[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, HEA]
You have to be the best to go to war with the worst.
That’s the motto the agents of the Federal Paranormal Agency live by. They train hard to hunt down those that go rogue, enforcing the laws set down through the ages. They deliver justice to those that break the laws and save the innocent. They are the enforcers of the paranormal world.
Evan Vexen is a vampire and an agent with the Federal Paranormal Agency. When vampires from the New York City coven start turning up dead – their bodies discarded around the city like trash – Evan is called in. During his investigation, Evan comes up against multiple challenges and uncovers a lot of secrets along the way, secrets the coven never wanted exposed. 
Reyes Caliar is called back home and put on lock-down when vampires from his coven turn up missing and later found dead. Someone is hunting them down, one by one, beating them and bleeding them dry. With the FPA on the case, each coven member is being called in for questioning. During his visit to their headquarters, Reyes meets Evan, his True Match. 
Their attraction is instantaneous, but the danger is still lurking around, keeping Evan on edge. When Reyes is taken, Evan quickly realizes that the prolific killer has a history with his True Match, a history that nobody ever expected. With Reyes’s life on the line, time is running out.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Olivia Black is a Siren-exclusive author.
Retribution (MM)
33 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffett




Evan Vexen ended the call with the leader of the FPA, Abram Jackman, and dropped his cellphone onto the table. It was a relief that the team had found Viktor Payne before the human could hurt any other paranormals. The chemist was far more dangerous than anyone had thought. He may have been human, but he was an evil genius, intent on unleashing a poisonous toxin that had the capacity to kill. The only person to be harmed in the end was Ranger Caber, Abram’s mate, but Evan was sure the wolf shifter would heal completely.

Now that Viktor Payne was out of the picture, Evan needed to focus back on his own case. Vampires were being killed and their bodies being dumped around the city.

The first body was found by the West Harlem Piers, bled dry. Soon after, three other bodies had been found. The only difference between the first victim and the others were that the amount of violence was increasing. The vampires were badly beaten which led Evan to believe that the perpetrator had to be a paranormal strong enough to not only hunt down the vampires, but to also kill them. In Evan’s opinion, a human couldn’t be responsible.

Evan didn’t have any leads, but he hoped that would change soon. He had a meeting with Garrett Egilson, one of the new coven leaders in the area. The vampire owed them after taking part in Ranger’s abduction. And since the man was in charge of a large coven, Evan was sure he knew something, especially since the dead vampires were members of his coven.

Checking the clock on the wall, Evan stood. He grabbed his cell phone and keys off the table and strode toward the elevator. Evan pressed the call button and the doors slid open. Stepping inside, Evan pushed the button for the underground parking garage. The doors closed and the metal box fell rapidly. He stood in the center of the elevator and closed his eyes. The sharp drop always brought a smile to his face. When the elevator came to a sudden halt, the doors opened, and he stepped out.

Evan clicked the unlock button on his key, and the red lights on the rear of his Porsche Cayenne SUV flashed bright within the dim cement garage. Climbing into his vehicle, Evan started the engine, and reversed. He put his SUV in drive and headed out in the busy streets of New York.

He drove toward the vampire coven located on Central Park West. It was only about eight miles away from their building on Leonard Street, but with the traffic, it would take nearly twenty-five minutes. Most people would go crazy driving in New York City traffic, but it didn’t bother Evan. The hustle and bustle of the city always helped to remind him of why he became an agent. He was protecting not only his own people, the paranormals, but humans as well. It was a responsibility he’d accepted long ago.

As he drew closer to Central Park West, the architecture changed. The new modern buildings gave way tobuildings that dated back to the late 19th century. The majority of the older buildings had a neo-Italian Renaissance style, beautiful and classic. Being in this area took Evan back to a simpler time and made him yearn for the life he had long ago.

Evan slowed when he neared the coven.

The building was old and beautiful, made of brick and slate, with a giant wrought iron gate surrounding the entire property. It looked gothic with its French Renaissance design dating back to sometime in the eighteen hundreds. Mounted cameras and high-tech gadgets watched as Evan approached from every angle. He slowly eased his vehicle into the driveway. Evan only waited a moment, before the gates automatically swung open. He drove in, pulling around the round stone driveway.

He could feel magic in the air. It shimmered like a bubble in the sunlight, which meant that there was a protective ward.

The old building loomed above him—round towers tapering off into sharp points, stone arches with intricately carved designs, and blacked-out windows.

Parking right outside the main entrance, Evan strode toward the heavy front doors. He didn’t even need to knock. A fledgling vampire opened the door.

“May I take your coat?”

“No thanks.” Evan shook his head as he stepped into the entryway.

He wasn’t handing his black leather trench coat over to anyone. There were too many weapons strapped to his body.

The interior was as impressive as the mansion’s exterior. Marble tile stretched across the floor, crystal chandeliers glittered above, velvet crimson curtains, and expensive art pieces covered the walls.

The door closed behind him and the young man came to stand beside Evan. “If you’ll just follow me, I’ll escort you to the coven master.”




Evan shut off the bathroom light and closed the blinds, blocking out the city lights below, before climbing into bed beside Reyes. He moved in close, connecting their bodies, his chest pressing against Reyes’s back. Reyes let out a delightful little sigh and pushed his hips backward, thrusting his ass against Evan’s rapidly growing erection.

He grabbed hold of Reyes’s hip, stopping his movements. “Go to sleep, love.”

“I need you.” His voice was breathless as he continued to move his hips, silently begging Evan to take him.

There was no way he could deny his True Match especially since he wanted the same thing. Evan wanted to sink his cock and his teeth into Reyes simultaneously. He wanted to mark and claim the man all over again. He needed to feel the connection.

Rolling over, Evan stretched out his arm and pulled open the drawer on the side table. He grabbed the bottle of lube before rolling over once again. Flipping open the lid, Evan coated his fingers with the slick substance.

Evan slid his right arm underneath Reyes’s neck, cradling his head. He kept their bodies close together, needing to feel Reyes. Evan ran his lubed fingers down the crease of Reyes’s ass. He pressed one lubed finger against Reyes’s hole, massaging the lube around the man’s tight puckered hole. Reyes moaned, his hips jerking back. Evan slowly pushed his finger into Reyes, sliding his digit passed the tight ring of muscle. Evan paused once his finger was buried inside his True Match. Once Reyes relaxed his muscles, Evan moved his hand, pumping the digit in and out.

“Ah…” Reyes lifted his hand, wrapping it around Evan’s neck. He shoved his fingers into Evan’s hair and pulled on the strands. “More. Give me more.” He pushed his ass back, swiveling his hips.

Evan inserted a second, then a third finger, scissoring his digits and stretching Reyes. Evan watched his fingers slid in and out of Reyes’s ass. It was a beautiful sight. Reyes moaned, deep in his throat. He moved his hips back, sinking his ass onto Evan’s fingers, fucking himself harder and faster.

“I need…I need…” He panted.

Evan pulled his fingers free. He lined his cock up, the spongy mushroomed head kissing Reyes’s hole. Evan could feel Reyes’s muscles clench in anticipation and he paused for a moment, building the desire to a fever pitch. He scraped his teeth against Evan’s shoulder and the man shivered, his body jerking.

“Fuck me!”

Evan slowly sank his cock into Reyes’s ass while sinking his teeth into the flesh of Reyes’s shoulder. They both groaned. Evan swallowed a mouthful of his True Match’s blood, burying his length deep inside of Reyes’s body. The feeling was indescribable. Absolute perfection. Reyes’s ass squeezed his cock, his inner muscles tightening around Evan’s shaft. He licked the bite mark, closing the wound.

“You feel so good.” Evan slowly drove his cock into Reyes’s ass. He wrapped his arms around his True Match, pumping his hips in a gentle rhythm. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” Reyes ran his blunt nails against Evan’s hip. When Evan picked up his pace, Reyes tossed his head back against Evan’s shoulder and moaned in pleasure. “Ah…ah…ah…” Sexy little sounds spilled from Reyes’s lips.

Evan picked up his pace, moving faster, fucking Reyes harder, until he was practically breathless. He held Reyes close, their bodies connected as he swiveled his hips, drilling his cock into Reyes’s ass.

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