[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Consensual BDSM Cowboy Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M/M, with M/M, HEA]
Danielle Hartwell has Heath back and she couldn't be happier. She's overjoyed that Cole McAlister has come home, but after an eleven year absence she doesn't know where she stands with him.
Heller Enos struggles between wanting revenge on Heath and his old feelings for him. He's made up his mind that Heath needs to be open about who he really is, even to his preacher father. He's also determined to make Danielle his. She wants him, but has reservations about dating a biker. That and she fears that people will look down on her for being with five men, but Heller intends to show her that they belong together and that a ménage relationship can work.
Heath loves Heller and Danielle, but he’s determined to keep their unconventional relationship a secret from his conservative father. How long can that last?
The serial killer continues to prey on his victims, but he just might be a little too close for comfort.
NOTE! This is book 3 of 4 in The McAlisters of McKenna Downs collection. These books are not stand-alone. Each is a continuation of the previous book and must be read in the numbered order. The final book contains a happily ever after for the heroine and all her men.
Note: This series runs on a parallel timeline to The Huntingtons of McKenna Downs
A Siren Erotic Romance
Hot as Heller (LoveXtreme)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
An excellent book with many twists and turns




Danielle heard that Heller was in his motorcycle shop in Stone River. It was right next door to Heath’s veterinary clinic, which was pretty convenient. She knocked on the door, surprised to see Heath in the motorcycle shop already, talking with Heller.

The tattooed man eyed her hungrily and for a good several seconds made her forget her anger with Heath. Knowing it was the same Heller who had wooed her in Chicago and seeing him face to face again left her in awe of him all over again.

However, when that front door opened, her desire to know him took a backseat and all hell broke loose when she stomped inside and clapped eyes on Heath.

“You bastard!” she yelled.

It had been her intention to have a rational discussion with him. Apparently that plan was long gone.

Heath blinked at this, seeming genuinely confused. “Excuse me?”

“Someone said you were at the club last night.”

He tensed. “He told you?”

Heller cut in. “I didn’t tell her anything.”

“What were you doing there?” she demanded. When he didn’t answer she shoved him. “Did you fuck somebody?”

“I didn’t fuck anybody,” Heath replied.

“Technical jackass,” Heller mumbled.

Danielle spun around to face him. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“Why don’t you ask Heathy boy? I’m not allowed to say anything.”

When she looked back at Heath, she saw him glowering at Heller. “Somebody tell me what’s going on right now.”

Heath sighed. “I didn’t fuck any women. I wouldn’t do that to you. I was gonna tell you.”

She shrank back when he reached for her. “Don’t touch me.”

“Oh for Christ’s sake, I fucked him,” Heller blurted.

Heath breathed out deeply, appearing humiliated.

Her attention darted between them. “What?”

“We’re fuck buddies,” Heller said. “He doesn’t want anyone to know because he wants Daddy to be proud of him.”

“Shut up, will you?” Heath snapped.

She relaxed. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I was getting around to that. I just ... I had to make sure I could trust you.”

“Excuse me?”

Heller sounded amused. “Ah, Heath, who needs TV with you around for laughs?”

Heath rolled his eyes. “Stay out of this, will you?”

“You went to a sex club without telling me and you don’t trust me?” She tried to storm away, but Heath stopped her.

“Hold on. Someone knows I went to seminary before I went to veterinary school. You’re the only one I told. There’s no way that person could have known unless you told him.”

“You think I told someone your secret?” Now she was even more offended. “I wouldn’t do that to you, Heath, and if you think I would, then maybe we shouldn’t be together.”

She made for the door.

“Ah well, Heath,” Heller said with a smile. “You still have me.”

Heath bolted after her. “Danielle, wait.”

“Bastard,” Heller grumbled.

Heath grabbed her arm. “I’m sorry. I just don’t see how that person could have known otherwise.”

“I didn’t tell anyone,” she said sternly. “You told me something in strict confidence and I respect that.”

“I know that now. I was an idiot for doubting you.”

“You were an idiot before that,” Heller muttered.

“Fuck off already.” Heath faced her again, petting her arms. “Forgive me. I really was gonna tell you about Heller and me. You just can’t tell anyone.”

She gave him a halfhearted smile and stroked his arm. “I won’t. From now on ask if I betrayed your secret. Don’t just assume the worst.”

“You’re right. I just didn’t want to know if you were a bigmouth. I just wanted to be with you no matter what.”

“Are there any other men?” she asked.

“There’d better not be,” Heller warned.

“There aren’t,” Heath replied. “Just him. You said you were fine with it.”

“I am, but you should have told me.”

“I should have. I was going to. This hasn’t been easy for me.”

“It was real easy for me,” Heller added with a lusty grin. “That one gave it up to me fast. He takes it up the ass real nice, don’t you, pretty boy?”

Heath blushed. “He never shuts off.”

Heller smirked.

Danielle’s smile was more authentic this time. “Can I watch you two together sometime?”

“Hell, yeah,” Heller said.

“No,” Heath said at the same time.

Both men looked at each other, squinting in reproach.

She snickered. “Well, I’ll let you guys work that out. I don’t have to be involved. I just want to see you two together. I bet it’s really hot.”

Heath licked his lips, seeming torn.

“Oh, it is,” Heller agreed. “I have half a mind to drag his hot ass into the back room and show you how deep I fuck him.”




Heller went into the kitchen and got some coconut oil. It was the healthy, unrefined kind. Sometimes he cooked with this stuff, but it was getting some obscene usage tonight.

When he went back into the den area, Heath was reclining on his back on one of the couches with Danielle seated on the edge next to him while he toyed with her left tit. Who could blame him? They were right there hanging out in the open just asking for a neighborly groping.

“Give me your hand,” Heller told her.

She held it out and he wiped some of the oil on her open palm and fingers.

“Rub that on his belly. I’ll oil you up.”

Both Heath and Danielle seemed to enjoy being rubbed down with the clear liquid.

After their bellies were greased with the fragrant coconut oil, Heller wiped his hands off with some paper towels and then flicked open the button on his pants. He slid down the zipper before reaching into his boxers.

“Lie down on him.”

She crawled up Heath’s body and snuggled close to him. He put his arms around her, nuzzling her.

Heller whipped his favorite body part out and stepped closer. He bent slightly and leaned forward while she lifted up a little, just enough for him to slide his erection between them. She eased back down and he heard both his partners moan at the feel of his thick, pulsating flesh nestled in between their bellies.

Heath’s abs felt nice and firm, but his skin was smooth in the middle, save for the sexy trail of hair under his navel. It made a soft nest for his cock whenever he rubbed against it.

Danielle’s midsection was hairless, softer. They both felt so good.

The coconut oil gave off a nice aroma as it heated with the friction of his thrusts.

Heller gyrated his hips, hands bracing himself against the couch while he tummy-fucked them. Heath and Danielle cuddled with each other and made gratified sounds at the illicit feel of his thrusting penis against their skin.

He was proud of her for letting down her hair with him earlier at the poker table. Just thinking about her sitting on his lap with her pants down and coming in her panties for him was a massive turn-on.

He knew she secretly craved exhibition with him. Well, that was fine as fuck because he was all about getting it on with his woman in public.

Or his man. He wished Heath would let loose with him. Heller wasn’t asking for convulsive dick-riding in the middle of the street during gay pride. Nor did he expect Heath to wear makeup and soften his vocals like Shelby or some of the twinks Kale had dated in the past. Heller wasn’t into that. All he wanted was for his cowboy to embrace himself and accept him. A friendly smile in public or some hand-holding would be nice. He wasn’t saying there had to be a sloppy make-out session.

But there could be a make out.

Heller picked up speed, feeling his shaft ignite with sensation. The feel-good sexual massage was amplified now. He groaned harshly when he felt Danielle fondling his right nut while Heath stroked his thigh. His testes hardened in her feminine touch, tingling sharply. Gentle currents of pleasure sizzled from Heath’s hand on his leg and on up his spine. He shivered.

Fever consumed him. He couldn’t get enough of the snug crevice their bodies created, crushing deliciously against his excited penis. His abs tightened, thighs locking, and dick constricting with hot thrills.

Danielle traced teasing patterns on his aching balls. He felt his cum surrender to her coaxing and an intense shot of pleasure streak through his loins when Heath wriggled suddenly and gripped his right ass cheek.

Heller let out a satisfied roar and spewed his semen all over their soft, warm bellies. The orgasm felt so good, came in strong, unrelenting waves.

The tropical scent of coconut fused with the odor of sex, evoking thoughts of a raunchy fuck on a white sandy beach in the Caribbean. Now there was a vacation in the making right there. He’d love to find a private beach and fuck the shit out of both of them.

After catching his breath, Heller straightened and moved his oil-coated cock after Danielle got up.

“Wait,” Heath said, glancing around as he sat up.

Finding that they were still alone, he scooted to the edge of the couch and licked Heller’s oily dick clean. Heller grunted, closing his eyes. He played with Heath’s hair gently while his sated organ was groomed.

“That’s so hot,” she said.

Heller opened his eyes, a slow smile climbing up his face. “Two mouths are better than one, babe. My dick is all kinds of messy.”

She grinned and inched over, running her tongue up and down his shaft with her eyes lidded. Apparently she liked coconut. Lucky him.

“Suck my dick,” Heller demanded hoarsely, pushing Heath’s head down.

The pretty boy moaned submissively and his prick jacked up in that steamy mouth.

“Balls, woman, lick them.” Heller fisted her ponytail, leading her head into his crotch.

She kissed his balls.

His grip firmed on her hair. “Tongue.”

She garnished his scrotum with tiny licks, bathing them all over. His balls relished it. Heller stood there silently watching his lovers pleasure him orally. They were so sweet and such dirty little fuckers, using their hot mouths to make his groin happy.

He wished he could be legally married to both of them, but at least he could be to one of them. Danielle had other men vying for her attention as well, so it made sense to have her marry one of the rich boys that wanted her. Heath was his and there would be rings. Fuck yes, there would be rings, and old spazzy was wearing his, even when Daddy was around.

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