[Siren LoveXtreme Special Edition: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Cowboy Ménage Romance, M/M/F/M/M/M/M, with M/M, non-conforming/atypical heroes, werewolves, shape-shifters, sex in partially shifted form, figging, spanking, whipping, sounding, branding, orgies, sex toys, HEA]
Jade Flowers has her hands full with five men. Convincing Bane Kennedy to share her permanently won’t be easy. Things get even more complicated when she discovers a sixth mate in Patrick O’Hara, Doc’s submissive.
But her damaged cowboy, Stetson Brooks, is still haunted by the past. Doc McClellan, Sawyer Brooks, and Kellan Brooks encourage Jade to persuade Stetson to train her as his submissive in hopes that he’ll eventually join their ménage.
Stetson Brooks fights his desire to dominate Jade, convinced she can’t handle him. But when a ghost from his past comes back from the dead seeking revenge, Stetson decides to be her Dom and make a baby with Jade in hopes that the woman he loves will have something to remember him by when he’s gone.
Stetson discovers that his enemy isn’t the only thing that’s been resurrected. Dark needs long buried in Stetson’s past have also emerged. Needs only Doc can fulfill.
Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.
Note: This book contains double vaginal penetration.
Note: This book contains dubious consent.
Note: This is Book 3 of the Winchester, Arizona series. These books are not stand-alone. Each is a continuation of the previous book and must be read in the numbered order.
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Devil Wears Spurs (LoveXtreme)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
A very good if dark book at times
I loved this book! A great HEA for Jade and her men. This has been one hot series.
Zoey Marcel has a way with words that I enjoy. The books of hers that I've read have a humor I find entertaining and the sex is always creative and hot!
I was really looking forward to reading about Stetson and finding out more about Vinny, who was mentioned in book two. The book didn't disappoint me. It was dark at parts, but it made the plot solid and it was moving to watch Stetson heal and find love again.
I rarely cry during books, but I got teary eyed a couple of times during this. There's this relationship in the book between two men that is dark, hot, and in some ways destructive. It was complicated and heartbreaking. But the book ends really happy, though. I love emotional books.




“Lisa and I were together three years. She was the only woman I’ve ever been with.”

Vincent’s dark eyes flickered in Stetson’s direction. “You haven’t fucked in a year?”

Stetson frowned. “That’s what you got from this conversation?”

The older man gave him a half smile and reached for his glass. “You know I have nothing but sympathy for you. Who else has the courage to give you pain when you need it most?”

The word pain reminded Stetson of why he’d come to Vinny tonight, but it could wait. Sometimes just having his mentor listen to him was enough to ease Stetson’s troubled soul. Other times he required pain to alleviate his emotional distress.

“You’re a good friend. You and Doc have always been the strongholds of my life.” Stetson gazed down into his glass. “How fucked up is it that I’m closer to you and him than my own family?”

His best friend, Val McClellan was studying to be a dentist. Stetson and his brothers had nicknamed him Doc ever since.

“It means the world to me that your first instinct is to turn to me in your times of need.”

Stetson set his glass down. “You and Doc are the best listeners I’ve come across.”

Vinny seemed annoyed as he held his glass on the armrest and tapped his fingers on his thigh with his other hand. “Your little friend might be a good listener, but he can’t give you what you need when the pain gets very bad. Only I can do that. You need it bad tonight. I can see it in your eyes.”

Stetson leaned forward so his elbows rested on his knees and he buried his face in his hands. “I should have been there.”

A screech told him the older man moved his chair closer. Big, masculine hands that were rough with use and slightly weathered with maturity gently pulled Stetson’s wrists down to move his hands off his face.

“You have to stop looking back. Asking why it happened will get you nowhere, neither will blaming yourself for something beyond your control.”

Stetson’s throat ached and his eyes spilled over. “It hurts so much. Make it stop.”

“I had a feeling you would stop by tonight. I bought you a chainmail flogger.” Vincent brushed away Stetson’s tears. “The pain will be more intense, but you need it.”

Stetson nodded, wiping his eyes. “Thanks.”

Vinny stood and put a hand on his shoulder. “I’m going to go set up. When you’re ready come into the room and take your shirt off.”

Stetson nodded. “You haven’t mentioned anything to anyone have you?”

“No, Stetson. I haven’t told anyone. I gave you my word.”

“I would flagellate myself, but it hurts more when you do it.”

“You could get severely injured on your own. You need me.” Vinny rubbed Stetson’s shoulder and his pinky traced a line up Stetson’s tendon, sending a subtle shiver over the nerves in his skin. “I told you I’m willing to give you whatever you need. I would even sound you if you promise not to come onto me.”

Stetson felt cold when he suddenly realized his mentor must have somehow figured out his fascination with sounding. He’d never tried it, but he’d seen Vinny sounding a man at Swifty’s Britches before and wondered what it felt like.

“How did—”

“Did you think I didn’t see you watching me sound that man in the club, or notice that you were looking through a catalog of them a while back?” Vinny sounded amused.

Stetson blushed. “I didn’t know you knew.”

“Did you purchase any?”

“No. I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that without any training.”

Vinny’s tone dropped to a serious hush. “I have experience with that.”

The offer was tempting, but it was bound to be weird letting a friend see such a personal part of him.

“I know you do.” Stetson stood and walked away from the other man, trying to shake his discomfort. “It’s just about pain. When I come to you it’s not for sex or pleasure.”

Vinny’s voice changed. “I’m aware of that. I have never taken advantage of you. I’ve only given you what you needed and asked for nothing in return.”

“I’m sorry.” Stetson averted his eyes. “I trust you completely. It’s just…is it weird for you giving your best friend’s son pain to help me cope with loss?”

Vincent’s features softened as he approached Stetson. “Not at all.” He placed a reassuring hand on Stetson’s face. “You’re only twenty-four. It’s natural that you would see things in terms of black and white. When you get to be my age you’ll come to realize how much gray matter there is in life.”

His hand swiveled around to run up Stetson’s nape, fingers splaying in his hair.

“It’s a ridiculous misconception that seeing another man’s penis or having contact with it during an instructional BDSM moment is going to alter your orientation.”

Stetson managed a weak smile. “I wasn’t worried about that.”

“Sounding you wouldn’t change my sexual orientation.” His hand stroked down Stetson’s back in a soothing caress. “We’re adults. We can put ourselves in situations that would stumble others and walk away unscathed because we’re able to rationalize through it. Pleasure doesn’t always have to accompany pain.”

Stetson relaxed. “I’m glad you’re always so logical. Most people would accuse me of having a problem.”

“You are what you are. I wouldn’t have you any other way.” Vinny placed a hand on his shoulder and then headed into the kitchen. The soft rushing sound of liquid touching glass told Stetson that he poured a drink. Vinny returned and handed him a glass. “Drink this if you change your mind.”

Stetson studied the red fluid. “What is it?”

“Cranberry juice. It will be tart since there’s no sugar in it, but it’s a good idea to clear your system before and after sounding.” Vinny’s dark eyes sparkled with naughty humor, though his lips remained neutral. “As I said, only drink it if you want me to show you how to sound yourself. I’ll go set up.”




“These are softer than they look.” Stetson fitted the glove on over his hand and used his other hand to demonstrate the pliability of the silicone feelers. “This is a masturbating glove or a massage glove, whichever you prefer.”

The texture when he grazed the porcupine glove over her ribs felt strange, but in a good way. Her body bowed when the massaging anemone feathered over her breasts, probing her nipples like a bunch of naughty antennae. He grabbed her tit with the glove, making her buck and squeal at the delightful sensation.

The tickling whisper of spikes breezed down her abs and then started groping her thighs. Her body undulated, trying to get the indulgent glove where she wanted it most.

Stetson’s lips turned up slowly. “You’re not eager are you, sub?”

Jade nodded emphatically, feeling jubilant when he grinned. She let out a soft moan when his gloved hand cupped her bare pussy and stayed there.

“Do you want this, Jade?”

She made willing sounds of invitation, shrieking with pleasure when a silicone finger proceeded to tickle her vulva. The teasing feel was as light as hummingbird wings in use and it drove her crazy the more he touched her there.

“Your sex lips will darken,” he told her.

With arousal? No kidding.

“When the baby comes.” He smoothed his hand over her belly, seeming enthralled with her body. “You’ll probably get loose skin. Maybe even stretch marks.”

How was this “get a woman off” conversation? Was he fucking with her head?

She gave herself over to the thankful groan when he kneaded her breast with his bare hand, still tickling her folds with the other.

“Your tits might sag after breastfeeding.” His lips twitched when he saw the surprised look she gave him. “Yes, Jade. My babies are going to be breastfed. It’s best for them, and your tits will swell with milk. They’ll be so hard and then when you’re done nursing them your breasts will be so soft. Tell me you don’t want that?”

Clearly persuading someone to become a mother wasn’t his talent. He should have mentioned cute babies, shopping for the little ones and throwing parties for them, not all the negative effects the experience would have on her body.

And what the hell happened to one baby? Now he wanted a clan of spawn?

Confusion became muddled with desire when a prickly yet soft finger pierced into her vagina and felt around. The squishy rubber feelers probed her inner walls and then stimulated her G-spot when he inserted a second finger.

“You complain about cellulite now, Jade, but it’s going to get worse after pregnancy.”

Thanks, ass crack.

She cried out and jerked against her bonds when the tickling spikes teased her anus, sending a dart of sensation through her anal ring.

The fingers slipped free and he coated the pinky in lube before moving his fingers back into position. She screamed and her back arched off the bed when his pinky speared into the tight grip of her asshole, but all she succeeded in doing was bringing her hips closer to his manipulative hand.

“You’ll be so soft, Jade, even more so than now. You’ll be self-conscious of course.” His nonchalant demeanor while he worked her depths unhinged her. “I imagine the lycan genes will counteract the effects of pregnancy, but probably not all of it.”

The urge to pee became smoldering heat as he worked her hot spot to the climax he confidently led her to.

“Diet and exercise will help, too of course, but I won’t let you achieve what you consider physical perfection, not ever.”

Now he was asking to be slapped, but good heavens, it could wait until she had her orgasm.

“You can be in shape if you want, Jade, but no laser surgery or tit jobs.” He rolled her breast tissue and finger-fucked her holes faster as if knowing that he needed to distract her from the urge to pummel him. “I’m going to change your body, sub. It’s hard to imagine it looking any more striking than it already does, but after you pop out my babies it will.”

Pop out his babies? Wait. Did he just call my body striking?

“You’re going to wear your battles scars with pride. All those fucking incredible changes.” He growled deep in his chest, eyes darkening with obsession. “Christ, I need to be inside you.”

She’d never seen any man so turned on by the idea of making a baby with someone. The sex part of it sure, but not the pregnancy and altered body aspect of it.

His fingers surged inside her, stealing a wild shriek from her. “Do it, Jade. Come for me. I want you to get off on the idea of bearing my children and accumulating all those changes.”

It did sound oddly arousing the way he put it, but once the drugging high passed she doubted the idea of looking worse than she already did would appeal to her.

“I want you to orgasm thinking about all those flaws.”

What the heck was wrong with him?

“And know that I’ll keep making you strip no matter how uncomfortable you are.”


“Then someday I’ll finally get through to you and you’ll see yourself the way I see you—the mother of my children and the most beautiful woman in the world.”

Tears broke free when she came hard around his fingers, spraying her release on the pillow.

“Good girl, muffin. Make a mess for me.”

Jade quivered and struggled to breathe in between fighting her tears. She let go of the bell, feeling completely safe when he looked at her like that.

His complexion darkened with approval. “Do you want it, Jade? Do you want to make a baby with me?”

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