice Hut. His life is simple, worry-free, and he loves owning his own business. But when events start unfolding after a mysterious stranger shows up at his shop, Keaton begins to question not only his sanity, but if he should pursue the edgy and secretive man he finds himself enthralled with.

Kade Marshall served fifteen years in prison for two crimes—one he committed and one he had nothing to do with. The only thing he wants to do is put his past behind him and start living again. But when feelings of doubt and depression start to creep in, Kade isn’t so sure coming home to Brac Village was the smartest thing for him.

In Keaton’s plight to save Kade, he teaches the man the meaning of life, love, and how to live once again. But will that be enough or will Kade walk away from Keaton, feeling that his mate deserves so much better than an ex-con?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Keaton's Lessons (MM)
66 Ratings (4.7)

Keaton's Lessons (MM)

Brac Village 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 36,236
66 Ratings (4.7)
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I love the Brac Pack and Brac Village, all of the stories are great. Once you read the first one you will fall in love with Mavarick Brac and Cecil and all of their family and friends. Keaton's story was just another good example of the talent Lynn Hagen has to get her readers involved with the characters and stories.
Mountain Mist
Absolutely love each and every word I read. Get even more excited to read each and every new book in this series. Well worth the wait.
Professional Reviews

5 RINGS: "As Kade’s past was revealed, it was terrible how his friend turned on him, leaving him convicted and locked up. For a shifter that would have been worse than death because he had to keep his leopard hidden for all those years. Keaton was like a breath of fresh air, allowing Kade to see that his life was far from over. For some reason, Brac Village has become the center where paranormal beings that are rogue or evil seem to congregate. Maverick is struggling to maintain their secret while protecting the town that he considers under his protection. As the many other paranormal communities in the area come to their aid, I am beginning to wonder what is causing all the disturbances and what tragedy will strike next?" -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

5 SWEET PEAS: "This is book #6 in the Brac Village series and it tells us about Keaton, the laid back owner of an organic food and drink café in town. He meets Kade, a snow leopard shifter (which just happens to be my favorite breed of big cat) who was just released from prison. Kade is a good guy who served time in prison for two crimes: for killing a man (in self-defense) and rape (which he did not commit at all). The story behind his conviction is shocking. Those readers who are familiar with this series will be surprised—stunned actually, as to who he was convicted of killing and the circumstances surrounding the incident. I almost dropped my Kindle as I was reading it. Believe me when I tell you that the homicide was totally justified. The so-called victim was a monster who got what he deserved. The only reason Kade was sent to prison for his action was because this occurred outside of Maverick’s jurisdiction; he was arrested, tried and convicted outside of the alpha’s reach. There were a LOT of interesting twists and turns in this story. I can’t even begin to tell you. Old wounds were reopened which brought a lot of darkness and pain for two members of the alpha’s family, but Kade’s action brought them much needed closure. The secret identities of Panahasi’s sons are revisited. To learn more about him you must read Panahasi, book #5 in the Demon Warrior series. Even though it’s been a couple months since I’ve read the book and figured out who they are, I will keep what I know to myself (a promise I made to the author). As quiet as it’s kept, I think that Maverick is well on his way to figuring out Panahasi’s secret. Maverick Brac may be few slices short of a full loaf of bread but he’s nowhere near the realm of stupid. Also, there is a birth at the end of the story that is funny and sweet; the icing on a perfect cupcake. I love Mpreg story lines. So, to sum it up: Keaton’s Lesson is in one word FABULOUS. I love the direction this author is going with this series. Once again, this book is not a standalone. It’s part of a series (several, in fact) and MUST be read in sequential order. If they are not, you will be lost as the characters from each series often cross over into other books. Well played, Lynn Hagen well played indeed. I definitely recommend this series." -- Kiwi, Mrs. Condit and Friends Read Books

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“You need something to drink or are you hungry?”

Kade’s eyes drifted down from the menu to stare at a man with eyes the color of sapphires. They were dark and so blue that they almost looked like they held a mixture of purple as well. Kade’s leopard was going nuts as he took a step back. “I’m just looking right now.”

The man gave a nod of his head, his shoulder-length blond hair swaying slightly forward. He was smiling at Kade, totally unaware that he was looking at his mate. Kade moved over when another customer walked up to the counter, but his eyes never left the handsome face that he was drinking in.

Kade wanted to tell the guy who he was and that fate had decided to pair them together. He had scented human. Therefore his mate was clueless. Kade wanted to keep him that way. What did he have to offer anyone? Kade did not have a place of his own or a way to support the man who had the sweetest, most innocent eyes that he had ever seen.

As his mate gathered some fruit out of the display case, Kade took that opportunity to check out the slim lines and light contours of the man’s body. He was thin and—his mate locked eyes with him, peering through the glass.

Kade didn’t smile, didn’t nod, or do anything but stare. The guy gave him a generous grin before closing the sliding glass door and turning, giving Kade his back. He heard a whirling sound and assumed a smoothie was being made.

Taking a step forward, Kade peered through the glass to check out his mate’s backside. He should leave.

He really should.

Lingering around was only torture, but Kade couldn’t seem to turn around and walk out. As badly as he wanted to forget that he found his mate and had no way to take care of him, he couldn’t seem to move.

“Have you decided yet?” his mate asked as he handed the drink to the customer and then turned toward him, still wearing that boyish grin.

Kade cleared his throat. “I’ll have a strawberry banana smoothie.”

His mate gave a light laugh, the sound flowing through Kade like silken ribbons. “Dude, you are way too buff to drink something that fattening. Our smoothies have a lot of cream in them.”

The corner of Kade’s mouth twitched. He liked the fact that his mate had complimented his body. “Then what do you recommend?” Kade moved closer, although he knew he shouldn’t.

“I’ve been trying some new blends. How about I surprise you?” The sapphire sparkled, his smile never wavering. “I promise not to poison you.”

Kade gave a light chuckle. “You’re on.”

This seemed to please the guy as he grabbed a small basket and began to fill it with fruit from the case. In all honesty, he hadn’t a clue what the guy grabbed. Kade was too busy appreciating his mate’s good looks.

The guy was what some would refer to as a surfer dude. He had a bunch of bands around both wrists, some plastic, some made of thin leather. There was also a necklace around his slim neck, also made of thin leather, but there were a few beads decorating the front. In the tone of his mate’s voice, Kade could hear the inflection of someone who didn’t take life all that seriously.

If only he could be that carefree. He envied his mate that.

“Okay, try this. Now be totally honest, dude. I need to know if I’m blending correctly.” A small cup was passed over the case, Kade’s fingers grazing the blond man’s. The contact ignited Kade’s blood. His snow leopard yowled loudly, damn near making Kade purr.

Sapphire-blue eyes watched him as he took a drink. Kade’s hand flew to his mouth as he stuck his tongue out and shook his head back and forth. He couldn’t stop the reaction. Whatever this was, it was disgusting.

His mate laughed once again, but Kade was too busy trying to brush the taste off of his tongue to appreciate the musical tone. “Okay, okay. I take it I put too much whey in there.” His mate turned around and the machine began whirling again.

What the hell was whey?

When another cup was handed to him, Kade was almost too terrified to take a drink. His left eyebrow slid up as he looked across the case. “Are you sure you’re not trying to poison me?”

His mate twisted the side of his mouth and cocked his head to the side. “Just try it.”

Sending up a prayer, Kade tossed the drink back as if he were taking a shot of alcohol. He was ready to ask for a chaser but the fruity taste wasn’t half bad. “A little too much strawberry.” He handed the cup back.

“Would you like to be my guinea pig? I’ll give you a free lunch for letting me torture you.” His mate grabbed the cup out of Kade’s hand.

Why on earth was he sticking around? Finding a job should be his first priority, but the thought of leaving felt like a weight had settled in his stomach. “You have a deal.”

“All right!” His mate practically bounced as his smile grew wider. “By the way, my name is Keaton,” he said as he held his fist over the top of the display case. Kade reached up and tapped it with his own.


“Get ready to be tortured, Kade.”

His skin tightened when Keaton said his name. Kade picked up an accent. It was barely detectable, but he caught the way his mate pronounced the A as if it were an I. It sounded like he was saying Kide.

“I’m going to give you something I’ve been working on. Now remember, Kade, you have to be honest about how it tastes.” Keaton began to gather more fruit. Kade groaned when he saw kiwi being tossed into the basket. He really didn’t care for that fruit, but hoped that the taste would be disguised with the others fruits it was being blended with.

“Just don’t give me anything that tastes like the first drink you gave me,” he teased and wondered why he was flirting with Keaton. Until he had a job and a place of his own, Kade needed to stay away. He should not be flirting, and he should definitely not be enjoying the man’s company.

“I call this Suicidal. Don’t let the name fool you. I only call it that because so many fruits are blended in.” He handed him another cup. Kade took it, careful not to make contact with the man’s skin.




The man didn’t say a word, his body still rigid…oh, there we go. Kade’s hips began to press into Keaton’s hands. Now they were getting somewhere. Keaton tried once more to kiss Kade. This time the man parted his lips.

It didn’t bother Keaton to be in control. He was very flexible—in more ways than one. He was going to rock Kade’s world if the leopard let him. Yes, he was that confident. For him, sex wasn’t about how well someone could bend their legs behind their head—although that was one handy trick—but how well two people connected.

And he was feeling very connected to Kade right now. When his mate didn’t protest, Keaton swept his tongue inside Kade’s mouth and moaned. He knew the guy was going to taste all hot and spicy. He also tasted like…Keaton pulled back. “Do you smoke?”

Kade looked as if his brain wasn’t quite functioning properly yet. His teal eyes were glassy as he stared at Keaton. “Do I what?” He licked his lips and Keaton felt his breath catch at the delicious action.


Straightening, Kade began to look more focused. That wasn’t what Keaton had wanted.

“I had one before you came.” When Kade tried to move away, Keaton blocked the guy. It was true that Kade was much larger than him, but he wasn’t going to be so easily dismissed. It dawned on Keaton that Kade needed someone to guide him, to take charge. Kade was a predatory creature, but he was so damn lost inside himself. Keaton had no problem helping the man find his way.

“If I catch you with another cigarette, I’ll…I’ll…give you some very strong words that you just might not like.” His threat wasn’t as imposing as he would like it to be, but Keaton wasn’t a violent man.

Kade gazed at him for a moment, and Keaton thought the man was going to argue about being treated so high-handedly. But he laughed. The freaking man laughed at him! That was not the response Keaton was looking for. He pinched Kade’s arm. “I’m serious! Do you know how deadly those things are?” Keaton pushed back into Kade, taking away the man’s personal space. “And do you know how nasty it tastes to kiss a smoker?”

Before Kade could say a word, Keaton ran his hand over the guy’s now semi-soft cock. He hadn’t meant to kill the mood, but there was no way Keaton was going to allow the man to put that crap into his body.

“I—” Kade swallowed and Keaton could see that the guy was extremely nervous. He was going to have to ease the man into this. Kade had never answered him when Keaton asked if it had been a long time for Kade. It wasn’t any of his business what had taken place before him. If Kade had sex in prison, Keaton wasn’t going to pry. But he was not about to have a quick and meaningless encounter with his mate. Keaton was going to show Kade how good it could be between them. “I thought we were going to look around the building.”

Keaton teased the man’s flourishing erection with the tips of his fingers. “I am looking at something very interesting right now. Don’t spoil this for me.”

“You’re bossy,” Kade said, but didn’t move away. He was once again pressing his groin into Keaton’s hands.

Keaton gave a low chuckle. “Not really. But I know what I want and that would be you, Mr. Kade Marshall.” He backed up his words with a swipe of his tongue over the strong corded muscles in Kade’s neck. A part of him grinned in satisfaction when Kade shuddered.

That’s more like it.

Closing his fingers over the large bulge in the front of Kade’s jeans, Keaton massaged the outline in slow, leisurely strokes. Kade’s back hit the wall and he nearly slumped as his hips continued to hitch into Keaton’s ministrations.

Keaton was fascinated to see the large man giving himself over like this. It was a powerful feeling and one he didn’t take lightly. Keaton was pretty sure the guy didn’t give himself over to anyone.

Wanting to see Kade come unraveled, Keaton lowered himself to his knees. When his fingers slid back up the imprint, he unsnapped Kade’s jeans and lowered the zipper. He watched Kade carefully, Keaton’s eyes rooted on the man as his fingers dipped below the waistband of the underwear and skimmed over the heated flesh.

Keaton smiled up at Kade, licking his lips. Kade’s eyes hooded, his jaw in a tight grip as Keaton lowered his underwear, revealing the hard erection. Gliding his fingers down the fully erect cock, he leaned forward and placed a kiss on the tip.

Kade’s hands curled into fists as he watched. Keaton wasn’t about to get him a quick suck off. That wasn’t what he wanted between them. As he played, his veins started buzzing, fever rising in his blood. He licked a hot trail along the side of Kade’s cock and then Keaton took Kade into his mouth, sucking vigorously.

Kade pumped his hips, fisting Keaton’s hair. He wanted to bring Kade off so badly, he was practically shaking with the need. But Keaton held back. Again, he didn’t want to be just another quick suck off to the guy.

“Don’t…don’t slow down,” Kade said between gritted teeth. His hand smoothed over Keaton’s hair, his teal eyes dark with desire and need. “Please”—Kade turned his head away—“don’t make me beg for it. Not from you.”



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