Jack Withers, the manager of Neverland, is a Dom in public and a submissive in private. The uncomplicated relationship he has with his lover and Dom takes an unexpected turn when Jack invites Will to the club after hours. Is Jack ready for a commitment?

After Hours
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“You’re a cock tease.”

Pressed against the wall, Jack Withers took a shuddery breath. His forehead rest on the cinder block, and he closed his eyes as strong, knowing hands wrapped around his hips. It had been entirely too long since Will McCarty had been to Neverland, and Jack had suffered in his absence.

“Not going to deny it either,” Will said lowly.

“I have a role to play,” Jack admitted and groaned when Will pressed against him fully.

Will was a big guy—thick with muscles built by manual labor both in the Navy in the past and construction in the present. Jack was slim hipped but with a wiry kind of strength that surprised people more often than not.

“I watched you,” Will murmured. “All fucking night, playing at being a Dom. They all fall for it, you know. All those sweet, needy little subs that look at you like you’re the second fucking coming have no idea that they’ll never get a piece of you.”

As the manager of Neverland, Jack had no choice but to play the role of Dom. He’d have never been able to control the crowd or the members if they knew he was a submissive.

“What would they think if they knew you were just as cock hungry as they are?”

Jack took a deep breath as the Dom used one hand to deftly unfasten his belt. The button of his slacks surrendered to blunt fingers, and the material went slack around Jack’s hips as Will drew the zipper down slowly and his pants fell to his thighs. “Now who’s the cock tease?”

“Oh, sweetheart, I’m no cock tease,” Will said with a husky laugh. “Do I need to remind you why I’m here?”

Jack huffed out a surprised laugh. “Because I sent you a text telling you I was going to wear an anal plug to work.”

“That’s right,” Will said. He slid his hand into Jack’s boxers and wrapped one big hand around the erection he found there. “Then you ignored me when I got here.”

“I was working,” Jack said with a laugh. “Aaron’s all wrapped up in the gift you sent him. Has been for weeks.”

“Ah, sweet Jamie,” Will acknowledged. “Can’t say I blame Aaron. He’s a pretty little thing—so eager and shockingly innocent despite his service.”

“Not like me,” Jack said.

“Nothing like you,” Will agreed. “The last thing you are is innocent.”

“That’s never bothered you before,” Jack murmured.

“It doesn’t bother me now.” Will slid his hands up, snagging the hem of Jack’s T-shirt as he went. He pulled it over Jack’s head and tossed it aside. “I’m rather fond of you just the way you are.”

“I don’t know if I believe that,” Jack said lightly and sucked in deep, startled breath when Will smacked his ass. Even with his boxers on, the blow stung.

“Finish undressing,” Will ordered and stepped away from him. “Leave the plug in.”

Jack took a deep breath and toed off his dress shoes before letting the slacks fall to the floor. He stepped out of them, plucked them from the floor, and tossed them over the back of the chair near the door. He hazarded a small glance toward his friend and sometime lover as he took off his socks then boxers. “I pissed you off.”

Will frowned at him but said nothing. Instead, he walked around the wall that separated the office space and the sleeping area. Jack rarely stayed at the club, but he’d set up a place to sleep or play if necessary.

He followed his sometime-lover with a little knot of nervousness forming in his gut. “Will?”

“I give you all the space you require,” Will said as he tossed his socks by a pair of boots he’d already shed. “I wait for you to call, like you prefer. I don’t make demands on you or your time. In return, I’d really like if you wouldn’t throw my feelings in my face.”

Jack took a deep breath. “Oh.” He averted his gaze. “Will, are you in love with me?”

“Of course I am, you twat,” Will snapped. “What the fuck… You know what? Shut up. Just shut up and come here.”

Jack slowly made his way across the space as Will shed all of his clothes with an economy of motion Jack had always found thrilling. There was nothing unnecessary about William McCarty. He was all hard work, rough play, and war ready. Some men never let it go, never went civilian no matter their service status. Will had been out of the Navy for almost a year and he was still very aware of himself and everything around him.

Jack watched Will sit down on the edge of the bed and realized he’d done his lover a real disservice over the last year. They’d spent the last ten years drifting in and out of each other’s lives. It had never been exclusive for either one of them, but it had been at least two years since Jack had let anyone other than Will fuck him.

Jack walked to stand between Will’s legs. He trailed his fingers over the man’s short hair. “I…”

“I told you to shut up,” Will whispered as he rubbed his face against Jack’s belly. “Christ, you’re the mouthiest sub on this planet. Honestly, I don’t know why I even put with your nonsense. I had my pick of half dozen tonight, male and female alike, and I still waited on you. I’m always fucking waiting on you.”

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