Dangerous Territory (MFMM)

Slick Rock 21

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 62,250
10 Ratings (3.9)
[Siren Menage Everlasting: Cowboy Menage a Quatre Romantic Suspense Romance, MFMM, reverse harem, HEA]
Sammy Reilly is scared of men after being beaten by her ex, Todd Lowell, but when he threatens to kill her daughter, she knows it’s beyond time to leave.
Sammy ends up in Slick Rock, Colorado, and is lucky enough to acquire a job at the new library.
Maddox, Logan, and Haden Keegan know that Sammy is the woman they’ve been waiting for, but they can tell their size frightens her.
After taking a tumble in the street and being helped by the three Keegan men, she can’t help being in lust with them. However, she’s determined to ignore the sparks firing between them and her.
The three brothers are dogged in their pursuit and when Sammy sees how caring they are toward Lily, she can’t help falling in love with them.
Danger follows Sammy to Slick Rock, and when her daughter is kidnapped, she’s willing to sacrifice her own life to save her baby’s.
Will Sammy and Lily survive?
Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.
Dangerous Territory (MFMM)
10 Ratings (3.9)

Dangerous Territory (MFMM)

Slick Rock 21

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 62,250
10 Ratings (3.9)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley

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“You need to be checked out at the hospital.” Maddox frowned.

Sammy shook her head, immediately regretting it when the hammer behind her skull started pounding harder. 

“Momma hurt?” Lily placed her small hands on each of her cheeks.

She opened eyes she hadn’t realized she’d closed to meet her little girl’s scared blue-eyed gaze. Sammy forced a smile. “I’m okay, sweet pea.” She looked up into Maddox’s blue eyes, instantly wishing she hadn’t. Sammy thought she saw hungry heat in his orbs, but it was gone so fast, she thought maybe she’d imagined it. However, now that she was staring into his eyes, she felt as if he could see right into her heart and soul. She dispelled that thought with a snort.

“Haden’s here,” Logan said. “Why don’t we get you and Lily into the truck so we can take you to see a doctor?”

“No,” she answered firmly.

“No! Sammy, you’re hurt,” Maddox stated frustratedly. “We all saw you hit the ground and smack your head on the pavement. I can tell by the way you’re squinting that you’re in pain.”

“I’m not going to see a doctor,” Sammy said emphatically. Other than her head and maybe a bruise or two on her back, she felt fine. The only time she’d deign to see a medical professional was if she was on death’s door or Lily was sick. She had health insurance thanks to the library she worked for, but that wouldn’t cover the full cost of a visit to a doctor, and she couldn’t afford to fork over any of her hard-earned cash. She needed her money to pay the rent and her bills.

While she’d been lost in thought, Maddox and Logan had guided her closer to the truck idling by the curb. Haden was sitting in the driver seat frowning out at them.

“Get in, Sammy. You’re shivering with cold. If we stand out here any longer, Lily will end up getting sick.” Maddox opened the back door, stepping aside and clasping her elbow to guide her into the truck.

Normally she wouldn’t have accepted a ride home from strangers, but her head was killing her and she was freezing. She scooted across the seat toward the other side of the truck, but before she could move from the middle, Maddox was getting in beside her. She blinked as she turned her gaze to the door she’d gotten in through and started getting scared when Logan clambered in before shutting the door. Her heart pumped faster, and she began to pant with fear. What the hell had she been thinking? Mothers all over the world taught their children to be wary of strangers. To never talk to someone they didn’t know or accept rides from them. As far as she was concerned, she’d just broken a cardinal rule.

“Sammy, you’re safe with us,” Logan said in a calm voice.

“We’d never hurt you or Lily, baby,” Maddox said sincerely.

Sammy gulped. She met Haden’s eyes when he turned to look at her over his shoulder. “Thanks for the lift. We don’t live far from here.” She rattled off her address.

“We worried about you, sweetheart,” Logan said. “If you won’t let us get you some medical attention, then you’ll have to come home with us.”

“What?” she asked stridently.

“We need to keep an eye on you, Sammy,” Maddox said. “Think about Lily. What would happen to her if you’ve got a concussion and didn’t wake up?”

Her lungs deflated as she breathed out. While she was nervous around the three handsome Keegan brothers, she didn’t think they were out to hurt her or Lily. Plus, Maddox was right. If she had a concussion—which she didn’t think she did, but she was no doctor—Lily could end up being all alone for hours on end. That scenario was unthinkable.

“How about this?” Haden quirked a brow. “We’ll take you back to our ranch, and after we’ve gotten you both something to eat, you and Lily can bed down in one of the guestrooms. In the morning, if you’re okay and have no lingering side effects from your fall, we’ll bring you back home.”

“We just want to make sure you’re okay, baby,” Maddox said. “We spent eight years serving in the Marines, protecting those weaker than us and fighting for our country. Now we run a cattle ranch. We never have or would hurt a woman, child, or anyone not as strong as we are. Please, Sammy. We couldn’t live with the guilt if we took you home and something happened.”

All the nervous panic she’d been harboring deflated on her next exhalation. Lily had been quiet ever since they’d gotten into the truck. She gazed down to see her baby was watching the three men avidly. Normally, Lily shied away from men, which was understandable after the way her father used to yell and hit her mom, but she seemed completely fascinated with the three brothers. She’d met Shyann’s men, and while she didn’t shy away from them like she usually did of the opposite sex, she didn’t go out of her way to look at them. She almost always hid her face in Sammy’s chest or behind her leg if she was standing on her own.

“Where we going, Momma?” Lily asked in her sweet little girl voice.

Before she could answer Maddox started speaking. “How’d you like to come to our ranch, Lily? We can get you some dinner, and if you’re a good girl and go to sleep when your momma puts you to bed, in the morning, Logan, Haden, and I can show you the horses and the cows.”

“Horsies.” Lily clapped her hands as she bounced up and down on Sammy’s lap. “I love horsies.”




He spread his feet wider and began to drive his dick along the walls of her snug, slick cunt.

“Oh!” she cried out as the head of his cock caressed over her hot spot.

Haden retreated and shoved in deep again. Each time he withdrew and glided back into her, he increased the pace until he was shuttling his cock in and out of her hot, wet pussy, harder, faster, and deeper.

His legs began to burn and tremble because of his awkward stance, but he wasn’t about to stop. He didn’t care about a bit of discomfort. All he cared about was making Sammy come before he climaxed.

When he saw her wince as he drove in deeply again, he stopped. “What’s wrong, sweetheart? Am I being too rough? Am I hurting you?”

“No, but I’m starting to get a cramp.”

“Shit! Where, sweetheart?”

“My hip.”

Haden nodded and sighed with resignation. He eased his hard, aching cock from her pussy and lowered her feet to the floor. Keeping an arm around her waist in case she stumbled, he opened the bathroom door and guided her back to the bed. “Climb up, Sammy.”


* * * *


She crawled up onto the mattress, grimacing when the muscle in her hip spasmed.

“Lie down on your stomach, sweetheart,” Haden said.

She did as he told her and stared at him over her shoulder as he got onto the bed.

“Just lie still and relax, Sammy.”

As soon as she’d lowered her head onto her bent arms, Haden began to massage and knead the tight muscles in her hips. She groaned as he dug his fingers deep into the knots, working the tightness out of her muscles. Finally, after about five minutes, the cramp receded.

“How’s that?” Haden asked as he shifted from over her and rested against the headboard and pillows.

“Much better. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, sweetheart.” Haden lifted his arms behind his head and closed his eyes, looking relaxed enough to go to sleep.

If it hadn’t been for his erection, she would have believed him. It took her a few moments to realize that he wasn’t going to make love to her, that he was probably too worried about her getting another cramp.

Sammy wasn’t having any of that. She wanted to make love with him more than anything right now.

She pushed up to her hands and knees, hurried closer to Haden, and lifted her leg so she could straddle his lap. Wrapping her hand around his dick, she lowered herself down and took his hard cock back into her pussy. She moaned and he groaned.

He grasped her hips and stilled her as he met her eyes. “You don’t have to do that if you’re hurting, sweetheart.”

Sammy nodded. “I am hurting, Haden. I ache for you.”

“I ache for you, too, Sammy.”

Sammy braced her hands on his chest and started moving again. She rose up onto her knees, making sure his dick didn’t slip from her pussy, and then she dropped back down onto him hard and fast, gasping when he filled her full.

“Fuck!” he groaned. “So fucking good, sweetheart. Do that again.” Haden helped her move with his grip on her hips, but this time instead of just rising and lowering, she alternated between moving her hips forward and back. She undulated on him as if she was giving him a lap dance, and in essence, she was.

Every time she moved, the head of his dick rubbed over her G-spot, causing her to gasp and moan. Haden groaned and panted right along with her.

They moved together in sync like a well-oiled machine. Each time she slammed down onto him, he bowed his hips up toward hers. The head of his dick nudging against the entrance to her womb was slightly painful but felt too good to stop.

The faster she moved, the faster he did.

Her insides felt as if they’d melted long ago, and cream wept from her pussy. Pressure began to grow, and the coil inside grew tighter and tighter. Tension invaded her muscles, and this time when her hip cramped, she ignored it. She was going to finish this if it was the last thing she did.

Haden lifted his hands from her hips and cupped both of her breasts, squeezing and kneading them. He leaned up, drew one of her nipples into his mouth, and suckled firmly. Heated lava traversed her veins and blood. Her womb clenched as did her pussy, causing her to whimper and him to growl.

Sammy was so close to culmination but couldn’t seem to tip over the edge. She cried out with frustration, and just as she was about to beg Haden to do something, he wrapped his arms around her waist and rolled.

This time when he got up onto his knees, he hooked her legs over the crook of his arms and lifted them high and wide.

And then he started pounding in and out of her hard, fast, and deep.

Each time he surged in, he twisted his hips slightly, his lower belly rubbing against her clit. He drove into her three more times, and her pussy walls grew closer and closer together.

On the fourth stroke, Sammy was catapulted to the heavens. “Haden!” she gasped out. Her whole body quivered and quaked as she climaxed. White noise filled her ears, and lightning streaked in front of her eyes.

Haden shoved his dick so far into her, she was sure the head had breached her womb. “Sammy!” he roared, as he ground his hips into hers. She felt each twitch and pulse of his dick as cum jetted from the tip deep in her pussy and womb. Nirvana held her in its grip for what seemed like long blissful minutes, until finally the ecstasy began to wane.

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