[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, dragon shifters, public exhibition, voyeurism]

Austin Lung was more than willing to lend a helping hand to his friend Gabriel, especially since it meant freeing abused men from a sex slave ring. When one man asks Austin to take him home, he can't help but agree. Garreck Hawes has known no other life—he barely remembers a time before he was a sex slave. Now, all he knows is that he wants to follow his handsome rescuer home. If that means Dante comes too, so be it. As a sex slave, Dante Hammerstone has done things he wishes he could forget. The only thing that has made it worthwhile was knowing he was protecting Garreck when he could, even if it meant taking his place. After a rash of unexpected complications and broken promises, will they run from each other—or will they take the chance that love could be behind the walls they've built?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Their Dragon (MMM)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
As always, I love what Ms Flynn writes and this is just another series added to my collection by her. I loved these characters and their stories. Only problem with it is the sideline stories going on and I hope she brings more information about those stories soon. In this particular story, I loved the bodyguards, Tiny and Wolf, and hope we get a story in the future about those two, even if it's not part of this series. I can't wait til the next book comes out of this series so hopefully she doesn't keep us waiting long!
great series looking for more
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"Dismantling a sex slave ring is a satisfying way to spend a day and dragon shifter Austin Lung is happy to help his good friend Gabriel Panlong and others rescue the poor humans who’ve been enslaved. Among the humans a small male attaches himself to Austin and won’t let go. When Austin agrees to take Garreck Hawes with him another one, Dante Hammerstone also asks to go home with them. The two humans have literally gone through hell. Austin vows to get them back on their feet and on their way. Surprisingly Garreck doesn’t want to leave Austin and Dante won’t leave without Garreck. Austin is drawn to both men, but after what they’ve gone through he tries his best to leave them alone. Misunderstandings and poor communication soon make a hash of everyone’s good intentions which leaves tender hearts and confusion in its wake. Trying to unravel the mistakes they’ve each made will take time and love. Of course, just when things are getting better something else throws them in a tailspin. It would be nice to have a moment or two to figure things out before another catastrophe occurs to the three men falling in love with each other. Sexual hijinks and emotional issues go hand in hand with hasty decisions and frustrating choices in Their Dragon. This world will never be the same once the North American Dragons tell their latest story in Their Dragon, book 3 in this inventive series. Austin has little self confidence when it comes to relationships because of a past lover while Garreck and Dante are dealing with the ramifications of being sexual slaves. Everything boils down to not listening to each other in Their Dragon. Engaging characters, an original plot, and horny men combine to make Their Dragon an enjoyable story to curl up and read." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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“You got it, man.” Gabriel clapped him on the back, and Austin went to start talking to the masses. “Who has a family to go home to and can without needing medical attention?”

Several hands went in the air, and he gestured them to move off to the side. Then he called a human contact of his who ran a hotel in Portland and explained the situation. The guy assured Austin that he’d take care of them and give them all rooms, food, and a chance to clean up before helping them with their travel arrangements. After rattling off his credit card number for all of it, he returned to the group.

“I have a guy you can trust who’s sending a few taxis for you guys, okay? He runs a hotel in Portland, and you can rest, recoup a couple of nights before heading home. Does anyone have any questions?”

“What about clothes?” a smaller man asked, and Austin saw the poor kid was wearing nothing but a pair of tattered boxers.

“He’ll see to that when you guys get there,” he replied gently as he reached out to cup the man’s cheek. “I’m going to give you some money for traveling expenses to get home, but the hotel, clothes, food, and everything else he’s going to put on my credit card. Don’t worry about the money, just take care of yourselves. He has my cell number if you guys need anything.”

“Thank you,” the kid said as his eyes filled with tears. Austin nodded, his throat clogging up with emotion. He quickly divided up the money he had while his friends did the same.

“That’s all we can do, Austin,” Skylar said gently before going to talk with the others who needed a doctor or had nowhere to go.

“Can I come home with you?” someone asked softly in a musical voice that filled Austin with a strange peace. He turned and gasped at the beauty who’d spoken to him.

“Do you not have a family to go back to?”

“No, no one wants me,” the small twink answered. “Do you want me?”

“More than you know,” Austin thought to himself before answering aloud. “You are more than welcome at my home, sweetheart. What’s your name?”

“Garreck Hawes,” he answered and threw himself into Austin’s arms. “I’ll do anything you want, just don’t leave me alone or make me leave.”

“It’s okay, Garreck, you’re safe now.”

“I go where he goes,” a small, but larger guy than Garreck, said firmly.

“Does Dante have to come with us?” Garreck asked, glancing over his shoulder. “He doesn’t like me.”

“That’s not true,” Dante answered, his eyes filling with a deep grief that Austin didn’t understand.

“Let’s get you guys cleaned up, fed, and then we can figure the rest out, okay?” Austin asked, not wanting issues but knowing this wasn’t the time or place to discuss this. Both men nodded, and Garreck held his hand tightly as he led them over to his luxury sedan. Austin was a car whore, and he totally knew it and embraced it. His 2010 BMW M sedan was his newest acquisition.

“You rich?” Dante asked bluntly as he stood by the back door as Austin helped Garreck into the front seat. “I don’t want to mess up your nice leather. We’re both pretty dirty.”

“Don’t worry about it,” he replied gently, giving the twink a wide smile. “Worst case, I can get it cleaned next oil change. You guys are more important than a dirty car.”

“Thank you,” Garreck said and kissed him on the cheek before climbing into the car. Austin stood there for a moment, holding his cheek like a lovesick teenager while they buckled up. Shaking himself out of it, he jogged around front, waved to his other friends, and got in. “Do you live close?”

“Yeah, I’m about twenty minutes away in Portland West Hills.”

Dante let out a low whistle as Garreck turned to look at him with raised eyebrows. “It means our savior is loaded, baby. You pretty much have to make six figures just to drive through there.”

“Don’t call me that,” Garreck mumbled as he turned around. Austin was pretty sure Dante hadn’t heard him, but he had since dragons had amazing hearing.

“When we get there, my housekeeper, Kelley, will get your guys whatever you need, okay? Just tell her your sizes, what you like, and she’ll go shopping after she gets you some food and sets you up in one of the guest rooms.”

“Who are you?” Dante asked, his voice low and full of awe. Austin wanted to smack himself in the forehead. Little things like his name might be a good idea since he was bringing them to his house.

“Sorry, I’m Austin Lung. I got Garreck’s name, but I didn't catch your full name.”

“Dante Hammerstone. Nice to meet you and thanks for the rescue,” he answered. Austin just nodded as they drove along. “Never met a dragon before. It was wicked cool the way you took those guys out like that.”

“A dragon?” Garreck asked, biting his lower lip in an adorable way that made Austin want to lick it. “Is that like a gang or something?”

“No, I’m a dragon shape-shifter,” Austin said slowly as he glanced at Dante in the review mirror. The other man raised an eyebrow but then shrugged. “You know the war that was going on and why there are so few female humans?”

“No,” he replied, shaking his head. “I don’t really know much about anything. They’ve had me for so long I pretty much grew up there. It’s not like they let us watch TV or anything.”

“Good point. Well, I want you to not be afraid of me, okay?”

“You are not going to hurt us, you’re the good guy,” Garreck said firmly and took his hand. He couldn’t get over the way this gorgeous man was immediately trusting him.




He shimmied out of his shorts and gave his cock a few strokes before turning around and laying over Austin’s desk. For the cherry on top, he reached back and pulled the cheeks of his ass apart so the big dragon could see he was slicked up and ready to go.

“Uh-huh,” Austin said, his voice going lower as he gave several other grunts of agreement. Garreck felt a thrill go through him when he felt the man’s hand running up his thigh and then cupping his ass cheek. “Look, just get it done however you need to. I have to go.”

“I didn’t mean to interrupt,” he purred as Austin hung up the phone. “I just wanted to give you an afternoon snack.”

“You did too mean to interrupt.” Austin chuckled as both of his hands touched Garreck. “You are killing my control here, sweetheart. I wanted to go slow with you, seduce you like you deserve.”

“Seduce me later, fuck me now,” Garreck whimpered, his ass clenching at the idea of the god of a man taking him. Austin had to be at least six-five and three hundred pounds of solid muscle. He had these curious lavender eyes and shiny, dark blond hair that he kept about ear length. And Garreck wanted him like he’d never wanted another man before.

“How can I deny such an offering?” Austin groaned as Garreck winked at him over his shoulder. He wanted to do a triumphant happy dance when Austin lost the shirt and unzipped his cargo pants. He just about swallowed his tongue when he saw the pole Austin had for a cock that would be in his ass shortly. “Is this how you want our first time together, sweetheart? Wouldn’t you prefer a nice soft bed?”

“No, you’re busy working. Now is just a treat, tonight we can explore and taste each other.”

“Fuck, you’re lubed and stretched,” Austin hissed as he slid two fingers in Garreck’s ass. He moaned and pushed back on the fingers, begging for more.

“I told you. I’m here for an afternoon delight to give you a taste before you become addicted to me,” he said seductively.

“I have a feeling I will become just that,” he mumbled as he pulled his fingers out. Then Garreck took a deep breath as he felt the dragon’s cock pushing against him. “I’ll go slow until you get used to my size.”

“Oh, that just earned you a blow job later for being so sweet.”

“Good to know you reward kindness.” Austin snickered and pushed in.

Garreck moaned and whimpered, making sure to let Austin know that he liked it as the man worked his massive cock into his hole. It took a bit, but then finally Austin was all the way inside of him, and Garreck sighed with contentment that his plan had worked.

“I’m going to start needing to wear a plug to keep myself ready for you,” he said firmly as he pushed back against Austin, letting him know he was ready.

“Would you do that for me, sweetheart?” Austin purred as he leaned over Garreck’s back and kissed his shoulder. “Do you really want me to be yours that much? Or do you just want anyone who will take care of you?”

“I’ve had others offer to buy me from the men who held us,” he answered honestly. “I didn’t want them the way I want you, Austin. I was waiting for someone who wanted me for more than my hole to let keep me. You are a good person. It’s not about the money you have, or that you could take care of me. You want to take care of me, and not as your toy.”

“No, not my toy,” Austin whispered as he picked up the pace. Garreck turned his head as he braced his hands on the desk so he could get a kiss. Austin gave him a quick one, nibbling on his bottom lip as he started slamming into his ass. “You like this, sweetheart? Is this good enough sex to keep me? Am I passing your audition?”

“With flying colors,” he groaned and reached down to stroke his cock. Garreck had never been with someone who’d filled him so completely. And it wasn’t just that Austin’s cock was big… he knew how to use it. That, and he took caution and was careful with Garreck to not hurt him. “How am I doing?”

“You feel like heaven. I’m already getting close, and it’s been so long for me.”

Garreck smiled at the knowledge, shivering when Austin licked his neck where it met his shoulder. He’d never been into biting, but damn, did he want this man to leave a mark on him. As if he’d heard Garreck’s thoughts, Austin ran his teeth over his skin.

“Do it, mark me as yours,” Garreck panted, and that must have set Austin off. He started pounding into Garreck so hard that they were moving the desk an inch at a time across the floor. Austin snarled loudly behind him, fucking him like an animal before sinking his teeth into Garreck’s shoulder. “Holy fuck!”

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