Enslaved (MMMF)

Freedom Be Damned 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,801
2 Ratings (3.5)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/M/M/F with M/M/M, HEA]

Trevellyan's cousin Aurelia got a job in a call center and hasn't contacted him in six months. With his partners, Merrick and Vaughan, he goes to visit her but isn't allowed to see her. With their concern rising, the three men hire Evelyn, a sexy motorcycle courier, to deliver a parcel to Aurelia and find out whatever she can about the call center. Evelyn discovers that things are hardly what they seem and that Aurelia could be in great danger. She collects a message from Aurelia, then helps the men by sending them to friends of hers, an IT specialist, Mas, and a retired Marine, Niall.

Evelyn becomes invested in saving Aurelia—and in spending time with Trevellyan, Merrick, and Vaughan. While they are all determined to rescue Aurelia, they can’t help but act on their growing attraction to one another. Can their relationship flourish in the face of such danger?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Enslaved (MMMF)
2 Ratings (3.5)

Enslaved (MMMF)

Freedom Be Damned 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,801
2 Ratings (3.5)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Professional Reviews

4 NYMPHS: "Evelyn is asked by Trevellyan, Merrick and Vaughan to help them determine whether Trevellyan’s cousin, Aurelia, is okay, since they haven’t heard from her since she started her new job. Evelyn gets help from some of her friends, once they determine that Aurelia and others are basically slave labor. The first book in the Freedom be Damned series, Enslaved, has a story that is all too true today. There are scams that target those that have had trouble finding jobs and end up being desperate. This particular one had an interesting twist to it. Trevellyan, Merrick and Vaughan are a threesome, but they like to share an occasional woman and all three fall for Evelyn. The heat factor between the four is hot. I had to laugh at some of the antics the three men did amongst themselves, as well as once they added Evelyn to the mix. The friends that Evelyn has are some interesting characters and we will be sure to see them in a future book. The things they do to help the men were interesting and showed how technology is used to combat scams. I am looking forward to seeing how this particular scam is ultimately resolved." -- Amazon Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews

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STORY Excerpt


“I think you need to go to the police, or a private detective, or someone like that. I’m a motorcycle courier. I know nothing about looking for a missing person,” Evelyn explained for perhaps the fifth time. But these three men weren’t listening.

“We’ve already tried to go to the house she’s staying at. The fence is twelve feet high and electrified. We’ve each tried to get in, and they recognize us now, so we have no hope.”

“Not only that, but we’ve talked to the police, and basically they said Aurelia is over twenty-one, has committed no known crime, and just because she hasn’t communicated with us doesn’t mean she’s in any danger. She’s not obliged to keep in touch with me. I’m her cousin, not her guardian or anything.”

Evelyn’s mind was still slightly scrambled by these three men turning up in her tiny office, not to drop off a parcel for her to deliver, but to ask her to get inside a secure house and speak to Trevellyan’s—the one with brown hair and blue eyes—cousin, Aurelia. Vaughan was the oldest one, likely fortyish, she thought. He had brown hair, too, but with the slightest touches of gray around his forehead. Merrick had black hair and eyes so dark they could be black, too. Also his skin was very tan as though he had an outdoor job.

Evelyn shook her head, signifying no but also trying to clear her mind of the pressure to do as they asked.

“Watch my lips. I’m a motorcycle courier. I deliver letters and parcels anywhere in the city, 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Monday to Saturday. I do not ride out into the countryside to a secure house, just to ask if your cousin wants to talk to you. Pretty obviously, if she did want to meet you, she’d have done that sometime in the past six months.”

“You don’t understand. Aurelia had tried and tried to get a job. She couldn’t find anything that paid more than minimum wage. She was so excited when she got this work at the call center. It’s not huge money, but it’s an acceptable wage and they live in dormitories on-site, so effectively accommodation and meals are included in the salary, making it even better. But she always e-mailed or texted me every week. Not to have heard from her in six months is beyond understanding,” said Trevellyan, his voice cracking with emotion.

“Yeah, what if she’s wandered into some kind of cult? What if they brainwash her into weird ideas about serving some man they revere or turn her into some kind of slave? It’s a big house, well, out into the country. I know, I walked the fence line right round the damn thing, and it took me an hour,” added Merrick.

“She’s a pretty woman, with long blonde hair and big blue eyes. I can see some man wanting to keep her,” added Vaughan.

“I get that you’re worried about her. I understand that. But I can’t help you.” Evelyn stood up, took the three steps necessary to cross the room, and opened the door.

Merrick reached out a long, muscular, tanned arm and pushed the door shut. “Ten thousand dollars,” he said firmly.


ADULT excerpt


“So how are we going to do this?” she asked.

“We decided last night. Trevellyan in your pussy, Vaughan in your ass, and me in Vaughan,” said Merrick.

“Well, who am I to spoil your plan.” She grinned and took off her jacket and boots.

Instantly the men focused on finishing undressing, and the pile of clothing was dropped to the far edge of the picnic rug as all three men rolled on condoms and Vaughan and Merrick slathered lube over their latex.

Evelyn watched, the urgency to be fucked burning in her as the men touched each other and their cocks.

Then she was flipped over onto her stomach, and fingers began playing with her ass. Oh, that felt so good. It always did. They were firm, yet gentle. Dominating, yet always caring. They were in control, yet she knew they were focused on caring for her and ensuring she received pleasure. Damn, they were good.

Unconsciously she moved with the fingers, wiggling left and right, up and down, urging them deeper inside her, wanting them to touch her just exactly—Ahh, there.

Then another pair of hands joined in, and fingers were playing with her cunt, teasing her lips, touching her clit, drawing her deeper and deeper into the eroticism of the moment.

“If you don’t stop soon, I’ll come,” she gasped.

“Well, come then, beautiful lady,” said Trevellyan.

The third pair of hands tweaked her nipples. The fingers in her ass teased her walls and rim, the digits in her cunt stroked right over her G-spot, and Evelyn crashed into an orgasm with sensory overload shaking her body hard.

Even as she was still shaking, Trevellyan lifted her onto his cock, and she slid over him, her walls hugging his rigid staff. Quickly she lay flat on him so Vaughan could push into her ass, and faster than she could think, he was inside her, her ass gripping him as her body still shook with aftershocks.

There was a brief time of stillness, and then she could feel—actually feel—Merrick pressing deep inside Vaughan. Soon all the men were moving together, Merrick into Vaughan, Vaughan and Trevellyan into her, and she could sense each beat from each man. It was the most carnal image of her life, knowing that she was so intimately connected to them all, joined with their flesh in the act of double double penetration.

The emotional excitement of being on top of the mountain, all four of them fucking together on a picnic rug, overwhelmed Evelyn. She could hardly drag two consecutive thoughts together in her head. All she could do was feel the beat of the men pumping away in synchronicity. Feel the arms and legs wrapped around her. Feel the bodies moving so purposefully back and forth, in and out, the motion pounding through her body, her blood pumping through her veins in time with the men’s movements.

She wound her legs tighter around the limbs nearest her, dug her fingers into the shoulders she was holding, pressed her breasts and ass into the bodies sandwiching her so tightly between them, and let the movement flow through her, feeling Merrick, Trevellyan, Vaughan, all keeping perfect time, like a rock band as they pumped relentlessly in and out, in and out.

Her nerves were on fire. Every inch of her skin was screaming for release, despite the fact that she’d just had a huge orgasm. Tighter and tighter the coil of need wound in her belly, until release blasted through her once again, this time taking the men with her, as bursts of heat in her ass and cunt streamed into her the instant her body convulsed.

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