The Mistletoe Curse (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,167
1 Ratings (2.0)
[Siren Allure: Contemporary Consensual BDSM Fantasy Paranormal Romance, bondage, spanking, HEA]
Vaughn Sheppard has been living in his own personal hell for the last year.  That's how long he's had The Mistletoe Curse. It all started with a steamy friendship with a girl named Ky, who turned out to be a witch. When she felt wronged by Vaughn, she cursed him to always be hungry for a woman with no satisfaction in sight. That may not even be the worst part of the curse. Vaughn is damned to feel instant hate after he's been with a woman. He can never be calm or happy.
Sno was friends with Vaughn back in school. When she finds out that he's been cursed with The Mistletoe Curse, she hopes to reconnect with him and possibly help him. She had a crush on him when they were younger, but she's aware that only true love can break the curse. Could she be the one? Could she at least help him with her own magical powers?
The Mistletoe Curse (MF)
1 Ratings (2.0)

The Mistletoe Curse (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,167
1 Ratings (2.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Vaughn walked to his front door and soon was strolling down his driveway. When he reached the sidewalk, he started his pre-workout stretching. He raised his arms, leaning from side to side. He then bent forward with straight legs, reaching for his feet. It felt so good, and some of the withdrawal symptoms were gone now.

"What's your normal pace?"

He stood to find a smiling Sno bouncing on her toes behind him. She looked gorgeous in a black running skirt and a purple tank top that matched her stunning eyes.

"Hi, Sno. Well, I don't want to intimidate you so why don't you tell me what pace you're comfortable with."

He smirked at her, and she responded cutely with a shy smile, staring down at the sidewalk for a moment. When she looked back up at him, Vaughn could read a bit of desire in her beautiful eyes. His chest tightened, both from excitement and worry.

"I don't want to have to deal with paramedics when you overdo it so let's go slow. Ten minute pace too slow?"

Vaughn stepped closer to her, and her eyes widened. He stood still, closer than a casual conversation would be. She moved her gaze around his face, stalling on his lips for a second.

"Try to tire me out."

Sno stared into his eyes, taking a slightly shaky breath.

He stepped to the side and began to jog down the sidewalk. After just a few feet, though, he turned around jogging in place. Vaughn shot her a sinful grin before laughing. She shook her head, smiling. Sno jogged toward him, and he turned back around.

"All right, Vaughn. Let's go."

When she reached him, they both increased their pace. That bit of flirting held some humor. It was almost like he didn't know how to interact with the opposite sex unless some sexual tension was involved. This was different, though. He wanted her friendship.

This feels so damn freeing.


* * * *


At the start of their second mile, the pair reached a bike path. As they turned onto it, Vaughn was just ahead of her. Sno couldn't stop herself from shamelessly taking him in. Not only was he fit, but he was handsome. He looked even good sweating, and so athletic.

He turned his head as he jogged and called to her over his shoulder. "Babe, how many miles do you want to do?"

Babe? Why did that sound so inviting? Was she just getting sucked into this gorgeous man, or was there something really there between them already? They had been good friends in school. She had to give him a hard time, though. Even if she really didn't mind the term. "Babe?"

Vaughn slowed. "I'm sorry. That was forward."

Sno caught up to him and slowed her pace. He genuinely looked concerned that he had offended her. She gave him a mock disappointed look, shaking her head, before laughing. "How about three or four, babe?" She poked her finger into his shoulder.

Vaughn looked at her with bright, beautiful eyes. His lips slowly curled into a grin. "Three."

They jogged together for a while with only the sound of shoes on concrete and deep breathing. They headed into a wooded area of the trail and something caught Sno's attention. Four or so feet from the trail, eating grass next to a tree, was a small deer. She slowed her jog, but Vaughn didn't notice at first.

He jogged on for a few seconds before turning around, raising his arms in a question. Sno slowed to a walk, pointing at the deer who now lifted his head. Vaughn slowed to a stop, watching the animal.

The deer was beautiful and silent as it bent down to chew through the grass again. Sno looked over at Vaughn, who had a sincere look of wonder. He looked so carefree and happy. Sno actually started to tear up watching him. She was well aware that he'd been pretty miserable for quite some time.

He pointed at the deer again and took a few steps back toward Sno. "Beautiful."

Sno quickly turned her stare on the animal, trying to hide her emotions for him. "Yeah, so peaceful."

Vaughn quietly walked the rest of the way back to her. He lifted his arm and lightly rubbed her back. She thought she would want to pull away because of being sweaty, but she didn't feel the need to. His slow touches felt natural and calming.

Vaughn squeezed her shoulder. "Good thing he stopped us. I think we missed the turnaround point."

Sno sighed, getting pulled further into this man. She knew that certainly was a possibility with Vaughn. She'd had a crush on him when they were younger and simply friends. Now that she might be the one to free him from his prison, their bond would most definitely get stronger. She just needed to make sure it wasn't just a girlish longing for a stunning man. It had to be real.

She turned to look up at him. "Maybe he's a sign."

Vaughn gave her a boyish grin. "Yeah, maybe."




Vaughn took hold of her wrist again, stopping her hand from heading farther south. "Maybe it's too soon. Sno, let's wait."

"I said, trust me. I want this. I'm starting this."

She pulled on her hand, and he let go of it. Sno moved her hand down toward his sweatpants. Vaughn held his breath, still debating with himself if he should stop her or not. It felt great to have her want him, but he felt guilty. She smiled at him as her hand reached his cock. His held breath rushed from him as she lightly massaged him through his sweatpants.

His cock hardened further with her touches. She gave him a wicked grin, and Vaughn could no longer deny himself. He gripped the back of her head and pressed her forward to take her lips again. She moaned softly into it while continuing to tease his dick.

After a few more moments, Vaughn grabbed her upper arms and pushed her off himself and onto her back. She moaned again against his lips before he leaned back. He straddled her body, staring down at her.

"Babe. You know I want this."

"Yes. So do I. Don't hold yourself back."

He knew there was no point in drawing this out longer. He was going to take her. Vaughn laid down on top of her, going straight in to kiss her passionately. She wrapped her arms around his back, squeezing him. Vaughn ran his hand up her side until he reached her breast. He massaged it, and she whimpered into the kiss.

It felt rushed, and he couldn't be sure if that was true or if he was simply so hungry for her it seemed that way. Vaughn pushed all worry to the back of his mind and concentrated on Sno and her body.

She moaned as he forced his tongue into her mouth. The kissing and fondling continued for several minutes, his cock completely hard now. Vaughn pulled back from the kiss, breathing heavily. He moved down so he could take hold of the bottom of her dress. He slid it up her body to reveal her pink panties. She slowly rubbed her knees together as he looked at her body.

Vaughn took a deep breath, thinking. He didn't realize how long he had paused until she spoke.

"Vaughn, don't you dare make our first time soft because you're worried. You take me like you would before the curse."

She was right. What would be the benefit of playing it safe? The outcome would still be the same. Vaughn closed his eyes for a few seconds, getting his mind right before he went back to concentrating on his new lover. He slid her underwear down her legs, dropping them onto the floor, then flicked his stare from her pussy up to her face.

She was watching him with no signs of fear or apprehension. Vaughn smiled to himself and reached down to cup her pussy. She inhaled deeply as he rubbed his fingers up her pussy lips, stalling on her clit.

"I can't wait to be inside you."

Sno squirmed under his touch, sighing sweetly. Vaughn rubbed her clit a few times before slipping his finger inside her. She parted her legs, moaning.

"I want you." Her voice was sweet and sinful at the same time.

"You'll get me."

He slid his finger in and out of her a few more times before taking his hand away and climbing off the bed. He quickly removed his sweatpants. Sno sat up, and he stepped to her, unzipping the back of her dress. He helped her pull it up over her head, and it soon laid on top of his pants on the floor.

He was about to climb back on top of her, but she had other plans it seemed. Sno turned to place her feet on the floor and was soon kneeling before him.


She looked up at him with an errant grin. "Yes, Sir?"

A growl worked up his throat as he stared at her kneeling with willing body language. He was so turned on he felt his orgasm already pressuring him to fuck her.

She cocked her head to the side before taking hold of his dick. She stroked him a few times and then leaned in to lick the tip of his dick. Vaughn moaned, and his thighs twitched. Her touches felt beyond heavenly.

"Vaughn, don't hold back. I deserve all you have to give."

She then leaned in to lick his cock again before slipping it into her mouth. He tensed all over as she worked his dick with her mouth and hand, stroking him long and hard. A growl fell off his lips as she sped up her working of him.

Fucking a.

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