Protecting Bethany (MFM)

Montana Wranglers 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,245
5 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, bondage, HEA]
Her life is a wreck, but Bethany Hanson has a plan and so far it’s working. But when the oldest Graymont brother comes home to the ranch, things start to unravel for her. Not a bad thing, especially when she finally admits to how she feels, for both brothers.
Connor and Brendan Graymont have ranching in their blood. While Connor made the ranch his career, Brendan followed his love of the law to a different path and a career putting the bad guys behind bars. But there really is no place like home. With vacation time at hand, Brendan comes back to where his heart has always been and finds even more than he expected.
With Connor and Brendan at her side, Bethany can close off one chapter of her life and start a fresh one with the men she loves. A rancher’s life is never easy, but when you have the best partners around anything and everything is possible.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Honor James is a Siren-exclusive author.
Protecting Bethany (MFM)
5 Ratings (4.0)

Protecting Bethany (MFM)

Montana Wranglers 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,245
5 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
An average book
Another great book from Honor!!!




Seeing both Graymont brothers back at their father’s farm had her heart racing. Knowing how close that they were had her panting. They had recognized her at Patty’s wedding but thank Jesus and lots of her training that they didn’t recognize her now. Heavens she was sure that even Patty wouldn’t recognize her, and hadn’t when Bethany had showed her the disguise that she was using.

She heard Mr. Graymont calling out to her and took in a deep breath. Damn. That was so not what she wanted. One thing about the patriarch of the Graymont family was that the man could scent when someone was interested in one of his progeny, it didn’t help her that she was in love with both of the man’s sons. Yep, she was worried.

“Did you need me Mr. Graymont?” she asked demurely as she stepped into the office and closed the door at her back. The shoes she was in added to her height, the padding in her clothing made her seem as if she were larger than she was and she was thankful for them but also hating them all the same. She hated them at this moment because she could feel the sweat trickling down her back from the padding.

“Come on in and take a seat, kiddo.” Daniel’s eyes watched every move that the petite young woman made and when she eased into a large leather seat in front of him he began. “So you looked much better at Patty’s wedding, Bethany.” His grizzly smile was there and he waved his hands to her when she popped up to race away. “Don’t you even move. I mean it or I am going to tell my boys just who you are and have them have this talk with you. Now I knew when Patty asked me to hire you on that you weren’t what you seemed but this old man here didn’t put it together till I saw you at my girls’ weddings. That’s when it hit me who you were.” His eyes grew soft. “I’m so sorry about your momma passing. She was truly a good woman just like my wife. Your father though, sorry, girl, but he’s a right bastard.”

“You’re telling me,” she whispered.

“Now then. I think that it’s time for the two of us to talk while my boys are out on the range checking over the cattle and on a fence that I had Blake pull down last night so we would have some time to talk. What’s going on? And don’t say nothing because there is no other reason why you would be in padded clothing and ridiculous shoes that make you look taller so talk.”

“Yes sir.” Bethany folded her hands in her lap and fidgeted. Finally she knew that only the truth would be acceptable to this man. Patty knew everything as did her new husbands and they had all warned her that Daniel would find her out but she was so certain he wouldn’t. He hadn’t seen her in years after all.

“Well you know that I was always painfully shy in school right?” she asked softly, not really asking for an answer but asking the question all the same. “I was skipped ahead a couple of grades which is why I was in Patty’s grade even when I’m a couple years younger than her.” She licked her lips and shifted slightly. “What you don’t know was that my father was even more of a, well mean man, than you think.” She couldn’t quite bring herself to curse in front of Daniel Graymont, she respected him far too much for that.

“When mom died her inheritance reverted to me. Everything. The ranch, the bank accounts, everything. The sperm donor didn’t know this and honestly I don’t think mom did either. This was something that grandfather Mason built into his wills.” Her mother’s father. She recalled him fondly. He had died when Bethany had been five and her father had refused to allow her and her mother to attend his funeral. Instead her mother took, no she wouldn’t think about that.

“When he found that out he was furious. Viciously and murderously furious. Oh I have no doubt at all that he would have killed me on site but for the fact that if I died as well and mom had no other children then everything went to charity. Every. Single. Dime. Including the ranch.” The Mason Ranch was as massive as the Graymont Ranch but they not only bred horses and cattle but she had learned later that there was oil in the ground, a lot of it from what she heard.

“Since I was home for mom’s funeral he decided that I wouldn’t go back to my life. He decided that I should instead be of use to him. Oh, don’t get me wrong I refused. At first.” She shivered. “He had my entire home packed up including all of my cameras and brought them to the ranch. One night while I was tied to a chair he forced me to watch as he burnt everything. He even tossed my fish in there,” she whispered with tears trailing down her cheeks. “I know, silly to cry over goldfish but they were mine. Granted they were dead because whoever packed didn’t think that the water would warm or cool. But whatever.” She was fixating and that wasn’t good.

“He laughed and told me that if I didn’t comply with his wishes my cat would be next and then after that he would start in on the people I loved, including Patty,” she whispered.




He was at her shoulders now, nibbling on her skin as he brushed her hair out of the way to nip at her throat gently.

“Mmm I love how that sounds.” She turned her head and looked at him. Smiling she licked her lips. “I do love you, Brendan. I always have and I always will. Now then, how about you kiss me? Maybe get nekkid yourself?” she teased, mostly.

Leaning over her he gave her a kiss, slow and gentle. It was a little awkward but they got the job done. Then he drew back and slid off the bed. He was out of her line of sight but she could hear things hitting the floor. “Bethany, darling,” he said. Right before he picked up her foot. “What is this?” he asked softly.

She knew that he had found the infinity tattoo she had on her foot and smiled. “I’ve always loved you both.” Their names and hers were worked into the bends of the infinity symbol with “Graymont” stylized over the top of it. It was a beautiful tattoo, if she said so herself. “It’s the only place where no one would see it. So it’s there to remind me that no matter where my feet might take me, I will always love the two of you.”

She felt his lips on her skin before he let her foot drop to the bed. “It’s beautiful,” he said, his voice rougher and deeper than before. “Just like you are,” he told her. She felt the bed dip under his weight and the brush of his thigh, his naked thigh, to her hip.

“I’m very glad that you like it.” She hoped that Connor would as well, but that was for her to find out another time. Right now was time with Brendan. “You are so hard, so hot.” He was too, his cock pressed against her thigh and he was so very hard and his entire body seemed to be heated up as well. She liked it. A lot.

“I think it’s time to flip you over,” he said softly. That said he rolled her and moved her up closer to the headboard. The shirt holding her there was snug but definitely didn’t hurt her, it just kept her from moving her hands. “Wow,” he said, sliding a hand down her chest and over her belly to stop just before reaching her pussy.

Bethany lifted her ass just a bit. “Do you like it? I took some extra time grooming today knowing, well hoping that we would be just where we are now.” Her pubic hair held a small heart, barely covering her just as she intended. “I had thought of going completely bare but I wanted to have a bit of something there so that you would know just how I felt.”

His finger lightly traced the outline of the heart and smiled. “Oh, hell yeah, I definitely like,” he said softly. Still smiling at her he leaned down until she could feel his breath on her mostly bared pussy. Then he dropped a kiss to the little heart and nuzzled at her lower belly.

Her hands were trapped so she couldn’t touch him but she could lift her leg and caress his perfect ass with her foot. “I really think that you should see about making me even wetter so that you can slide into me. I am desperate here. Needy and heavens help you I’m about to chew off my own arm just so I can attack you.”

He laughed at that, lifting his head so she could see his smile. “There is no need for that, darling. Besides,” he tipped his head and smirked. “I like seeing you tied up to my bed. I’ve been imagining it for a damn long time.”

That had her grinning. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to be tied up in your bed. The fantasies that I’ve had are just so not right.” She’s wanted both men to tie her up, blindfold her and do unspeakable things to her, things that would have her screaming in pleasure.

That brought his brows down in a frown. “Why would they not be right?” he asked. Okay, really, with Brendan it was more of a demand. “Bethany, talk to me,” he said. All the while he was still teasing the little tuft of perfectly groomed hair she’d left on her pussy. And that was all he was doing, damn him!

“Gods.” She moaned. “I want you. I want both you and Connor to tie me to your bed. Blindfold me and then tease me. Me never knowing which of you was where, who was going to touch me next, taste me next. I know that is an odd and off the wall desire especially with all that I’ve been through but I trust the two of you. I always have and I always will.”

“Good,” he said softly. Dropping a kiss to her hip he brushed his fingers down her pussy slowly. “Because you also know that we’d never do anything you didn’t want us to do. All you’d ever have to do is say one word to have us stopping. You’re ours, Bethany,” he said nipping at her thigh lightly.

She nodded. “I know. I am yours. Both of yours. I’ve been waiting for this day for far, far too long. I know that neither of you would ever hurt me. I trust you. Both of you. You are the reason I survived. But enough of that. Right now I just need you loving me.”

Apparently that was good enough for him. He pressed her legs apart and brushed his lips to her pussy. “Hold on,” he said, a grin on his lips. A flick of his tongue over her pussy was just the start of things to come, quickly followed by him spreading her wide with his thumbs and devouring her.

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