[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, light bondage, HEA]
Carl Moore’s heart is aching. He has no choice but to sell his engagement ring, the only thing he has left of his deceased husband, in order to avoid eviction. When he almost faints in the cute pawn shop owner’s arms, kind-hearted Seth takes pity on him and offers him a job. Carl quickly accepts and friendship soon blossoms between the two and edges to more.
Seth Titan didn’t expect to have a gorgeous human fall into his arms when he went to work that morning. But he did, and before he realizes it, Seth offers Carl a job. His attraction is intoxicating. He’s fallen in love, but they’re from two different worlds and can never be together. Will Seth ever tell Carl the truth, that he’s a wolf shifter and that he loves him?
Balthazar’s army is growing and the alpha vampires are getting stronger. The Brotherhood is losing the battle. Will Seth and the Brotherhood find a way to even the odds while keeping Carl and the rest of the humans safe?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Seth (MM)
6 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Carl almost tipped the carton tray when he tried to open the door. He stretched out his hand, balancing the coffee cups so the teetering hot liquid in them didn’t spill over.

Sighing in relief, he placed his hand on the door handle, ready to pull it open when it began to slide toward him. He glanced up to see a beaming pearly white smile and bewitching blue-green eyes staring at him.

“Need any help?” Seth asked.

“Hi. Umm, yeah, would you mind holding the door open for me? Thanks.” He walked past Seth and carefully placed the paper bag and carton tray on the glass counter.

Seth’s eyes widened curiously. “You’re here early.”

Carl grinned nodding. “Yeah, I figured I’d come in early and bring us breakfast. I hope you don’t mind.”

Seth shook his head. “No, not at all.” He took a whiff. “It smells good. What did you bring?”

Carl opened the bag, taking out two wrapped items. “Well, since you ate two English muffins with egg, ham, and cheese at the diner yesterday, I figured you’d like the same thing today.” He handed them to him, grinning widely. “And the coffee is black. Just how you like it.”

Seth’s eyes grew big. “You’re observant.” His hand moved to his pants pocket. “How much do I owe you?”

Carl’s hand shot out to touch his. “No, please don’t. It’s on me. It’s a thank-you for paying for my breakfast yesterday and for hiring me and giving me this big chance.

“I really appreciate it.”

Seth stared at him for a moment, not speaking. His eyes then dropped to Carl’s lips. Carl wondered if he had something on his face. But he hadn’t started eating his bagel yet. And he had washed his face this morning, shaved, showered, and brushed his teeth.

Seth took a deep breath then replied, “You didn’t have to do this. You’re doing us a big favor coming to work here. My brothers and I have been running ourselves ragged keeping up with the pawn shop and with other things. We need your help.”

Seth raised the wrapped, greasy muffins in the air. “But thank you for this yummy surprise. And you’re very welcome for yesterday, Carl. It was my pleasure.”

The way the word “pleasure” rolled off of Seth’s tongue sent a surge of heat through Carl’s body.

Seth walked toward the back. “Why don’t we eat in the other room? There’s a small table and chairs we can use.”

They sat, ate, and discussed the weather for several minutes. Carl couldn’t help but stare at Seth as he sat observing him. In the low lighting in this room, his eyes seemed a dark emerald green.

“How do your eyes do that?” he asked without realizing he was thinking out loud.

“Do what?”

“Change color like that. They were blue-green yesterday. In the shop this morning, they appeared blue and now in this room they seem dark green.”

Seth’s gaze shifted to his coffee cup while he brought it to his lips. After sipping, he said, “They’ve always been like this. They change depending on the surrounding light and reflective colors around me.”

“Well, they are mesmerizing.”

Did he just say that? Yes, he did. He looked down at his bagel while heat rose to his cheeks and he wanted to crawl under a rock and hide. What an idiot he was. Now his boss probably thought he was coming on to him.

He felt Seth’s eyes on him and he didn’t know what to do next. He was too embarrassed to look up at him.

They remained silent for several more minutes eating and drinking. The uneasy tension in the air was so thick, it could have been sliced with a knife.

Seth finally broke the silence when he said, “It’s almost nine now. Why don’t I show you our computer files first. You’ll be needing to use these to help you estimate the value of the items customers bring in.”

Carl jumped to his feet, grateful that they were getting out of here and out of the awkward situation. “Sure, let’s go.”

Seth motioned to the cushioned chair behind the counter while he booted the computer. “Have a seat while I get the files ready.” Once the computer screen opened and he clicked a program, he motioned, “Why don’t you scoot your chair over here and take a look?”

Carl pushed it with the heel of his shoes and stared at the screen. Seth moved behind him and leaned over. His warm breath brushed against Carl’s cheek and neck. Goose bumps of pleasure and excitement formed on Carl’s skin.

“You see those icons on the right of the screen. They are resources for jewelry. The ones on the right are for electronics.” He then clicked the screen shut and moved onto another program. “This one is for collector cards.”

Carl was listening to Seth’s voice, but his words were being jumbled into a foray of nothing because Carl’s mind was whirling with giddiness, his memory nonexistent. What was wrong with him?

He blinked several times, and coughed. “Would you mind if I take notes to help me remember all this?”

Seth grinned. “Of course not.” He moved to the side drawer and took out a writing pad and pen. “Here you go.”


Carl grinned sheepishly. “Umm, would you mind starting from the beginning again? I want to make sure I get this all right.”

Seth laughed, gently squeezing Carl’s left shoulder as he leaned over his right shoulder to click the back button on the screen. “Not a problem. Relax, Carl. You’ll get the hang of all of this soon.”

Carl smiled nodding. “I really hope so.”

Focusing on the screen, he pushed away his thoughts of Seth and his gorgeous shifting eyes and beaming smile out of his mind and concentrated instead on Seth’s words and his training.




Carl gazed at Seth’s lips while he stood on his tippy toes to kiss him. The taste of sweet coffee on his supple lips had Seth craving more. Usually he took his coffee black, but now that would change after tasting Carl’s lips.

Wrapping his arms around Carl’s waist, he pulled him close, their chests crushing together. Carl’s lips parted giving Seth passage to his mouth. He probed daringly, taking his time to savor the same sweetness from his lips in a concentrated state.

Seth’s appetite grew by leaps and bounds.

He not only wanted to taste more of this heavenly man, but to touch, see, and hear more. His hands began to roam over Carl’s back, this man’s muscles contracting and relaxing under his fingers. Carl’s pants and moans told Seth whatever he was doing was pleasing Carl. It spurred him to go further. He let his hand slip daringly from Carl’s back to the buttons on the front of his shirt.

Unbuttoning two, he slid his hand into Carl’s shirt. The sparse hair on Carl’s chest tickled his skin. Carl’s heartbeat pounded against his palm.

Breaking their kiss while he caught his breath, Carl grabbed his free hand, kissing the inside of it. “Seth, make love to me.” He breathed heavily. The hunger in his eyes was irrefutable.

But Seth still asked, “You’re sure? Shouldn’t we take it slow?”

“Yes, I’m sure. We don’t need to take it slow, Seth. I want you as much as you want me.” Walking backward, Carl guided him to the hallway toward his bedroom.

“Yeah, I want this more than I’ve wanted anything,” Seth admitted.

The shades in Carl’s bedroom were partially drawn, but the streetlights nearby illuminated the room, enough so that they could see well.

The room was as small as the living room. His double bed rested against the right wall in order to create a narrow path between the bed and the black lacquered five-drawer dresser.

“I know it’s small in here,” Carl commented.

Seth smiled. “Small but cozy.” He sniffed the air. “And it smells wonderful.” The light scent of lavender tickled his nose.

“That’s the detergent you’re smelling. I finished washing and drying the comforter less than two hours ago.”

“Then we got perfect timing.” Seth laughed. “It’ll be like we are making love in the meadows.”

His hand shot around Carl’s waist, pulling him against his body. His erect cock rubbed against him through his constricting jeans.

His finger traced Carl’s lips. “I imagined kissing these lips on the first day we met.”

Carl stared into his eyes. “The moment I met you, I felt a strong attraction to you, too. I fought it for a while, not realizing what it meant. But the more time we spent together, I knew.”

Dipping down to kiss Carl’s luscious lips he had been caressing, Seth let his tongue do its magic. He found Carl’s, teasing and sucking it, making Carl moan in pleasure.

Carl pushed himself closer, eager to please Seth as well. Coming up for air, Seth asked, “You knew what?”

“That I wanted more, more than a working relationship, more than a friendship. I wanted you, all of you.”

Still gazing into Seth’s eyes, he began to pull Seth’s T-shirt upward until it was up and over his head. He flung it to the corner. The cool air made goose bumps spread on Seth’s skin. Carl’s gawking stare and his words, “God, you’re breathtaking,” had Seth’s stomach fluttering.

Seeing Carl look at him with such intense desire had his cock wet and excited.

Carl undid the remaining buttons on his shirt, baring his chest and abs to Seth’s thirsty eyes.

Carl was slim but completely toned. His tight, sculpted muscles were a delight to behold. Seth unzipped Carl’s jeans, pushing them and his boxer briefs to the hardwood floor. Carl tugged off his socks, then stood stark naked before him. His hard erect cock poked straight out at Seth, demanding his attention.

“You are so beautiful, Carl. All of you.”

Carl moved closer, his hot lips merging with Seth’s. His hand slipped into Seth’s belt buckle, undoing it, and then his pants. Carl started to push his pants down, but had technical difficulties. Seth helped him along, sliding them downward.

They stood completely naked, admiring one another. “You look like a Greek god, Seth. So perfect.” His eyes caressed Seth’s skin, making chills of pleasure form in their wake and Seth’s heart swoon.

But before he lost all control and they delved any further into this sexual exploration, Seth needed to confess everything.

Swallowing for courage, Seth said, “There’s something we have to talk about, something you should know about me.” Carl had to know everything there was to know about Seth. Who and what he really was. Then he could decide if he wanted to make love to a wolf shifter and open his heart fully to him like Seth had done.

Carl drew him into his arms, kissing Seth’s neck and squeezing his ass cheeks, pushing him closer to his cock. Whispering in his ear, right before he nibbled it, Carl said, “Shh, don’t talk. We’ll do that later. Fuck me now. My body can’t wait any longer.”

His dexterous hand encompassed Seth’s cock, stroking and pumping it.

All Seth’s blood rushed to it, making it stretch wider and lengthen. Whatever thoughts Seth held vanished. All he wanted to do now was focus on Carl, show him how crazy he was for him and bring him pleasure.

In a deep growl, he commanded, “Turn around and bend over.”

Carl grinned, a mix of anticipation and mischievousness in his eyes. This sexy man wanted this just as much as Seth.

Seth’s cock wept with titillating desire as he admired Carl’s ass.

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