The Fox's Willing Captive (MM)

Yamato 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,114
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Historical Fantasy Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, capture, voyeurism, bondage, HEA]
The crown prince of Yamato doesn’t have it easy. What Mori’s got, he’s earned thrice over. His whoring days come to an end when he becomes engaged to a woman he doesn’t love. When his fiancée mysteriously vanishes in a forest ruled by a malevolent nine-tail fox, it’s up to Mori to save her. Obligation requires him to save his woman, but how can Mori outwit an opponent when he’s turning from a reluctant captive to a willing one?
Kurama is sick of toying with mortals. No one has sparked his interest for centuries until he sees Mori. Both he and his fox don’t just want Mori as a toy. They want to keep him as their mate. While he suspects holding Mori’s fiancée hostage isn’t the best solution, it’s the only one he has.
Can an old fox learn new tricks before time runs out?
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Fox's Willing Captive (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Fox's Willing Captive (MM)

Yamato 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,114
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Never before had Mori desired or wanted a man this much or this sudden.

Despite the desire beginning to cloud his head, Mori tried to cling to reason.

“What did you do to Emiko, fox? Unleash her from whatever spell you’ve set on her.”

“Your precious bride is merely sleeping, Prince. What you heard just now was just me mimicking her voice. You should be more worried about yourself than the woman you don’t even love.”

Mori had to remember he wasn’t dealing with a man. Although the fox looked like one, he was an immortal creature not bound by time, physical affliction or the elements. He also had a feeling making demands wouldn’t do him any good.

“How do you know if I don’t love her, or would do anything in my power to save her, fox?” Mori demanded.

The being rewarded him with a mocking smile.

“Let’s not play games, Prince. It is a fact you do not love her, but I do agree that you’ll do anything for her. So let us strike a bargain.”

Mori became more and more wary of his words. Every child in Yamato knew that making deals with the supernatural was a stupid idea. It was in their trade to trick, lie and deceive, but the fox was right. He was cornered and had no other option. Mori was certain that even if his men spend weeks, even months looking for this little spot by the river, they’d never find it. Nine-tail foxes especially, were master illusionists according to the old tales.

The silence stretched on, but the fox neither spoke nor interrupted his thinking. Mori suspected the fox would wait for days if he must.

“Make the offer, fox. But I still have the right to refuse or accept it,” Mori finally said.

“Of course, Prince. I’ll wake your bride and you two can live happily ever after, but before that,” the fox looked thoughtful.

The more he appraised Mori, the more he felt like some sort of merchandise on display.

He gritted his teeth and asked, “But before that, what? Understand this, fox. I’m not a fool you think me to be, so either make me a fair offer or I walk.”

“I never said you were a fool, Prince. And I know you far better than that. You won’t leave your bride in the clutches of a treacherous fox.” The fox said this so confidently that it irked Mori.

“You can’t know someone after speaking to them after one conversation.”

“I can’t? But I do know you, Prince. Much more than you think, so you’re so easy to read. It would damage you to learn you’ve abandoned your bride-to-be to save yourself.”

The fox’s word made him uneasy. What exactly did the creature mean that he knew Mori? Was he lying?

The fox got one thing right though, he wouldn’t leave a woman, even a woman who despised him in the clutches of a sinister supernatural being, and it annoyed the hell out of Mori.

“What the hell do you want, fox?”

“I want you, Prince. I swear to you that I’ll release your bride, but only if you become my toy for two weeks.”

The fox raked his eyes across his him again and Mori couldn’t help but shiver. “By toy, I mean every part of you exclusively belongs to me. That pretty little mouth of yours, that rock-hard body, that springy little cock and that fine little ass.”

“No,” Mori hoarsely whispered, but his denial at odds which the way his body was reacting.

His trousers felt strained against him and he’d badly wanted to slip his hand to fist it just to ease his ache. While he’d occasionally been the dominant one in the bedroom with his lovers, he’d never let his submissive side out since Aki’s death. It was too painful being on the vulnerable end where he could be hurt, so he kept that side of him permanently shut.

“No, Prince? Weren’t you just imagining how it was like, while I bend you over and fuck you senseless?”

Ignoring his reddening cheeks, Mori asked, “Just two weeks, and you promise to set Emiko free?”

Mori’s hands twitched and he tried to think of his bride-to-be. Obligation required him to save his woman and the fox was right, even if he didn’t love Emiko, he’d do anything to save her. If he were being completely honest though, he wouldn’t be doing it solely for her. He would be doing this for himself.

Waging wars on his father’s behalf and constantly being in the midst of death weighed down heavily on him. It felt like some part of him was being slowly chiseled away and sometimes he felt like reality was slowly slipping away from his fingers. He’d just lost his piece of heaven and he was about to lose his freedom to become a husband to a woman he didn’t love. Two weeks of being a supernatural being’s toy while hidden from the entire eyes of the world didn’t sound so bad.

It wasn’t bad at all considering how the fox could string his body like this simply by talking and looking at him. His dignity and pride could wait. He wouldn’t be a prince in the hands of the fox, just a fuckable piece of mortal meat. A delicious thrill of unexpected excitement shot through his spine. No. I mustn’t appear too eager.

“Well, Prince, is that a yes or no?”

“Yes then, and don’t call me Prince. From now until two weeks later, I’m just Mori.”

His heart thumped painfully against his chest. Excitement coursed through his veins along with the fear of the unknown. Without the chains of painful reality constantly eating at him, these two weeks were just what he might need, even if that meant being the bitch of a supernatural creature.




The fox’s heated look made his entire body tremble in anticipation again. Just that one look made Mori aware of his nakedness and of the wind caressing his bare flesh and raising goose bumps.

“I knew the prince as a boy, so now I need to taste and know the man he’s become,” Kurama said, his voice a velvety caress, sending another shudder through his aching body.

The entirety of Mori’s body felt tense, alert and sensitive. It was practically begging the fox to stop trading words and trade kisses and touches instead.

“Taste me then. Please,” Mori added.

It felt like all the tension in his body dissipated when Kurama led him to lie on his belly on the smooth stone bench. The fox gathered his hands behind his back, using the leash to keep his arms restrained. The fiend took another length of rope and bound his legs to the legs of the bench to keep them firmly apart.

“Isn’t this view much better, Prince? I have a lovely view of your tight little ass,” came Kurama’s voice behind him.

Trussed and bound, Mori could feel a smooth finger trailing down the curve of his ass. The feeling of helplessness and being completely under the mercy of another man sent a spike of excitement through Mori.

Being examined like a present like this made him aware of the growing length of his throbbing cock, which pressed against the smooth cold stone beneath him. Damn the Gods, he wasn’t sure how long he could last. If all Kurama did was restrain him to excite him this much, he was afraid to know how his body would react once the fox really started using him.

“Fuck me already,” Mori said softly.

“You’re mine, Prince. So I’ll fuck you when I want to,” commanded Kurama, and the sudden iron in his voice made Mori squirm.

“No,” Mori murmured, feeling Kurama press a fingernail into the thick muscles of his ass. The simple sensation made him groan.

“What did you say, pet?” Kurama inserted one tentative finger in, and all Mori could imagine were those fingers widening his ass for his access.

What he really wanted Kurama to do was shut up and just take him because all the teasing was unbearable, but the fox made it clear he had no say in the matter. If the fox wanted to talk, fine. Mori would talk.

“I’m yours for two weeks,” Mori agreed. “After that, I belong to myself again.”

He jerked, slamming into the bench when Kurama slid his hand beneath his ass to fist his cock.

“You’re terribly mistaken, Prince Mori. You belong to me.” Kurama’s fingers on his cock tightened. The pressure made Mori whimper. He could’ve come on the spot, but Kurama withdrew, leaving him miserable.

He came into Mori’s line of sight moments later, suddenly fisting one hand into his hair. His other hand drew out his cock from his trousers. The sight of the large, long and thick shaft made Mori salivate.

“Lubricate me, and then I’ll finally fuck you, my royal stallion.”

Mori growled at the nickname, but when Kurama pressed his cock head into his lips, he opened his mouth to make way. Kurama’s firm grip on his hair sent a delicious bolt of pain through him as his mouth eagerly devoured the other man’s member.

The deeper Kurama entered his mouth, the more Mori sucked his shaft harder. The groans of content coming through the other man’s mouth pleased him a great deal. It told him he was doing a good job. The feel of Kurama’s vulnerable cock eagerly pressed into the back of his throat felt strangely wonderfully intimate.

“Good boy,” the fox murmured when Mori managed to deep throat him without resistance. His words stirred some sense of pride in him.

Kurama withdrew his cock and thrust it in his mouth again, and again met no resistance. Using Mori’s hair as a handle, he began to fuck his mouth and Mori was only eager to taste more of the fox.

“You belong to me,” Kurama said, withdrawing his steel-hard cock from Mori’s mouth.

“No. Never,” Mori said weakly.

His words said one thing, but his body betrayed him. Mori was hungry for the taste of the other man’s cock. He wanted desperately to feel it between his lips and teeth again.

“You’ll belong to me soon,” Kurama said confidently, bending over to lay a kiss on his forehead.

The tender gesture astonished Mori, he nearly forgot he wanted the feel of Kurama’s cock in his mouth again. When he felt the fox’s finger back on the rim of his ass, he wiggled his buttocks in appreciation. A sharp smack on his left ass cheek made him groan. Kurama inserted one finger and then another, beginning to scissor and prepare him for his access.

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