Saving Treasure (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,855
17 Ratings (3.9)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, HEA]

Treasure Lane was on the run from an obsessed roommate when she met James just when she needed someone to lean on. She left New Mexico with no more than the few things she could sneak out of her apartment. She allowed fate to take her where she may. She has never had roots.

James Calloway was on the way home when he saw a woman who called to him in a way he had never experienced before. He and Chad Hardin are already involved in a relationship that they cannot seem to define. When Chad discovers Treasure in his bed, he is stunned and surprised. Chad and James nurture Treasure while helping her to heal and to love. They develop a life and discover each other. Friendships are formed, passions burn brightly, and roots are formed. When Treasure's trouble follows, they must survive together.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Saving Treasure (MMF)
17 Ratings (3.9)

Saving Treasure (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,855
17 Ratings (3.9)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
The storyline definitely took a back seat to the sex scenes. The story needs about 3 times as much detail and follow through, it was kinda left hanging. Sex scenes were hot, but could have used more mm interaction.
Very good!



Chad slipped in the house after a long twelve-hour shift at the hospital. In just about an hour, the sun would be rising, and he couldn’t wait to fall asleep in his bed with the really thick curtains drawn tight. He knew that James was supposed to be coming home at some point. He had not gotten even a text from him, so he assumed his buddy wasn’t back quite yet.

He slipped in his room, pulled the curtains closed securely, and began to strip his scrubs off his body, revealing his naked, tired body. He lifted his covers and slipped inside before finding a warm body that was definitely not James’s or familiar. It was feminine and small, much smaller than his. He sprang from the bed with a shout that alerted the bed snatcher and, apparently, his roommate in the other room.

The small body jerked up and gasped roughly, and James ran into his room, yelling to know what happened. Whoever was in his bed was obviously disoriented and in some pain. Chad looked up to see James snatching an old pair of sweatpants up his body.

“James! Who the hell is in my bed?” he demanded with a growl.

“Well, her name is name is Treasure, and she wrecked her car right in front of me. Selena said that she needed to rest. You always share my bed after I’ve been gone. Figured you wouldn’t mind her using your empty bed. Nice to see you again.” Chad watched as James eyed his bare chest, giving him a meaningful look. Chad knew he was trying to get him to leave her alone in his own room and go with him to the bigger room. James checked on the girl quickly, realizing that she hadn’t actually woken up.

Chad studied James’s reaction to Treasure as he watched her for a moment. He knew James was also studying him as he looked her up and down.

James left the room, and Chad finally just followed him toward the other room. James eyed his bare chest, noticing the now-finished tattoo he had finally gotten. The design was a black-ink, intricate, circular design that he had caught his attention during a world history course. The tattoo itself looked like a tree in a looping swirl of branches interlocked in a Celtic round knot that was twisted into the frame. Green, red, and blue had been added as a background.

“Saving women from wrecks to bring home to our lair now?” Chad quipped, not really sure how to deal with the situation.

A squeak behind them caused both to jump and face Chad’s doorway.




James growled, and Chad groaned. She allowed her body to become pliant as James pulled her to lie over his body, pressing her further against his hardening length. It amazed and pleased her that he could recover this quickly. Chad took that moment and stroked her bottom, kissing and nibbling the rounded cheeks as he stroked the cleft, teasing the skin.

He licked her untried entrance, testing her responses. James kissed her deeply.

“Chad is going to stretch that bottom. Let me help you. I want you to kiss me, and I want you to squeeze my hand when it gets to be too much. I won’t let you get hurt. We need you to trust us, and we need you to be honest,” James murmured, allowing his meaning to be soaked in as she digested his words.

Chad opened the bottle of lube and drizzled some on her asshole, earning a gasp from her that James swallowed, trying to distract her with his kisses. Chad continued to stroke it without entering until she relaxed again. He leaned up and nibbled on her shoulder and neck, and she moaned in delight.

Chad pushed a finger into the tight and hot bud of her ass, stretching her a little. She moaned at the lightly burning sensation he was giving her. He ground his hard cock into the cheeks of her ass.

“Come on, baby. You are going to feel so good. I want this to feel good for you, too. You are so beautiful, flushed, and seductive,” he cooed in encouragement, easing another finger into her. He continued his litany of praises, mentioning her sweet skin, as he started scissoring his fingers. He added a third with extra lube, and she gasped at the chill of the slick substance. She squeezed James’s hand in response to the burn she was experiencing intensely.

She met James’s eyes just as he was telling Chad to pull back, shaking her head. “It burns. I’ve never before, but it doesn’t really hurt. It just burns,” she tried to explain.

James devoured her lips again.

Once Chad deemed her ready with a nod from James, he put on a condom, coated it with lube, and moved behind her then thrust into her just a little. “Don’t tense, baby. We’re both going to love you. We won’t hurt you, but you’ve gotta talk to us. You can try pushing out and see if that helps a bit.” He pressed into her another inch, groaning as he felt her muscles stretch around him. Sweat beaded his forehead as he plunged a little more into her, finally getting the head to pop all the way in. They all took a deep breath once that milestone was accomplished.

The tension left Treasure’s back after a moment as James rubbed it with one hand and Chad massaged her bottom cheeks. Chad continued to push into her, stretching her further as inch by inch he was engulfed in the virgin territory. Once he was fully seated, he met James’s eyes over her shoulder and nodded. His breath hissed between his clenched teeth.

James shifted enough to roll on his own condom, and he aligned himself with her dripping cunt before sliding in slowly, struggling to get inside of her. He pushed in slowly, trying not to hurt her.

They savored the erotic feel of tight grip she had on them. The feel of each other through the thin flesh barely separating them made them all feel connected.

“Holy shit! You’re so fucking tight!” James ground out in a strangled voice. He finally seated himself fully inside of her, his filthy words of her tight, hot, wet heat pouring from his mouth. He and Chad both whispered to her that they could feel each other in her, through her.

They praised and thanked her for that.

Treasure moaned, begging for something, anything, to happen as her body adjusted to the fullness of both of her men. She was tighter and fuller than she had ever been.

Suddenly, they both pulled back just a bit before pushing impossibly deeper.

She moaned, gasped, and screamed her pleasure. “James, oh my God! Please, faster. Chad! I need…something. I don’t know. Please, faster now!” she pleaded and begged.

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