Fur and Flightless (MM)

Chicagoland Collection 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,783
121 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, werewolves, public exhibition, sex toys]

The Gathering is called. The spell is cast. There is no escaping the Midnight Matings.

The chaos of the Midnight Matings continues. Everyone attending the UPAC Conference has twenty-four hours to claim a mate of a different species or risk going feral. Here Lys finds himself bitten by a werewolf who has mistaken him for a woman. Something that, regrettably, can’t be undone.

Lys Wolf is a penguin shifter whose mechanical genius brought him wealth but not respect from his family. All he wants is to meet a mate that will cherish him for who he is.

Rip Corbin is an Alpha werewolf whose dominant ways make it difficult for him to empathize with others. Also, he has always believed himself to be straight. All of this makes it difficult for him to accept Lys as his new mate.

Will Rip be able to move past his problems and be a true mate, or will Lys find a way to end their bond forever?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Fur and Flightless (MM)
121 Ratings (4.6)

Fur and Flightless (MM)

Chicagoland Collection 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,783
121 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I love this story!!
Okie girl 76
Lloved this book. Two who start out hating the situation turn out to be perfect.
Professional Reviews

GoldenAngel.jpg5 ANGELS: "Form the start, this book rocked, holding the reader spellbound as the emotional turmoil between Lys and Rip never let up. It was terrible how Rip's immediate anger towards Lys reinforced his belief that no one could ever love him. The distain and nasty way Lys's parents treated him was disgusting, but when Rip stood up to defend Lys, it proved that he was loved. Rip never knew love or kindness as a child so Lys's emotions left him bewildered, but once he decided to make his mating real, nothing held him back from showing Lys how he felt. It was fascinating how the wolf pack reacted to having prey living in their pack. When one of the youngsters lost control around Lys, all heck broke loose with Rip standing between the pack and his mate. So far, this is the most captivating of the Midnight Matings books that I have read. Keep them coming!" -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

4 STARS: "What do you do when you are a heterosexual male and you accidently mate with another man but don't realize it until it's too late? What do you do when you are a predator and realize you just mated prey? FUR AND FLIGHTLESS, the 12th installment in the Midnight Matings series, is the story that answers those questions. Rip is a capital "A" Alpha wolf and completely heterosexual. Imagine his surprise when the pretty little thing with the ghetto booty he just mated turns out to be a man. Not just any man, but a twink who is also a penguin shifter. Needless to say he is not happy and wants nothing to do with the man he just claimed. He is an ALPHA; he can't be mated to something he would rather eat than talk to. Lys is still trying to absorb what the Elders said when he is grabbed from behind and bit. While still in shock, his new mate starts spouting filthy homophobic remarks that hurt him more than he thought possible. Even though he is a mechanical genius who brings in a lot of money for his colony, his parents think he is a freak and are glad to be rid of him. Is finding someone to love and protect him too much to ask? Ok, let me just start by saying that I HATED Rip for the first half of this book. He is mean and hurtful and an all-around asshole. I felt a lot of sympathy for Lys and it broke my heart every time Rip said something to him. He didn't ask Rip to mate him and the way he is treated isn't fair. I really didn't know if Ms. Flynn could change my mind about Rip. It wasn't easy and it took a lot of work which added depth to the story and gave it more character. This story also lets us know that not all of the Elders care about everyone in their species or have open minds sexually, which gave it a very real feel. There was a lot more to this book then just a funny story about opposites attracting. I enjoyed it and hope that Ms. Flynn will revisit this couple." -- Tyra Berger, The Romance Reviews

4 CUPS: "Lysander is doing his duty and minding his own business when someone suddenly claims him and thinks he is a woman. There is no way he can stay mated to an alpha. Rip is appalled by his claiming a man. However, once he gets used to the idea he wants Lys forever, but the end of forever may be right around the corner. Can the predator and the prey find common ground and accept what fate has given them? Will death be the only way out? Or is there another way? The spell has been cast and now it is do or die time; the paranormal community will never be the same. The Midnight Matings series offers up a plethora of sexy men to sate anyone's wildest fantasies. Fur and Flightless offers a unique taste with a shifter penguin. Penguins are so sweet, but Lysander is sweet enough to satisfy and cause an ache. Living among the predators in his mate's pack provides an endless bounty of scenes with Lysander running for his life and Rip chasing after him. I fell in love with all the characters and find this an excellent addition to the Midnight Matings Series." -- Delane, Coffee Time Romance

"At this gathering of paranormals the Elders take matters into their own hands to ensure integration of the different factions. A magical spell forces everyone to find a mate and bond or else. After hearing the Elders proclamation Alpha Ripley ‘Rip’ Corbin grabs the female right in front of him and bites her neck though she’s fighting his assault the entire time. Imagine the homophobe’s surprise when the long haired, bubble bottomed newly claimed mate turns around and it’s a man. Billionaire, techie whiz penguin shifter Lysander ‘Lys’ Wolf is furious and dismayed all at the same time from being mated without his consent. To make matters worse Rip is yelling scathing, obnoxious comments though it’s not Lys’s fault that the Alpha mated him. Lys decides that he’d rather go feral than spend another moment with a bigot. This is one mating that doesn’t stand a chance, or so it seems…With the patience of a saint and the inner kindness of a pure soul Lys changes a rude Alpha into someone special in Fur and Flightless. It is very difficult to like Rip because of all the idiot remarks even though we know forgiveness and miscommunication are the point of Fur and Flightless. Well, maybe it is redemption that is the point here. Whatever the case, Lys is the best penguin shifter you will ever meet!" -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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“Blah, blah, blah, blah-dee da,” the Elders rambled on. I internally groaned and wondered if they realized they sounded like the mom in Charlie Brown. The things I did to avoid the blind dates my parents set up for me. I swear! How many people traveled all the way to Scotland for a boring UPAC conference to ditch a setup? Yeah, but that was how badly the dates normally went, so this was worth it really.

Even if I was at the last one. But, on the bright side, I was attending my one per decade and wouldn’t have to worry about next conference. I’d try sitting my parents down again and explaining I was gay if I thought it would do any good. Each time they looked further down their noses at me and doubled their efforts to get me married off. I wondered if they offered anyone a goat for me?

I heard several gasps around me. Shit! Maybe I should be paying attention?

“Now, children, good luck. We expect to see each of you in twenty-four hours. May your hunt be successful.” The Elder had a little smirk on his face as they all turned and left the stage.

Hunt? Damn my ADD tendencies!

“You’ll do, sweetheart,” a voice growled over my shoulder and wrapped an arm around my waist. “I like a woman with some junk in her trunk.”

“Hey!” I yelled and went to turn around to blast him. I wasn’t sure if I was more upset he thought I was a woman, which actually happened way too often, or that he basically said I had a fat ass!

He grabbed a handful of my long black hair and roughly pulled my head to the side. Before I could yell, fight, or do anything as I was plastered to the mammoth chest behind me…the fucker sank his canines in my neck. I cried out and came in my jeans as fast as someone snapping their fingers. Oh goodie, this just kept getting better and better!

“Baby, I’m going to take you places you never dreamed existed,” the massive man purred as he licked his bite closed. “You’re a lucky woman.”

“Charming,” I mumbled and elbowed him in the gut as I stomped on his foot.

“Oh, I like feisty,” he chuckled. The asshole actually laughed like I was prey! Okay, so I was a prey animal, but that was beside the point.

“Un-fucking-real,” a guy in front of us laughed, his face bright red as he grabbed his side.

“What’s your issue, Jensen?” my douche-bag suitor snarled.

“Mr. Homophobe claimed a man,” his friend said and then burst into peals of laughter.

“What!” my attacker bellowed and spun me around. “You’re not a girl. You looked like a girl. Hell, you smell like a girl. You have long girly hair and a ghetto booty. You’re not a girl. How can you not be a girl? How the fuck are you not a girl? I can’t mate a fag!”

“Charming,” I hissed, shaking with anger, rage…and hurt. I didn’t care if he was six-five, ripped, dark, and handsome, I was out of there. Quicker than he could follow I pulled the dagger my grandfather gave me long ago out of my boot and cut his arm. He let me go, and I ran.

“Well you better go get him,” Jensen said firmly. “You’ve already bitten him. You won’t get another mate now that you started the claiming process on one. Alpha—”

I tuned out then. Great, he was an Alpha, and if I had to guess from all the growling, I’d have said wolf. Yeah, mating him would be the death of me, literally. Prey birdies weren’t known to last long with predators.

It took forever to get out of the ballroom. I was dodging and weaving every asshole and bitch on the planet whose motto was take what you want before someone can say no. Kind of like the guy who bit me. Finally I changed direction and moved over along the far wall. I slipped the dagger into the small sheath I had strapped to my back and shifted. I hid my clothes behind some gaudy curtain and glanced around.

There! On the floor someone had spilled a drink. That would work. I dove onto the puddle, and it propelled me against the nicely waxed ballroom floor.

“Is that a bunny?” some guy asked as I slid between his legs. “And was that a fucking penguin? What did they put in those drinks?”

Drinks? Right, the toast they gave out. I drank it. Was that what this was all about? Fucking Elders!

“Alpha! The bird by the door has that dagger,” Jensen called out.

“Bird?” my suitor groaned. “Just keeps getting better and better.”

“Go fuck yourself,” I yelled over my shoulder. Though it came out in a series of squawks, the cool thing about being a bird was any paranormal could understand us when we weren’t in human form, and there were no language barriers. I finally hit the door and jumped to my feet. I waddled faster than I ever thought possible.

I heard them coming. I ran as quickly as my little webbed feet would carry me and was almost to the door of the bird shifters’ wing when the footsteps pounded closer to me.

“You will learn who’s the boss, bird,” the Alpha snarled as he snagged my wing and swooped me up into his arms.

“Maybe I didn’t make myself clear? Fuck. You.” I shifted back, and he almost dropped me to adjust to the weight difference. I took the advantage and decked him…and cried out in pain. Holy fuck, his jaw was like hitting brick.

Trying option B, I changed back into a penguin and slid through his hands.

“He’s a wily little guy,” Jensen chuckled.

“I had a whole other adjective ready to say,” the Alpha replied and scooped me right back up.




His hair was wet and streaming down his back and chest, leaving trails of water I wanted to lick off his body. And his cock was very obvious in the tiny shorts, the head of it up over the band of them. I didn’t answer. I stalked him like prey until I was close enough to reach him. He yelped as I moved my hands under his ass and lifted him to my body. Lys wrapped his legs around me and threw his arms around my neck.

I licked, nipped, and sucked on his lips until he was a moaning pile of goo. I walked us down into the deeper end of the pool and pressed him back against the tiles so only our shoulders and heads were above water.

“Fuck me, Rip. I’ve never been fucked in a pool before, and I’ve always wanted to do it in one. Now I want to do it with only you.” My mate begged as I nipped at his ear and down his neck. He didn’t have to tell me twice!

I pulled out the waterproof lube I grabbed from our shower before coming down. He let his legs slip off my hips so I could get his shorts off and then wrapped them back around me. I lowered my trunks down and slicked up my cock. He was still stretched from the sex we had a whole half an hour ago. Yeah, I wasn’t addicted to my mate or anything.

“How do you want it, my little birdie?” I asked as I pushed the head of my cock inside of him.

“Make me scream,” he purred and dug his short nails into my back. “I told you I was a slut when I drank wine. Treat me like one. Pull my hair and fuck me as if you paid to use my ass.”

“A hooker fantasy? Very nice,” I moaned and slammed into him. “Are you a dirty whore, Lys?”

“Baby, I’m whatever you want me to be,” he purred. I made sure his shoulders were against the tiles so I wouldn’t drop him or hurt him after I moved us to shallower water. I braced his ass with only one hand and then moved my other one to twine in his hair. I yanked on it as I thrust into him hard again. “Hey, any rough stuff will cost you extra.”

“Put it on my tab,” I growled and did it again. Lys loved it! He cried out in pleasure each time I pulled his hair and pushed into him. I kept it slow but very, very hard. He arched his back and moved his arms onto the lip of the pool to brace himself. “I’m going to make you come two times before I finish inside of you.”

“You can do that?” He moaned, and I felt his inner muscles squeeze my cock with excitement.

“After how many times we’ve done it today? Yeah, I can draw it out for a while when I’m not dying to take the edge off.”

“How about three?” Lys teased me as he purred.

“Done,” I growled again and fucked him. He made the sexiest noises as I set a punishing pace while I took his sweet ass.

“Harder! Fuck your whore harder!” he screamed. I hoped no one from the pack heard him. That might raise another slew of issues if someone talked. Then his muscles tightened around me as he came, and I forgot to breathe almost, much less think. But it worked. I didn’t orgasm and was able to draw his out.

Before he could even recover or speak, I moved us into even shallower water and laid him on the side of the pool. I spread his legs wide over my forearms and started pounding into him.

“Fuck me!” he cried out and threw his head back in abandon. “Get your money’s worth.”

“That’s right, whore,” I grunted as I slammed into him harder. “I’m going to get every dollar I paid out of your tight fucking ass and then leave you full of my seed so no one else will want you. You’ll beg me to become your sole client.”

“Yes,” he hissed as his cock started to perk back up. “No one else. I’ll only be your dirty whore, Rip. Yours to do with whatever you please.”

“You like my fat cock, whore?”

“You know I love it,” he moaned. “Give me your meat, Rip. Shove a finger in there with your cock. Make me scream again.”

Fuck,” I groaned and tried to keep from coming at his dirty words. I reached down, dropping one of his legs and pushed my thumb into his ass.

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