Feathers and Filth (MM)

Midnight Matings 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 36,489
54 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, public exhibition, HEA]

What happens at the UPAC conference if the guests don’t drink the bespelled toast? The elders thought up a backup plan… They can’t leave without a mating seal.

Fabian Norris snuck away from his overbearing aunt to have a little fun and meet some new people. When he sees an attractive smaller man, he worries someone might take advantage of him in all the chaos, and his protective instincts take over.

Magnus Duffy has a hatred of ogres that affects his very soul. A giant could be okay, though, if he comes in the package of Fabian, but when Magnus learns the truth of his mate’s species, the past comes back to ruin the happiness he finally thought possible.

Can these two men overcome something so dire that UPAC steps in to dissolve their mating? Or will they fight like they’ve never had to for the one they want?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Feathers and Filth (MM)
54 Ratings (4.4)

Feathers and Filth (MM)

Midnight Matings 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 36,489
54 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I really enjoy the Midnight Matings series. These are all clever stories. This book is no exception. It's an easy read, fun and sweet. Some hot parts, too.
I have read this whole series and find it fun but I must admit this is the first one that I want this oarticular story to continue. There is more,
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4 RINGS: "This story gave an interesting twist to the UPAC conference because even though Magnus and Fabian didn’t drink the spiked wine, they were still made to abide by the rules. You have to give the conference leaders kudos for covering all the angles even though what they did was not really fair to the members. It was wonderful how Fabian and Magnus’s attraction began without any outside interference, but their secrets did catch up with them in the end causing them to question their attraction. Fabian’s ability to understand and accept Magnus’s actions in the past without blaming him was incredible. Fabian’s large and in charge aunt was a breath of fresh air as she bowled over any opposition in her way, while also showing that her actions, however sometimes misguided and confused, were always in Fabian’s best interest." -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

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New Page 1



Where was the man in the cowboy hat? Someone could hurt him or force him to mate since he was smaller. I couldn’t let that happen.

Turning left and looking down another hallway, I saw him just in time before he slipped into another room. I followed him like a moth to a flame. After I quietly opened the same door and stepped inside I closed it behind me and locked it. Then I thought about how that looked. I wasn’t locking the door because I was going to forcibly keep him inside with me… I wanted to keep everyone else out.

After the bomb the elders dropped there would be a lot of pissed-off people looking to take their anger out on the closest person. Or just biting whoever so they had a mate and wouldn’t go feral. Either way, I could protect the stranger I was following better if we at least had a locked door as a barrier.

I turned to face him, to explain what I was doing, and gasped. He had earbuds in and was dancing, oblivious that I was even there. He was gorgeous. There was no other word for it. The way his body moved was fluid and graceful in a way that I could never even hope to be. He tapped his heel and spun before crossing his legs in a side step and clapping. It hit me then, he was country line dancing.

If I wasn’t so enamored with his moves I might have laughed at the absurdity. This castle was erupting into chaos, and here he was dancing like nothing was going on. I moved closer, my ears perking to try and catch the song. It was Big & Rich’s “Fake ID.” He spun around in a turn, stomping the heel of his boot, and froze.

“Please don’t stop,” I said quietly when he pulled out his earbuds. “You’re beautiful.”

“Yeah, I get that a lot,” he mumbled, eyeing me over apprehensively. “So you like to look at me and decided to try and claim me, right? That’s why you followed me in here? No witnesses to what you’re planning.”

“What? No!” I gasped, holding my hands out in surrender as if that would help or something. “I saw you in the ballroom and thought you were hot. I just wanted to maybe talk to you, but then the elders told everyone what they did with the drinks and I saw you trying to leave. I thought it was a good idea and did the same. But when I heard the ballroom erupt into howls and yelling, well, I, um, kinda got worried someone might take advantage of you.”

“So instead you decided to stalk me?” He looked past me to the door. “And lock me in the room with you.”

“Yes, but no.” I rubbed my hands over my face in frustration. This wasn’t going well, as usual when I tried to talk to attractive men. “I wanted to lock everyone else out so maybe they’d skip this room. It’ll be easier to protect you if not every idiot looking for a mate barges into here.”

“Protect me,” he repeated as he stepped closer. “Why would you protect me? Why do you care if someone claims me?”

“I–I’m not s–sure,” I stuttered, digging a deeper hole and looking like a loser. “It seemed the right thing to do. I mean, you caught my eye, but then I worried because you’re not a big guy.” Then I tried a joke. “I don’t have anywhere to be just now so it’s something to do.”

“Don’t you need to find a mate?” He looked less frightened and worried, simply curious.

“I didn’t drink the toast,” I admitted with a shrug. “They wouldn’t tell me what’s in it and I have some severe allergies. So I spilled it on the floor.”

“Then we might be the two luckiest guys in the castle.” He chuckled. “I don’t drink so I set mine on a ledge and didn’t have it either.”

“Oh, well, that’s good for you. I wouldn’t want you to lose your bird.” Then I decided to sit at the couch over by him, close enough so I didn’t have to yell across the room, but not pushing his personal space. He shocked me by doing the same and plopping down next to me.

“Yeah, I like my bird,” he agreed with a slight smile. “I think it’s so cool how some can just smell what type of shifter people are. Birds don’t have a great sense of smell, so mine is just like a human’s.” He paused and looked me over again. “What are you? The only people I’ve ever seen as big as you were dirty, asshole ogres. Tell me you’re not one of them. You’re too hot to be one of those.”

I was. I was an ogre, but somehow I didn’t want to be right then if he didn’t like them. So I did something horrible… I lied. “I’m a giant.” It was true, ogres were a type of giant just like sprites were a type of fae. But it was still a lie. “When I shift I’m over ten feet tall.”

“You must be a very big boy then,” he purred, his iridescent green-blue eyes considering me in a very different way.

“Um, I think so. Not had too much reason to be naked with other men to compare.” I groaned at how I sounded. Nice way to say I was a virgin at twenty-five. He snickered and I shook my head. “I didn’t mean it like that. I just meant I was homeschooled so I didn’t have any locker-room experiences.”

“Too bad, those are always fun with the right person.”

“Are you always this forward?” His hand was already on my jean-covered thigh and while I liked the contact, I was sweating buckets with nerves. Always attractive.




“What do you want? Tell me what you want right now, Fabian, besides to make me happy. Are you ready for sex?” His eyes snapped up from my groin to my eyes and I knew the answer. No. “That’s what I mean, my mate. Not like this. I don’t want you to have sex with me just because you think it’s what you need to do to keep me. I want us to have sex because it’s time and we’re both ready. Do you understand?”

He bit his lip and nodded, looking back where his big hand was stroking my cock. “I do want this. I want us. I just need to work up and have something real instead of just sex.”

“I’d like that, too. I’ve never had a boyfriend or a mate and I want to experience it all with you, too. Sound like a plan?”

“Oh yeah,” he moaned as he leaned down and kissed me. He was careful not to smash me and keep his hand moving. It didn’t take long until I was making happy noises and ready to blow.

“Please, Fabian, please!” I cried out as I stared at him. I realized he didn’t know what I wanted and I was too on edge to be subtle. “Finger my hole. Get it wet and push your finger inside me.” He nodded as he sucked on the index finger of his free hand. Then I spread my legs apart, flipping one over the back of couch wantonly and exposing all I had to offer him.

“Gods, you are beautiful,” he whispered in awe. “Tell me if I’m too rough.”

“I like rough,” I moaned as the pad of his finger pushed inside. “Yeah, that’s it, baby, please your mate. Show me how good you can make me feel and who I belong to.”

“I love that you talk so dirty.” Man, if he thought that was dirty, I had a lot more in store for him.

“Faster, Fabian.” He did, his eyes watching what he was doing. He got his hand and finger in a perfect, fast, and hard rhythm and I blew. I screamed out his name as cum shot out of my cock, hitting me in the chest and some getting on Fabian’s shirt.

“Did that feel as good as it looked?” he asked when I was done. My mate was trying to fake being seductive, but I could see the insecurity lingering behind his eyes.

“Baby, that’s the best hand job I’ve ever gotten.” I wasn’t lying. He was so in tune with my body, focusing on my every nerve and need that I’d never blown like that before. “You made me make a mess.”

“I did,” he said proudly. “I can clean you up.”

“I think we should clean up together,” I purred, eyeing my big man over. “That was a long flight and I could use a nice hot shower.”

“Yes please.” I was instantly up in Fabian’s arms and telling him where to go. He set me on the counter and started the shower before getting naked in record time. My cock perked right back up when I got my first chance to see all that glorious skin. Damn, my mate was fine.

“I think I need to show you some more naked fun that’s not sex,” I said with an evil smile. He nodded and lifted me back into his arms. “Lean my shoulders against the tile.” He did as I wanted and I moved so our groins were touching just right. “Now wrap that big hand around both of our dicks and jack us off. We’ll blow together this time.”

He nodded as he panted, getting right to work. In no time we were screaming each other’s names and shooting our loads all over each other. When we were done he lowered me to my feet and we started washing. We were almost done when I felt his soapy hand cleaning my groin. Then I couldn’t behave anymore.

“Ready for more fun, baby?” I asked seductively.

“I did good enough to move onto the next step?” he teased, feeling more confident now.

“Oh yeah,” I moaned, taking the soap from him and setting it on the ledge.

“Yes, I want more.” His breath was hot against my neck and I shivered.

“Move your cock between the cheeks of my soaped-up ass. Dry hump me while you touch me, Fabian.”

“I love your ideas,” he moaned as he did as I asked.

He wrapped one arm around my chest, plucking my nipples as his other hand cupped my sac. I pushed my hips back against him, and we met thrust for thrust. It wasn’t as good as I knew feeling him inside of me would be but it was a close second. And if this was all he was ready for, I would gladly enjoy it and thank him for trusting me.

“Good?” He grunted in my neck. “You like this?”

“Oh yeah,” I moaned as I moved my hand over his that was on my balls. “Squeeze them, baby. Fondle your mate until I shoot again.”

“Are you really mine, Magnus? Please tell me now if you’re not because I don’t know how to do anything halfway.”

“What?” I gasped, not sure what he was trying to say and not having enough blood left in my brain to try to figure it out.

“If you’re not really mine and fully in this, I need to know now. I won’t just tread cautiously here. I’ve already given you all of me. I’m yours. I need to know if you’re not in this or you’ll shatter me.”

“I’m in this, baby,” I moaned, connecting what he was saying now. “I’m not a cheater. We’re in this together.”

“Thank you,” he whispered and thrust faster.

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