Seduced by Two Younger Men (MFM)

Two Younger Men 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 25,915
6 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic May-December Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
42-year old Camille Anderson will not open herself up to love. Something dark from her past keeps her from trusting her own instincts, especially when it comes to men. But when her best friends set her up with two sexy chefs her resolve starts to crumble. 
30-year-old Roberto and 29-year-old Miguel Sanchez have been focused on their culinary careers, building successful restaurants. They haven’t had time for anything else. But when Camille sits down at one of their tables, all their attention instantly shifts to her. Learning that she’s been receiving threatening calls, they whisk her away to Spain in the hopes her anonymous caller will be discovered.
Despite how wonderfully the two men treat her, Camille is hesitant. She’s concerned that her heart will be crushed if she lets her walls down. What none of them realize is Camille’s anonymous caller has been watching from the shadows, waiting for just the right time to destroy her. 
A Siren Erotic Romance
Chloe Lang is a Siren-exclusive author.
Seduced by Two Younger Men (MFM)
6 Ratings (4.5)

Seduced by Two Younger Men (MFM)

Two Younger Men 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 25,915
6 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
A great book




Roberto watched Cami turn around slowly. Her face was flushed, enhancing her already incredible beauty. Her long auburn locks hung past her shoulders. Her gorgeous blue eyes were wide.

This angel thinks Miguel and I are hot as hell. Wanting to keep her on her toes, he smiled and waited for her to respond to his question.

But Miguel spoke first, giving her a way to save face. “Muy caliente, señorita. Especially in the kitchen. ” With a sly grin, his brother wiped his brow. “We’ll get Diego to check the AC.”

Toni and Izzy covered their mouths, turned their heads, and began giggling.

“Stop it, you two,” Cami said, fanning her face with her hands. “It really is warm.”

He grinned. “Hot as hell, as you already pointed out.”

She squirmed in the chair.

“When we found out you were coming, we prepared some special dishes for you,” Miguel told them. “Diego is bringing them out now.”

“Who let you know we were coming?” Cami asked, glaring at her two friends.

“It wasn’t me,” Toni said. “I swear.”

“Me either,” Izzy added, looking confused.

“Who, then?” Cami demanded. He liked her fire and couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

“We can answer that,” Miguel said. “Isabella’s husbands called us about an event they wanted the restaurant to host for their company in a couple of weeks. They happened to mention that the three of you were having lunch here today.”

Clay and Jay had tried to pass it off as just a casual comment, but he knew them better than that and so did Miguel. They’d all been friends for years. Clay and Jay could have called any time to set up the event. It was only an excuse to give him and Miguel a heads-up.

“I should have known.” Izzy smiled. “I love those two knuckleheads, but they don’t know how to keep a secret.”

“Why was it a secret?” he asked, continuing to stare into Cami’s baby blues.

Her face turned red again. “This was their idea. I just wanted to have lunch. That’s all.” She pointed at the two other women. “You should ask them. They’re the ones who dragged me here.”

Although enjoying watching her squirm, he planted a fake frown on his face. “They had to drag you here? We really do have good food, Camille.”

“I didn’t…mean it that way. I’m thrilled to be at Dos Hermanos. This is very special. I’ve always wanted to come here, especially since everyone says your food is so delicious. I can’t wait to try it, especially today, since you made it special for us.” She turned red again. “Well, I guess the words of the day are ‘especially’ and ‘special.’ At least for me.”

“It’s special for us, too,” Miguel said, “to have you in our restaurant. And here’s Marcos with your lunch.”

Marcos placed the dishes in front of the three women.

“We’ve prepared a trio of enchiladas for you.” Miguel moved closer to the table, standing next to Cami’s chair. “The first is a chicken breast with our signature mole that has been featured in D Magazine as the best in Dallas three years in a row.”

As Miguel continued describing the dishes, Roberto took a step closer to the other side of Cami. He inhaled her fragrance, which he could not recognize but was so delicious it made his mouth water.

“The final enchilada is filled with three cheeses we import from Spain.” Miguel grabbed Cami’s hand and kissed the back of it. “Enjoy.”

Roberto took her other hand, pressing his lips to her delicate skin. “Once you taste our food, señorita, I am certain you will not need to be dragged here next time, and let me assure you that we will make the temperature to your liking. Cold. Warm.” He grinned. “Hot.”

Toni and Izzy started giggling.

“Will you two please stop it?” Cami grinned and turned to Diego. “I’ve changed my mind. Could you bring us another pitcher, please?”


* * * *


Before going through the swinging doors back into the kitchen, Miguel took another long look at Cami. He liked everything about her. Smart. Funny. Gorgeous. She was the kind of woman other women eyed with envy. Since meeting her at Jay and Clay’s birthday bash, he and Roberto had been planning on asking her out. Now was their chance.

He followed his brother into the kitchen, where their staff was putting together the last of the meals for the lunch hour. Soon, they would begin prepping for the dinner rush. He and Roberto moved to the baking station to finish the dessert they’d made for Cami and her friends.

“Do you think this would be a good time to ask Camille out?” he asked Roberto, who was piercing the cooled cake, readying it for the milks.

“What better time, hermano? She called us ‘hot as hell.’”

He grinned. “You like pushing her buttons.”

“And you don’t?” Roberto poured the heavy cream over the cake. “You’re the one who kissed her hand first.”

“That is not exactly pushing her buttons. That was a sweet gesture, trying to show her how romantic we can be. You, on the other hand, kept teasing her.” He grinned. “That comment about setting the temperature to hot if she wanted it almost caused me to laugh out loud, which would have ruined the romance.”

His brother shrugged. “But it didn’t ruin it, did it? And besides, I kissed her other hand. You have your charm and I have mine. If we’re lucky, when we take the cake out she’ll say yes to both of us.”

“Let’s hurry and get it out to their table, then.”




She allowed her body to completely relax to their caresses, urging them on with her own intimate touches. She ran her fingers over Roberto’s jawline. He was so strong, so confident, so sexy. Her lips landed on Miguel’s, and she loved the taste of him on her tongue. Like his brother—strong, confident, sexy. The differences between them were small and endearing. Roberto had an edge that she was attracted to. Miguel, quite the opposite, embodied a gentle strength that also called to her.

Together, they helped her out of her dress. Thank God for the privacy screen. Still, she felt reckless and excited about what she was doing with them. “I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“Good,” Roberto said in a tone that was primal and full of passion. “We’re your firsts.”

“Yes, you are.” And not just in a limo. Having sex with two men. She kept the rest to herself but had a pretty good idea they likely knew. How could they not? She was sitting between them in nothing more than a bra and a thong.

His and Miguel’s eyes ran up and down her body, as if they were trying to memorize every inch of her, bringing a sea of shivers that spread out inside her.

“Damn, you are beautiful,” Miguel said. “I want to see the rest of you.” He unfastened her bra, while Roberto slid her thong down her legs.

Now completely naked, the shivers increased and she felt wetness pooling between her thighs.

“Fuck, you are gorgeous,” Roberto said, staring at her pussy. “The most gorgeous woman on the planet.”

“Yes, she is.” Miguel took her hand and kissed it, like he’d done since their date had begun. But then he fondled her breasts, biting down on her nipples. The tiny sting from his mouth on her sensitive buds created sparks that ignited all her nerve endings.

Roberto gently grabbed her legs, swung her around until she was lying out across the back seat with her head in Miguel’s lap and her pussy positioned just inches from Roberto’s mouth.

Feeling his hot breath skating across her swollen folds drove her mad with desire.

Miguel massaged her breasts tenderly, whispering sweet things in her ear. “This is all for you, sweetheart. Just go with it. We want to give you a night full of pleasure.”

Roberto lifted her legs over his shoulders and began lapping up her pussy’s cream, sending a bolt of electricity through her body. She arched her back off the seat, pressing into his hungry mouth. He swirled his tongue around her clit, coming so close but never touching. It was driving her insane and she grabbed his head and pushed him into her more. An uncontrollable, loud moan escaped her mouth. “Ohh.”

Miguel pinched her nipples with the perfect amount of pressure that flipped an invisible switch inside her, creating a link between Roberto’s sweet licks on her wet pussy and his delicious pinches on her throbbing nipples. Her clit began to ache.

“I can’t take much more. Please. I need to feel you inside me.”

“My pleasure, mi amor.” Roberto pulled a condom out of his pocket and slid his pants down to his knees. His dick was thick and long—and erect.

He was inside her before she could blink. Feeling his cock stretching her insides took her breath away. She wrapped her arms around his neck, her legs dangling behind his back, Miguel’s fingers on her breasts taking her higher and higher. She was totally lost to them, all of her. Her body vibrated like mad and her moans came quicker and louder. She was out of control and loving every second of it. The pressure they’d built inside her was more than any she’d ever felt before. She was close. So close. So very close.

Roberto’s thrusts into her ignited more hot vibrations that ran up and down her body, swelling her need more and more, until an explosive burst of electricity swept her entire body. Tingles spread out along every inch of her skin, up and down her arms and legs, and through her, inside and out.

Roberto’s face tightened and she could feel him come inside her. “Fuck, yeah.”

“Oh, God. Yes.” Sensations shook her core. She didn’t want the feelings to leave her, but could feel them subsiding ever so slightly.

Again, as if they were inside her head, he and Miguel switched places. Miguel had removed his pants and his hard, thick cock was already wrapped in a condom. “Mi amor.” With those two words, he sent his cock into her body, and the sensations, which had been subsiding slightly, erupted to a dizzying state of pleasure once again.

She ran her fingernails over his chest as Roberto continued lovingly torturing her nipples. Miguel’s thrusts sped up and she tightened her pussy’s walls around his driving shaft.

“God, you feel so good, baby,” he said in a deep, sensual tone. “So fucking good.”

Another orgasmic blast radiated through her body. “Ohh. Mmm. Ahh.” She couldn’t form words, so taken by her climax. All she could do was moan as deep shivers took over her entire body.

Miguel kept plunging into her pussy as Roberto caressed her breasts and sucked on her neck.

“Going to come.” Miguel’s eyes narrowed and he let out a big sigh of release. “Fuuuck!”

As he came inside her, Roberto reached down and pressed on her clit.

Another wave of climatic, blissful sensation swelled inside her, and she came again and again and again.

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