Their Sexy Gardener (MFM)

Broad Street Billionaires 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,160
2 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Contemporary, Menage, MFM, HEA]

Whitney Thomas is the head gardener for brothers, Clint and Seth Lawson. When they ask her out will she say yes or weed them out of her flowerbed?

Seth and Clint are serious about spending time with Whitney and figure out ways to make that happen. Whitney is on to them though. Will their plan work? Can they get her to drop her guard and get to know them better?

Once they are finally able to take her out, she finds herself falling for them but the fact that she works for them as a mere gardener leaks to the press and the gossip rags make it into a huge story dragging them through the mud. Can she ignore it or will she let it make her decisions about her future with Seth and Clint?

Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.



Their Sexy Gardener (MFM)
2 Ratings (4.5)

Their Sexy Gardener (MFM)

Broad Street Billionaires 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,160
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


“Everything looks perfect for the party this weekend. I’ll double check Friday night and then walk it Saturday night just before the party as well,” she said.

“I’m sure it will be just fine. You’ve worked hard on it,” Clint said. “There’s no need to overdo it.”

“I want it to be perfect for you,” she said.

“Everything you do is perfect,” Seth said.

Clint took her elbow and guided her over to one of the chairs by the patio table and urged her to sit down. He sat next to her, and Seth took the one on the other side of her. She sat there unsure how they’d managed to get her there without her stopping them.

“You work too hard,” Seth said. “Like now. It’s eight at night, and you’re out here checking the lights after working all day. You shouldn’t have had to do that.”

“How else would I know if the lights were working?” she asked.

“You should have come in late tomorrow and stayed later to see if they worked. Tomorrow don’t come in until after lunch,” Clint said.

“I can’t do that. There’s too much work to be done,” she said.

“The others can handle it for one day,” Seth said.

“You have to take care of yourself,” Clint pointed out.

“This wasn’t hard to do. I just walked around, guys,” she said.

“In fact, you shouldn’t come to work at all tomorrow since you’re working Saturday night,” Seth said.

“That I can’t do. I have to come in tomorrow. I can’t just decide not to come into work one day and not show up. I have to plan days off and work up the schedule of who does what ahead of time. I’ll take off another day,” she said.

“Make sure that you do,” Clint said.

“How is your mother doing?” Seth asked, surprising her.

“Um, she’s doing well, thanks for asking,” she said.

“Have you seen her lately?” he asked.

“Last weekend. My brothers and sister and I were over there. Cut the grass and weeded her flowerbeds and stuff like that. Don cooked out for us. It was fun,” she said.

“That’s good. It’s good that you’re all close, too. Family is important,” Seth said.

“Seth and I are close like that,” Clint said.

Whitney had read how close they were. It was one of the reasons she’d begun to worry about why they’d taken such an interest in her. They tended to share their women between them, and that worried her. She wasn’t someone who messed around with men she worked for. She plain didn’t have casual affairs. She went into a relationship with the intentions of it lasting for a while at least, if not forever.

She couldn’t help but admire the two men though. They were good looking and had hot bodies for men who didn’t work outside. She guessed that they had a home gym to keep their bodies as trim as they were. She’d be a nun if she didn’t admit that they turned her on, but they were off-limits.

But I can still dream about them evidently because they’ve sure starred in all of mine lately. I need to find a movie star or someone else to take over my dreams. It isn’t a good idea to dream about my employers.

“It’s getting late. I really should be going now,” Whitney said, standing. The two men stood with her.

“We’ll walk you to your car,” Clint said.

“It’s parked in the employee parking lot. There’s plenty of lighting over there,” she said.

“Still, it’s late,” Seth said.

She shrugged and let them walk with her. What could she do about it? They were her bosses, and really, what did it hurt?

When she stopped beside her SUV, she pushed the button on the handle and opened the door. Before she climbed in, she turned and said good night to the two men.

“See you tomorrow afternoon, Whitney,” Seth said.

“Remember, not before noon,” Clint said.

She sighed and nodded. “Okay. I’ll text Ben and let him know I’ve been ordered not to come in till noon.”

Clint laughed. It was a belly laugh and sounded strange on him. She liked hearing it. It made him seem a bit more human. Seth joined in, and she smiled. They were cute when they laughed like that. A small piece of her heart softened toward them. Not a good sign.

“I’ve got to go. See you tomorrow,” she said because she knew that she would.




I can’t believe I’m doing this. I’m really going to have sex with two men. I’m crazy. But it feels right.

Seth moved away and started unbuttoning his shirt as she watched. Slowly he revealed his chest before removing the shirt altogether. He had a sprinkling of hair between his nipples that disappeared below his belt. He unfastened his belt then his slacks and slowly unzipped his zipper. Whitney licked her lips, but he stopped there and stared at her.

“On the bed, Whitney,” he said.

She scrambled to get onto the bed. She wanted to see what was behind his slacks. Desperately.

He dropped his slacks, and behind them were navy blue silk boxers. She felt saliva pool in her mouth. His slow smile told her that he’d heard her swift intake of breath at the sight of him. His cock was tenting the front of the boxers, threatening to exit the slit in front.

She looked over at Clint, who’d already removed his shirt and was working on his slacks. He wasn’t wasting time putting on a show like his brother had. When he pulled off his pants, he was wearing black silk boxers. His hard cock was threatening to punch through the thin material as well.

Both men turned toward her and smiled. They prowled toward her, rounding each side of the bed as if stalking their prey and she was the tender morsel they’d chosen to pounce on. She felt her mouth go dry as they climbed onto the bed and hovered next to her.

“You are so beautiful,” Clint said, looking over her body. “I can’t wait to taste you.”

Seth settled next to her and palmed one of her breasts, squeezing it lightly before thumbing the nipple. “Exquisite.”

While Seth played with her breasts, Clint slipped between her legs and spread them so that he had full access to her pussy. Whitney couldn’t concentrate on either of them for long since they were both exploring her at the same time.

Clint spread her pussy lips and licked her from bottom to top. He hummed his approval before doing it again. Then he stabbed her slit with his stiffened tongue and made her shiver as he groaned. Before she could get too comfortable enjoying the feel of Clint’s tongue in her pussy, Seth sucked hard on one nipple while pulling on the other one. She moaned and arched her back into his touch. It felt so damn good.

“I could play with your breasts all day long, Whitney. They are perfect,” he said.

She would let him, too. It felt so good the way he did it. He licked and sucked and nipped at them to the point she was feeling her body ready itself for an orgasm. With Clint playing with her pussy, she was sure to climax soon. While she’d made herself come plenty of times, it was rare for her to ever come with a man and only through oral sex. Here she was getting double teamed, and it was amazing.

Clint licked her pussy lips, drawing them into his mouth to suck on, then circled her clit with his tongue before stabbing at her slit once more. Then he added a finger to fuck her cunt while he licked at her clit. She nearly screamed with pleasure when he added the second finger. Still, she needed more. She needed a cock. His cock. He circled her clit, teasing it over and over until finally he sucked on it, sending her through the roof so that her orgasm hit her hard and fast. Seth sucked hard on her nipple while tugging just as hard on the other one, and she screamed as she came.

When she finally came down and was able to think straight, she realized both men were lying next to her rubbing her arms and kissing her shoulders. She sighed. That had been amazing. Better than any orgasm she’d ever had, even the ones she’d given herself.

“I take it that was good for you,” Clint said with a proud smile on his face.

“Quit your smirking,” she said. “It was okay.”

He chuckled. “Right. Catch your breath because there are plenty more where those came from,” he said.

“I don’t know about that. I’m sort of a one-shot wonder,” she said.

“Nonsense,” Seth said. “With us, you’ll come hard and often.”

“Mighty sure of yourself, aren’t you?” she asked.

“You were made to be pleasured,” Seth said.

Clint rolled over and pulled open a drawer of the nightstand and returned with a condom. He tore open the packet and rolled it on over his hard, thick cock. He fisted it and pumped it several times, making her mouth water.

“Can’t wait to get inside that hot little cunt of yours, princess. I bet you’re going to burn me alive.” He climbed between her legs and spread them wide as he fitted his dick at her opening.

Clint positioned her legs over his arms and lifted her ass with both hands as he thrust his cock inside her pussy. He was large, and she was slick from her orgasm but also swollen. He made it in only a few inches. He pulled back and surged in again, this time making it much farther. She gasped and wrapped her legs around his ass, urging him deeper.

Soon he was moving in and out of her at a steady rhythm. It felt wonderful to have him inside of her. His pelvis brushed against her clit every so often, stimulating her even as his balls banged against her ass. His hard cock rasped against her sweet spot nearly every time he thrust inside of her.

“Fuck you’re tight, princess. Your cunt feels like a wet glove sucking on me every time I pull back. So damn good,” Clint said through clenched teeth.

“Harder, Clint. More,” she said.

He took her at her word and fucked her harder, until she moved up the bed so that her head was nearly to the headboard. Seth put a pillow between her and the headboard to protect her head as Clint rocked her into it. She dug her nails into his back as he pistoned in and out of her pussy. It felt so good. She could feel her climax growing even as he leaned back and grasped her hips to pound into her harder.

“Close, princess. What about you?” he asked.

“Close,” she managed to get out.

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