The Commander's Mate (MM)

Space Warriors 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 27,038
17 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Sci-Fi Romance, M/M, HEA]

Swift’s brother sold him. After becoming a palace servant, Swift tries to stay out of trouble, but trouble finds him, or maybe it’s his sharp tongue that causes problems.

Null is the son of a disgraced warrior. One night he stops a man from hurting Swift and discovers the angry man that thanked him with insults is his lifemate. Determined to win Swift over, Null gives his mate space, but the next time they meet, Swift is attacked again. A lot of people want to harm Swift and Null can't figure out why.

Determined to protect his lifemate, Null sets out to keep Swift safe, but Swift has other ideas. He’s not the type of man that will let someone die to save him, and Swift’s secrets will hurt Null.

Can Null save Swift from his past? Will Null, a man that commands ships, convince a former slave who refuses to obey, what it means to love?

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Commander's Mate (MM)
17 Ratings (4.4)

The Commander's Mate (MM)

Space Warriors 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 27,038
17 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Swift stopped so fast that Null almost walked into him.

“What do you want?” Swift held his towel closer.

“I want to get to know you better.” Null knew that Swift needed honesty if he was ever going to trust him. “After yesterday, I wanted to make sure you were okay and maybe we can talk.”

Swift snorted. “No one wants to get to know me better. So, cut the crap and tell me the truth.”

Null leaned closer. Swift smelled of a warm summer day. He breathed in and out, letting his breath caress Swift’s skin. He held back the change and kept his fangs from growing larger and sharper. He wanted to sink into the long white neck and drink from his mate. The closer Null got the more he wanted to claim this man. His cock started to swell at just thethought about pinning Swift on top of his bed. “I want to get to know you.” He would continue to repeat his reason for being here until Swift believed him.

“I’m not a whore.”

Swift lifted his hand and tried to hit Null, but his mate was too slow to even get close enough to touch him. Null wrapped his fingers around Swift’s wrist. The intimacy of the touch left him aching for more. Swift leaned closer, which showed that he, too, felt the connection. Null rubbed his fingers across the pale vein as his large hand continued to hold onto hismate. Null never wanted to let go, but then Swift tugged. Null was so much stronger that the light tug reminded him of the difference of their strength. If he loosened his grip, he’d lose the warmth of his mate. Swift wasn’t easy prey. His mate was tough and wouldn’t fall into his arms like this.

“Now, now, be nice. No hitting your problems away. I see why you don’t get along with other Warsarians.” If he displayed this attitude to them, he’d push against their control. Warsarians bowed their heads to stronger men, but Swift wasn’t a warrior. Kwan’s protection kept them from reacting to Swift’s defiance. He threatened their masculinity and they were powerless to put Swift in his place. Some men like Stanick lashed out, and most Warsarians would cheer him on for doing the one thing they wouldn’t do—hurt Swift.

“Let me go,” Swift ordered as he continued to try to pull away.

“Not yet.” He continued rubbing his mate’s wrist to feel the pulse under his fingertips. “You’re so vulnerable, but you don’t see it.” He pulled Swift closer. “You like my touch,” Null said when he smelled Swift’s desire. Swift yanked harder. “You like my touch,” he repeated before gently pressing into the delicate skin covering his mate’s pulse. Swift shivered as Null felt his heartbeat. “I wasn’t lying. I want to get to know you.” He leaned even closer. “What makes you happy? What makes you sad? Why do you get so angry? If I don’t get answers, I’ll ask my less innocent questions through our bodies. Do you like long passionate kisses? Are your nipples sensitive? Do you prefer your cock sucked, or do you prefer my hand stroking your hard shaft?”

Swift hissed and brought a knee up. Null released his mate’s arm and pressed him against the wall. Null moved his leg between Swift’s legs. Their bodies pressed together. Swift shuddered and Null relished the warmth between him.

“I…” Swift looked away. His white cheeks turned slightly red, and he had problems controlling his breathing. Desire poured off him, and that only made Null harder.

Null hovered inches away from his mate. “Do you like soft kisses that show that you’re loved or do you like kisses a litter dirtier?”

Swift closed his eyes, and when he reopened them, the lust was replaced with anger. Null let go and jumped back before Swift’s fist landed against his cheek. His mate swore.

“Next time I won’t miss,” Swift promised.

“Next time this will continue into my bedroom.”

Instead of answering him, Swift shook his head and walked away. Null followed him. When Swift walked into the changing area of the bathing room, he turned to face Null.

“Stop following me,” Swift ordered.

Null ignored him. “It’s too early for a bath.” The changing room was empty and the large bath was probably empty, too. His people bathed before bed to wash off the blood and grime. Morning bathes weren’t common.

Swift rolled his eyes. “I take my baths when the room is empty.” Then he looked down. “I don’t like people around me when”—his cheeks reddened—“I’m naked.”

“You feel vulnerable,” Null said.

Swift flinched like he’d been slap.

“Come with me. I have an apartment in the center of the city. The bathing pool has a glass roof that allows the sun to shine down while you bathe.”

“And what do you get for letting me soak in your tub?” Swift asked as his eyes narrowed in suspicious.

“To see your happy face,” Null said. That wasn’t the right answer.

Swift glared at him. “Never going to happen. You’d have to be with me to see my smile, and it’s impossible to do with you around.”




Swift’s soft mews drove Null nearly to the brink of insanity. His cheat puffed out with pride for eliciting such delicious sounds. The world would know this man belonged to him. He’d leave no doubt. This was his mate to protect and possess. With his hands, he found the spots that left Swift writhing beneath him, revealing his mate’s sensitivity to his touch.

He rubbed his cock against Swift’s heated flesh. Null needed relief, but he wouldn’t rush this. From sloppy kisses to Swift’s hesitate touches, Null knew his mate had little or no experience when it came to sex.

“Touch me,” Null coaxed.

Swift didn’t react at first, so Null lifted his mate’s hands to his chest. That’s all the coaxing Swift needed. He glided his fingers across Null’s skin in a greedy attempt to touch all of him.

“See. Touching is easy.”

Swift nodded, while staring at him with bright eager eyes. Hesitant, Swift continued his journey, pausing to feel his muscles, but the intimacy ended there. Swift didn’t venture down to his cock, but Null still relished his mate’s touch. He leaned closer and pressed their lips together.

The kiss started out gentle, but then Null moved in. He demanded more. At first, Swift tensed, but soon he relaxed as Null started to gently coax his mate along. This kiss claimed and Swift surrendered. His hand wandered down Swift’s chest, discovering the places that forced a moan from Swift. Every time Swift arched his back off the bed, Null’s cock twitched.

Null pulled away and smirked. Swift looked like a delicious morsel about to be devoured by a hunger beast. He moved across his mate’s body kissing and exploring, stopping at each hard nub to give it extra attention. They stood up eager and ready for his touch. Null licked each one before lightly tugging on them with his teeth before heading farther down. He hovered over Swift’s cock. Swift covered his mouth with his hands, but he opened his legs wider to invite him in.

“Let me hear you,” Null ordered.

Swift shook his head. Null’s hand hovered over his mate’s cock. Fingers lightly touched the tip. Swift hissed.

“Let me hear you.”

Realizing that Null must be serious, Swift lowered his hands. The moans continued, like a song for him. He brought his mouth to his mate’s cock and licked at the swollen tip. He kissed and sucked, making sure he pushed his mate over the edge. The musky scent made his mouth water for more. Swift’s fingers grabbed onto his hair as he tried to push Null’s head down. Null took his time, worshiping every inch of his mate’s shaft. He slid his tongue gingerly down the length of the hard shaft before moving back up. The taste left him greedy for more. Everything about Swift was delicious.

He wrapped his fingers around the tight balls before gently kneading them. Swift’s grip tightened. If he weren’t careful, he’d end up bald. Then Swift released him. His hands moved to his sides and Swift gripped the bedspread in a death hold. He threw his head back and closed his eyes.

“Ready for more?” Null asked.

Swift nodded, but Null was already reaching between his mate’s spread thighs. He gently caressed up and down each one. “Your skin is so soft and creamy. I want to bite right here.” He stoked the upper part of Swift’s legs. “You’re not open enough to invite me in.”

Null grabbed both of Swifts legs and pushed them wide open. Swift moved to cover his cock with his hands. His flushed skin only turned Null harder.

“Keep them open, Swift,” Null said in a soft sensual tone that he didn’t think he was capable of mimicking, let alone producing.

Swift nodded and opened even more for him. It wasn’t enough. Null glared at Swift’s hands, and slowly he moved them back to his sides. Null’s hungry gaze devoured him.

Swift tried to cover his flushed face. Null growled as he positioned himself between Swift’s thighs. Their eyes met. Null bent down. His mouth hovered over his mate’s cock. This time instead of licking, he took the tip of Swift’s cock into his mouth. He sucked and licked as his fingers rubbed his mate’s sensitive opening. He pushed a finger past the ring of muscles, and Swift arched off the bed. He sank his finger in up to his knuckle, and then he started to move it in and out. The tight heat forced a groan. Swift was so tight and warm and not stretched enough for him to slide into. That’s when Null knew for certain. This was all new. Swift didn’t know the touch of a man, but Null wanted to be sure.

Null pulled off his mate’s cock, licking the tip before moving to stare into Swift’s eyes. “Has anyone penetrated you? Does this”—Null thrust his finger a little deeper—“know thefeel of a man’s cock?”

Swift turned his head.

He licked Swift’s neck, placing gentle bites there. “Answer the question, Swift.”

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