[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Rowan Barnes, an alpha werewolf, is in town to see an old friend, but this place holds such bad memories. He’s a cursed, tortured soul who wants to remain alone. When he meets Kale Titan, a beautiful wolf shifter, he sees what life could be like if only he opened his heart and loved again.
Kale Titan knew Rowan was his mate the moment he spotted him in the tavern. He sets out to make him his, except the stubborn alpha werewolf keeps pushing him away. Something is haunting Rowan and Kale wants to find out exactly what it is.
An old enemy has resurfaced and a war is brewing between rogue vampires and the Brotherhood. Only one paranormal can help the Brotherhood protect humans against this old foe. Rowan must face his haunting past in order to save Kale, whom he loves, and whose father Rowan killed three years ago. Will he open his heart to Kale before it’s too late?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Rowan (MM)
5 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Getting into his car, Rowan drove back to the motel room. He needed to work out a plan before he went after Balthazar alone.

As he parked in front of the motel room door, another car rolled in behind him.

He gazed at the blinding headlights, trying to make out who was in the old green Chevrolet sedan when the lights turned off, and he was able to see Kale stepping out of the door. A wave of giddiness rolled over him. Last night and this morning, he thought he’d never see the beautiful and enchanting man again. Although his heart ached with sorrow and need, he had accepted the sad truth.

But today when he saw him once again at the oratory, his spirit and hope soared, only to crash a little later when he found out that he was responsible for Kale’s father’s death.

Had Kale come here to release his anger and hatred towards Rowan? He didn’t know if he had the strength or the courage to look into Kale’s eyes and see the horrible tyrant he had transformed into reflected in his eyes. It would be too painful a feat.

Peering at the door, rather than into Kale’s eyes, Rowan said, “Did you come here to make sure I leave town for good?”

“No,” Kale said in a low, calm voice, not the raging one Rowan expected.

Unlocking and pushing open the door, he asked, “Then why are you here?”

“To talk.” Kale followed him inside.

Still unable to look at Kale, Rowan took out his suitcase. “Well, I am pressed for time. I have to pack and then I’m gone.” Although he planned on staying to figure out a way to stop Balthazar, he was checking out of the motel. He didn’t want Kale to find him.

Seeing Kale again and not being able to touch or kiss him would be unbearable.

“So, what do you want to talk about? Your father?” He bowed his head. “You must hate me for what I did. For what it’s worth, I didn’t know you were Vigor’s son yesterday when we met. I’m sorry for trying to seduce you, and I’m sorry about your father.”

“I don’t blame you, Rowan. You heard Father Agassi. Balthazar was the one to blame.” Kale walked up to him and grasped his hand, blocking his attempt at folding a pair of pants.

“Please look at me,” Kale urged in a soothing voice.

Rowan shook his head in refusal. “I can’t. I have to pack.”

“Please. Just look at me while I speak.”

With shifty, blinking eyes, Rowan gazed at him. Kale’s green irises were sad, as Rowan had anticipated, but hatred didn’t reflect out at Rowan.

“I don’t hold you at fault for what happened three years ago. I want you to stay and help the Harbor and the Brotherhood take down Balthazar.”

“I can’t do that,” he fought to get out, his heart drawing him closer to Kale. But his voice came out only as a whisper.

He couldn’t explain why he was reacting the way he did toward this man. He couldn’t seem to control his feelings or thoughts around Kale. He felt like he rested on a pendulum, swaying back and forth. He wanted to swing himself harder so he could get closer and closer to this mesmerizing shifter.

“Why?” Kale’s brows crinkled.

He broke eye contact and walked away, trying to gain control over his mind and body. Clearing his throat, he replied, “Because I will not commandeer another group to their deaths. It would be a suicide mission. Too many men have lost their lives already.”

“More will die if we don’t stop him.” Kale’s voice rose.

Rowan turned to look at Kale from a safe distance away, the lengthy space between them acting as a buffer, helping him fight Kale’s enchanting spell.

“Like I told Milan, you should run away. That way, no one will fall victim.”

“How can you say that? After all he’s done!” Kale said, his hands shaking, as he walked toward him once more.

In an exasperated breath, Rowan retorted, “It’s because of all he’s done and is capable of doing that I say this. Sometimes, admitting defeat and moving on is the only thing we can do.”

Fighting his feelings for Kale and his body’s will to get closer was taking its toll on Rowan. He tried to scoot around Kale to get back to his packing. He needed any distraction to keep away from the shifter.

“I disagree.” Kale grabbed his arm and pulled him closer. “Why do you keep walking away?”

“It’s all I can do,” Rowan said, his heartbeat throbbing against his vocal chords.

“No, you can do more. Face your guilt and your fears, and face your attraction to me.” With that, Kale wrapped his arms around Rowan, crushing his massive chest and his hot lips against his.




In a panting breath, he protested, “I can’t do this.”

Gazing into Rowan’s eyes, Kale saw the werewolf’s desires. They said the complete opposite.

“Why?” he asked.

“Because I’m no good for you, Kale. All that’s going to come of this is heartache. I don’t want to hurt you.”

Kale frowned, angry that Rowan was trying to pull away. “I decide who is good for me and who isn’t. How do you know you’ll hurt me?”

“Because I’ll be gone in a few hours and we will never see each other ever again after that.”

Kale shook his head. Rowan’s words were what hurt him. Why was he still trying to keep him away? Didn’t the kiss they just shared show him that they were meant for one another? This thing brewing between them, drawing them closer, was Fate. They were meant to be together forever.

Oh, this sexy werewolf was definitely stubborn. But then again, so was Kale.

“The fact that you’ll be gone in a few hours doesn’t matter. I want you, and I’m pretty sure you want me.” He peered seductively down at the huge bulge in Rowan’s pants. “Am I wrong?”

Rowan laughed, gazing down at his blatant erection. “Yes, I want you badly.” He groaned his desires.

“Then take me now. I want you to fuck me.”

Rowan’s eyes narrowed, his intense stare piercing Kale’s. He appeared to be weighing Kale’s words in his mind.

Then his lips split into a sly, slanted smile. “All right.” He growled, cupping Kale’s face and leaning in to kiss him.

His full, demanding lips crushed Kale’s. His tongue hastily slipped into Kale’s mouth, twirling and tantalizing his.

When he nibbled and tugged his lower lip, Kale’s legs weakened. He wrapped his arms around Rowan’s wide shoulders, holding himself up.

Without releasing Kale’s lips, Rowan slowly dipped down to scoop Kale into his arms and carried him to the bed. Rowan’s alpha animal magnetism had Kale completely smitten. Rowan personified everything Kale wanted in a mate, and more.

Just anticipating making love to the sexy and irresistible werewolf had Kale horny as ever. His heart began to pound chaotically in his chest and his cock, which had been hard and wet, grew two sizes too big for his skin-tight jeans. It felt like he’d burst at the seams.

When Rowan laid him gently on the bed and stood tall to gaze down at him, Kale could see the sexual hunger in his eyes. It only catalyzed his own lust further.

They both began to undress, Rowan in slow, sultry motions. He didn’t seem to be concentrating on the task at hand because his eyes were glued on Kale.

His gaze caressing Kale’s chest when Kale tugged his T-shirt off had goose bumps forming on Kale’s skin. Waves of sexual excitement overcame him.

When Kale unzipped his pants and quickly wiggled out of them, a low, sexual groan slipped from Rowan’s lips. “Damn, you’re so beautiful, Kale. You’re the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen.”

Those enchanting words and Rowan’s adoring eyes looped around Kale’s heart, sending his emotions soaring. He truly felt beautiful, thanks to this wonderful man.

A gasp escaped Kale’s lips as soon as Rowan pulled his shirt over his head. His massive chest and bulging biceps were as magnificent as ever. His toned abs seemed to move in a rippling effect as Rowan began to unzip his pants. Kale stared, fascinated. He never knew muscles could move in that fashion. When his pants fell to the carpeted floor and his fully erect cock poked in Kale’s direction, Kale’s sexual excitement soared.

His anal muscles pulsed and throbbed with want. He couldn’t wait for Rowan to sink his divine cock in him.

Staring at him, all of him, he sighed. “You’re perfect, Rowan. In every way.” And Kale meant every word.

Rowan smiled, motioning to his scar that ran from where his arm met his shoulder down the side of his ribcage.

“Even with this ugly thing?” He half laughed as he came to lie beside Kale.

Peering at him, wide-eyed, Kale asked, “May I touch it?”

Rowan chuckled. “You can do anything you want, sweetie.” With a light touch, Kale glided his finger over it. “You don’t have to be so delicate. It doesn’t hurt,” Rowan commented.

“How did you get it?” His finger probed the hardened and ridged skin.

“It’s a souvenir from three years ago.”

“You got that in the ambush?”

Rowan nodded. “I thought they were going to kill me like they killed everyone else, except they didn’t. I guess they gave me this so it could haunt me for the rest of my life.”

“If you stop blaming yourself for what happened, you can move on,” Kale suggested.

Rowan grabbed Kale’s hand he used to trace the scar and kissed the inside of it. “Let’s not talk about that anymore, please. I can think of something much better we could be doing.”

Kale gulped when Rowan’s hand began to fondle his chest, his fingers twirling around his left nipple. Rowan pushed him flat on his back.

Gazing deep into his eyes, Rowan straddled him. He meshed his hands through Kale’s and pushed them over Kale’s head. He stared at his lips as he lowered his mouth to Kale’s, hovering closer to his. His warm breath sent chills of pleasure through Kale’s body. His cock stretched with his desires. He wanted Rowan so much it hurt.

He lifted his lips to meet Rowan’s, but Rowan drew back. Kale’s heart skipped a beat. Rowan was toying with him. He couldn’t take any more.

Rowan dipped to the side, licking Kale’s lobe. He whispered in his ear, “You are delectable. The more I taste, the more I want.”

“Then take me, Rowan. Fuck me. I’m all yours.”

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