Devil in the Details (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,345
11 Ratings (4.4)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, demons, sex toys, HEA]
All Riley Black ever wanted was a happy, simple life. Living with his boyfriend, he’d assumed he had that life until one of their lovers’ tiffs turns deadly. Somewhere between life and death, he fights to overcome the destruction caused by the man who was supposed to protect him.
Cage is a Demon Lorde who loved and lost and planned on never loving again. When his brother asks him to save the life of a broken human hanging onto life by a thread, he feels compelled to grant his request. Despite his resolve, he begins to feel affection for the brave man he’s saved. 
Together Riley and Cage may teach each other how to love again, but forces much stronger than them are at work to tear them apart. As a deadly game of obsession and desire plays out, they will have to learn just how far they’re willing to go to keep their love and one another alive.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jana Downs is a Siren-exclusive author.
Devil in the Details (MM)
11 Ratings (4.4)

Devil in the Details (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,345
11 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
A wonderful book about Riley and Cage......a must read
hopefully the next book will tell what happens next with Jason
virginia lee




When Jason had first got the call that his childhood friend Riley Black had been in a domestic altercation with his fiancé and he was the only one listed on Riley’s emergency contact list, Jason had no idea what to expect. He had thought that it couldn’t be more than some minor cuts and bruises. This would all turn out to be some big misunderstanding. But all that hope Jason had been holding on to quickly disappeared when he saw Riley’s fragility as he lay limp on the hospital bed.

Jason swallowed as he reached for Riley’s hand. He could hardly believe he was the same vibrant, carefree friend from his childhood memories. Tears burned his eyes as he fought them back. It had been over two years since he’d last seen Riley, but Riley was like family to Jason and there was nothing he wouldn’t do for him.

Jason brushed a strand of blood-stained blond hair away from Riley’s bruised face and tucked it gently behind his ear. His skin was cold to touch, and Jason knew that it was only a matter of time before Riley gave up completely. A few hours, that was all the doctor had promised him. Jason pursed his lips. The thought of Riley being killed by that man sent a course of rage through Jason.

Damn him. He clinched his jaw at the thought of Damian. Damian had been New Orleans’s most renowned defense attorney. He had been a good match for Riley in the beginning. Everyone had thought so, even Jason. Now Jason was regretting all those words of encouragement he’d spoken to Riley in the months before their engagement.

He’d been blind to Damian’s true character. He had been fooled by the devil in the expensive suite and nice car until about two years ago. Damian’s demeanor had changed rapidly after their engagement announcement. Damian had taken Riley and isolated him from all his friends. The happy socialite Jason had once known was slowly replaced by a timid and shy shut-in. Jason hardly recognized Riley. The sparkle in Riley’s green eyes had faded, and Riley’s passion for life that had helped him through the numerous hardships Jason had to endure from his abusive stepbrother had grown dim and cold. The Riley Black Jason once knew was no more.

Jason had tried to confront Riley about the change in Damian’s personality. But Riley had just given him a halfhearted smile and told him not to worry about it. That everything was under control. After months of pleading with Riley to leave Damian, Riley finally quite answering his phone calls. They hadn’t been in touch since.

Jason had been unable to stop Damian, and now in just a few hours, the only person he’d ever really cared about would be gone forever and the scum that had killed him would be walking free thanks to his connections in the court systems. Jason was sure Damian had already worked up a good story for the press that would inevitably paint him as the victim and Riley as the real villain. Jason closed his eyes, trying to rid himself of the negative thoughts.

He leaned back into the chair he was sitting in as the room grew quiet. The only sound in the room was the slow, steady rhythm of Riley’s heart monitor. A few moments later and a knock at the door forced Jason to open his eyes. He met the stare of the rather plain-looking, gray-haired, older doctor.

“I’m sorry to interrupt but it’s already been an hour now and I’m not sure how much time Mr. Black has left. It may be best if you go ahead and call his other family and friends.” The doctor’s soothing tone provided little comfort to Jason’s heavy heart.

“That won’t be necessary. There isn’t anyone to contact. His only known family passed away when he was little. I’m all he has now…”

“My apologies.” The doctor quietly excused himself from the room, leaving Jason alone with Riley once more.

Jason wiped away the last of his tears as he made up his mind. Riley had meant everything to him. Growing up, he had been the only family he’d needed, and now he couldn’t stand by and watch his life slowly be erased by the fabrics of time.

No, Jason McAlister was no longer the same helpless little boy that had clung desperately to Riley’s gentle hand and caring heart after every beating from his stepbrother. He was a man capable of so many things, and he’d save Riley. He’d find a way and he’d save him.

A thought crossed his mind, and Jason’s stomach churned. It had been years since he’d used his connections in hell for favors, but if something was worth his soul, this was it.




Riley ran his fingers through Cage’s disheveled black hair and closed his eyes. He gasped when he felt the first prick of Cage’s fangs against his flesh. He waited for the pain, but the pain never came. Instead, he found himself melting into Cage. It was as though they had joined together as one and there was no longer any distinction between where Cage began and Riley ended. Riley could feel Damian’s thoughts as though they were his own, he could see hints of his memories, his hopes and dreams, and he knew that Cage could feel the same. All of his secrets and fears were exposed to someone he barely even knew, but there was no point in resisting. He was already gone too far as he head began to spin. Riley never wanted this feeling to end, but it did.

When Cage finally pulled away, Riley clung to him, desperate for him to stay. Cage leaned up as a small amount of Riley’s blood dripped from the corner of his mouth.

“I’ve already taken too much, poppet. That’s enough.” His voice was ragged as though he were having a hard time resisting Riley’s offer. “It’s your turn.”

Riley was sure he saw Cage’s eyes change from blue to bloodred before he bent down and forced Riley’s lips to his neck.

Riley was unsure of what he was supposed to be doing. Panic began to overwhelm him as the seconds ticked by.

“Just relax. You should be able to tap into my demon blood and feel your canines elongate. It’s okay.” Cage’s comforting tone soothed Riley as he began to do as he was instructed. He focused on their connection and felt something stir inside him as instinct took over. It was as though an uncontrollable hunger inside him had awakened, and without much thought, Riley opened his mouth and bit down on Cage’s throat.

His warm blood filled Riley’s senses as he drank him in. It wasn’t disgusting or awful. In fact, it was just the opposite. All of Cage’s emotions and feelings overpowered Riley’s senses. An eternity of pain and loneliness nearly brought Riley to tears. Fragments of broken memories flashed before him as though he had actually lived them.

More, Riley thought as he sucked harder. The sensation was addicting like nothing else.

Cage moaned when Riley flicked his tongue against the open wound, and Riley felt his cock harden as Cage let desire consume him.

Riley met his lust with eager enthusiasm. He ground against him, enjoying the feel of being on top of the Demon Lorde. He willed Cage to let go of the loneliness and forget his pain. Just for one night, they could both forget. Riley reached up and found Cage’s lips. He tasted like heaven as their tongues entwined.

You shouldn’t be doing this. The thought was fleeting as Riley slipped beyond the point of return. The only thing that mattered right now was the way he felt with Cage.

Cage moaned as he deepened their kiss. He pushed Riley on his back and rolled with him. He entwined his fingers in Riley’s hair as he gripped Riley’s hip and forced his legs apart. Riley’s head was spinning as he inhaled Cage’s scent. He needed more. They both did. He reached for Cage with eager enthusiasm as Cage trailed kisses down Riley’s neck and chest before stopping at his nipple. Cage lapped at the sensitive area until he felt it harden under his touch.

“Damn, you’re a tease,” Riley whispered as he tried to control the need to feel Cage inside him. Riley reached down and grabbed Cage’s cock from beneath the confines of his silk boxers. He was already hard and ready just like Riley. Riley bit his bottom lip as he moved up and down Cage’s full hard length.

He’d never been so turned on in his life. It was his desire that drove him as he became aware of just what he wanted.

Riley pushed Cage up so that he could remove the rest of his clothes. He wanted him, no, needed him like he’d never needed anyone else. Riley pushed Cage back to the bed as he took control of the situation and dropped to his knees. He took Cage’s cock into his mouth, running his tongue across the slit opening of the mushroom-shaped head. A small amount of pre-cum hit Riley’s tongue and he moaned at the sensation. Cage tasted like sin and Riley wanted more. Cage tangled his hands in his hair as he moaned aloud from Riley’s inflictions of pleasure. Riley took him deeper into his throat, ensuring that every inch of Cage’s cock was experiencing some kind of pleasurable sensation.

“That’s it. Suck my cock,” Cage demanded through clenched teeth. Riley could feel Cage’s pulse quicken, and he was sure Cage was almost near the edge of release. Riley was determined to see it through, but Cage stopped him, pushing Riley up off him and pinning him to the bed in one swift motion. The animalistic stare reflected in Cage’s eyes sent a shiver of desire down Riley’s spine.

“My turn.” A wicked grin spread across Cage’s face.

There was no hesitation. Cage bent down and took Riley into his mouth. He ran his tongue against his shaft, teasing Riley mercilessly before moving to Riley’s inner thigh. A sharp prick sent Riley into a frenzy of pleasure. Another wave for desire ran through him. He felt light-headed as he thrashed back and forth on the bed. He didn’t know how much more of this foreplay he could take. Riley dug his nails into Cage’s shoulder as he struggled to resist the urge to orgasm prematurely. It was amazing how just one touch from Cage had him going crazy.

“I need you,” he whispered. “I need you inside me.”

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