Kansas Flame (MFM)

Kansas Heat 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 133,542
25 Ratings (4.4)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, public exhibition, spanking, sex toys, HEA]
Lindsay Bryne-Howell has returned home, but not everybody is happy about that fact. From her evil stepfather’s maniacal plans to get his hands on her trust to a town full of people who loathe her for a past she had nothing to do with, Lindsay doesn’t need any more complications. What she needs is help. Her two new sexy neighbors are glad to offer her that and so much more.
Andrew Cooper fell in love the moment he laid eyes on Lindsay Howell.  Convincing her of that truth is hard enough, but forcing his brother to stand aside is damn near impossible. Nick Cooper knows what he wants—Lindsay. He’s not going to let anybody stand in his way, not even his older brother.
Both brothers want her.  Both brothers want each other out of the way. She can’t seem to choose between them, but when it becomes clear somebody else wants Lindsay permanently out of the way, Andrew and Nick make the choice for her.
It’s both of them, and Lindsay doesn’t stand a chance.
Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jenny Penn is a Siren-exclusive author.
Kansas Flame (MFM)
25 Ratings (4.4)

Kansas Flame (MFM)

Kansas Heat 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 133,542
25 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
A very good follow on book loved the characters
Ahh miss Penn. Don't you EVER change. I love the edginess of your books. Your characters are all hot, hard-headed and so much fun. I love that you don't hold back on the sex and I hope you never will.

It's been a while...I missed you. Good to have you back!




Nick watched the pair of would-be lovers break apart as Lindsay shrieked and scrambled back on the bench. She put as much distance between her and his brother as the wood slats would allow, looking both horrified and thoroughly ravished. For his part, Cooper looked blatantly annoyed. He even had the gall to complain.

“You have awful timing.” Straightening up with a grunt, Cooper blatantly adjusted the full-sized erection, drawing attention to the massive bulge in his jeans. “Couldn’t you have waited in the bushes for another five minutes?”

“I wasn’t waiting in the bushes,” Nick snapped back, not the least bit amused by Cooper’s attitude. “I was standing in plain sight, watching you two like anybody else could have.”

“Oh God,” Lindsay gasped, glancing around in horror at his suggestion. “You don’t think…”

“I don’t know, but I certainly wouldn’t have taken the risk,” Nick added with a pointed look in Cooper’s direction. Unlike Lindsay, who looked ready to faint from embarrassment, his brother stared unabashedly back at Nick with a faint smirk pulling on his lips.

“I’m so sorry…I didn’t mean…It was just…Oh, God…” Lindsay sputtered, lifting off the bench to put even more distance between her and them. “This is just horrible.”

“Now see what you did.” Cooper gestured to Lindsay as if her condition were Nick’s fault. “You’ve embarrassed her.”

I’ve embarrassed her? You’re the one who made a spectacle of her.”

“I was comforting her.” Cooper had the audacity to correct him as he lounged there like king of all he surveyed. “She was upset.”

And what the hell is she now?” Nick roared before remembering where they were. Taking a deep breath, he managed to lower his tone to a snarl. “This is not what we agreed to.”

“Agreed to?” Lindsay echoed his words in confusion, though that didn’t last long. “Wait a minute. What do you mean agreed to? And why were you watching us? Why didn’t you interrupt sooner?”


Oh.” Lindsay’s eyes rounded along with her lips in a look so comical even Nick had trouble not snickering. Cooper didn’t bother to try to contain his snort as Lindsay wagged a finger at the two of them. “Ooooooh, I get it. You two are working together.”

“It’s not—”

I knew it!” The finger she’d aimed at them clenched into her fist as Lindsay flushed with the same outrage quivering in her voice. “I knew you were working together! Nobody goes for a jog in the middle of the night. Nobody!

“It wasn’t like—”

“You’re playing the good brother. He’s playing the bad brother.” Lindsay shook her head at them. “And getting me all turned around. It’s no wonder I’ve been fantasizing about the both of you. I bet that’s just the way you planned it. You sick little perverts.”

“And just what kind of fantasies would those be?” Cooper inquired in a slow drawl that was tinged with amusement. “Because I’m thinking we’re not the only perverts in this garden.”

“Shut up!” Lindsay snapped but there was no stopping Cooper now as he continued to study her with an assessing look.

“And when you say both, do you mean at the same time?”

“No!” Lindsay’s blush made a liar out of her. Even tomatoes didn’t grow that red. Neither did an innocent person talk that fast or stumble as quickly backward. “Absolutely not! I can’t even believe you would suggest such a thing? Have you no shame? Of course not, look who I’m talking to.”

With each word, Lindsay retreated one step further away until she backed herself right up against the garden’s main doors. She paused there with one hand on the handle to give them both a look of total disdain, an impressive feat given her face still glowed with a flush that had nothing to do with her indignation.

“Now I’m going back to my room to check out. Then somebody is going to give me a ride back to my cabin. After that both of you are going to get lost. Do I make myself clear?”

“As a bell, lil’ bit,” Nick assured her, unable to control his smile. “Couldn’t get any clearer, could it, Cooper?”



As if that settled the matter, Lindsay turned her back and stormed off through the door. Neither Nick nor Cooper spoke as they both watched her strut through the lobby. The woman had locomotion and an ass that just wouldn’t quit. One day real soon Nick was going to strip her down to nothing but a thong and a set of heels and make her strut just for him. The very idea had his dick swelling.

Behind the tight confines of his jeans, Nick’s dick panted and drooled out his approval as his imagination took the image even further. It took Lindsay straight to her knees and had her panting as he parted those lush cheeks and drove himself into the sweetest, tightest heaven a man could ever know. Then Nick would ream that ass and make Lindsay come so hard she begged for more.

Given the hungry heat in Lindsay’s gaze moments ago, that dream would come true soon enough. That is, if Cooper didn’t screw everything up, or screw that ass first. Glancing over to catch his brother eyeing Lindsay’s rear with the same hunger pounding in his veins, Nick knew he wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the view.

“Don’t forget our agreement. That ass belongs to me,” Nick felt compelled to remind Cooper.




“So how about it, lil’ bit, would you rather be seduced with a picnic into spending the night at our place or do you want to cut to the chase and let me drag you there all squirmy and wet?”

Knowing it was unwise but unable to help herself, Lindsay stuck her tongue out at him. Cooper sounded way too cocksure and smugly amused for her to do anything else. She wasn’t dumb enough to sit there, though, when he started hoisting himself over the window sill.

Rolling onto her feet, Lindsay hauled ass for the back door only to slam into Nick as he stepped through it. He caught her in an unbreakable hold as his head dipped. Before she could utter a complaint he captured her lips in a kiss that had Lindsay forgetting all about objecting.

Nick tasted like ambrosia. Dark, male, addictive ambrosia—the very flavor of the pleasure cascading through her in wave after wave until every one of Lindsay’s nerve endings burned with the need for more. This kiss, this man, both brothers, they made her want things that she’d never dared to desire.

Whimpering as her whole body melted into his, she wrapped her arm around his neck and let the wanton urges consuming her take over. Nick’s arm shifted lower, pressing her hips tight against his as Lindsay began to roll and grind the aching flesh between her legs against the hard ridge of his erection. God but he felt so good she couldn’t even begin to get enough. Lost to all thoughts or worries, Lindsay gave in to the slow, pulsing rhythm that had her pussy clenching in time as her thighs parted over his in a desperate attempt to get even closer.

Nothing mattered beyond this moment, beyond this need. The stroke of his tongue over hers, the hard press of his cock against the weeping folds of her cunt, the electric feel of his fingertips slipping beneath the hem of her shirt to tease the sensitive flesh of her lower back, every caress fueled the inferno boiling through her blood. Overwhelmed and out of breath, Lindsay tore her mouth free, gasping and tilting her head as she sought one second to find a moment of sanity.

Please,” Lindsay begged, for what she didn’t know.

“Shhh now, lil’ bit,” Nick murmured, scraping his teeth over the vulnerable column of her neck. “Relax and enjoy. I promise I’m going to make you feel real good, better than any man ever has.”

Biting down with that vow he brought another gasp to her lips as a new, indescribable delight pierced her with its dark, erotic flavor. Lindsay trembled, a whimper falling from her lips as his settled over the small wound to suck away the sting. Another hot, wave of want washed through her, pooling in a molten tide that soaked straight through to her panties.

“Oh God, please…don’t stop…don’t ever stop…” Mindless of the words tumbling from her lips, Lindsay twisted in Nick’s embrace in desperate attempt to get closer, to smother the pleasure consuming her with an ecstasy she could feel just beyond her reach.

“Never stop,” Nick promised, his voice a gravelly sounding growl that matched the tightening of his fingers over her flesh. As if he knew the pain beginning to twist through the silken walls of her cunt, Nick’s hand slipped downward, deviling beneath the waistband of her jeans to feather over the rounded curve of her ass. The searing heat of his palm branded her tender cheek as he pushed under the lacy end of her panties to grip her soft flesh and jerk her tighter against the solid bulge tenting his jeans.

“God, you feel so good,” Lindsay groaned, arching her hips into his as she ground herself against the engorged length of his cock. “So. Damn. Good.”

The denim binding his thick boner didn’t diminish the exquisite pleasure ricocheting through her as his hips rolled and lifted. Lindsay matched every grinding pass with her own, driven by an instinctive rhythm that gave life to the ache burning hotly in her womb. It grew with every grinding press, becoming an insatiable need that had her legs widening around his as her knees lifted in a vain attempt to get ever closer.

“Go on and take what you need, baby,” Nick encouraged her, dropping his free hand to cup her knee and pull her leg wider and higher. The delicate folds of her cunt splayed around the hard ridge of his cock, leaving the sensitive nub of her clit unprotected from more than just the erection scraping over it. Lindsay’s breath caught on a gasp as she felt Nick’s fingers trace the sensitive seam of her ass down to the molten folds creaming in eager demand for his touch.


Lindsay squealed as the thick tips of his fingers rimmed the clenching opening of her cunt before plunging in deep and hard. He stretched the tender walls of her sheath so wide her whole body convulsed with a hard pulse of rapture that whipped into a bone-shattering maelstrom as he fucked her hard and fast.

Lindsay cried out, her incoherent words stuttered amongst her gasps as he drove her higher and faster into a frenzy of wanton lust. The heated wash of Nick’s breathe panted in time with her even as his own words came out clear and crisp, weighted with the sound of his own hunger.

“God, baby, you’re so damn tight. Cooper is such a fucking asshole for claiming fist ride in this sweet little cunt,” Nick muttered, his fingers never ceasing their tormenting stoking.

They shifted, twirling over the sensitive flesh and igniting a kaleidoscope of delight sizzling straight up her spine. She could feel the rush of arousal soak through her, making her pussy pulse and cream and drawing a groan from Nick.

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