[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative Paranormal Romance, MM, vampires, HEA]

Some scars can never heal and Derrick knows he can never return to his old life after the trauma he’s experienced with a rogue vampire group. One reckless night nearly costs Derrick his life, but his unexpected guardian angel appears in the form of Raphael. Raphael’s the only reason Derrick’s maintained his sanity, but he never thought he’d see the vampire lieutenant again. Derrick doesn't understand his magnetic attraction to Raphael but he intends to find out if there’s a possible future between them.

The vampire Raphael has never been interested in finding a mate, until Derrick Pace. After their kidnapping ordeal, Raphael’s closely watched out for Derrick, although he doesn’t comprehend why. When a new enemy rises, Raphael decides he’s done watching his mate from the shadows. He intends to claim Derrick, even if that means igniting a fight with another vampire coven.

Raphael (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“I feel like shit,” he mumbled, downing his beer, some fancy foreign brew that cost twice as much as his normal brand. Still, it seemed to pack a punch, and he only had his second, or was it his third bottle? “I screwed up another job interview.”

“Yeah? That sucks, man. I hear you. I quit our old firm and it took a while for me to get another job and the pay’s lower, too.” Jerry eyed the people on the dance floor.

He was too old for this, Derrick realized, although the people here were probably around the same age as he was—in their early to mid-twenties. Derrick let out a sigh. He’d finish this beer, apologize to Jerry, and head back home. Hopefully, he’d drank enough to knock him out for the night. He might get lucky and have a dreamless sleep. Derrick wouldn’t mind an erotic one starring Raphael, either.

“Anyone tickle your interest? That vampire over there seems to be into you.”

“Huh? What?” he blurted as Jerry nodded to a few tables to their left. The pale, slender man with dark-brown hair and blue eyes smiled at him, flashing fangs. Definitely a vampire. Shit. Now the vampire thought he must be interested, because he began approaching them. Jerry gave his shoulder a playful nudge.

“Damn, I’m not gay but I’d hit that,” Jerry commented.

“He doesn’t hold a candle to Raphael,” he grumbled without thinking. The image of those light blue eyes, Raphael’s touch, and those lips kept playing in his mind. Had he really imagined all of that?

“Who’s Raphael?” Jerry asked, their conversation interrupted when the vampire reached them.

“Looking for a fun time?” the vampire asked, cocky grin on his face. “Don’t be scared, human. I don’t bite, unless you tell me to. I’m Nathaniel by the way.”

Handsome, stylish, and confident, Nathaniel was probably used to getting what he wanted. Derrick also received a few jealous looks directed toward him. 

“Sorry. Look, I think we had a misunderstanding,” he said. “Besides, I’m sure there are more attractive—” Derrick caught himself before saying ‘prey,’ then continued, “guys in here. I’ve been through some stuff so I probably won’t make for good company.”

“Aw, Derrick. Don’t put yourself down like that,” Jerry interrupted. “Look, Nathaniel. I’ve worked with this guy for years. He’s really great.”

“Why don’t you let me buy you a drink and we’ll go from there?” Nathaniel asked.

“I’ll scoot out of the way then,” Jerry said.

“Jerry,” he blurted in protest, but Jerry waded into the dance floor and winked at a scantily clad pale woman, probably another vampire.

“I like shy, sensitive guys the best,” Nathaniel murmured, sliding into the seat Jerry vacated. 

“Why is that?” he asked warily.

Nathaniel widened his smile, probably thought he was charming or something. The vampire reached across the table to touch his arm. Instinct made him draw back with a flinch. Memories of Ivan standing over him with a knife arose, followed by the sound of Raphael’s ragged screams. 

Raphael had been a champ, hadn’t made a sound for hours, so he knew Ivan must have crossed the line somehow. Bile rose. What idiocy made him call Jerry anyway? Jerry was the kind of friend who bolted at the first opportunity of pussy. 

“I’m sorry, I really can’t do this,” he whispered, quickly taking out a few bills from his wallet and putting them on the bar. “It’s nice to meet you, Nathaniel.” 

He hopped off his seat only for someone to grab his arm, the touch cold, an almost steel grip.

“No one brushes me off like that, human.” Nathaniel spat out the last word, sneer in his eyes. “Do you have any idea how many humans would gladly open their veins for me, beg me for the privilege of sipping their blood? You should be honored I picked you.”

Derrick let out a laugh. Of course in the end, Nathaniel would turn out to be just another bully. He’d faced worse. He survived Ivan and it seemed all the other monsters paled in comparison to that psychopathic sadist. “Believe me, I’ve tangled with vampires. I know what most of you are like. You throw tantrums when nothing goes your way.”

Nathaniel narrowed his eyes. “Who the fuck do you think you are, you mere insect?”

The vampire tightened his grip and he sucked in a breath as pain flared, but before Nathaniel could break the bone, a blur flashed before his eyes. The next thing Derrick knew, Nathaniel flew through the air like he weighed nothing and crashed into the nearby table and chairs. He stared at the muscled back in front of him. Instant recognition hit him. Few individuals had that unique shade of hair. The vampire turned his head and he froze at those seemingly emotionless, cool ice-blue eyes. 

God, but Raphael looked sharp in a dark gray suit that seemed tailored to his build. He could definitely climb that. Wait. What? Derrick must be more drunk than he realized. 

“Raphael?” he whispered. “What are you doing here?”

On the floor, Nathaniel wiped the blood from his lips and rose to his feet. “Do you know who I am, the coven I belong to?”

“You? You’re just a small fly I can easily swat, and your vampire king Emilio? He was in diapers when I was in my prime.”

Raphael didn’t raise his voice, he didn’t need to. It still held that dangerous, seductive edge Derrick remembered. The very air in the club seemed to drop several degrees lower. Derrick was human, but he could tell Raphael was throwing off some kind of metaphysical power. Nathaniel turned sheet-white, if that was possible.

“What’s a monster like you doing in our city?” Nathaniel whispered, genuine fear in his eyes.

“I’m just stopping by to pick up what’s mine. Come near Derrick again and I’ll deposit you in a hundred pieces to your king.” Raphael delivered those words with such indifference that there was no denying he meant it. Raphael turned to Derrick, seemingly confident enough to show his back to the weaker vampire. “Let’s go.”

Derrick didn’t argue as he followed Raphael out of that club.




“Lick your need off me,” Raphael ordered.

He did just that, tasting himself on Raphael’s fingers. Raphael let out a groan, pressed his denim covered erection against his belly. 

“Clothes,” he managed. “We’re still dressed.”

“Good point.” 

In moments, Raphael had them both undressed. The vampire took a step back, seemingly took his time admiring him. He blushed, wondering what Raphael thought of what he saw, but he couldn’t tell. He certainly didn’t rock an impressive body like Raphael. Hard planes of muscle covered Raphael, along with old scars and the largest cock Derrick had ever seen.

He swallowed, wondered if Raphael could fit that inside his tiny hole.

Raphael must have noticed his apprehension because he asked, “Intimidated?” 

“Like hell I am.”

“Very well. Then, where should I fuck you for the first time?” Raphael asked. 

When they were outside at the club last night, Raphael seemed cold, untouchable, but Derrick noticed that when they were alone, all that ice seemed to melt. Now, Raphael looked mischievous, playful, and he never expected that. It made him feel a little special, knowing that he was able to coax the centuries-old vampire out of his shell.

“I get to choose?” Derrick asked, widening his eyes.

“Tonight, everything is about your pleasure, little human. I’d do anything in my power to convince you that you’re better off being mine.” Those words sounded more like a promise than a threat.

“Bedroom? I don’t care where, just, I want to feel you inside me,” he whispered, glad his words didn’t falter. 

He let out a squeak when Raphael swept him in his arms like he didn’t weigh a thing and began carrying to his bedroom. Derrick clutched at Raphael’s shoulders but he knew the vampire wouldn’t drop him. He was about to ask how Raphael knew where the bedroom was but remembered the vampire had watched him. Yes, in a way, it was an invasion of his privacy, but Raphael had done it to keep him safe, too.

Raphael carried him to his bed and laid him down. He swallowed, noticing that at his position, Raphael seemed to tower over him like a titan.

“Towels and lube?” Raphael asked him. 

“In the bathroom, over there,” he said, nodding to the door next to his desk. Tonight, the vampire showed him a tender and thoughtful side he never expected. Raphael returned with the items and placed the towel on one side. The vampire crawled onto bed on top of him, seemingly careful to keep his weight off him.

Derrick snorted. “I’m not fragile. I won’t break.”

“I know. There’s a reason why you call to me, Derrick Pace. I’m attracted to strength, not weakness.”

“If you say so,” he muttered, dubious, but Raphael kissed him, thrusting his tongue down his throat and lighting a fire in his chest. 

His dick began to harden and he groaned as Raphael pulled away, only to leave more kisses down the line of his throat, slightly prickling the skin with his fangs, drawing a little line of blood. He groaned, sinking his fingers into Raphael’s hair, aroused when Raphael reached for his prick and gave it a few strokes. Watching the vampire lick the blood while giving him a hand job proved to be erotic. 

Then the vampire released his dick. He groaned in protest but then again, Derrick didn’t want to come again so soon, because he wanted to make this feeling last. God, but it had been so long for him, and the few men he dated? None of them were able to do what Raphael did with ease—play his body like an instrument.

He moaned as Raphael went lower, laid kisses down his body, all the while sliding his hand down his sides, as if the vampire wanted to memorize every inch of him. Raphael closed one mouth over his flat nipple, sucked on it, before going lower. Finally, Raphael gripped his thighs, pressing them open, and he was aware that he could hide nothing from the vampire, not his cock, already at half-mast, or his balls and asshole. He blushed at Raphael’s knowing smile.

“What are you—” Derrick couldn’t finish his statement as Raphael seemed to take an absurdly long time dragging his tongue from root to tip, before swirling it over his cockhead. 

He clutched at the sheets above him as Raphael opened his mouth, showing his sheathed fangs, then the vampire went down on him. Derrick whimpered, unable to remember when was the last time anyone gave him pleasure. Raphael bobbed his head up and down, used tongue, lips, and just the right amount of teeth to get him fully hard. Just when Derrick was about to blow, Raphael pulled his mouth away, much to his frustration.

“Not yet,” Raphael said. “You can’t come yet, little human.”

He groaned when Raphael easily flipped him to his hands and knees. Eager to feel Raphael’s cock buried deep inside him, he wagged his ass at Raphael, receiving a smart swat to his ass cheeks in return. He groaned, pressing his cheek to the comforter as Raphael pried his legs further open. Derrick heard the lube being uncapped soon enough.

“Your patience will pay off soon, little human.” Raphael’s slicked fingers were prying his puckered entrance a moment later. He groaned as Raphael slid one finger inside him, then added a second, beginning to widen him for access.


“Soon.” Raphael made twisting motions a few more times, before taking his hand away. He felt Raphael’s tip near his entrance, but the vampire didn’t push in yet, smearing his pre-cum around his entrance. 

“This little hole,” Raphael said, then reached for his prick to give it tug before continuing, “and this cock, along with your body, now belong to me.”

The confidence and certainty in the vampire’s voice blew him away and yet he sensed the truth in them.

“Yes,” he uttered. “Raphael, please.”

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