Unbridled and Unforbidden (MFM)

The Double Rider Men's Club 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,383
10 Ratings (4.2)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, public exhibition, HEA]

Small-town store owner Brianna Lawrence enjoys a carefree ménage relationship with rancher Chet Macalister and veterinarian Dr. Randall Clark. They’ve kept their unbridled passion secret, meeting infrequently to keep gossips from finding out.

When they invite her to perform ménage sex onstage for the Double Rider Men’s Club, she balks due to her beauty inadequacy. The idea of getting onstage with the two men she loves is a sexy idea, but Brianna fears they could do better.

Enduring endless beauty pageants as a teen only garnered her fourth place. She doesn’t need more Miss Congeniality awards. She should just let them go.

Chet and Randall want to marry her, but they’ve kept permanence out of their conversations so she won’t run. When this relationship started, their sexual trysts were only meant for fun, not forever.

Will choosing the DRMC mean losing the only woman they’ve ever loved?

Note: This for-sale version has been revised and expanded and is at 20,383 words. The original short version at 14,947 words is available for free only inside the BookStrand App.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Elle Saint James is a Siren-exclusive author.

Unbridled and Unforbidden (MFM)
10 Ratings (4.2)

Unbridled and Unforbidden (MFM)

The Double Rider Men's Club 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,383
10 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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Love this book. Great series.




The three of them didn’t get together as often as Chet wanted, but there were issues of privacy while also living in a small community.

They only managed to meet every couple of months, but he and Randall were supremely grateful that a woman existed to serve their voyeuristic, double penetration desires. Brianna was in charge of the locations where they met. Her lively apartment complex was out of the question. She was always worried about anyone gossiping about her. They wanted her to feel comfortable. Actually, they wanted to hear her scream the wallpaper down during orgasms. She needed a private place to feel at ease doing that. So they compromised, but it wasn’t a perfect science.

Both Randall and Chet had asked her out one day several months ago after much shameless flirtation from both of them. Brianna had surprised them by shyly admitting she had a crush on each of them and therefore couldn’t date either of them.

When they subsequently took a chance and told her they truly wanted to share her, she brightened and invited them to join her at an out-of-the-way hotel a few towns away. These days, he and Randall were at her beck and call. Whenever she wanted to get together, they moved mountains to be available.

Looking at the two of them made Chet grateful they’d been able to find a perfect girl to love. And he did love her. So did Randall. She never admitted anything more than a willingness to enjoy their lifestyle.

Chet climbed on the bed next to them. Brianna stopped kissing Randall and turned to him. Then she moved to get on top of him. Then she kissed him like she hadn’t seen him in ages.

“We need to start meeting more frequently,” she whispered between kisses.

“I’d agree with that,” Randall remarked, finally catching his breath. “Wouldn’t you, Chet?”

Chet nodded and reached out to stroke her hair. “You’re the one in power here, sweetheart. We live to serve your needs. How can we make an upgraded frequency change? Because I’m ready right now.”

She pushed out a long sigh. “I’m not sure. I barely made it today. I thought I’d be followed to the motel. And another thing, we’re really running low on out-of-the-way motels to frequent. I don’t even know where we’ll meet next time. I guess it’s impossible to also increase the number of times we meet when there’s no place to go.”

“I disagree. We could meet at our ranch.” He and Randall owned the ranch and surrounding area where Randall also had his veterinary practice. The newer ranch house was connected to the older homestead by a covered breezeway. Separate, and yet they could easily pass to the other home with little chance of anyone seeing them.

“And what would your cowhands say about me spending the night with the both of you on a regular basis? They’d see my car parked overnight and the next thing you know, we’re being discussed over the fresh corn in the produce section at the Save-A-Lot supermarket.” She shook her head. She hated being the subject of gossip.

Chet shrugged. This was the rub. The problem they faced. She didn’t want anyone to know they were a ménage trio. She feared for their reputations in a small town with lots of gossips. Personally, he didn’t care. But she did. So he tried to care for her benefit.

“It’s none of their business. Besides, I really don’t think they’d care.” Randall spoke the exact words that Chet was thinking.

“Well, I do. I don’t want anyone to see me. I don’t want anyone to know my business. I can’t imagine a ménage trio would be completely accepted in town.”

“You never know. Perhaps there are more of them around here than you think.”

“Just all your friends. I know you have other men who do this, but Main Street in a small town is not the place I want to discuss it or the fact that I’m seeing both of you. Okay?”

Chet nodded. So did Randall.

“I already almost slip now and again and mention your names after we meet. I don’t want to become so comfortable that I ever utter your names on any kind of a regular basis and accidentally out the three of us.”

Chet smiled. This was usually her reasoning. She worried about them. Chet’s ranch hands and Randall’s veterinary clients were at the top of her worries, but she also had a feed store business in town. She depended on local support. He did understand her concerns.

Well, he did sometimes. It was more difficult when she was naked, wrapped around one of them, and recently satisfied, like she was right now. Mostly he wished everyone in town would mind their own beeswax and let them enjoy each other without fear of gossip and reprisal.

Randall said, “What if I told you that I don’t care if anyone in town finds out? You’re keeping company with both me and Chet and we all have very satisfying, unforbidden sex together. It’s no one else’s business what we do. We’re adults, right? We have an unusual sex life, we’re damn lucky we found each other, and the truth is, I’m tired of hiding my feelings for you in public.”

“Well, I’m sorry. But that’s just  not the way small towns work. They view ménage sex as extremely forbidden territory.”




Brianna moaned as Chet clamped his lips around her nipple and sucked hard. At the same time, he stroked his finger gently across her sensitive clit. She swayed on her feet as waves of pleasure rode through her body.

Before she even realized that he’d moved from his chair, Randall pressed his body against her back. He pulled the curtain of her hair to one side and kissed the sensitive place at the back of her neck. She shivered in delight as the pleasure soaked inside all the way to her bones.

Randall’s stiff cock pushed into one butt cheek. He braced her against his body, clamping one arm across her chest to hold her in place. Chet immediately dropped to his knees and pushed his face between her thighs. Blissful sensations rode outward to every limb.

She widened her stance so as to make it easier for him to lick her favorite places. The moment his tongue stroked firmly across her clit, her toes curled. She had to work not to release her passion. She truly just wanted to scream her climax and start over.

As if he sensed when she was about to fall over the edge of orgasmic delight, Chet retreated one lick before letting her come. He spent a considerable time teasing her to near ecstasy, but never quite let her find gratified purchase.

He stood again and plastered his mouth against hers hard and deep. The taste of her own tangy pussy juices flavored his lips and tongue. In moments she was squirming between the two of them, wanting more.

Chet finally stepped away to gather some supplies. She turned around and hugged Randall, pressing her face against his throat.

Heart hammering in her chest from rubbing her naked body against two different men for quite a length of time, Brianna was well past ready for the double penetration sex she’d been dreaming about for what seemed like months. Feet planted squarely on the floor, Brianna steadied herself by holding on to the bed’s edge as she bent her sensitized body in half. Chet moved in closer and generously slathered her rear hole with lubrication.

The three of them had only been apart for several weeks, but it seemed like years had gone by. She truly needed this night of decadent pleasure to relax and unwind. They’d been apart far too long.

Randall’s cock was only inches from her mouth, so she launched forward and sucked him between her lips. He groaned appreciatively. She sucked harder. Behind her, Chet worked his cock slowly and carefully between her cheeks. He always treated her with such reverence. Once he was fully embedded, she pulled her mouth off of Randall’s cock and carefully stood.

Chet’s hands came around to play with her nipples. Each tug of his fingertips sent a tendril of longing to her pussy. Randall went to his knees and buried his face between her legs. The tug of his lips on her clit almost sent her over the edge of climax. But she wanted to be doubly penetrated the first time she came. Her knees wobbled and almost folded. Randall stroked her thighs, sending even more tingly pleasure to her now-gushing pussy.

“I can’t take any more,” she whispered. “Get up. I want your cock buried in my pussy.” Her body was ablaze with arousal. Randall finally ended her torture and stood up smiling. He rolled a condom onto his massive cock and approached her. She was panting for him. Panting.

He grabbed her shoulders and leaned in to give her a kiss. The musk from her pussy coated his lips. She tasted herself for a second time tonight as they kissed, sending another surge of powerful desire down her limbs. Chet pulsed in and out of her ass with quick, hard strokes. The borderline pleasure-pain of it had her breathing hard. She broke the kiss. Grabbing Randall’s hips, she pulled him against her.

“Put your cock in me. Then both of you fuck me hard and fast.” She was on the very pinnacle of release. Randall guided his cock slowly between her legs. The moment he entered her pussy with the head of his dick, she trembled in pleasure. So close.

Randall fed his cock steadily into her pussy until he was fully seated. Chet had stopped moving as Randall filled her. Once they were both fully embedded, she took a deep breath and waited for them to start moving.

Chet’s hands were now fastened to her hips to help thrust his cock harder and faster in and out of her ass. He started moving first. Randall reached up and plucked a nipple. She moaned in pleasure. His other hand shifted between them, headed for her clit. She figured she’d climax the second he touched her sensitive nub. He didn’t quite touch her but instead, rubbed around the area and drove her arousal even higher.

Her two men moved in and out of her body in tandem. The sensation of double penetration was so viscerally exciting, she found herself holding her breath, waiting as the pleasure accelerated higher and higher.

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