[Siren Ménage Everlasting ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, werewolves, vampires]

Austin Riggers doesn’t have an ounce of self-worth. His parents made sure to rid him of that. But he still thinks he deserves someone to call his own.

Sully, a soldier to the alpha Zeus, finds he has two mates. Two mates who think he’s out to con them. Sully doesn’t understand the mistrust and nonbelieving ways of his mates, but he’s determined to break down their walls and show them a life they deserve to live.

Julien thinks he’s damaged goods with an injured leg. He hides from the world in his flower shop until his lover, James, cons Julien into coming down to Theo’s.

Julien's life takes a drastic turn as events pull him from his comfort zone and throw him into a life he feels he doesn’t deserve. Can Austin and Sully save him from con artists out to steal his savings, and can his mates show him that he is more than his injury?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Sully (MMM)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
great series
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4 NYMPHS: "Sully can’t believe he finally found his mates. Like others in his pack, it appears he has two and like the others, his come with a boat load of issues. When his mates come under attack, Sully hopes they haven’t lost their chance at a happy ending. Sully is the latest release in the Zeus’s Pack series. Like the other stories, this book has a group of main characters that pull you right into their world. Sully is one of Zeus’s soldiers; he’s strong and tough, except when it comes to his mates. Austin is human and has no idea about the paranormal world that surrounds him. He is also a gentle soul, who tries very hard to protect himself with a hard exterior. Julien is something special but past history has taught him to keep to himself, even when others are trying to help him. The connection these three have comes through right away, but Sully has his work cut out for him. Once they get together, watch out as the passion these three have for each other is hot. One of the things I enjoy about Ms. Hagen’s ongoing series is the fact that each has its own subplot, while at the same time continues to further the connecting plot that each series has. With the aide of wonderful secondary characters, some crossing over from the multitude of series the author has going, each new book continues to feel fresh and holds the readers attention until the last page. While the previous stories in the Zeus’s Pack series can be considered stand alones, the information that each story contains would help the reader better understand the history of each new book." -- Critter Nymph, Literary Nymph Reviews

4 ANGELS: "Julien doesn't think anyone will ever want him because of his scars and bad leg. And once again, his boyfriend James calls him at work to come meet him for lunch. Julien puts up with James's shortcomings because he thinks that even a bad boyfriend is better than being alone. Julien meets James at Theos Bar and all James does is criticize him about his work. Julien leaves for a few minutes, comes back to find a stranger at their table and when he goes to leave, James threatens to hurt him. After being dragged to the bank, Julien manages to get away long enough for the stranger, Austin, to intervene. Julien is suspicious of Austin's motives, even though he knows that Austin is his mate. Austin is instantly attracted to Julien and the passes he makes are anything but subtle. Sully, a warrior in Zeus's Pack, is at Theo's when he sees two men, Julien and Austin, being harassed, and when he goes to help, he realizes they are his mates. Neither Julian nor Austin fully trusts Sully's motives, but they are willing to wait and see what he wants. Julien can't believe that he now has two men interested in him, and he knows that James will be back in spite of Sully warning for him to stay away. Is Julian ready to let his guard down and explore his feelings for Austin and Sully? Have they really seen the last of James? Julien is a complex character with many facets to his personality. As his past was revealed, it was apparent to this reader that he had good reasons not to trust strangers. Many young people live with verbal and physical abuse at home, but somehow Austin didn't let it color the way he looked at the world. His willingness to explore his feelings for Julien in spite of Julien's distant behavior showed his strength of character. Austin's first reaction when he learned about shifters was hysterical, especially when he yelled at Sully to put something on instead of flipping out after witnessing a shifter fight. The growing feelings between Austin, Julien, and Sully were beautiful to behold. It was fascinating to see how the many paranormal aspects were interwoven into this contemporary, fast-paced story. I love how the mates once again got themselves into hot water, needing the warriors to come to their aid. They will never learn and I look forward to their antics as they try to outwit their warriors." -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews


"Hard work and scrapping by earned Julien the small flower shop in town. Loneliness led to a relationship with James though lately Julien is beginning to reevaluate whether or not being alone might not be the better option. Belittled, criticized or ignored by unfeeling parents his entire life, Austin Riggers somehow managed to survive with his humor and decency intact. Austin is drawn to a kindred spirit when he witnesses Julien being browbeaten at the very least by James. Brought together by fate, Julien and Austin are in the first stages of a tenuous friendship and maybe more when a member of Alpha Zeus’s pack enters their life. Sully immediately recognizes the two men as his mates and while Austin is intrigued, Julien’s learned the hard way to be leery of new faces, especially after his latest mistake with James. Only with time and perseverance will these three men have a chance at making a future with each other and lots and lots of patience too. A character driven tale of scarred souls are brought together in Sully. The sixth story in the favorite Zeus’s Pack series showcases three men who are so very easy to fall in love with. Between the emotional wounds they try to hide, their fears of rejection and their slender hope of finding love all play an important part in Sully. A conventional romance within a ménage relationship, Sully is a lovely tale of dreams and wishes coming true." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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“I told you once before that your pain was all in your head.” James practically shoved him into the booth and then took a seat next to Ed.

“Is everything okay?” Ed asked a little too loudly. Julien could see his eyes were just as calculating. It dawned on him that these two were a team, out to scam and bully money from helpless victims.

Julien hadn’t the height, weight, or ability to fight these two off. His heart thundered behind his ribs as he realized that he might still lose his hard-earned savings to these two scam artists. How had he fallen prey to them?

Julien knew how. He had been an easy target. James spotted the vulnerability in him right away and had used that against him. “You’re not getting my money.” He only had eight thousand left in the bank, not bad for someone of twenty-four years, but it was his. He had earned it. Not these fuckers.

Ed chuckled as he laid a hand over his breastbone. “We’ll see.”

Julien looked around, desperately trying to find a way out of this maddening situation.

“I wouldn’t advise that,” James warned in a malevolent tone. “You wouldn’t want to make us your enemies. I know where you work and sleep.”

Julien gulped as he looked from one to the other, wondering how he was going to get away. “Why? Why are you doing this to me?”

They both shared in a laugh as James looked over at him, contempt dripping from his words. “Why not? People like you make it easy for people like us.”

“You mean con artists.”

James looked over at Ed, a smug smile pulling at his thin lips. “Call it what you’d like. You’re going to leave this bar and take us to your bank. And believe me when I say you’ll be dead by morning if you open your mouth to anyone.”

Julien quickly nodded, letting the two know that he understood. The waitress brought their food and then took Ed’s order. He racked his brain the whole time trying to figure a way out of this mess. James and his partner were much larger than him, not muscular, but with his bum leg, he didn’t stand a chance.

They finished their meal, Julien pulling his wallet out and paying by credit card. He once again looked around, but no one was paying any attention to him. When the waitress returned with his card, Julien signed the receipt as James and Ed basically dragged him through the tavern.

Julien leaned his back into the building once they cleared the doorway. His leg was killing him. It throbbed so violently that he thought he was going to pass out. Julien reached down to massage it only to have James and Ed grab him by his upper arms and forcefully walk him down the street.

To anyone looking at them, it seemed that the two were just helping Julien along. He wasn’t one to think quickly or clearly in a stressful situation. His mind wouldn’t focus as he tried again and again to think of a way out of this terrifying situation.

“You’re going to go in there and act normal,” James snarled in his ear as he pointed to the bank. “Tell them you want to close your savings account.”

“Won’t that seem suspicious?” Julien kicked himself in the ass. He had just blown his chance at possibly getting help.

“You better make it believable, and we’ll be watching you. So don’t try and write a help note or give any signs to the teller.” Ed tightened his hold on Julien’s arm, his fingers digging deeply into Julien’s tender flesh. He whimpered. Julien wished he was stronger, more able to handle himself, and had the ability to kick their sorry asses. What he wouldn’t give to see these two go down.

They entered the bank, the two releasing him as they took a seat close to the teller window. Julien wanted to bolt, but knew that was impossible. Not with his leg and not with the two con artists sitting close-by. He finished the transaction and thanked the woman as she handed him a large envelope.

He lost his mind at the last second with thoughts of losing his hard-earned money. Julien walked away from the two scam artists and quickly headed for the exit. There was no way those two thugs were getting their greedy hands on his savings.

The pain threatened to bring him down, but Julien wasn’t going to lose what he had worked so hard for. He got past the exit as James and Ed caught up with him right outside the door. Julien was about to scream for help when someone knocked into him.

Julien crashed to the ground for the second time that day. He howled as his leg exploded with pain. Julien held the envelope to his chest as he rolled back and forth in agony.

“Dude, shit, I’m sorry. Let me help you up.”

Julien was about to open his mouth and cry for help when the stranger leaned in closer. The guy quickly whispered into Julien’s ear, “Cry for a hospital, damn it.”

“I need an ambulance,” Julien shouted as James and Ed approached him.

“We can help him. We’re friends,” James said as he took a step closer.

“That’s funny. I’ve known him my whole life, and I’ve never met you before,” the stranger retorted.

“Oh yeah, then what’s his name?” James demanded. 




Julien chuckled as Sully took off running toward the truck after Austin. By the time he reached the truck a few moments later, Sully had Austin pressed up against the side of the truck. He looked like he was trying to give Austin a tonsillectomy.

Julien watched for a moment because it was just too arousing not to, then cleared his throat. The two sets of eyes that turned to look at him didn’t hold a trace of guilt. Even if they had, it would have been overshadowed by the lust burning in them.

Julien waved his hand toward the truck. “Can we go home now? As sexy as it is watching you stick your tongue down Austin’s throat, I’d much rather watch you shove your cock up his ass, and we ain’t doing that out here on a public street.”

“Bossy, bossy, bossy,” Sully groused as he opened the truck door and waited for Austin and Julien to climb inside. He started the truck up and put it into drive. Before the truck started moving, Sully looked at Julien then pointed at the very obvious erection bulging in Austin’s pants.

“It’ll take us ten minutes to get home. I expect that to be in the same place it is right now when we pull into the driveway, so you’d better do something to keep it there.”

Julien blinked for a moment then burst out laughing. “And you call me bossy?”

Sully frowned and stepped on the gas. “Just do it.”

Julien rolled his eyes and turned to look at Austin. “This is going to work a whole hell of a lot better if you don’t have any pants on.”

Julien smirked when Austin’s eyes widened and he scrambled to unbutton his jeans and push them down his legs. The second Austin’s purpled cockhead popped up, Julien pounced, swallowing Austin down to the root.

“Oh my fucking god!” Austin screeched. “Your mouth was made for sucking cock!”

“Shut up,” Julien growled as he lifted his head. He could feel his face warm up at Austin’s words of praise. “You’re breaking my concentration.”

Austin pressed his lips together.

Julien grinned and went back to sucking the man’s cock. If either of his mates actually knew how much he enjoyed sucking their cocks, he’d be in big trouble. Julien didn’t know if it was the way they tasted, the way they smelled, or the way they wiggled when he did it, but he was absolutely addicted to sucking their cocks.

Julien pressed his tongue into the small slit on the top of Austin’s cock, groaning when he was rewarded with little drops of pre-cum. Damn, he tasted good. Julien did it again then licked down the heavily veined side until he reached Austin’s balls. A lap or two with his tongue got him a deep groan from Austin—reward number two.

Julien started sucking in his cheeks and bobbing his head up and down. He could feel the swelling in Austin’s cock and the way his balls were starting to draw up close to his body. He knew Austin wasn’t far from an orgasm. Sully had said to keep him hard, not let him blow his load.

“No!” Austin shouted when Julien lifted his head.

“Sorry, hon, I can’t let you come just yet.”

“I was so fucking close.”

Julien grinned. “I know. I was down there.”

His grin started to fall from his lips when Austin’s face went from agonized to stern. He suddenly felt like just maybe he should have kept sucking. “I can—”

“You can drop your pants,” Austin growled.

Julien stared at Austin for a moment then glanced over his shoulder at Sully. When Sully nodded his head, Julien unbuttoned his pants and pushed them down his legs. He frowned when he realized that both he and Austin were naked from the waist down and Sully was naked from the waist up. Somehow, that didn’t seem quite right to him.

Julien cried out when he was suddenly lifted then laid back on the bench seat between Austin and Sully. There really wasn’t enough space. Julien’s head rested on Sully’s thigh. His ass rested on Austin’s lap. He felt ridiculous.

He also felt Austin’s hands start skimming his body. He didn’t care if he looked ridiculous or odd scrunched between the two men. He was right where he wanted to be—sandwiched between his mates.

“Soon, Sully,” Austin said.

“Got it,” Sully replied.

“Got what?” Julien asked, tilting his head back to look up at Sully.

Sully just chuckled and waved his hand toward the tent in his jogging pants. “Why don’t you get on your hands and knees and do something about that?”

Julien arched an eyebrow. “You’re driving.”

“It’s called road head, babe.”

“It’s dangerous,” Julien insisted.

“I’ll drive slow.”

Julien frowned but rolled over onto his hands and knees when the truck slowed down. He wasn’t too sure about giving Sully a blow job while he was driving, but he had slowed the truck to a relative crawl.

Julien pushed Sully’s jogging pants out of the way then leaned forward and wrapped his lips around the hard cock jutting up at him. The sweet, musky taste of his mate exploded across his tongue almost immediately.

Julien started to groan, but it turned to an all-out wail when he felt Austin’s fingers push into his ass. Where Austin had gotten the lube, Julien would never know, but he was thrilled that they had it. He wasn’t sure they would make it home without having to pull over. Someone was going to have an orgasm. Julien was hoping it would be him.

Julien arched his ass into the air when Austin started moving his fingers in and out. There were only two things he could think of that felt better, and one of them was currently in his mouth.

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