The Dragon Buys a Mate (MM)

Blue Rock Clan 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,161
11 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Alternative Contemporary Fantasy Paranormal Romance, MM, shape-shifter, HEA]

Jason Bonnet had to face a difficult choice. Sell himself as a potential breeder for the dragons and hopefully gain a mate, or he and his family will be out on the street.

To his great luck, a dragon shifter seems to notice him. A very handsome one who sees through the breeding center's illegal practices, and Jason can't wait to get out of there.

Adon Arcos, new leader of the Blue Rock Dragon Clan, is feeling the mating itch. He needs a human.

When Jason walks out, confident and sexy, and Adon knows he will do anything to have this man.

When his former clean leader finds out Adon took a mate, Jason is in immediate danger, and the only way to protect him is for Adon to take him home immediately before Raulf can take his revenge.

If he can get Jason up the mountain alive before he loses him forever.

Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.


The Dragon Buys a Mate (MM)
11 Ratings (4.5)

The Dragon Buys a Mate (MM)

Blue Rock Clan 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,161
11 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Eric turned, clearly flustered. Adon glanced up and inhaled sharply through his nose at the sight of the young man in the black suit walking toward him.

Hair well done, a nice chestnut color. Adon like that color. It was damn near a favorite. Those eyes, the color of milk chocolate, or freshly turned earth, and that beautiful smile…he could get lost in those eyes, and those pink lips.

Adon blinked, the male slowed down. His confident smile wavered, as though he were also seeing something in Adon that Adon was seeing in him.

The young man recovered quickly, a lot quicker than Adon felt himself recover. He stood straight, his smile returning, making him look even more handsome than before as he properly put one hand behind his back, holding out the other. “Jason Bonnet.”

Malcolm and Loki smiled at the man, shaking his hand, and Adon’s gaze zoned in on their joined hands.

Something inside him woke up, stood up high and growled dangerously at the sight of other men touching Jason.

He blinked, shaking the thought from his head.

What was he, crazy? These were his friends! He knew Loki and Malcolm. They were loyal to the clan, mated to each other and happy. They were only looking for a third addition to their pairing so they could conceive chicks.

Adon was looking for a mate, period. His instinct to breed had hit him suddenly and hard, and now this guy was right here, smiling at Loki and Malcolm as though he thought they were his best bet at getting out of here.

Everyone knew most humans signed up for these kinds of things for the money. Not all dragons were wealthy, but the vast majority of them tended to be far better off than most humans.

And if a human could find a dragon to mate with, well, even if that dragon was indifferent to their new mate, the comfort the life of a dragon’s mate and breeder brought with it seemed to outweigh the lack of affection.

Jason turned back to Adon, offering his hand.

Adon took it, hardly able to look away from the other man’s eyes.

The sizzle of electricity that shocked up his arm, causing the small hairs there to stand straight up, was noticeable, to say the least.

“It’s good to meet you, too, Mr.…”

Jason trailed off, and Adon realized he hadn’t given the man his name.

“Adon Acros.” He thought it best to not give away that he was the leader of his clan. Not yet. That was still too new of a title for him to feel as though he could simply throw it around as he pleased.

Jason nodded, still smiling as he pulled his hand back.

As though he hadn’t been struck by that same electrical high that had taken its grip on Adon.

Had he made a mistake? Was that only him who felt that? God, he hoped not. That sensation was unlike anything he’d ever felt before in his entire life. He wanted to feel it again. He wanted to get Jason out of his clothes so Adon could put his mouth all over the skin beneath. He wanted to take Jason’s cock in hand, in his mouth, listening to Jason’s helpless moans right before Adon stopped, just before he could reach his peak of pleasure.

Then he’d bend him over, spread the man’s knees wide before impaling—

Fingers snapped in front of Adon’s eyes. He blinked several times, coming out of his haze. “What? What?”

He looked at Loki, who had done the finger snapping thing and was currently looking at Adon as though unsure of how well he was.

Adon glared at the man. “What?” He asked again.

“You all right?”

“I’m fine.”

Eric Dyson, the simpering prick, had a smile on his face that suggested he had a hunch of just what was going on.

Jason here is one of our newest additions to the centre. He has been searching for his mate for only a couple of months.”

“Why didn’t anyone else pick him yet?” Adon asked, noting the slight flinch that Jason tried and failed to hide.

Eric shrugged, as though Adon were asking for an answer to an impossible question. “It has been something of an off season, but Jason has been quite well behaved, polite, and eager to please any dragon master to come and claim him.”

“Don’t call us dragon masters.” Adon struggled not to grit his teeth. “I don’t like that word.”

“Of course. Would you like me to arrange for a dinner with Jason? We have an excellent selection tonight.”

Jason looked at him, his expression schooled, pleasant, though there was something else behind that look that Adon couldn’t quite put together. It was…maybe it was hope? Was that was Adon was seeing? Or was it just in his head?




Adon barely made it back to the SUV he'd rented when he'd driven here.

He stopped his new mate before Jason could make it to the driver's side door, grabbed the man around the shoulders, turned him around, thrust him up against the side of the vehicle, and kissed him hard.

He could feel the shock in Jason's body. The shock and the delight that soon replaced it just as he lifted his arms and gripped the back of Adon's neck and head, pulling Adon even closer.

Adon moaned.

Those plump, perfect lips had been softer than Adon had expected. Too soft for a man. There was the barest hint of a scratch on the man's chin and around his jaw area.

So he could grow some facial hair. He was so perfectly shaved and presented that Adon had wondered about that.

He assumed his new mate would look just as good with facial hair as he did without it.

Dragons didn't always look good with too much body hair. At least, Adon didn't think so, and there were some humans he could barely tolerate the look on, but there were some humans who could pull it off nicely.

And it felt nice, too. So perfect that Adon felt a thrill of pleasure pulsing through his body, settling into his cock as he pressed his knee between Jason's legs, parting them, using his knee and thigh to massage the man's hardening cock while Adon opened Jason's mouth with his tongue and licked deep inside.

The man tasted so much better than Adon could have ever hoped for. He tasted of something sweet. Likely a wine he'd been drinking earlier in the day.

Entertaining guests. Hoping someone would notice him and bring him out of that hovel.

He was never going back there. The helpless moan was more than enough to set off the beast within Adon.

This wasn't just lust. This was something deeper. He felt the stirrings of his inner dragon. Adon had always considered their minds to be one and the same, and the last time he'd lost control had been when he was just twelve years old.

His entire adult life had been nothing but control. Adon never realized that as an adult it was possible for him to feel a separation from the creature he shared a head and body with.

It was a humbling sensation, but it didn't scare him so much because he knew the solution was before him.

His mate. Jason moaned into Adon's mouth and thrust his cock onto Adon's thigh beautifully, and it was clear this was all Adon needed in order to regain that sense of control he'd briefly lost.

He just had to fuck into his mate and make his claim. Right here and right now.

He pulled back from Jason's mouth, almost feeling as though he'd released a sort of suction sound between the two of them as their lips parted.

Jason's face was bright pink with that lovely flush once more, and the man smiled on top of everything else.

As though he were getting as drunk on the sensation as Adon was.

"God, you're a real good kisser."

Ah, so the proper vocabulary had gone out the window now, did it? That was fine. Adon was looking forward to seeing what his new mate was actually like.

He reached into his pocket, yanking out his keys.

Malcolm and Loki were going to have to fly home tonight, because Adon was confiscating the SUV.

Only because it was an emergency.

"I won't be able to make it to the hotel with you. Not until we get this part out of the way."

Adon opened the door to the back passenger seat, pushing Jason back into it and then climbing on top of the man.

Jason smiled at him, clearly knowing exactly what he was getting into, and Adon couldn't control the throb in his groin, the ache in his cock, as he quickly shut and locked the vehicle door.

They were parked in the back lot, not entirely out of sight of the other vehicles, but Adon didn't think anyone would take note of what they were up to. Even if anyone happened to walk by and see the shaking of the vehicle, no one would bother them.

No one had better bother them. The more skin Adon revealed, the more he could smell Jason's lust, and the more he ached to turn him onto his belly and fuck him until Jason couldn't walk right.

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