Sub (MM)

Sailor's Knot 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 57,182
10 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, bondage]

Power play is one thing. Power play through sex is quite another.

David Williams is the captain of a nuclear submarine. He’s just been assigned with his new junior officer, Lieutenant Hunter Masters. Due to David’s calm demeanor, insubordinate officers are assigned to him for training to become exemplary officers.

Hunter, however, has other plans. Because of his oppressive admiral-father, he’s stuck in the navy, where he absolutely doesn’t wish to be, so he lashes out. His record shines with disciplinary infractions.

When the cool David and the frustrated Hunter meet, the game is on.

What begins with pranks, taunting, and dares becomes decidedly darker when lust and sex are brought into the mix. Both men trying to gain the upper hand, the games between them spin out of control.

But what happens when the nature of their relationship is exposed—and love is added to the already explosive situation?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Sub (MM)
10 Ratings (4.5)

Sub (MM)

Sailor's Knot 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 57,182
10 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I liked the premise of Sub, but the main protagonists did not always ring true, which made it a 3/5 for me. I would read this author again, though.
Two hot men, a story that holds it together and plenty of well written sex. Not much else one can ask for in an erotic novel! There’s plenty of spice and tension between the Captain and Hunter who just wants out of the navy and will try anything to make it happen. But Hunter hasn’t factored in falling for the Captain who has his measure. Neither factor in some other things thrown in to derail them, and the pace and tension pick up towards the climax.
I’ve never read MM before so not sure how this compares to others in the MM genre, but if you like your men well built, smart and at least one a bit feisty, then this should work for you. It takes about 60 pages to set everything up, but it’s worth every page that then takes you on a sizzling sexual adventure.
Simone Sinna
Professional Reviews

4.5 STARS: "David Williams is a young captain of a nuclear sub. Cool, calm and collected, very little rattles David. For this reason, he is often assigned insubordinate officers to shape into exemplary officers. His latest assignment is Lt. Hunter Masters. Hunter has amassed an impressive array of disciplinary infractions. His father is an admiral and Hunter’s goal is to be kicked out of the Navy, something his father thwarts at every turn. When Hunter and David meet, the games begin. Hunter tries his hardest to rattle David while David frustrates him at every turn. Their encounters become more and more heated and this heat turns to desire. The pranks, the taunts and the dares become more and more sexual and soon the men embark on a hot affair that leads to more than either expected. Then disaster strikes, their relationship and so much more is laid bare. David and Hunter were opposites in so many ways. Hunter was brash and determined to be thrown out of the Navy. David loved the Navy and his position as Captain. He was determined to help the troublesome officers sent to him. His calm demeanor seemed to work wonders. Then along came Hunter and the game was on. Hunter becomes more outrageous while David countered his every measure until the heat of the encounters tuned to more. But each outrageous thing Hunter did in his efforts to ruffle David kept you glued to the pages. I loved the two men and quickly become involved in the story as they fell in love and did whatever was necessary to ensure the well being of the other. Sexy, hot scenes make the reading fun while the conflicts made you roof for a happy ending. Susan Laine certainly knows how to deliver a satisfying ending to her engaging story, Sub." -- Elise, Sensual Reads

4 STARS: "Captain David Williams is good with dealing with insubordinate soldiers.  That is why he is assigned the duty of straightening out Lieutenant Hunter Masters.  The lieutenant is mouthy and defiant.  It does not faze the captain. Both men start having sexual feelings for each other.  The lieutenant challenges the captain to act upon those feelings.  They do, and it eventually turns to love. Their awkward feelings for each other and the demands of being on a sub make it difficult to keep a relationship--personal or professional.  What will happen if they are caught? The m/m sex is top-notch, and there is a lot of it.  I would have enjoyed the book more if it had been streamlined into a novella; however, this is a solid, enjoyable book." -- Stephanie Rollins, Book Reviews R Us

5 KISSES: "Susan Laine has become one of my favorite authors. All of her books are a must-buy for me because I love the way she writes romance. I love her characters and the chemistry between her two heroes are always intense and sizzling hot! Although Captain David Williams has encountered the surly sailor or two, he’s always been able to win them over because he has the reputation for having a calm demeanor as well as his fair treatment and loyalty to the sailors on his submarine. When Hunter Masters is assigned to his post, he is both amused and shocked by Hunter’s over the top behavior and determination to be kicked out of the Navy. Although David is able to keep Hunter on his toes, he reluctantly finds himself attracted to Hunter, and this disturbs him. He has never been drawn to anyone like he is to Hunter and begins to wonder if maybe he should allow Hunter’s shenanigans to actually kick Hunter out of the Navy, so he doesn’t continue to get under David’s skin and worm his way into his heart. Hunter does not want to be in the Navy, but when you father is an Admiral, he didn’t have much choice. He’s had a reputation for being difficult and is determined to be discharged, but when he is assigned to be on Captain David’s submarine, he begins to second-guess this decision. There is something about David that pulls at Hunter’s heartstrings and the more he’s around David the more Hunter begins to realize that there might be something worth staying in the Navy for. I loved this book! Between the banter and intense chemistry between Hunter and David kept me enthralled with the book from beginning to end. Each time they were together I could feel the desire and love they felt for each other. I liked the dilemma each man had as far as their attraction, as well as their relationship had because of them both being in a situation where their love is definitely forbidden. Both characters are very likeable men. David is strong, likeable and very respected within the community. He’s worked hard to become Captain of his own submarine and is proud of his reputation of being able to keep his cool under stressful conditions. Hunter is a little lost at times, but is also determined to be the man he wants to be instead of the man others’ want him to be. He’s got a sense of humor that I really appreciated (so did David) and I liked how each man really seemed to bring out the best in each other. Not only were they lovers, but I could see the strong friendship start to form and develop between them as the story progressed. The story itself moves smoothly and is fast paced. I thought Ms. Laine did an excellent job at describing military life and I enjoyed watching both David and Hunter really have to work out a way for them to be together. If you are looking for a book that really shows the love, respect and friendship between the two romantic leads, Sub by Susan Laine is definitely the book for you! Highly Recommended!" -- Gabbi, Top2Bottom Reviews

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Hunter took another step forward. Now he was getting really close. David stiffened at the realization he was almost backed into a corner. Yet, he found himself in no real hurry to get away. The contradiction within baffled him.

“That’s right, David. I’m going to seduce you.”

Hunter’s tone was low and rough as he spoke, and he took yet another step and landed right in front of David. One more step, and he’d be in full-body contact. David took a sharp breath, knowing full well Hunter would catch on. The glint in those brown eyes confirmed his suspicion.

Lifting his hands slowly, Hunter pressed his palms up against the wall on both sides of David’s face. His hot breath—coffee and cinnamon—fanned across David’s face, who felt the situation was fast spinning out of control.

“You’re going to seduce me just to get off this boat, Lieutenant?” David said, more calmly than he had expected, and pushed off the wall just enough for them to be near touching. David was trying to prove the point that Hunter couldn’t crowd David’s self-certainty or his personal space with his advances, and couldn’t rattle him, or get to him.

Hunter’s chest was heaving now, rapidly, as his brown eyes burned. Near-lazily leaning forward until their lips all but touched, Hunter grinned wildly. “Nah, you’ve got it all wrong, David. I’m not going to seduce you to get off the boat. I’m seducing you now because I want to. I want to tempt you, David. Want to make you hot. Want to make you come. Want you.”

A fever rose up inside David. It started in his groin and base of the spine, rolling upward through his spine and intestines to his heart, his throat, and his brain until he was enflamed all over. He knew he was trembling now, knew his face was flushed, and knew his green eyes were alit with a fire. He knew he was in trouble.


* * * *


Hunter grinned for only a second. Then it dissipated as his hungry gaze lowered down to David’s parted lips. He was so close to his little David. Against the wall his hands fisted, and in his pants, his cock was practically weeping. He was so fucking hard. He was thankful he had on his dirty mechanic’s pants, or the wet stain on the light brown fabric would’ve been all too evident.

David. My David.

“So, Cap’n, now that you know…” Hunter whispered against David’s lips, only a hair’s breadth away. “What are you gonna do?”


* * * *


David had every intention of answering when Hunter’s face inched closer. David tilted his head to the side to avoid the kiss he knew was coming.

With a frustrated gasp, Hunter’s lips caressed David’s right cheek. So softly, so tenderly, barely touching at all. David felt his hot breath more clearly than the touch of his lips that traveled along the cheek to the temple and the ear and then lowered down to the neck. David couldn’t breathe, and he closed his eyes to enjoy the moment.


* * * *


Ecstatic at how wonderful this day had turned out, Hunter relished his leisurely exploration of David’s intimacy opening up to him. Not quite warmly welcoming, but close enough. David’s scent was woodsy and earthy, with fresh sweat. He took in a deep breath, and was enthralled in a rapture of sensations shaking him to the core. God, how badly he wanted more of David. His taste. Reaching the sensitive area of skin just below David’s ear, Hunter opened his ravenous mouth and pressed it against the skin, his tongue laving, licking, and sucking. Tasting.

David pushed Hunter back a bit with his palms against his chest. Hunter saw how out of breath David was, how red his cheeks were, his lips parted to let out short pants, and his green eyes glowing like emeralds. No, Hunter wasn’t going to accept a refusal of what they both felt.

“Order me, Cap’n,” Hunter murmured hoarsely, his face still a mere inch away from David’s face, their lips so close. “Order me to kiss you, David.” As David looked up, frowning with surprise, Hunter chuckled huskily. “You’re the cap’n, Cap’n. You’re the one in command, the one in charge. So take charge, David. Order me to obey. Tell me to kiss you, David. Command me to get on my knees before you, on all fours, to pleasure you, to give in to you. Order me to take you inside of me. Order me to swallow your cock with my ass. Order me to suck your cock with my mouth. Order me to suck you dry.”




David swallowed. His head was beyond all rational thought, his mind wrapped in a lusty-red mist, confusing everything. He knew that if he’d been able to think for five seconds, Hunter would not have been able to do this to him and put him in this vulnerable and exposed position, feelings all raw and naked. But as it was, his head all delirious and humming, all David could do was hang on for dear life. And wait for whatever was to come.

Reaching the bathroom with a few steps, Hunter deposited David standing on the floor in front of him, kneeling quickly to remove his shoes and pants. Then he stood up, grinning with lust. He grabbed David by the arm and turned him around, bending him hard on his stomach against the sink. David sighed at the rough treatment as Hunter’s hands on his back pressed him down. It was a sigh of pure pleasure, and he could discern the difference with ease from surprise, anger, or pain. He was being taken, yes, but he’d never wanted anything more.


David was startled by the low voice, so filled with need. He just nodded toward the medicine cabinet situated on the wall between the sink and the bathroom door, which Hunter closed with a slam, locking it tightly. He reached for the cabinet, and after a little rummaging, he found the little circular jar of thick, greasy burn ointment.


* * * *


Returning to David with one step, Hunter quickly checked out his new digs. Not much here. Medicine cabinet on the wall, stainless steel sink with some wooden drawers underneath it and a huge wall-size mirror above, and shower just left of the sink.

Placing his right palm against David’s shivering back, Hunter looked at David’s pale face reflected in the mirror. His cap’n looked worried and anxious. Not all-out afraid, though. Good. “Open it.” He gave the ointment to David, who unscrewed it with his hands shaking. Even better, Hunter thought hungrily.

Flipping David around, Hunter looked at that lovely face. David had freckles. A nearly invisible swarm of them around his nose and cheeks, and they mesmerized Hunter. Shaking his head out of the visually induced trance, Hunter kissed David on the lips softly with just a slow caress, but nothing deep this time. He wanted to go deep into another dark hole. “Unzip me.”

Ordering David around was becoming easier with every passing command, Hunter discovered as his verbal orders were met with zero resistance. David’s green eyes lowered, and with trembling hands, he fumbled with Hunter’s fly, and his cock bobbed up in a hurry. David gasped, all wide-eyed. Hunter knew he was huge. His big cock was long and thick, cut and tanned, surrounded by a patch of dark brown pubes. Hunter was hairy all over his wide chest, too, with dark brown, wiry hairs, but judging from the way David was staring at Hunter, he didn’t seem to be that surprised or turned off by it.

Laughing at his gaze, Hunter flipped David around once more, slamming him hard on his stomach against the sink again. He took out some of the ointment in his right fingers and spread it around his aching, hot, hard shaft. Spreading David’s legs with his feet, he saw David’s little hole, all red and rosy. It beckoned Hunter with a sweet siren song. He had to heed the call.

He took his smeared fingers against David’s hole and, without warning, shoved two slicked-up fingers in. David gasped and squirmed as the tight ring of his ass muscles clenched and then opened wide to take the invasion. His hands grasped the sides of the sink, all sweaty and hot. Hunter pushed in deep—and David jolted as Hunter found his gland.

“There you are…” Hunter’s whisper was silky smooth, taunting, and playful, and David gasped upon hearing it.

Pounding his fingers over and over into David’s sweet spot, Hunter ravished his cap’n. He added a third finger, stretching the man wider with his scissoring fingers. David kept on quivering and shaking, as if trying to escape the invading fingers—and yet pushing back against them with unspoken need. He was quiet, though. Apart from the low moaning, there were no loud screams or cries, no orders to stop, no wailing in pain, and no escape attempts. Good.

Hunter took out his fingers, and before David had a chance to take in a single breath, Hunter lined his burning hot cock with David’s puckered hole and thrust in all the way in one move. David let out a hushed moan as his body was besieged, and his head thrashed back, his mouth open in a silent cry. Hunter felt the narrow, tight passage of his cap’n take a hold of him, pressing hard against every single inch of his cock as if trying to crush him with its muscles. He felt an electric shock race up his spine, which was strange since he usually only felt such an orgasmic, sensory rapture only when he was about to come. But now he was nowhere near that yet. His little David did this to him and made him horny as hell.

Grabbing David’s hips hard, his fingers digging deep into the flesh, Hunter pulled out fast, only the head of his cock inside, leaving David gasping, and then thrust in again, hard and fast and deep. In one shift of his angle, he found David’s sweet spot with the tip of his cock. Hunter rammed into his lover’s ass with a primal force, leaning back for greater leverage. 


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