Rivers of Passion (MM)

Cowboys of Snow Lake 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 54,515
9 Ratings (3.9)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Cowboy Romance, M/M, light consensual BDSM, spanking, HEA]

An artist seeking inspiration meets a cowboy in the deep ranges of Wyoming.

Jamey Wilde comes to the Windy River Ranch to spend time with his best friend Jayden Frost, who lives there with his ranch-owning boyfriend, Mal Ryder. On the very first night there, Jamey meets a kind, smart, witty, and sexy cowboy, Beauregard Remington, who warmly welcomes him to the ranch.

From the start Bo and Jamey share an immediate attraction. As Bo begins his courtship and Jamey his chase, they find that despite their origins they have a lot in common—and the sex reflects that instinctive bond they share.

But the lovers' life together is far from smooth in the small town of Snow Lake, where confrontations with jealous ex-boyfriends and drunken bigots can lead to bar brawls and nights spent in jail.

With friends, family, faith, and love, any obstacle can be overcome.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Rivers of Passion (MM)
9 Ratings (3.9)

Rivers of Passion (MM)

Cowboys of Snow Lake 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 54,515
9 Ratings (3.9)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Professional Reviews

4 SWEET PEAS: "We met Jamey in the first Cowboys of Snow Lake book, RIVERS OF WIND. I was hoping for Jamey’s story and it is here in the second book of the series, RIVERS OF PASSION. The pace of this story is a little faster than the first book, but the relationship between the main characters is just as well developed and the plot just as strong. This is another character-driven story and I enjoyed getting to see Jamey and Mal as well as the secondary characters of May, Frank, Emily, and Charlie again. May and Emily are strong women and a great support network for the main characters. Susan Laine writes erotic gay romance that is fun to follow and exciting to read about not only the sex but the relationships. RIVERS OF WIND continues an enjoyable contemporary western set in a part of the country that is not always welcoming to alternative lifestyles, but she finds a way to make it work in a believable way in this series." -- Mrs. Condit, Mrs. Condit and Friends Read Books

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“Don’t wrap the reins around your hands, understand?” Bo instructed patiently.

“Why?” Jamey asked, nervousness oozing out of him in the form of sweat drops on his forehead and palms.

Bo just laughed coolly. Jamey didn’t find the situation even slightly amusing, and his mind was filled with horror scenarios of losing a thumb or any one of his other fingers, or getting his whole hand ripped off, or getting twisted and tangled in the reins until he was tied to the horse forever, or fell off and got dragged around for a mile or so like a broken rag doll.

Yeah, he was practically exuding confidence right there, having finally gotten up to sit in the saddle of a horse that had looked a lot smaller from a distance. Yes, the horse wasn’t gigantic, but still, the ground seemed too far beneath him for comfort, and he didn’t even want to picture the impact of landing on it with a less-than-dignified thud and breaking every bone in his body for good measure.

“What kind of horse is this anyway?” he dared to ask, keeping his tone low, afraid that the horse might find anything else too rattling and throw him off his back like a sack of potatoes.

“Good old American quarter horse,” Bo replied, cooing appreciatively, smoothing his hand over the broad chest of the cream-colored, well-muscled, and compact horse that whinnied a bit, clearly relishing the soft touch of Bo. For a passing second Jamey found himself envious of a horse, to which he had to give himself a silent snort. “Honey here is a palomino. A gentle soul if there ever was one. She’ll carry you wherever you need to go, so have no fear.”

“Why would you name a ranch horse Honey?” Jamey asked, incredulous.

Bo chuckled. “Honey is Emily’s horse. She has the mildest temperament and doesn’t mind the company of glib city slickers.” Giving an irreverent wink, Bo moved off next to a bigger, dark gray quarter horse and swung himself in the saddle gracefully, like he’d been born to do it. Jamey was slightly envious of Bo’s talent and jealous of the horse for getting Bo on his back. Patting the long, distinguished neck of his own horse, Bo remarked with pride, “Smokey here is the only Andalusian horse here, and though I’m the one who mostly rides him, he belongs to the ranch. I’m hoping to one day be able to buy him for myself, but right now he’s too valuable for the ranch to give up, even to me.”

“One day,” Jamey said with a sympathetic smile.

Bo grinned. “Come on then, pup. Follow me.”

With an odd click of his teeth and a little kick on the horse’s hindquarters with his heels, Bo moved out of the stables, and mimicking the cowboy’s movements, Jamey spurred the cream-colored horse beneath him into a walking motion. Jamey felt like he was sitting astride the top of a crest of a wave, and for a moment he feared he’d slip off the smooth leather saddle while trying to gain his balance. Slipping his feet more firmly in the stirrups, Jamey was able to stay put better and sighed in relief.

Following a riding path that led from the ranch to the pine- and fir-covered tree line at the edge of the estate, Jamey watched in admiration Bo riding in front of him, and he appreciated how the man belonged in the saddle. The ease and comfort of his stance, the muscles within the lean back moving leisurely under his shirt, and the firm, round ass seated relaxed in the saddle…Jamey had to readjust his position to accommodate his hardening dick, and Honey sidestepped as a result and whinnied as if scolding Jamey for being such a bad rider, causing Jamey to blush.

Bo glanced over his shoulder at Jamey behind him and grinned salaciously upon seeing Jamey’s reddened cheeks. “Something up, young pup?”

Jamey growled. “Watch that potty mouth of yours, cowboy, or I’ll give you a spanking you won’t soon forget.”

Bo chuckled. “Now how did you know I like a little slap with my tickle?”

Jamey grinned despite himself. They were reenacting a previous scene of their interaction to a tee, only their roles were reversed. He couldn’t help but feel that he and Bo were on the same wavelength, and aside from his friendship with Jayden, he’d never had that with a lover. And Jayden was out of bounds in every sense of the word—not the least of which was the fact that Jamey would never cross the line between friend and lover with Jayden.

The path they were taking led down from the cliffs to a meadow clearing with flowery grassland stretching as far as the eye could see, with a merrily singing brook winding in the middle. This was the rangeland of the heart of North America, and witnessing it firsthand was a sensational experience for Jamey, who breathed deeply the scent of fresh hay, herbaceous plants, and summer blossoms dotting the green with spots of bright colors.

“You want to stretch your legs, Slick?” Bo asked, and it took Jamey a second to catch the light baiting tone.

“I’m fine, cowboy,” he replied, bristly. “You just worry about your own ass.”




“Bo…” Jamey’s patience was being tested, and he was found wanting in every sense of the word. “Come on, man. Now you’re just being a complete ass.”

At that, Bo laughed out loud, his rumbling roar like a distant thunder. “Yep, pup. I will be that for you in just a few more seconds.” Finishing his masterful handling of rolling the condom down on Jamey’s cock that stood up to salute proudly like a flagpole, Bo gave the hard-as-nails dick a few gentle tugs before letting it go, but only temporarily.

Mesmerized, Jamey watched as Bo popped open the lid of the lube and squeezed an ample dollop of the jelly on his fingers, covering Jamey’s cock with the colorless, slick substance during a rather comprehensive rubdown. Jamey winced as the cool gel made contact, even through the latex, with his hot-as-blood cock that jolted as a result, but at least he managed not to buck his hips, jump up entirely off the blanket, or slither away to flee from an overload of sensations.

The scent of sweet fruits reached Jamey’s nostrils, and he again was amazed at how alike he and Bo thought sometimes. Jamey preferred flavored condoms while Bo apparently chose scented and edible lubricants. Together they were two of a kind and set to go all the way, and that made Jamey grin broadly.

As Bo leaned above him with his left arm while reaching behind himself with his right to open himself up, he chuckled hoarsely and asked, “What’s so funny?” A low muffled moan escaped Bo’s lips as he speared and scissored his puckered hole, readying himself for Jamey, who lay still on his back on the rugged, dark red blanket that scraped enough to feel like burlap. As much as Jamey longed to witness visually and firsthand his cowboy’s sensuous preparations, he forced himself to lie in place and resort to his imagination instead. And fuck, if his vivid flights of fancy didn’t push him closer to the brink of oblivion with every quickened breath he took.

“Everything, nothing.” He wound his right hand at the back of Bo’s neck, grabbing the hairs on the nape of his neck, and pulled him down for a kiss, but due to them both panting all hot and bothered, their intended deep kiss morphed into a series of quick-as-lightning, openmouthed smooches, and their breaths mixed. “Come on, cowboy. Giddyup.”

Lifting his brown cowboy hat from the blanket onto his head, Bo chuckled, straddling Jamey’s hips. Bracing himself above his lover with his strong arms, he let his weight come down so that Jamey’s cock was lodged between Bo’s ass cheeks, Jamey’s dick nudging his opening, balls, and shaft with every slippery rubbing motion back and forth. The choked, excessive moans Bo’s movements elicited emerged from both men simultaneously with equal force.

“Ride me, cowboy,” Jamey urged breathlessly, tightening his grip of Bo’s hips. His self-control was hanging on by a thread, and his heart was slamming in his chest so hard and fast he wondered in passing if he could truly die from a sex-induced heart attack mere days before his thirtieth birthday. At that cynical point of view, a dry smile tugged at the corners of his lips, but he decided not to give in to the paranoia or the depression. After all, he had a gorgeous, sexy man sitting on his lap about to ride his cock like there was no tomorrow. And, really, what could be better than that?

First Bo’s fumbling hand reached behind as he fisted the base of Jamey’s cock and held it straight up for entry, but Jamey’s hand snaked its way to the mix also, and together they positioned and aligned their respective body parts. Even through the masking layer of latex, Jamey felt the blunt head of his cock poke at the clenching opening of Bo’s body, feeling the tight resistance but the heated insistence to gobble up, too.

Sighing, Bo released the tension of his body, and the ring of muscles twitched to swallow the bulbous head of Jamey’s cock, Bo’s channel constricting to a crushing force that made Jamey groan with the sheer pleasurable pain of it. “Soon, pup…” Bo murmured almost inaudibly.

And sure enough, a couple of exhales later, Bo opened up and his inner channel gave way to Jamey’s loving intrusion. Grunting, Bo lowered over Jamey’s hips, impaling himself on his lover’s cock until their balls rested heavy, hot, and wound softly tight against each other. Adjusting himself and getting accustomed to a bulging, swollen cock within him, Bo swiveled his hips slightly to make more room.

“Oh, fuck,” Jamey cried out, his voice cracking as the pleasure wracked his brain and body. Bo rolled his hips, and Jamey’s trapped cock twisted inside a hot vise, the pressure dancing all over his cut, taut, sensitive skin, taking and giving agonizing delight.

“Oh, pup, how you fill me up.” Raspy and trembling, Bo voiced his passion with both his words and movements, offering high praise with distinct arousal and hotly reeling around Jamey’s most susceptible organ until Jamey wailed with want, his hips shimmying without conscious control.

“Move already, dammit.” Jamey growled as he was rewarded with only more twirls of Bo’s hips, but there was no up-and-down movement, no smooth and slick slide up, and no shuddering thud back down, just more rutting rotations and endless circulations. To give excitement, motivation, and commanding weight to his order, Jamey swatted Bo’s ass cheek hard with his open palm, the sound of smacking skin ringing and echoing loud in the hay loft.

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