S & M

Cobblestone Press LLC

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 4,000
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Ryan Baynard comes home to find his lover and submissive has prepared for a hard, painful night and he couldn't be more thrilled. The exploration of their mutual pleasure has been the driving force in their relationship since the night they met in a fetish club years before. He's prepared to give his sweet boy every thing he needs and then some.

S & M
0 Ratings (0.0)

S & M

Cobblestone Press LLC

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 4,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Ryan Baynard loosened his tie as he exited his car. The second car already parked in the garage he shared with his lover of five years had been a surprise; Jacob rarely made it home before six. They’d both had a hellish week, but thankfully it was Friday. He entered the kitchen through a side door and unloaded his computer bag before shrugging out of his suit jacket. The table was set for dinner, and he could smell something like roast in the air. He took a sneak peek at the contents of the oven before leaving the kitchen in search of Jacob and more comfortable clothes.

The bedroom was dimly lit, the small lamp in the corner was more decorative than functional, but it gave enough light to show him what Jacob had been up to. Their toy chest was open at the foot of the bed, the bondage cross they’d built themselves was set up, and the leather collar he’d bought Jacob for their private play was on the bed, which had been stripped down to a single white fitted sheet. A little play was never a bad thing as far as he was concerned, but rarely ever did Jacob suggest it, much less prepare for it so blatantly.

Anticipation settled low in his stomach as he entered the walk-in closet and hung up his suit jacket. He stripped efficiently, dropping various items where they were supposed to be, based on the system that Jacob insisted on. Before they’d moved in together, Ryan would’ve been hard pressed to find more than one tie at a time. Now he had a tie rack and a collection for each season. He pulled on a robe and exited the closet just in time to see Jacob leave the bathroom.

“Hey there,” Ryan murmured. He made an obvious inspection of the room, already half hard thinking about what his partner was offering him. “Got something on your mind?”

Jacob inclined his head and smiled. “We’ve had a pretty tough week. I figured we could both use it.” He dropped the towel he’d been using on his hair in a basket and waited, his gaze intent on Ryan.

The expression on his lover’s face left little doubt in Ryan’s mind what kind of night Jacob wanted. He nodded abruptly, and Ryan relaxed a little more. His lover was dressed in a pair of thin cotton pants and a black wife beater, his usual attire for home. “You can keep the clothes on for now—we have a meal to eat.” He walked to their toy chest and casually removed wrist and ankle cuffs, which he tossed on the bed beside the black leather collar. “But you need a few accessories.”

“Of course, Sir.”

Ryan sat down on the bed and took a deep breath. “Come here and kneel for me.”

Jacob walked to stand in front of him and slid gracefully to his knees. He picked up the collar and hummed softly under his breath as Jacob immediately lowered his head. “A part of me wishes I could keep this on you twenty-four, seven so that everyone would know that you belong to me.”

“I do belong to you,” Jacob agreed. He trembled as Ryan fastened the collar securely around his neck. “I want to always be yours.”

Ryan let his fingers wander through Jacob’s short, dark, damp hair before he cupped the back of his head and pulled him up slightly to take his mouth in a hard kiss. Jacob all but melted against him, opening his mouth and shifting forward in a bid to get closer. He pulled gently, and Jacob immediately shifted to his feet before sliding into Ryan’s lap.

“Mine,” Ryan whispered as he trailed soft kisses along Jacob’s jaw and down the side of his neck until he reached the collar. He clamped his hands down on Jacob’s hips to hold him in place before he caught the tender skin of his lover’s throat with his teeth and worried the skin roughly.

“Fuck.” Jacob arched against him; his body shook minutely as he accepted the sharp little pain of his Master’s teeth. He pressed his hardening cock against Ryan’s stomach and rocked in a shuddering rhythm.

Ryan released his hold and flicked his tongue over red, abused flesh he left behind before trailing down and sinking his teeth into the slender muscle of Jacob’s shoulder. He bit down hard, not enough to draw blood, but a bruise was rising even as he lifted his mouth away. “Beautiful.”

“Sir,” Jacob whispered fiercely.

Ryan knew he was a lucky man—to find someone who shared his extreme sexual kink and who’d been ready for a serious relationship at the same time. He sat Jacob back on his thighs, pleased with the look of him. Ryan rubbed his submissive’s thighs gently as Jacob settled down before running one blunt finger over the length of Jacob’s erection. There was already a damp spot on the cotton. Given enough painful stimulation and Jacob would come on command. It didn’t make him particularly unique in the community where they’d met—many masochists were so uniquely turned on by pain that they could come easily and often.

“Remember when we met?” Ryan asked. “You were the most aggressive and domineering submissive I’d ever encountered in my life.”

Jacob laughed and took a shuddery breath as Ryan started to play with the head of his cock through the damp material of his pants. “You were so gorgeous. I thought you were completely out of my league. Sometimes, I still can’t figure out how I managed to get your attention when every twink within twenty miles was doing their damnedest to give you a piece of ass.”

“Oh.” Ryan laughed, low and hard. “Sweetheart, the moment I saw you I was done…. I knew you were going to be perfect for me, and you were.” He picked up the wrist cuffs and casually placed them on Jacob’s wrists. “Are you plugged?”

Jacob flushed. “No, I was waiting for you to decide that.”

“Hmm.” Ryan inspected his face. “Put on the ankle cuffs, then put the medium glass plug in as well. I’ll go take care of the rest of dinner. Meet me in the kitchen in twenty?”

“Absolutely,” Jacob agreed and scrambled off his Dom’s lap to follow his instructions.

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