Horizon of Chaos (MMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,708
1 Ratings (4.0)
[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, HEA]
One of mankind's worst nightmares comes true. David Harrison and Arthur Williams meet Gabriel Swanson, a handsome man who makes both of them fall for him at first sight. Gabriel's intense love for David affects Arthur, and in a relationship of faint doubt initially, the three men are faced with threatening creatures that were once called humans. The world disconnects itself from LA for fear of contamination but the special team tries to contain the virus.
Along the way, Arthur and Gabriel focus their love on David, who welcomes Gabriel into the relationship. With the help of friends, David, Arthur, and Gabriel find a place to stay. When they think that everything is going well, supplies run out. Back to their home out of desperation, David and Arthur are trapped. An unexpected savior comes to the rescue, but a feared hidden truth is unveiled. Gabriel reveals a destructive behavior similar to that of a life-threatening creature.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Horizon of Chaos (MMM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Horizon of Chaos (MMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,708
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“This place got so grim,” Gabriel whispered, looking around. It was as if the colors were drained from the buildings and the trees.

Here and there, they would see incomplete humans. A few graves didn’t move, close to the humans. The blood on the sidewalks, the street, and the broken store windows were morbid. One of the worst things made itself notice up ahead, mangled, leaned on the wall of a restaurant. The graves didn’t pick only adults. Children were also their targets. Gabriel didn’t recommend anyone to see or even imagine this.

It looked like this unfortunate happening had been started by someone, since the graves were strangely programmed for their hideous actions. Once safe, he’d make sure to do his best to understand how this started, in case history decided to repeat itself later.

The light posts flickered until the lights went out. “Something must have happened at the power center or something. We have to count on the moonlight, even though it’s almost morning,” Arthur said. “If a cloud comes by, we should wait for it to pass. It’s dangerous to walk in the dark.”

“Okay,” Gabriel replied, holding their hands as they walked on each side of him. It amazed him that he’d come into this relationship and had them both fall for him. Obviously, anyone had the possibility of falling in love with someone other than their partner, but these two embraced him completely.

Gabriel had fallen for David first, but Arthur had been getting there quickly. His heart wasn’t torn between them, because he knew that he could love both of them equally. If only they’d met before this all had started. Gabriel wouldn’t have to teach anyone how to kill a grave, even if those things were already dead.

Thinking of those damned things, Gabriel spotted one ahead, coming their way. “Stand behind me,” he whispered, which triggered the grave to show its teeth, dripping with blood.

“No. This is my chance,” Arthur said. “It’s only one. I haven’t practiced yet. If a group comes, I might not be able to do anything.” He took a few steps toward the grave and waited for it to come.

It was a male grave, around fifteen years old, dressed in blue beach shorts and barefoot. Why they were always barefoot? He didn’t know, and he didn’t want to. The teenager had his tanned, skinny torso and arms covered in dry blood, some of it fresh. His short, dark hair was messy and pointed in all directions. His expression was just like every other grave, bloodshot, widened eyes and tongue sticking out at the sound or smell of a human.

Gabriel looked away and back at the young man, whose worn, bare feet dragged on the coal tar. He must have been sunbathing and drank potable water, or filled a bottle with it to take it with him. Graves weren’t human, but he knew they were once normal people.

He wanted all of this to end. More importantly, he needed to stand by Arthur’s side. As he walked toward the other man, the grave jumped onto Arthur.

“Arthur!” David shouted in the silence, and quickly closed his mouth with both hands.

Arthur fell on the floor, the grave chewing away at his right shoulder. It wanted to take Arthur’s arm off and perhaps, only afterward, kill him. “Help,” he pleaded as he stabbed the grave’s left side countless times, but it wouldn’t budge.

Gabriel couldn’t push the grave away or it would tear a piece of Arthur’s shoulder off, which would make him bleed profusely. Instead, Gabriel used the opening of the grave’s mouth and shoved his steel rod into it. He then stepped back and slid one foot back.

“Help him, Gabriel,” David told him as he ran in their direction. He tripped on a rock and almost fell on the ground. The darkness of the night didn’t allow anyone to see their path that well.

Gabriel took a deep breath and kicked one end of the steel rod, and the other punctured through the grave’s neck and made it finally move away from Arthur. It seemed that they didn’t feel any pain. “Get off of him, you bastard,” Gabriel said between clenched teeth, and tackled the grave. Both fell, the grave’s throat oozing a black fluid.

Gabriel took a knife from his belt and stabbed through the thing’s chest with it. The grave soon stopped moving. This thing had attacked Arthur right in front of him. If he couldn’t protect his lovers when they were so close, how could he do that at all?

He frowned at Arthur’s blood dripping from the teenager’s teeth. He quickly looked over his shoulder. “What happened?” he asked Arthur. Gabriel stood and yanked the rod out of the grave’s mouth. He then approached the other man.

Arthur stood slowly with David’s help. “That thing jumped onto me. It was so quick,” he said quietly. “Will something happen to me because of the grave’s bite?”

“No,” Gabriel answered. He ripped Arthur’s sleeve off and surrounded the open wound with it. “We have to find a pharmacy. This might get infected and make you sick. We have to—” He looked over Arthur’s shoulder, wide-eyed.




In the morning, David woke up to the smooching sounds of kisses. He sat up slowly, ruffling his hair. On each side of him were Gabriel and Arthur, making out passionately right in front of him. “Does this really have to happen on top of me?” he whined.

The other two pounced onto David and pecked his cheeks, neck, and lips, which took him by surprise. “We’ve decided,” Gabriel told David. “You’re going to be the main focus in this relationship.”

“I realized that I want you more than anything, love,” Arthur said. “That doesn’t mean that Gabe isn’t great in bed.” He grinned as his hands roamed under David’s shirt. “Our relationship started three days ago and we haven’t done much else since then. It’s time that we make up for the lost time.”

Gabriel slid David’s sleepwear pants and underwear off. “You’re already this excited. Now, let Art and me take care of you.” He crawled backward, between David's legs, and leaned down. His hand wrapped around David’s cock and stroked it slowly. The warmth of his palm excited David even more.

Arthur lay next to David and caressed his cheek while Gabriel engulfed David’s shaft in his mouth. “You’re safe now. You can relax,” he told David, a kind smile on his handsome face.

David shuddered. The more time passed, the quicker Gabriel sucked his cock. The other man’s soft lips slid up and down in a sensual motion that threw David away from their reality. In turn, David couldn’t help but thrust his hips and spread his legs wider. He slid his hands through Gabriel’s hair and looked down at the blond’s bobbing head.

While David and Gabriel were busy, Arthur went to his backpack and took the tube of lubricant from the small pocket. “Sorry, but I want to make love to him first,” he told Gabriel and handed it to him.

Gabriel pulled away from David’s shaft. “I’m fine with that.” He opened the tube and poured a generous amount of the red, transparent fluid with a strawberry scent down David’s ass, between his buttocks. “Is it cold?”

“Of course it is,” David whined. But he didn’t care. It was too hot in this room, anyway. “I hope no one walks in on us.” He glanced at the exit, but Arthur was in the way. That door didn’t have a key, so they couldn’t lock themselves in. He jolted when Gabriel slid a slick finger into his entrance.

Meanwhile, Arthur removed his sleepwear pants and left them on the floor before he climbed onto the bed. The first thing he did was to slide his hand along David’s abdomen, and then the man’s chest. His azure-blue eyes turned to Gabriel fucking David with two fingers in a circular motion, all the while kissing the tip of David’s cock.

David hadn’t expected Arthur to enjoy watching someone having their way with his boyfriend. Most likely, Arthur didn’t mind because he also loved Gabriel. Otherwise, he’d snap and stop the blond from going any further.

Nonetheless, there hadn’t been an ounce of jealousy in David when his lovers kissed. It didn’t feel right or wrong. He just couldn’t feel anything about it, and loved both of them.

As soon as he tuned his eyes back to Arthur, the man was stroking his shaft as he watched what Gabriel did. For some reason, it crossed David’s mind that Arthur wanted to have Gabriel make love to him again.

“Are you done yet?” Arthur asked and Gabriel stopped what he was doing.

“Are you that eager?”

Arthur raised a brow. “Can’t you see that I am? Now, move over, if you don’t mind,” he said, a strange grin on his lips.

Strange. It looked like Gabriel wasn’t happy about Arthur going first, and Arthur knew that. David would continue to enjoy observing the other two, but Arthur lay on the bed and pulled him onto his strong torso.

David looked over his shoulder at Arthur’s closed eyes. It embarrassed him that he had to face the ceiling and show all of himself to Gabriel. Arthur’s cock thrust against his ass, trying to find its way into his entrance. It didn’t, so Gabriel got a hold of it and pointed it in the right direction. David arched his back as the slick shaft invaded him, stretching him until it was as deep as it could get. But he didn’t feel like moaning. With the two men’s eyes on him, it would make him even more embarrassed.

Gabriel leaned down and gave small licks to the tip of David’s cock, earning a quiet moan from him. All the while, the blond stroked his own shaft vulgarly. He then pressed several kisses to David’s inner thigh. It was a small stretch, because Arthur’s legs were between David’s, already spreading them to the sides.

“I also want it,” Gabriel said, his gaze locked on Arthur’s shaft that pulled out and pushed back in countless times. “Can’t we…both go in?”

David shook his head. “You’d break me if you did,” he said faintly. He noted when his own breathing changed, quicker and gradually out of control. Arthur’s thrusts increased by the moment.

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