Lust in the First Degree (MF)

The Andersons 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,001
3 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Interracial Romance, with paranormal elements, sex toys, HEA]

Matt Anderson is a cynic when it comes to romance. The words love and relationship are not in his vocabulary. Then volcanologist Darcy Forbes strolls into his hometown, and it’s not long before he loses his heart and soul to the audacious beauty. Is Darcy "The One" that his brother is always on his case about? A bad experience at the hands of Kurt Forrester, her ex-boyfriend and a cop, has left Darcy Forbes distrustful of the law. No way is she going to fall for a man in uniform ever again. However, her resolve shatters the moment she arrives in Silver Creek, Montana. With his carnal physique and presence, Officer Matt Anderson is not easily ignored, but can she trust this cop with her heart? Forrester then arrives in town. Will he and his AK-47 turn the hot love that Darcy and Matt have found with each other into ashes?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Lust in the First Degree (MF)
3 Ratings (4.7)

Lust in the First Degree (MF)

The Andersons 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,001
3 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Matt Anderson, a sexy cop at Silver Creek, falls for the beautiful Darcy Forbes in Lust in the First Degree.

I really enjoyed this story. The sex scenes were hot and burned up the pages. Matt had never considered marriage, but just spending time with Darcy made him reassess what was important in his life. Matters came to a head when he helped save her from a ghost from her unhappy past.

Each book I've read in this series keeps getting better and better. Be still my beating heart. Keep up the good work Marie!
Jan Bowles



She sidled closer to Matt. He could smell the tequila on her breath. “Are you a cowboy?” she murmured in what he hoped was a “fuck me now” tone. “Do you wear a gold star on your uniform, Officer Hot Stuff?”

Officer Hot Stuff? Yep, definitely “fuck me now.” Either that or Darcy was drunk. He eyed Stanford, who showed three fingers and shook his head. Nope, she wasn’t drunk, just mellow. Stanford then turned his back on them to face the shelves of every bottle of alcohol known to man. He never looked their way, his focus solely on making Darcy’s cocktail. Matt blew out a relieved breath. He had a feeling things were about to get hotter. “You think I’m hot?”

“As a lava-spewing volcano.”

He chuckled low, the sound vibrating through the hand that Darcy had lain flat on the front of his shirt. He rather liked her hand there. Preferred it wrapped around the shaft of his cock, whacking him, but he wasn’t complaining. Darcy could touch him all she wanted. However, and with a panicky start, as if she’d suddenly thought coming on to a cop was an offense, her hand fell to her side. Hmm, okay, he’d ask about that later.

“So you work with Dan my man,” Matt said, switching topics. “Tell me, what’s the big deal with Old Faithful? I mean surely once you’ve seen one geyser you’ve seen them all?”

“What did Danny tell you?”

“I haven’t got a clue. I admit I lost interest about a second after he opened his mouth. Geysers are not my thing.”

“But I bet I am.”

Though she appeared relaxed, Matt wasn’t sure if Darcy was back to “fuck me now,” so continued to play it light. “Where are you from?”

“Where are you?”

“About a mile up the road. You?”

“A little bit farther.” She took a large sip from the umbrella-adorned cocktail glass Stanford placed in front of her. He then ambled down the bar to serve another customer, wiping the worn yet polished wooden surface with a cloth as he went. She smacked her lips, and Matt inwardly groaned at the thought of Darcy doing the same action to the head of his cock. “How long have you been a cop?”

“How long have you been a geologist?”

“Gee, this is gonna be an interesting conversation if you’re gonna answer a question with a question.”

“You started it.” Matt finished his whiskey. “Do I detect that you don’t like talking about yourself?”

“Your detection skills are bang on. Sorry.”

“Don’t be. I’ll just give Dan a call and ask him.” That raised a smile from her. Also her hand was back on the front of his shirt. She lightly toyed with the buttons before boldly sweeping down and palming his prick through the material of his uniform pants. Definitely “fuck me now.” The air rushing from his lungs, his cock lengthened and hardened further. “You’ve got a very pretty smile,” he told her, his head well and truly stuck in the clouds, his fully erect cock well and truly pointing in that direction, too.

“Cape Town.”

“Sorry, what?”

“I was born in Cape Town. South Africa. You ever been?”

“The farthest I’ve been is New York. Dan’s folks are my godparents. And my brother Ross lives there. Am I allowed to ask if you’ve got any family?”

She shook her head. “Only child. And both my parents are dead.”

“Sorry to hear that,” he said, getting the feeling that Darcy wasn’t sorry at all. Music from the jukebox caught his attention. He nodded in the direction of the postage-stamp-sized dance floor. “Dance?”

She looked over to the darkened corner where he was indicating to. “On what exactly?”

“Why, on the dance floor, of course.” He chuckled low as he shepherded her over. She stood in front of him, taking up his offered hand in hers and resting her other on his upper arm, while he placed his between her shoulder blades. They caught a beat and swayed in time with the music.

At five ten, Darcy was tall, but in her strappy heels, she was the perfect fit against Matt’s body, particularly the chest-to-breasts and cock-to-pussy parts. With brass balls and returning her “fuck me now” come-on, he inclined his head and captured her lips with a hot kiss that scrambled his brain. Turned his insides to goo, too. Not that he’d admit to it. Real men didn’t do goo.

Other than buying sports equipment, Matt detested shopping, particularly for clothes. However, with Timbaland’s song “Apologize” in his ears, a subtle, spicy, yet extremely suggestive perfume filling his nostrils, and the silky slide of Darcy’s tongue against his, he would, and without a moment’s hesitation, have agreed to go shopping for clothes with her if she’d asked him.

He broke their kiss off after several long, heart-hammering minutes. His cock throbbed with an urgency to fire his load. “Do you know it’s a well-known fact that nights of hot fucking always follow from dancing on this dance floor?”

“You’re being very presumptuous.”

Since she’d come on to him earlier, Matt thought that was a bit rich. “I’m just telling you how it is.” He put his mouth to her ear. Inhaling deeply, he drank in her scent, the subtle, spicy notes evoking images of a naked Darcy and him licking every inch of her delectable body. “I’ve got the next couple of days off. Spend them with me?”

She tilted her head back and looked him straight in the eye. “Doing what?”

“Anything you want.”


“I’m all up for riding. Particularly of the horizontal variety.”

“There you go being presumptuous again.”

He laughed. “Four legs or two wheels?”

“I’ve an allergy to horses. Bike.”

“Okay. How’s about some fishing?” Matt’s grin promised sinful intent. “You’ve just got to see my tackle.” Darcy rolled her beautiful dark-brown eyes. “Is that a yes?” he asked.




She ran a hand down his uniform to the bulge of his hard cock stretching his pants. “I want your dick in my mouth. In my pussy. Up my ass. Ever tried anal?”

“Nope. You?”

“Several times. Wanna try with me?”

A bolt of hot excitement shot straight to his cock at the thought of fucking Darcy’s tight, upside-down-heart–shaped ass. “Is that what you’d like?”

“Uh-huh. But we’re gonna have to take a rain check on it. I left my ‘ride ’n’ glide’ back in my hotel room.”

Matt frowned. “Your what?”

“‘Ride ’n’ glide’. It’s lubricant. Unless, of course, you have baby oil among the fingerprint ink?”

He chuckled. “No such luck, I’m afraid. So what else would you like?”

“I’d like to play with myself while you get naked.”

Matt got up off the bunk and stood before her. He slowly unbuttoned his uniform shirt, never feeling as horny in his whole damned life as he watched Darcy playing with one of her breasts with one hand while using the fingers of the other between her legs to pet and pinch the wet, hardened pearl of her clit. He’d never been with a woman who felt comfortable masturbating in front of him.

She rubbed the sweet nub harder once his shirt had been discarded. Then he removed his equipment belt and dropped his pants. Ready for hot fuck action, his hard cock poked through the opening of his boxers. He hooked his fingers into the waistband and went to lower them, but Darcy shook her head.

“No, leave them on. I like it when a man fucks me wearing his underwear. The material gives my pussy extra friction.”

He rejoined her on the bunk, again lying on his side, his hand covering hers between her legs. Her fingers were slippery and sticky with her pussy juice. “What else do you like?”

“Kiss me.”


“Anywhere you’d like.”

Matt kissed her on the lips first, stroking the warm inner walls of her mouth with his tongue in a prelude of what he was going to do once he got to her nether lips. Feeling her fingers under his beginning to rub her clit, he repositioned himself to kneel between her spread legs, his other hand flat on the bunk to steady himself. He kissed her breasts then, licking and sucking the mocha-colored nipples into tighter pebbles.

“You’re so wet,” he roughly murmured as their entwined fingers slipped, slid over, and penetrated her hot pussy flesh.

“Taste me.”

A wild groan rumbled up his throat when she moved her fingers to one of her breasts and coated the erect nipple with her creamy juices. Taste her? He was going to feast on her. He licked her fingers and nipple clean of her juices, savoring its sweetness, and then shifted downward until his head hovered between her legs, which he held and spread farther apart.

She was so wide open, and her pussy juice slithered down between the crack of her ass. His heart started banging against his chest, and his cock leaked several beads of pre-cum at the sight. He tasted her clit first, flicking it with the tip of his tongue, and then with the flat side in broad, sweeping licks. He lapped her up, swallowing her cream. Her fingers returned and joined in the wickedly wet fun and games, her soft moans echoing around the cell.

Then, while she rubbed her clit, Matt used his thumbs to prize her open and stuck his tongue into her pussy hole. Her soft moans escalated into harsher, quicker ones as he poked, prodded, and licked her out, satisfying a hunger that had been on his mind from the moment he’d fucked her with his fingers that afternoon.

“Tell me you have condoms?” she panted, her pelvis beginning to undulate in rhythm with his tongue.

He really wanted her to come in his mouth but knew Darcy wanted his cock to fuck her. Still, his tongue not even parting company from her sweet-tasting pussy, Matt grabbed his pants and removed a three-strip of condoms from his wallet. “To protect and to serve, my dear. Protect and serve.”

“Ha-ha.” Darcy plucked the foil strip from his raised hand. “Where would you like me?”

“On top. Riding and gliding me.” Matt moved up the bunk and lay on his back, resting his hands behind his head. He watched Darcy open one of the condoms and roll it down his shaft, her firm touch making his balls tighten with anticipation. He clasped her hips with sure hands as she straddled him, her thighs on either side of his hips.

“Watch me.”

Darcy then took hold of his cock and eased herself down onto him. The sight of her soaking pussy devouring his ramrod-straight shaft inch by inch was almost too much to bear, and several more beads of pre-cum dribbled from the crown of his dick into the tip of the condom. “Ride me, Darcy.”



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