Cherry Hill 3: Starting Over (LoveXtreme)

Cherry Hill 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,448
10 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Contemporary Menage Romantic Suspense Romance, MFMMM, light spanking, HEA]

Adalee Scope was a detective in the NYPD until she was shot in the line of duty. Working a desk job after losing four fellow cops, including her partner, was weighing its toll on her emotionally. Heading to her mom's new life in Cherry, Hill Texas, seemed like her only option or at least a stepping stone to a new start. It isn't easy to start over, to deal with her PTSD, or to accept the rules and regulations of a new town with some pretty interesting types of relationships. Soon enough she's caught the eyes of many men, but it's four particular brothers who turn out to have more in common with her than they all think, and who also show her that being vulnerable allows good things to happen, even love.

When unexpected danger threatens to destroy that love, Adalee is faced with a life threatening encounter, and despite being injured, she's still a tough, determined cop who will not succumb to evil, and who will do whatever it takes to get free or die trying.


Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

Cherry Hill 3: Starting Over (LoveXtreme)
10 Ratings (4.6)

Cherry Hill 3: Starting Over (LoveXtreme)

Cherry Hill 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,448
10 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
This series does draw you in with all the characters. It always has suspense that will keep you on the edge. Can't get enough of this series and on to next book now
virginia lee
Another good one from Dwyer. Cherry Hill is the place to be.

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Jeb walked outside to talk to Everett. Rhett and Coda were inside.

“How are you doing really?” Jeb asked Everett. He felt guilty, being able to still work in law enforcement while his brother wanted to but couldn’t. Everett was pushing himself too hard to get better and to be able to shoot again. He understood Everett needed to know he could hold a gun and shoot. Jeb got that but didn’t know how to help him.

Everett shook his head and exhaled. “Frustrated.”

“You seem a little less frustrated than usual—does that have something to do with Adalee and meeting her there?”

“What? No. Why the fuck would you say that?”

Jeb exhaled as he gripped the railing on the porch and then turned to face his brother. He held his gaze.

“She affected me.”

Jeb squinted.

“She’s good-looking, got it all to offer a man. A perfect man or men,” Everett whispered and looked away.

“Fuck that bullshit. You’re a good man, and you’ve got a lot to offer any woman.”

“Don’t bullshit me, Jeb. I’m the weak link here. I just turned forty. You and Coda being twins are right behind at thirty-eight, and Rhett is forty-three. She looks to be early twenties. Donny was staring at her ass and kept inhaling when she walked by at the therapy session.”

“And you didn’t inhale her perfume, or stare at her ass, or feel an attraction? She’s twenty-six, I found out today.”

“Fuck, she’s young.”

“But her experiences and profession make her more of an equal when you think about it. She could be a good fit, could make you happy.”

“Me? Don’t fucking go trying to act like this is a scheme to get me laid or some shit. I do just fine.”

“I know you do. I mean, you met her once, and your expressions are different. I felt it, too, and obviously Rhett did. He’s so fucking quiet right now, and his eyes have remained narrowed since dinner.”

Everett shook his head. “You saw her, probably saw men checking her out.”

“You telling me you lost your touch, man?”

“Me? Why are you putting this on me?”

“Because you’re going to see her Wednesday,” Jeb replied.

“I didn’t say I want to pursue this or her. I’m not in the right frame of mind, man. Just leave it alone.”

Everett got up and walked back inside, and Jeb turned and looked out into the darkness of the night. The moon was shining, and he felt a mix of emotions. Was this what happened to some of their younger friends when they met their women? Was it instant? Like what he felt, something different from just admiring a good-looking woman with a nice figure? Hell, in his position, women threw themselves at him all the time, young and old. He didn’t need to settle down. Didn’t need a commitment, yet deep down, or maybe not so deep down, he knew that was what was missing in his life and in his brothers’ lives. They were grumpy most of the time, set in their ways, and lonely for the most part.

Again he thought about seeing her. Hell, he spotted Adalee before he even put the car in park. Her onyx hair, the casual attire, and then close up those royal-blue eyes, Jesus, she was hot, and every guy was looking. A jealous feeling began to simmer in his belly. Maybe she was out of their league? Too old to gain her attention, too aggressive looking. They were demanding men. It had been years since they shared a woman, and when they did, they never took a woman together but one after the next. Even Elise had just been looking for a good time, no strings attached, and she wasn’t the kind to do commitments. She wanted to travel, to see the world and spend money. Can’t spend money you don’t have, not on a soldier’s small salary and then as a cop. She was all wrong for them, and they figured it out fast. She had become monotonous and steady because they really thought of her as nothing more than a sexual partner between tours of duty and the chaos of their lives.

After Elise, they went their separate ways when it came to sex and satisfying any urges. Seemed like that became monotonous too. He took a few more breaths of fresh air as the positive thoughts went to negative ones and him being thirty-eight years old, a Texas Ranger in charge of a command base thirty minutes from Cherry Hill, and it was his life. He wasn’t getting any younger, and that was hitting him hard. Where the hell had this woman come from to go and shake up his world with just one damn encounter? He shook his head and then went back inside.




Twenty minutes later as they walked through the yard, the scent of her perfume and the shampoo in her hair did him in. As she leaned against the fence and looked at the chickens as Everett talked about the horses and riding, Coda made a move. He slid his arm around her waist from behind and then moved her hair off her shoulders to kiss her neck. She eased back against him and then turned to face him, allowing him to kiss her fully. It was wild and felt so good, and just kept getting better as he lifted her by her ass like she weighed nothing at all, and he pressed her to the fence. She ran her dainty fingers through his hair, and he cupped her breast, pinched the nipple, and felt her moan into his mouth.

She was feminine and sexy, and had a tight ass, hard, toned muscles, and huge breasts. When he released her lips to trail his mouth along her shoulder, he pushed her top and her bra lower and sought out her breast. She grabbed onto his head with one hand as he restrained the other to push her top lower. He found her nipple and tugged.

“Oh God, Coda. Coda.”

He slowly slid his mouth off her nipple and then went back to kissing her as his brother joined in.

“You look like a goddess. Your skin is beautiful, too, and soft,” he said as he kissed along her neck and shoulder and then cupped her breast. She moaned into Coda’s mouth, and he knew his brother was sucking on her tit now, and then she rocked her hips. Coda thrust his back and then released her lips. “More, Adalee?” he asked her, and Everett slowly let go of her nipple.

Her lips parted, and she was trying to catch her breath. “How the hell did that happen?”

“It’s your fault. You look and smell so damn edible I couldn’t stop myself,” Coda told her. He pressed his mouth to hers again and then carried her from the fence to the barn. He lowered her to her feet by the bales of hay.

“Arms up,” he ordered, and she raised her arms up and he pushed her top up and off of her. “Holy shit, you’re hot,” he said and yanked her by her jeans closer to him so he could kiss her again as Everett unclipped her bra. She pulled back. Coda lifted her up by her ass and thigh. She was light, sexy, and he was completely turned on right now. He gently placed her onto the hay as her bra fell from her huge breasts.

“Holy fuck, Adalee,” Everett said and lowered down onto the hay, cupped her cheeks, and kissed her.

Coda slid his palm up her thighs, spreading her, and then along her hips. He traced the scar and bullet wound, could see the other one on her arm as he cupped her breasts and then leaned closer for a taste of each one. She tilted her torso up, and then Coda let go of her breasts, and Everett released her lips.

“Taste her, Everett. Get a feel for this sexy body,” Coda said, and he moved around and kissed her lips next, and Everett cupped her breasts, pressed between her legs, and then lowered his mouth to feast on her. He was tugging and pulling, and Coda stopped kissing her and cupped her cheeks. “More?” he asked.

“Oh God, yes, yes, more.”

“Thank the fuck,” he said and then swallowed hard and maneuvered upward to get into a better position.

She stretched up to grab his shirt. “I want to taste you, too,” she said, shocking him.

As Everett helped her up by the loop in her jeans, he kissed her hard on the mouth, and Coda undid his pants, sat down on the bale of hay, and then reached out to stroke her hair. Everett released her lips. “Take care of my brother while I take care of you.” He stroked her jaw, and then she turned around. Coda was holding his cock in his hand.

She looked at him as he massaged her breast and stroked her nipple. “Arms up,” she ordered, and he nearly shot his load.

“Yes, ma’am,” he said, and she helped him pull off his shirt, and her eyes locked onto the three bullet wounds on his chest.

Her eyes widened. “Coda?”

“Later. Later, baby. This is why we’re connected. We get it, too.”

She placed her hands against his cheeks and kissed his mouth then along his chest, to each scar as his brother undid her pants and pushed them down.

Everett suckled along the scar on her hip. “She’s got a great ass, Coda.”

“Looks that way from here, too,” Jeb said, and she gasped, Coda gripping her hair as Jeb and Rhett walked into the barn.

“Now this is a fucking perfect surprise,” Rhett said, joining them.

Jeb held her cheeks. “You are fucking gorgeous.” He pressed his mouth to hers, and she was bent over.

“This is perfection,” Rhett said, cupping her ass and then sliding a finger along her cunt.

“Oh.” She moaned as Jeb released her lips.

“Continue please while we wait our turn,” Jeb said, and she lowered her mouth to Coda’s cock and began to suck on him. Behind her, Everett stroked fingers into her pussy.

“You’re so wet. You want this. Want us to fill you up with cock and claim you, don’t you, Adalee?” Everett asked, stroking faster and then lowered down and licked and sucked her cunt and asshole. She moaned louder.

“Sweet Jesus, this mouth. Oh God, baby, I’m there already. Holy shit, Adalee,” Coda said, and then he came. She lifted up, and he kissed her hard on the mouth.

“I want a taste,” Jeb said.

“Me, too,” Rhett added, and then Coda gave her a wink.

“You okay?” Coda asked her.

“Shocked, but ready for more,” she said.

“Thank God,” Everett said, with his pants down and his cock in hand.

He moved to where Coda had been, and she immediately hugged Everett, and Coda looked at her body. She was naked, her jeans around her ankles like his were, and now Everett’s. He glanced at Jeb and Rhett. “This is it. No turning back. I want her forever,” he said, and their expressions were fierce yet agreeable.

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