Taylor's Men (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,258
7 Ratings (3.9)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Contemporary Menage a Quatre Romance, MFMM, reverse harem, HEA]

Taylor is making ends meet the best she can when two handsome, burly bikers roll into the diner and knock her off her chosen path of finding another book keeping job.  Tex and Bull instantly know that Taylor is special and both men want her for their own. Can they work together and share her as their ole lady or will they try to make her choose between them?

Taylor likes both men, but can she choose one over the other? Can she live in a relationship with two men? How can she date them both then split them up with a decision of one over the other? She doesn’t think she can. It’s both or neither of them. But which to choose?

When they nearly lose her to a rival MC they know they have to claim her theirs. They’ll do anything to keep her safe, and that includes sharing her between them, but will Taylor agree?


Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.

Taylor's Men (MFM)
7 Ratings (3.9)

Taylor's Men (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,258
7 Ratings (3.9)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




Taylor resisted the urge to fan herself. What was wrong with her? She’d handled flirting with the men who passed through the diner all the time without it affecting her like this. The two dangerous-looking bikers were different. Her body responded to their stares like they were magnets attracted by the laws of the universe or something.

The taller one, who looked to be about six feet, four inches, had shaggy black hair with a full beard that wasn’t quite as dark as his hair. He had dark eyes that seemed to pull her right into them when she’d stared into them. He was huge all over with mountains for shoulders and a wide chest that tapered down to a narrow waist. His black T-shirt was stretched tight across his shoulders beneath his cut and his thick upper arms.

Taylor drew in a deep breath to try to calm her racing heart. The man was ripped, with tree trunks for legs and a round, bitable ass. He’d asked for her phone number, and she didn’t even know his name.

Then there was the other man. He wasn’t quite as tall, maybe an inch or two shorter but he was equally fine looking with short brown hair and green eyes the color of spring grass. He wasn’t as muscular as the first man but was definitely on the hot as hell end of good looking.

The truth was, Taylor liked the way both men looked. She liked them a lot, and this wasn’t at all like her. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been this attracted to a man, let alone two. That they were obviously bikers by their cuts proclaiming them members of Devils Disciples MC didn’t bother her. She didn’t get involved with any man she met at work. She wasn’t about to jump into the fire with the two bad boys sitting in the diner.

As soon as their meals were ready, she took them out and topped off their iced tea before returning to the relative safety of the counter. She had a couple of truckers nursing coffee while they talked about the Texas weather. They’d wander off in another twenty or thirty minutes. Hopefully, the bikers would leave, as well. She couldn’t risk letting them get under her guard, and Taylor knew she was susceptible to letting them.

When she returned to take away their empty plates, the bigger man spoke up again.

“So, what’s your name, babe?” he asked.

“Taylor. Can I get you guys anything else?” she asked.

“How about something sweet, darling?” the other man asked.

“W—what kind of sweet?” she finally managed to get out.

“What kind of pie do you have today?” the larger man asked.

“Apple and peach,” she told them.

“I’m Bull,” the bigger man said. “I’ll take the peach pie. I bet it’s not nearly as sweet as you are though.”

“I’m Tex, and I’ll have a piece of your apple pie,” the other man said with a wink.

“I’ll be right back. Want coffee with it?” she asked before turning away.

“Coffee would be good,” Tex said.

“I’ll take some as well,” Bull said.

She turned to get their desserts, but Bull’s beefy hand caught her wrist and stopped her. She looked down at where his large hand gently held her then up to meet his eyes.

“You’ve got the prettiest eyes, babe. How about giving us your phone number so we can maybe call you sometime,” Bull said.

“I really don’t think that’s a good idea,” Taylor told him and tugged at her hand.

He let it go and smiled up at her. “Oh, I think it’s a great idea, Taylor. I can’t call and ask you out if I don’t have your number.”

“You want to ask me out? Like on a date?” Taylor blinked long and slow. Was he really talking about asking her out on a date?

“That’s right. Dinner maybe a drink afterwards. A date,” the big man said.

“I—I’ll be right back with your dessert.” Taylor almost jogged back to the counter where she cut a generous piece of pie for each of them with shaky hands.

I’ve got to get control of myself. They’re just teasing me. There’s no way those guys want to take me out on a date. Maybe to bed, but I’m not jumping into bed with anyone. Especially with two men I don’t know.

Two men. That was another thing. She couldn’t go out with two men at one time.

She was positive that sex was all they were talking about. Men like them didn’t date women. They had sex with them. She wasn’t biker babe material. Not by a long shot.

“Here you go.” Taylor set their plates in front of them followed by the cups of hot coffee from her tray. “Enjoy.”

She walked back to the counter to ring up their tickets then returned a few minutes later with them and the carafe of coffee in case they wanted their cups refilled. Both men put a hand over their mugs indicating they were fine with their coffee.

“So, about that number,” Tex drawled. “Need something to write it on?”

“Look. I’m flattered, but I don’t date. I’m too busy working to go out with anyone. Thanks for asking though.” She picked up their empty pie plates and utensils.

“Just dinner then. Nothing else. How about the steak house? They’ve got fish, too.” Bull touched the back of her hand but didn’t try to grab her.

“I really don’t think it’s a good idea. You’re bikers, and I’m just a waitress trying to make ends meet. I’m not into that kind of lifestyle.” Taylor sighed and walked away.

God, it was hard to walk away from them. They were so good looking with all that ink decorating their muscled bodies so that it rippled when they moved. They weren’t greasy, dirty men either. They were clean and well-groomed even with the beards. Taylor really couldn’t find anything wrong with them just to look at them. It was just that they were bikers in a motorcycle club that from everything she’d heard dealt in illegal activities.

They walked up to the cash register and held out their tickets with some cash. She went to give them their change, but Tex waved his hand.

“Keep the change. Now about that number, darling.”

To her utter disbelief, Taylor found herself writing her cell number on a clean ticket and handing it to the man. It wasn’t until they’d walked out of the building that she was able to draw in a deep breath again. What had she just done?




Taylor’s attention was divided between Tex and Bull. With two of them, it was hard to stay focused on just one of them. Together they were distracting and enticing. She couldn’t begin to imagine what it was going to be like having the focus of two men’s attention on her body. The thought both thrilled her and frightened her to some degree.

Bull began to finish unbuttoning her blouse, smoothing it over her shoulders so that it pooled on the bed around her. Then he swept it off the bed and tugged her legs so that she fell back, and he had access to her feet. Taylor gave a nervous giggle when he tugged her closer to the edge of the bed.

“Tex, get one shoe,” Bull said.

Together the two men removed her shoes, then Tex unfastened her jeans, and they pulled them off with her lifting her hips to help them. Taylor shivered. She was in just her bra and panties. While she’d been hopeful that the night would end this way, she hadn’t been sure. She’d dressed with that thought in mind and was wearing her best sexy undies, a pale pink set with a little bow at the center of the bra.

“So fucking hot,” Bull said in a husky voice.

“I didn’t think I could get any harder, but that has me hard enough to bend steel,” Tex said.

“I’m taking her pussy,” Bull said.

“Those tits are mine,” Tex said.

Just like that, Taylor was divided as they conquered her. Bull knelt between her legs and pulled them apart so that her sex was spread with the pale pink panties soaked between her legs. To her surprise and utter embarrassment, Bull licked the damp material and buried his nose there.

“Smell so fucking sweet. Gonna eat you up, baby girl,” he said.

Taylor could only whimper as he slowly slid her panties down her legs and returned to kneel on the floor between her spread thighs. His heated breath caressed her wet pussy. She nearly forgot about Tex until the other man tugged her bra over her breasts, so he could get to them. She started to lift so that she could remove the delicate piece of material, but Tex pushed her back to the bed and ran his hands over the twin peaks of her nipples. The sensation of his calloused hands against her already sensitive nipples drew a soft cry from her as she pressed into his palms.

“Look at her, Bull. She’s so fucking responsive,” Tex said in a soft voice.

“Tastes like heaven, man. So sweet.” Bull drew his tongue up her slick slit before he licked along her inner thigh.

Taylor gasped and arched off the bed so that Tex had to hold her down so that she didn’t sit up again. The dual sensations of the two men’s hands and mouths on her bare skin was more than she’d expected. She couldn’t concentrate on anything. The dual assault was driving her insane. They hadn’t even done much, and already she was on the edge and teetering.

Tex flicked one nipple with his tongue then pulled on the opposite one as he sucked hard on the little nub. Taylor cried out but drew in a sharp breath when below, Bull stabbed his tongue deep inside her pussy before leaving little bites along her inner thighs. He kept one hand on her abdomen to keep her still as she writhed above him.

“Can’t keep her still. She so fucking responsive,” Bull muttered.

“Love her tits. They’re just the right size.” Tex took a nipple between his teeth and pulled at it until she cried out.

The dual sensations of pain and pleasure were driving her crazy. She’d never have thought anything could be so erotic as to have two men biting and sucking on her at the same time. Sure, she’d read plenty of ménage books, but it wasn’t anything close to the real thing. There were no words to explain how she could feel both sensations at the same time. How the subtle bite of pain to her nipples poured into pleasure at her core where Bull was licking her pussy.

“Gotta taste her, Tex. She’s fucking amazing.” Bull grabbed one of Taylor’s hands where she’d been digging her nails into the bedspread and ran a finger through her juices then held it out to Tex.

The other man took her hand and sucked her sticky finger into his mouth and closed his eyes as he lapped her finger with his tongue.

“Fucking good. Can’t wait for my turn to lick that pussy,” Tex said before returning to her breasts where he squeezed them then pinched both nipples at the same time.

Taylor squirmed between the two men. If they didn’t hurry up and fuck her, she was going to go crazy with need. She wanted them inside her. In her pussy and in her mouth. She wanted to taste their salty cocks and feel them deep inside her.

Why were they driving her crazy instead of fucking her? Taylor wanted to demand that they stop playing around, but Bull thrust a finger deep inside her and shattered all her thoughts with that one movement. He pulled it out and thrust it back in, filling her with his thick digit before adding a second one and stretching her as he sucked on her clit.

“Oh, God. So good.” She couldn’t think as he fucked her with his finger and tongued her clit.

He stroked one finger up to rub against her sweet spot, sending sparks of electricity over her nerve endings. He ran the tip of his tongue all around her little nub then growled and sucked hard on the bundle of nerves, making her explode with a scream. It was the closest she’d ever come to passing out during sex. Hell, she’d rarely climaxed at all during actual sex without having to help the matter along. The dark edges that crept in at the edges of her vision were amazing as the thrill of her climax slowly dissipated.

If this was foreplay, Taylor couldn’t wait for the main event. Her pussy fluttered wanting something bigger than just Bull’s fingers filling it. When he stood and began pushing his tight jeans down his legs, the sight of his long, thick dick made her mouth water. Tex was right. He was hung like a freaking bull.

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