Trunk and a Skunk (MM)

The McMurray Clan 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,960
53 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, spanking, HEA]

When the elders’ plan is revealed, Dor Murray grabs the obviously confused and enormous guy next to him, figuring the guy could use some help getting out of there… And he could use a shield.

Except UPAC screwed up. Surprise, surprise.

They let an elephant into the conference, and of course, that’s who Dor grabbed. Now he’s got a massive, but hot, elephant shifter in musth who’s decided Dor is his.

Wyatt is oblivious to everything but the gorgeous man in his arms that he wants to claim. The guards are freaking out and Dor is begging him to run.

Trying to save Wyatt from UPAC wasn’t the same as agreeing to be his mate. And now Dor has to handle Wyatt’s aggressive, testosterone-filled musth for the first nine days of their mating. Will Dor ever be able to forgive Wyatt for what he’s done when he wasn’t himself?

Note: This book is written in first-person point of view.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Trunk and a Skunk (MM)
53 Ratings (4.7)

Trunk and a Skunk (MM)

The McMurray Clan 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,960
53 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Sloan Winters
I liked this one immensely. The shifters were unusual with a skunk and an elephant. The description of Wyatt's 'musth' was interesting and very funny when he devolved to the "caveman stage". Dorant found himself in an unexpected situation and handled it in a calm straight-forward manner without whining o-woe-is-me. He also handled Wyatt's family without being catty or bratty. I couldn't help but laugh out loud at Wyatt's description of Dor's ferverant scurrying around the property in his skunk form, "peeing" to mark his territory. And I felt sorry for Wyatt when he had to make the choice between his family and his mate, and the discovery that sometimes the people that should love you without reservation, don't. I found Dorant and Wyatt's relationship to be between two grown men who worked at understanding one another with each making a true effort to please the other. The sex was intimate and funny and because of the few awkward moments normal to new relationships that Ms. Flynn included, made it entirely believable. A thumbs up to Ms. Flynn for this one.

Another good one!
Professional Reviews

5 RINGS: "This story was one hysterical ride from the very beginning. Dor’s humorous and sarcastic attitude with the other characters was fun to experience. After everything he went through after the UPAC killed his family, it was a wonder that he was willing to help Wyatt, a complete stranger. It was funny how Wyatt as an elephant shifter would appear large and in charge while his sweet and diffident personality was the opposite. It was terrible how his own family used him for money. That is until Dor stood up to them, demanding that they treat him as a family should, with love and respect. Is Dor and Wyatt’s love strong enough to survive?" -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

4 HEARTS: "The Elders’ plan is to end cross-species arguments by enforcing cross-species matings. Dorant Murray’s plan is to get the hell out of Dodge before the Elders force him to do anything he doesn’t want to do. Wyatt Baxley is much too aroused to care about anyone except himself and his mate. Mating a stranger turns out to be the easy bit. Everything after that just gets more complicated. Ms. Flynn has set this series of books (Midnight Matings) up such that partners are compelled by lust into instant matings, leaving them to work out all the details of their lives as the story plays out. Dorant Murray is a skunk shape-shifter and Wyatt Baxley is an elephant suddenly in musth. The mating is fast and furious and the story hardly slows down at all from there on. “Trunk and Skunk” is told in first person, by Dor. His back story is long and involved, but we get it in bite-sized pieces as the book unfolds and he and Wyatt have to survive not only Wyatt in musth, but also all the usual things that happen when people form a relationship in an instant. There are some wonderfully humorous moments between a skunk and an elephant, and two very different men getting used to each other. The world building is also handled most professionally, being woven seamlessly into the characters and the events as they take place. Some of Ms. Flynn’s grammatical errors, even though they’re minor, annoy me, but after the vast number of books she’s written I can understand no publisher would ever wish to alter her style in any way. Besides, her story telling is so good she drags the reader along with her at a fast pace anyway." -- Helen, Love Romances & More

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“Did they drug us?” the guy whispered in horror. I glanced up at him. Okay, so he was a little slow on the uptake on this one. But then again, everyone was probably in shock so I’m sure he wasn’t the only one with their wheels still spinning.

“Yeah, and we need to get out of here before we become mate bait to someone we don’t want to end up with,” I said as I took his hand. Well, he might be able to get out of anything, but I wouldn’t be so lucky.

The two elders went to stand back with their fellow elders and turned back to face the crowd. “Now, children, good luck. We expect to see each of you in twenty-four hours. May your hunt be successful.”

We darted out the door and the guy I was dragging with me for protection started groaning in pain. Okay, maybe he wasn’t the best choice, though he was built like a massive linebacker on the best steroids, if he was sick he’d just slow me down.

I sighed. I wasn’t an asshole that would just leave him ill and defenseless though.

“Just hang on. We need to get out of here. Hope you didn’t have anything too valuable in your room because we’re not going back for it,” I told him as I quickly led us to the nearest exit.

“Sorry, guys,” the guard said as he shook his head. His lips were pressed in a straight line and I could tell he was about as disgruntled as we were right then. “I can’t let you pass without mating seals. I know it’s bullshit, but it’s our jobs and our heads if we let anyone out who could go feral within the week.”

“Fuck! So what do you suggest we do?” I bitched, trying to keep my anger under control. It wasn’t these guys’ fault and they didn’t look happy about it either. That didn’t mean steam wasn’t coming out my ears.

“We mate.” A low growl came from behind me. “We mate now and over and over again.”

I turned slowly and looked at the guy I’d been trying to help and use as a shield. His eyes were flashing his animal. Shit on a stick. How many of those spiked drinks did he say he had again?

“Um, dude, what type of shifter are you?” one guard asked nervously. “Are you producing pheromones or something?” I sniffed the air and instantly got hard. Yeah, he was.

“Elephant,” he answered as he grabbed my arm. “And you’re mine.”

“I thought elephants were passive?” I yelled seconds before he lifted me up and threw me over his shoulder.

“They’re not when they’re in musth,” the guard said quietly as he and the other two stepped back from us.

“What the fuck is that?” I tried not to moan but my new friend was suddenly fascinated with my ass if the way he was touching it was any indication.

“It’s like cats going into heat except elephant males get incredibly aggressive and it lasts for a while. He could shift and gut us all if we tried to take you from him. He still might just because we’re near you and he’s said you’re his.”

“Don’t I get a say in this?” I growled as I glanced at the guards. He wasn’t paying attention to me anymore. They were still backing away as he called someone on his radio.

“We’ve got an elephant in musth. We need backup and something to take him down with.”

“You can’t just shoot him!” I bellowed as I started to fight the very large elephant shifter.

“With tranqs,” the guard assured me. “Keep calm or you’ll get him riled up.”

Apparently the elephant was oblivious to all of this. He was still fondling me as best as he could, not even having moved. I wondered if he liked watching the guards retreat from him or what was going on. Either way, we couldn’t stay.

“Run,” I hissed in his ear.

“Mine,” he growled in a voice that took deep to a whole new level.

“I get that but if you don’t run, they’re going to tranq you and gods only know what else,” I whispered as I rubbed his back. “You don’t want to be unconscious around these guys. You might not ever leave whatever cell they throw you in.”

“Good mate worry about me,” he grunted and then took off.

“Dude, go to my room. They’ll look for you in yours,” I said firmly as I bounced on his shoulder. “They can look up what elephant shifters are here and track you that way.” I quickly told him how to get to my room and sighed in relief when he listened to me. I patted his back when we got there, trying to get him to let me down. Instead he just took the key from me.

“I’m sorry for all of this.” He didn’t sound very sorry but I didn’t know what to expect or think of this musth. Maybe he was coming out of it?

“It’s fine. Let’s just hide out here and figure out a plan,” I said gently. He grunted and kicked the door closed before tossing me on the bed. I let out a yelp and before I could even sit up, he was on me. “Hey, buddy, chill out, okay? Count to ten or something.”

“No,” he growled as he ripped my pants open. Then he shoved his massive hand into them and cupped my whole groin. Shit, he had big hands. I shivered, knowing what else he had big now. “Mate. My mate.”

“Ask me first,” I demanded. He met my gaze and gave me a look that made me shrink back. “I know you’re not in control here, but you got to try and snap out of it.”





“Yes, all yours,” I mewled as he moved his fingers so fast I couldn’t keep up with the speed. He started shaking even more and I knew he was losing it. I grabbed his head and stared into his eyes. “Focus on me, Wyatt. I’m submitting. I’m giving myself to you instead of running and risking the guards hurting you when you try to find me. Doesn’t that make me a good mate?”

“Yes, very good mate,” he agreed in that caveman voice again. Okay, apparently lots of testosterone really did equal primate male tendencies.

“And good mates get taken care of.”

He growled and pushed in another finger before I was really ready. I cried out. The pain wasn’t really bad, more slight burning, but it had been a shock to say the least. “Can’t hold back anymore. Need pretty mate.”

I tried to desperately think of something to hurry up getting me stretched before I ended up speared on a cock I wasn’t prepared for. “Okay, make me come and that should relax me more and then you can take me.”

A feral smile crossed his lips and I took it he liked the idea. He grabbed my cock a little rougher than I normally liked and started stroking me as fast as his fingers were moving. Dear gods, how did he move that fast? Did extra testosterone make him super shifter fast?

“Come.” Wyatt pushed in another finger, blurring the line between pleasure and pain more than my body could handle. I screamed as I climaxed so hard my body arched with the force of it. My cock sprayed us with cum as lights flashed behind my eyes. I couldn’t shut my mouth or keep quiet as I rode out the most intense pleasure of my life. “Pretty mate.”

He tugged on my cock a few more times after I was spent and the moment the muscles in my ass relaxed around his fingers he rolled me over. I gasped as he pulled them free and let go of my dick. “Please don’t hurt your pretty mate,” I begged in between gasps for air.

Wyatt kissed up my back, growling again as he started to mount me. I realized then it wasn’t a growl… It was a rumble like elephants in the wild made. It kind of sounded like a growl though, just deeper and like it wasn’t his voice box doing it. I didn’t know how else to explain it. But I did like the sound, so I guessed that was all that mattered from the man I was mating.

“What animal are you?” he asked as he rubbed the head of his cock against my hole. “You don’t smell aggressive.”

“Skunk. I’m a skunk shifter.”

“You don’t smell bad.”

I looked over my shoulder and raised an eyebrow at him. “Right, good time to bring that up and yes, we’re always just like our animals. We’re not part human or anything.”

“Sorry. Good point,” he said tightly. “I’m just fucking this up all over the place.”

“It’s fine.” I turned to face front again and lowered my shoulders to the bed. He moaned as my ass went higher in the air. Guess it wasn’t hard to distract him from my hurt feelings. Not that I was being fair right then given he was in musth. It just hurt that everyone always assumed I was some smelly little stink bomber when I told them I was a skunk shifter. There was more to skunks than their defensive spray.

“Shit!” Wyatt gasped as he shook against me. Then the rumbling got louder and I fisted my hands in the bedding. Shit was right. I had a feeling his hormones just kicked into high gear and I was about to be on the receiving end of the effects. He pushed inside of me and I bit my lip to keep from crying out. It wasn’t like he was ripping my hole, but close and he was definitely more than I had ever taken in my ass.

He rubbed his nose against my shoulder and up my neck as he kissed it. I felt a tingle there and got a heavy dose of his pheromones. I moaned and pushed my ass up as far as I could, submitting to him more. His rumble got deeper as he thrust into me further. Then it was like the musth took over. Wyatt grabbed my hips tightly, his body molded over mine, and started fucking me.

“Don’t hurt pretty mate,” I whimpered, not sure if he was holding back or if this was him out of control. Either way, I loved it… I just couldn’t take more than he was giving me now without hurting now and for the next week.

“Pretty mate,” he agreed. “Pretty mate mine.”

“Yes, all yours so don’t break me.”

“Pretty mate please me so much.” He moaned as he let lose some more pheromones and I started to drift into a drugged/drunk happy state. “Never another for me now that you’re covered in my pheromones.”

“Okay,” I giggled and then groaned in bliss as he pounded into my ass. I knew he wasn’t shoving his cock all the way in because I never felt his hips against my ass. Damn, I mated the biggest boy in all the land. That thought had me giggling some more. “Pretty mate submit always for you, Wyatt.”

“Good,” he rumbled. He reached down and palmed my cock, rubbing me in time with his thrusts. “Come and take me with you so you’re claimed.”



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