Warren's Guide to Wrangling an Alpha Wolf (MM)

Luna Werewolves 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,269
12 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Warren McDonald has woken up after a severe injury from another wolf, to discover that someone in his own pack is his mate. He couldn’t be happier to realize that alpha Damian Hart is his mate, but Damian has his own skeletons to handle before he can allow himself to completely open up to Warren.
Damian’s previous mate was murdered by hunters, and after the attack against Warren, he finds himself being incredibly protective of his mate, especially since there is a rival pack living not very far away, and there are rumors abound of a group of human hunters out for werewolf skins.
But Warren needs to show his mate that he is not about to break, and if Damian insists on keeping Warren close-by for his protection, then Warren will make it clear that he cannot live like that, because he will not choose to cage himself for love, even at the risk to his own life.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
Warren's Guide to Wrangling an Alpha Wolf (MM)
12 Ratings (4.7)

Warren's Guide to Wrangling an Alpha Wolf (MM)

Luna Werewolves 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,269
12 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Professional Reviews

"As hoped for, volume four in the series deals with another preconception of werewolf lore that seems quite widespread - other than when dealing with bonded triads in ménages where each member does get two mates. The fact that each wolf shifter only has one mate, and that's it, is widespread in my reading experience. However, the author neatly ignores that and gives Damien a second chance with Warren. Both of them have much to learn, since Damien isn’t used to such a "pushy omega" as a mate, and Warren has a hard time with suddenly not being independent anymore. Warren wants a mate. He looks forward to the intimacy and to have someone to love. But when he discovers that Damien is the one he is bonded to, and how bossy the alpha is, Warren is no longer so sure. Being coddled while he is still recovering from the wounds he received in a fight at the end of book three is one thing, but being told to stay in the house and not go into the town is not what he was hoping for. The pack needs money, and Warren wants to contribute, so he plans to become a waiter at the diner. Unsurprisingly, Damien is against it, and, equally expected, Warren ignores the man's edict. He puts himself in danger – but he also discovers vital information. Damian is possessive, but he has good reason. After losing his first mate, a traumatic experience, to wolf shifter hunters, he is scared to death the same might happen to Warren And even though he is a very capable omega, the fear Damien feels isn’t rational. Can't say I blame him after what he's been through. Luckily, Damien is an alpha with a brain, and when he sees how much having a job mans to Warren, he manages to deal with the situation amazingly well. The hunters are definitely at it in this installment of the series, developing into a real threat. I loved how Warren ends up making a valuable contribution to the pack's safety, Damien learns how to deal with his fears, and both of them become a very strong couple as a result. If you like shifter stories that don’t necessarily follow the "traditions" of the paranormal genre, if you enjoy reading about mates who get second chances but have a hard time dealing with the reality of how different that second ate is from the first, and if you're looking for a read with lots and lots of hot and reciprocal shifter-on-shifter action, then you will probably like this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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“Absolutely not,” Damian Hart, Warren’s stubborn-ass mate said.

Needless to say, it wasn’t what he’d expected to come out of the man’s mouth. “Excuse me?”

Damian took in a deep breath, like he was getting ready to have an argument he didn’t want to have. “It’s too dangerous. You’re still recovering.”

Warren took stock of the man. He’d only just discovered that Damian was his mate two days ago after he woke up from a nasty attack while trying to defend a friend from an ex.

Granted, it had been a stupid thing to do, challenging an alpha while he was in his luna form, especially as an omega, but he wasn’t about to let that crazed luna wolf attack David.

Warren had been lucky to survive. David had told him that his body had been pretty slashed up and broken, but now he was fine, for the most part. His werewolf healing had taken care of him, and he wanted to get back to the real world.

Roarke’s mate, Westley, had apparently given birth to their pup while Warren was busy recovering in bed, and he’d only gotten to see the little guy once.

They’d called him Leo. Apparently Roarke and Westley had been thinking about baby names for a good long while, and Warren thought it was cute.

It also brought out an inner call for him to start contributing more to the pack.

Maddox was the only one who had a job, a part-time job working at the Sexxx shop, or the XXX shop, or whatever that place was called. David occasionally got clients to work for online by drawing pictures for game designers, website developers, and authors.

That was basically it. The pack was too new. No one else had a job, and the only reason why food was still being put on the table was because everyone was going out to hunt rabbits and ducks and whatnot, and also picking anything in the forest that could be eaten. Berries, weeds, that sort of thing.

Warren had to admit, they made for pretty decent salads, but an infant couldn’t eat those things, and since Roarke was the leader of the pack, that entitled him to a percentage of earnings that came in.

With a child to feed, and formula being expensive as it was, that meant more people had to work.

“I already talked to Roarke, and he said he was okay with me going out to get a job. The diner is hiring. They need someone for breakfasts on weekends. It would only be part time, and I would be getting tip money.”

“I’m going to have a word with Roarke about that,” Damian said, folding his arms and looking more and more defensive by the moment. “But the fact of the matter is that you didn’t tell me.”

“I’m telling you now,” Warren said.

Damian’s lips thinned.

Warren could hardly believe it. “You’re not budging on this, are you?”

“I just want you safe,” Damian said. “Let someone else handle the job. You’re still recovering. You and I can go out hunting together. We can provide like that for the pack.”

For a split second Warren thought that was actually a good idea. He and Damian could spend some time together, get to know each other, and maybe have some time alone since they had yet to even consummate their mating.

Then he realized that Damian was only making the offer because that was the one thing Warren could do around the pack that would allow him to stay under Damian’s watchful eye.

Warren couldn’t help the low-sounding growl that came out of his throat, and Damian’s eyes widened at the noise.

“Does it really make you that angry?” he asked.

The question alone, along with the way it was said, was enough to completely erase any anger that Warren felt.

Damian was an alpha, and Warren had just growled at him, and instead of rising to what any other alpha would have seen as a challenge, he was calm, if a little surprised, and asking after Warren’s feelings.

“Well, yeah,” Warren admitted. “I feel like I can jump up and start running laps around the property, but everyone’s insisting I stay in bed.”

Even now the covers that he was tucked into felt tight and restricting on his legs. It was driving him nuts being so inactive for so long.

If he was honest with himself, he was also beginning to feel a little cooped up inside of the large house. He’d been with the pack for a couple of weeks now, and he’d only once seen the town that was less than a ten minute drive away.

Damian bit his lips and sighed. “I didn’t think about that, but you know that just because you feel all right, doesn’t mean that you are.”

“I know. There could still be some internal healing going on. You and Roarke told me about that.”

It was also the reason why he and Damian had yet to consummate their mating.

When Warren had woken up and saw Damian there, and he recognized the mating scent and finally knew where it had been coming from after so long, he’d been elated.

His body had responded by going warm, his cock had hardened, and he felt an ache for the man that he never thought he’d feel for anyone in his life.




“Perfect,” Damian said, and he wrapped his lips around Warren’s dick once more, this time sinking all the way down past the swollen head, deep-throating his mate while Warren continued to tease his own prostate.

He was salty, but not unpleasantly so. In fact, the taste was perfect. With his tongue, Damian could even feel the veins that were protruding from his skin, and he felt the powerful pulses of Warren’s heart.

He listened to every sound that left Warren’s throat, and he felt every shiver that rippled through his mate’s body, along with the goose bumps that formed over his skin. It all went straight to Damian’s cock, and because if he didn’t get some friction on it soon he felt he would die, he began to slowly thrust against the mattress while Warren canted his hips to slide his cock deeper into Damian’s mouth.

He was the most beautiful man on the planet, and Damian was never going to let anyone, not another luna alpha, an alpha from a rival pack, a human hunter, no one, no one was ever going to do to him what David’s ex had done.

“I–I’m coming! Baby, stop, I’m going to come!” Warren all but shouted, drawing out the word come so that it sounded like cooooome.

Damian pulled away, getting back up onto his knees. Warren had removed his fingers from his asshole without Damian even noticing.

“Oh shit!” Warren said and reached down to desperately get a hold of his balls and the base of his cock, preventing himself from coming again.

His white teeth were clenched as he fought to keep his orgasm from taking control. Damian had no doubt in his mind that if he so much as breathed on the man, Warren’s cock would spill his cum all over his flat stomach and chest.

Couldn’t have that. Not yet.

Warren’s knees were already lifted, exposing his asshole so nicely for Damian to see. It was just a matter of squeezing the lube bottle and getting more of it onto his fingers, and then coating Warren’s hole a little more.

“My fingers touching your pucker is so...” Damian trailed off, not sure of the word he wanted.

“Hot?” Warren asked.

“Yes, but I was going to try for something a little stronger than that,” Damian said, and he took his cock in hand, a shiver of pleasure rippling up his body at the contact, and he pressed the head of his dick against Warren’s pucker.

The pressure as he slid inside, and then the sensation of oneness and belonging that came over him when the head popped through the ring of muscle and his cock could slide inside, was all encompassing, and Damian almost came right then and there.

Now would be a great time to have a cock ring from the shop that Maddox was working at, that was for sure.

Warren was losing his mind with pleasure. “Ohhhhh!” he yelled out loud, and Damian could no longer bring himself to worry over whether or not his mate could be hurting himself as he squeezed his thighs around Damian’s hips, locking his ankles together behind Damian’s ass.

It was too fucking perfect, and it felt too damn good. There was nothing else in the world but the pleasurable feel of his dick finally inside of his mate, and how much better it could be when he started to move.

Damian thrust his hips fast and hard, grunting his pleasure even as he made the mattress beneath them bounce around.

Warren reached above him to grab and throw away the pillows as his hole was repeatedly slammed into again and again. As his body moved farther up the bed with the force of Damian’s pounding hips, he had to reach up and grab onto the headboard of the bed to keep his head from slamming into it.

It was at that point when Damian was able to bring it down a notch. His mate was recovering. The last thing Damian wanted to do was give him a concussion.

“You like my cock in your ass, don’t you?” Damian said, and as he slowed the movement of his hips, he made sure to keep each of his thrusts both strong and hard.

Warren’s eyes changed from being wide to shut as he held back his pleasure, and then back again. When he answered, they were wide, and his lips were parted a little as he panted his answer. “Y–yes.”

“Good,” Damian said. “Because I’m going to put it there every. Night. Of. Your. Life.”

Damian punctuated each of his words with one more hard thrust against Warren’s asshole. He could feel the tip of his dick slamming into Warren’s prostate, and with the sensation of his balls slapping against the back of his mate’s ass, it was already too late for him.

Damian tried to hold off, but all he could do was take in a deep breath of air and then let it out again as his brain sent his body signals to pick up speed as he fucked Warren hard and fast until he came, shooting his load deep into his mate’s asshole.

And it was like a whole new set of floodgates had opened to him. His energy, which had only been just barely mingling with Warren’s, was now almost one in the same. He could feel the man’s strength and his spirit, and Warren would be able to do the same to him.

They were connected now, in just the way they needed to be.

Damian milked himself as he came, and Warren’s asshole suddenly tightened almost painfully around Damian’s cock as he threw his head back and screamed, jerking his cock as his cum shot out from the tip of his dick and landed on his chest.

Damian couldn’t resist giving him a hand, wrapping his fingers around Warren’s wrist and stroking him as well until they were both finished and panting.

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