[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romantic Suspense, M/M, HEA]

Josh Landry has lived in Eureka, Montana his whole life. His love for journalism and his hometown were the two pleasures of his life. He was happy with his life and didn’t think he would change a thing. That was until a sexy new deputy strolled into town, knocking him off balance and causing him to fall hard.

Chance Jackson grew up with one dream, to protect and serve. He finally got his chance in the small town of Eureka. Excited to make a new home, he hoped someday he might find someone special, but little did he know he’d find that person in a local reporter.

A bad choice by Josh causes conflict for the young couple. With tensions rising, things finally come to a head in a night of anger that soon explodes into passion. Just as the two try to mend their broken relationship, a killer resurfaces, threatening not just their future but their very lives.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Taylor Brooks is a Siren-exclusive author.

Taking Chance (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Fantastic as usual...,.. I love this series!!!!!!!!!!!,! Can not wait for more
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4 COCKTAILS: "I really enjoyed this story. Josh and Chance are in love, but Josh makes a terrible mistake. This causes a rift in their relationship that seems to be insurmountable. It put Chance’s job as a sheriff’s deputy in jeopardy. Along with Josh and Chance, Ms Brooks has written a very good mystery. There’s a brutal killer on the loose, and he’s got to be caught before he he does it again. This book is the third in a series called “Rocky Mountain Man Hunt”. I haven’t read the first two, but I didn’t feel lost because of that. I highly recommend this one. The characters are lovable. The sex is off the charts hot, and the story is very well written. Taylor Brooks is a keeper, no doubt. Trust me!" -- Kenna, Cocktails and Books

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Chance sat back down and grinned despite the pile of case files still waiting for him. His mood picked up a little bit by the banter of his co-worker. Garrison gave him shit all the time, and Chance had no problem dishing it out in return. It was all in good fun.

He was about to flip open the next folder when his phone vibrated against the table. He picked it up and read the notification telling him he had one new text from Josh. Pressing on a few buttons, he opened the message and read it.

This is your last chance, either answer me, or I’m going to have to resort to other messages to get your attention. We need to talk!

Chance stared at the message and his mind raced with a million possibilities of what Josh was threatening. He didn’t want to answer him, didn’t want to have the conversation which would end everything. Something told him he better respond or else Josh would do exactly what he said he would, resort to other measures. He wasn’t sure what he even wanted to say, but reluctantly he began typing his reply.

Other measures? Meaning what exactly?

It probably wasn’t what Josh wanted to hear, but it was all Chance could stomach at the time. He fucking missed him like crazy. It was bad enough his career was tanking before his very eyes. At least he was able to go to bed every night holding onto hope that he and Josh may get back together. He wasn’t ready to close that chapter of his life.

Damn it, Chance! What does it matter?

He read Josh’s reply and shook his head. Josh was right. It didn’t matter. Whatever it was, it was obvious that he’d already made up his mind. Just as he was about to type a reply a third message came through.

Jesus. I don’t want to have this conversation over text, but at least you answered me this time. Come to my place tonight. Please? We need to talk and I’m not taking no for answer.

Chance was torn between sadness and annoyance. Aside from not wanting to have the conversation to end it all, he couldn’t help but be a bit perturbed by the arrogance in Josh’s message. He wouldn’t take no for answer, huh? It was that take-no-prisoners attitude that had him writing the article and caused their fight in the first place.

Oh really? Well how about this…NO!

That was it, the final straw. He may have loved Josh, but he was tired of his act-first-and-think-later approach to every situation. There were plenty of times in the past year that Josh acted in the same way, but Chance always let it roll off his shoulders. He couldn’t help but wonder now if things may have turned out differently if he had spoke up a few times about it.

Fine! Have it your way. See you in a minute.

Chance’s eyes widened when he read the message which acted as a warning as well. Here? He was coming here to the station? Sheriff Larkin had made it abundantly clear that Josh was never to set foot in the station again. He may have been out on patrol right then, but if he came back and caught Josh here, hell, even if he heard Josh had been here, there would be hell to pay. He was sure of it.

What? You can’t come to the station. Larkin will have both of our asses! Do not drive here.

As quickly as Chance had typed in the reply and hit send, he had one back just as fast.

It’s kind of late for that. Look outside on the west side of the building. I’ve been out here for a half an hour and I’m not leaving until you agree to talk to me! I mean it, Chance. I will march into that police station and cause a scene.

Oh for fuck’s sake. That was the last thing he freaking needed, a big drama-filled lover’s goodbye in front of a group of people he had to work with every day.

Fine! Jesus, just don’t come in here, okay? I’ll be at your place tonight at seven. Is there anything else? I have work to get done.

Josh answered, Thank you.

Chance read the polite response and wanted to throw his phone across the room until it shattered into a million pieces, but he knew his OCD wouldn’t be able to stand the mess.

Thank you? Really?

That’s all Josh has to say after over a year of the best relationship Chance has ever had? Just a simple thank you for agreeing to stop by so Josh could tell him to his face they were done? Wasn’t that sweet! Not!

Fucking great!

What a great Goddamn day! His job sucked ass. His relationship was in the shitter, and his sheriff was trying to fire him.

Chance shook his head and muttered, “Welcome to the town of Eureka where everything is the exact opposite of its name.”




Josh’s cock throbbed unbelievably at the sight. He felt like a virgin ready to fuck for the very first time.

“Well? Am I?” Chance asked.

“Huh?” The question tore him from his fantasy.

“Am I going to get lucky?”

Josh grasped his cock, stroking it firmly in his hand as he listened to the husky allure of Chance’s voice. Damn, but the man was the sexiest creature he’d ever come across. He had no idea how he’d become so damn blessed to have him, but he thanked God every day for it. If getting lucky was what Chance wanted, far be it for him to neglect his hungry deputy.

He crawled on the bed and worked himself between Chance’s legs. For just a moment of torture, he pressed his cock between the globes of Chance’s ass and teased them both with what was to come next.

“God…you’re so bad. Why are you making me suffer?” Chance asked him.

Flipping open the cap, Josh tipped it upside down and squirted a small amount of oils right along the seam. Then with two fingers Josh slid further, tickling Chance’s entrance until he was moaning from his ministrations.

Josh always loved the way Chance’s body looked, but seeing it writhe and moan underneath nothing more than his touch was another thing entirely.

He picked up the bottle once more and let two small drops fall onto the top of his dick. Setting the bottle on the night stand, he held the tip with his palm and worked the glistening liquid all around.

Instant heat shot straight to his balls and made his cock go from hard to something which could be used to cut granite. Whatever they put in these oils felt like he was rubbing straight lava on his dick, only it burned him in the best possible way.

He braced himself and slid past the seam. The molten slippery grease shot across the tight skin of his cock and worked its way down to his nuts. The magic potion put together by Viking was pulling him to orgasm faster than he expected.

Josh held himself and pushed gently at the puckered hole. He could feel the tiny muscles throbbing at the intrusion. They offered him a warning. It was a warning that proved to be more promise than threat. He knew what those tight pulsating nerves would do the second he breached their opening. He knew all too well, and that was exactly why he did what he did next.

Suddenly Josh thrust into Chance, buried himself deep inside his ass. A loud roar which sounded more like animal than man tore from Chance. It wasn’t the sound of pain. It was most definitely from pleasure, and the rocking hips before him told him it wasn’t time to stop.

With a determined resolve, Josh reined in his lust and focused on Chance. He wouldn’t fall yet and lose himself unless Chance went with him, but damn if this didn’t feel so good he knew it would be soon.

Josh worked himself in and out, pushing and pulling, thrusting and fucking as their two bodies worked in rhythm with one another. Chance instantly opened for him, his body relaxing and taking all he had to offer. Though the tiny muscles and nerve endings weren’t as gentle, they continued their relentless attack of Josh’s cock. For several exhilarating moments Josh teetered on the edge of bliss and burning pain as he felt his dick being fucked and sucked by Chance’s tight ass.

His thrusts were doing little in comparison to those little workers. So much so that he could already feel the clawing itch of climax work up the base of his spine. If he could have stopped it, he would. His restraint was no longer in his control. His body was but a vessel for the one who was enveloping him.

He was going to fall. The danger was imminent and he needed Chance to jump off the edge with him. Reaching underneath he grabbed Chance’s cock. Several droplets of cum leaked from the tip and Josh mixed it with the oils on his fingers to bring his lover over the rim.

“Oh…my…fuck that feels so…” Chance bucked and shot up to an upright position. His head dropped back against Josh’s shoulder and he moaned when the movement pushed Josh that much deeper inside.

His ass clenched at his cock, working it like a slippery vice which would squeeze him just enough until his juice came flowing out. Then just as he thought he might die from the ecstasy of it all, true euphoria hit.

Josh’s body jolted and his hand tightened around Chance’s cock. He screamed out when his orgasm took hold of him. He began bucking, jerking with every spurt of cum that shot into Chance’s ass. A moment later he felt the warm and sweet proof of Chance’s passion. It shot on his hand, landed on his arm, went everywhere as both of their bodies convulsed against their climax.

Josh wrapped his arms around Chance. He pressed their bodies even closer, feeling Chance’s heart pound against his hand. For several moments they stayed there with their bodies entwined together. Their orgasms slowly brought them back to a blissful reality as the explosions ceased, but the fire that started them remained.

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