The Sextet Presents... The Ghosts and Ms. Montgomery (MMF)

The Sextet Presents... 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,764
8 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, ghosts, HEA]

Joanna Montgomery profits from the restoration and sale of beautiful old homes. When she acquires the antebellum mansion of Forest Manor, she soon discovers the rumors are true—the home is haunted by the ghosts of former owner Trevor Powell III and his lover Rutherford Jackson. Refusing to be thwarted, she starts to work despite their determination to frighten her away.

Trey and Ford were cursed by a woman who wrongly believed Trey would marry her. After the witch rouses the locals to lynch the men for their forbidden love, they are doomed to haunt the mansion for all eternity. The curse can only be broken if both men fall in love with a woman who loves them in return.

Can Trey and Ford win Joanna’s love? And can they allow themselves to love her, knowing that breaking the curse might separate the three of them forever?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Elizabeth Raines is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Sextet Presents... The Ghosts and Ms. Montgomery (MMF)
8 Ratings (4.6)

The Sextet Presents... The Ghosts and Ms. Montgomery (MMF)

The Sextet Presents... 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,764
8 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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5 STARS: "THE GHOSTS & MS. MONTGOMERY is one of the most fun and entertaining books I have read in a while! When Joanna buys Forest Manor with the intention of flipping it, she's been warned about how haunted it is and about how mean the ghosts are. But she doesn't care and she gets into the house and begins working on it. Ford and Trey are two ghosts who are in love but cursed by a jealous woman to never be able to touch each other and to haunt the mansion forever. While Trey is not happy about Joanna making changes to his house, he cannot deny that he wants her, as does Ford. When the three of them finally get together, it is explosive. But can this hot running passion help them end this curse and give them the chance to know happiness in modern times? I absolutely loved this book. The storyline is original and creative, and while there is definite romance and heat, the story is also fun. I smiled at Joanna's reaction to the ghosts but I laughed out loud at their reactions to her. This book brought out a lot of emotion: laughter, upset for how the two ghosts were treated in life as well as for the reason why, and happiness when things resolve. The characters were gripping and the story grabbed my interest from the start. There was more than just one layer to what was happening and you have to read the entire story to get each one. This was a great read that I thoroughly enjoyed and would highly recommend." -- Jen B, The Romance Reviews

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“She’s not like the others, Trey.” Rutherford Jackson stayed in his ethereal form, hovering over the woman sleeping on the floor of the parlor.

“Not at all like the others, Ford,” Trevor Powell III replied. His ghostly silhouette appeared at Ford’s side. “I believe this one intends to stay.”

“I agree, my love.”

Ford wasn’t sure what to think of this woman. No one had ever come to Forest Manor and actually acknowledged their existence. Not once.

But this brazen woman had marched right in and addressed Ford and the man he loved as though she could see them both. And she’d announced her intentions to own Trey’s family plantation.

They’d scared away anyone who dared to lay claim to what had belonged to the Powells since its construction right after the War Between the States. Forest Manor should only belong to another Powell.

Unfortunately, Trey had died before siring any children of his own, and the remnants of the family had scattered after his untimely death. Ford and Trey had no idea if there were even any Powells left.

“She believes in us,” Ford said. “And yet she shows no fear. All the others were so easily persuaded to leave. But this one? This one will not be easy.”

Trey’s ghostly face fixed in a frown. “We could try harder to frighten her.”

“I would hardly call slamming a door on her pretty little derriere as trying to frighten her.”

“It has worked before.”

“Not on someone like this woman,” Ford retorted. “There is something…different about her. Something I cannot seem to put my finger on.”

Trey snorted. “After seeing the way you watch her, I would venture to guess it is not your finger you wish to put on her. She is beautiful, although not a true Southern belle. Have all women grown so bold?”

“I find her a breath of fresh air.”

Trey stared at the front of Ford’s breeches. “You find her arousing.”

“My dearest Trey, you know me so well. A prick or a cunny, both give me bliss.”

“I would wager she is even more comely out of her clothes, although I long to see her in a gown, her slender neck dripping in jewels. She’d be a sight to behold.”

The woman stirred, mumbled something in her sleep, and kicked at the unusual linens in which she slept. The way she kept trying to remove it made Ford believe she was too warm in the confining…bag, for want of a better word.

Swooping down, he floated above her. She lay on her back, her face every bit as white as his own in the light of the full moon that spilled through the cracked, dirty windows. Hovering above her, he stretched out until his body was mere inches away from hers—like lovers about to come together.

The ache to take this woman into his arms and bury his cock deep inside her washed over him in relentless waves. It had been so long since he’d known the warmth of a woman’s body. The softness of her skin. The musky scent of her arousal. The pleasure of her cunt squeezing his prick snugly.

“I want her too, mon cher.”

Ford turned to see Trey sitting crossed-legged on the floor next to them.

“I am sorry, Ford. Were it not for your love for me—”

“Stop.” Ford flew to his lover and sat at his side. He longed to be able to wrap an arm around his shoulder. “I refuse to let you revisit that horrid night. What was done is done.”

“What was done keeps us trapped here. Were it not for me, you would never have perished.”

“Were it not for me, neither would you.”




Fumbling through the bag, he pulled out a black tube. Adam & Eve’s Ultimate Anal Lube. Anal? Lube? Such a product existed? He and Ford had always used spit or semen as lubrication whenever they fucked each other’s bums.

What exactly did she want to use it for since he and Ford couldn’t make love in that fashion?

Ford’s cries of orgasm drew Trey’s attention. Seeing the bliss on his face as Joanna finished him off, swallowing all the cream Ford pumped into her mouth, was nearly enough to push Trey into his own release. Swallowing hard, he strode to the couple. After tossing the lube on the quilt, he hauled her up and then kissed her hard. His tongue swept in to claim her mouth, and he loved the tangy taste of Ford’s seed that lingered.

Ford picked up the tube. “What is this?”

“It’s lube,” she replied after she ended the kiss. “I had an interesting idea.”

“Anal? You mean…for the anus?”

“Yeah, you know…” Her cheeks had flamed a vivid pink. “So it’s easier to fuck an ass.”

Trey groaned as her words made his balls ache. Every time she spoke in her brazen words, she sent his desire soaring.

“Surely you realize that Trey and I cannot…connect in such a fashion,” Ford said, his voice tinted with sadness that pierced Trey’s heart.

“Duh,” Joanna replied. “I thought you could fuck my ass instead.”

Trey had just dropped his pants when her words hit him. A gush of fluid leaked from his cock.

She smiled as she stared at his erect shaft. “You love it when I talk dirty, don’t ya, baby?”

He nodded.

“Well, then…” She wrapped her fingers around his cock, smearing his fluids with her thumb. “How about you put that amazing dick inside my cunt while Ford lubes up and fucks my ass?”

“You would allow such a thing?” Trey asked in a breathless whisper. He thrust his hips forward as she pumped her hand up and down his erection.

“I love getting a cock in the ass, especially one of yours.”

More fluid seeped from his slit.

Joanna leaned down and lapped it up. “Um…my favorite flavor. Trey cum.”

Ford scoffed in mock horror. “’Twas the same thing you told me. Were you lying, Joanna?”

“You both taste good.” She released her hold on Trey and jerked her shirt over her head. Her pert breasts were unbound, the nipples quickly hardening in invitation. The jewel that dangled from the gold navel hoop was now blue. “Look…here’s what I was thinking. You two want to fuck and can’t, right?”

Both men nodded.

“If you’re both inside me at the same time, you might be able to feel each other.”

“I beg your pardon?” Ford gave her a quizzical frown.

“There won’t be much of me between you two. Your cocks will be sliding against each other. It’s not perfect, but it’s as close as I can get you to touching each other. Don’t you think it’s worth a shot?”

Trey stepped up behind her, peeling her pants and then her panties down her sleek legs. “Damn right, we will give it a shot.” He dropped to his knees, pressing kisses against the pale, taut globes of her ass.

Ford was in front of her, and from the moans slipping from her lips, he was sucking her breasts. Her knees began to buckle, and Trey steadied her with his hands on her hips. “Easy, love…”

“Let us take this to the bed,” Ford said. He swept her into his arms as Trey hurried to follow them, ripping the quilt down so the sheets were bared.

Joanna caught the tube before it went flying off the bed. “We’ll need this.”

“Not yet,” Trey said, nudging her back against the mattress. He took the lube from her and set it aside. Then he moved between her thighs, eased them apart, and smiled. “Ah, the treasure I seek.”

Ford’s rapidly recovering cock twitched when he saw Trey bury his mouth against Joanna’s cunny. She squealed her delight, threading her fingers through his hair. He could almost taste her fluids with his own tongue. Damn, she was always so responsive, so appreciative of their attentions.

How he wished he could crawl up onto the bed, rub his erection against Trey’s backside, and then slide inside his tight hole while Trey continued to pleasure Joanna. Simply imagining how that lube would feel as he glided his cock in and out, in and out…

With a deep breath, he tried to regain some control. As it was, he was close to spending himself on the sheets like a virgin experiencing his first mating.

Joanna turned her head and smiled. Her eyes sparkled with her passion. “Join us?”

“Anything my lady asks.” Ford moved to the bed, kneeling near her head. He angled his stiff cock toward her open mouth. “Do you wish to suck me again, sweet Joanna?”

She answered him by lifting her head and taking him deep into her mouth.

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