Two Fangs and a Hoof (MMM)

Midnight Matings 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,634
134 Ratings (4.5)

[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, bondage, sex toys, public exhibition]

The Gathering is called. The spell is cast. There is no escaping the Midnight Matings.

Shea Mayer suddenly finds himself the prize in a game of tug-of-war. He doesn't want to be the chew toy of one vampire, much less two. Despite Shea's protests, they each stake their claim.

Calin and Dustin have been living on their own since their coven tried to kill them for being gay. Now they find themselves once again being rejected by someone who is supposed to love them.

Will Shea, Calin, and Dustin find a way to navigate the twisted path forced upon them by their leaders, or will they remain lost—and lose everything that could be?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Two Fangs and a Hoof (MMM)
134 Ratings (4.5)

Two Fangs and a Hoof (MMM)

Midnight Matings 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,634
134 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I loved this book. So hot, hot, hot and lots of sweet love. I recommend this book.
I loved Calin and Dustin! I didn't at first and neither does Shea, but you can see that they didn't mean to harm anybody. After that the sex scenes get very hot, but also very tender when Shea proclaims his love. I was so glad that Cortez was killed by Shea and that Stacey lived. I just love a great HEA!
Professional Reviews

5 ANGELS: "The idea of being forced to mate using a magical contract was wickedly genius on the part of the elders, but for everyone else, it momentarily took all control from them. The hope of ending the fighting between the different species was good, but there is no way to predict if the outcomes would be positive or not. It was terrible how Calin and Dustin had been treated by their coven and everything they had to do just to survive, but their choice of Shea as their mate proved to be fortuitous for everyone involved. Shea's anger at the situation was understandable, but even in the end he knew that he overreacted, needing to make amends; and boy did they love the way he apologized! Calin and Dusty's child-like reactions to life brought back joy and the love of life that Shea thought he would never find again. Life for Shea would never be the same as he learned that his mates would do anything to catch him off guard with their crazy and loving escapades." -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

4.5 CHERRIES: "This is one coupling that is one hot mess from the get go. When you live forever picking a mate is some serious business. This story picks up at the dinner where the elders of the paranormal community have sprung on all unexpected attendees that you have to mate or die. Normally rational people are doing irrational things and this is what makes this book so entertaining. Being one of the oldest living paranormals makes Shea pretty much immune to everything except two young vampires treating him more like an object to be fought over and not a person. His anger over the forced mating is understandable but in all actuality what is done is done and Shea has no choice in the matter. Calin and Dustin are vampires who only attended the paranormal gathering in hopes of finding new coven after being forced out of their old one for being gay. At first I felt these two were insensitive and had little regard for their actions but as I read I got a better understanding of what these two men had gone through. They're not bad guys just victims like all other paranormals being forced to mate. This threesome has their struggles at first but once a heartfelt plea by Calin is made, things get set on a different path, one of forgiveness. Reading how these men interacted was heartwarming and tender. It was like all the pieces of a puzzle that just fit. The conflict in this story was a slow build piece by piece until it comes to a head. As the reader, I knew what was going to happen but to the characters in the book it was shocking. I really liked how when the attack came the resolution was swift and decisive. Ms. Flynn's imagination is one of wonder and the sex scenes she writes in this book are steamy. A little spanking, sex toys, and dirty talk always help a book move right along and this story was definitely a page turner. I'm always a little skeptical when it comes to ménage love stories but she wrote a love story between three men who felt as if not being a trio wasn't an option. As a follower of the Midnight Matings series, it's a little frustrating that the first few pages are just rereading what is in all the other books; the "why" of the forced matings. But for folks who haven't read the previous installments, that is also what makes the series so good. You do not have to read every book in this series to know what is going on in this crazy world. If you're looking for an erotic love story where the characters come full circle from hate to love, then this is a must read." -- Coreopsis, Whipped Cream Reviews

4 RAVENS: "Two Fangs and a Hoof by Joyee Flynn is the fourth book in the Midnight Mating series, and I must say even though the other books in this series were great reads, so far this is my favorite. You have three stunningly sexy men, along with some equally sexy bedroom actions. What more can you ask for, right? Even though there is a lot of love/hate going on these three make Two Fangs and a Hoof worth reading. I have to admit, I have never read a book with this premise. I have a hard time enjoying POV stories, but Ms. Flynn made this easy. Shea, the herbivore shifter, is a power whore. Sorry, but it is true. I have a love/hate feeling for this character, he is unsure of his mates and how they became mated, but in the end he understands why they did what they did. Calin and Dustin are two cute vamps. We don’t get too much on these two, but what we do makes me want to snuggle up with them. They did what they needed to in order to survive. Their hope is that Shea will accept it in the end and share in their love for one another. There was not much in the way of supporting characters, but truly these three made such a strong story that there was no need. There is a touch of on the edge of your seat moments, which adds to the plus factor of this book. The backdrop of Two Fangs and a Hoof was a different feel, but in a good way. Ms. Flynn sure did capture my attention and that’s saying something for a reviewer who doesn’t read much M/M stories." -- Lace, BlackRavens Reviews

"Every four years paranormals meet for the UPAC conference, otherwise known as the United Paranormal Alliance of Cooperation. Those at the gathering are stunned to momentary silence when the Elders announce that everyone there has 24 hours to take a mate or they will never have a mate in the future. Herbivore shifter Shea Mayer is furious when not one but two blood suckers mate him without his permission, without knowing his name or knowing what an herbivore is. What kind of deal is that? Vampires Calin Davidson and Dustin Pearson are overwhelmed with lust at the UPAC conference. They both latch onto the huge ‘hottie’ standing nearby without thinking of the consequences beyond their basic need to mate. Bottom line, the mating takes for the trio so now the fun and games begin starting with getting to know each other and getting the extremely steamed herbivore to cool off. Oh, and by the way, what the heck is an herbivore? Fun, drama, and surprises galore surround the characters in Two Fangs and A Hoof. Talented and prolific author Joyee Flynn gives readers furious, charming Shea, as well as naïve, fragile Calin and Dustin. While Two Fangs and A Hoof starts out on the light side the story builds until issues and challenges must be overcome in order for the trio to be truly happy. Two Fangs and A Hoof showcases sticky hot ménage sex and more importantly deals with some meaty problems which enrich this plotline." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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“Son of a—” I started to say, but a tug on my arm stopped me as the room broke into chaos.

“I call him,” a blond blood sucker yelled as he grabbed me.

“No way, I saw him first,” a blood sucker with black hair shouted back and tugged me towards him.

“I am not shotgun, you can’t just call me.” I growled and pulled back. They both froze and stared at me for a moment, and I sighed, thinking I’d gotten through to them.

“Let go, Calin! I’m going to claim him,” the blond said and pulled on me harder. Then again, maybe not…

“Nu-uh, I’m claiming him,” Calin yelled. Well, I guessed that was his name, at least if what the blond said was true.

“Neither of you are claiming me,” I hollered and yanked my arms away. Then I did the only thing a smart herbivore shifter does when facing two blood suckers…I ran. It was likea minefield of trouble in the ballroom. People were grabbing the person closest to them while others fought and screamed. I had just made it out of there when I heard my potential suitors shouting behind me again.

“Son of a bitch,” I grumbled and kept going. I needed more than twenty seconds to think about what the elders said. Then I knew I’d have to find a mate, but no way would I become the chew toy of some vamp. Much less two of them!

“Hey, he’s getting away,” one of them yelled.

Shit! I was kind of hoping they’d be so busy fighting that they’d miss the fact that I bolted. No such luck, which was just fucking typical, especially the way the elders tricked all of us. I’d just made it to the herbivore wing of the castle when I was tackled from behind and flipped to my back.

“Let me go!” I shouted, but still they didn’t seem to notice.

“I got to him first. He’s mine,” the blond yelled and grabbed my wrist as he leaned over me.

“No way, I got to him first,” the other replied just as loud. He pulled at my other wrist and mirrored his rival.

“Stop this!” Instead of listening, I felt two sets of fangs sink into my neck. “Son of a bitch!”

It hurt for a few seconds, really hurt since there was no lead up to it or foreplay. Then suddenly it was insta-hard-on as my hips thrusted up in the air. Fuck! Now I got why people could become addicted to vampire bites. Before I could focus on another thought in my head, I blew my load in my cargo pants. It was the never-ending orgasm that kept going in waves with every drink they took from me.

Then they stopped, and I tried to see through my haze as I gasped for breath. I wanted to yell and scream, but that was the best fucking orgasm of my life, and my body was reeling from it. In a flash, I saw them tear into their own wrists with their fangs as if racing each other. Then it hit me what they were going to do.

“No,” I whimpered, not having enough air in my lungs. “Please don’t do this.”

“You’re mine now,” Calin growled as he rubbed his bloodied wrist against his bite on my neck. His pupils were dilated, with his fangs still out.

“Mine, too,” the other one snarled, and I realized then that his wrist was on the other side of my neck. The instant their blood entered my system through their bites, I felt a surge of power that there just weren’t words for. And then it was another round of insta-hard-on and my cock exploding without either of them even touching it. I screamed the whole time,and not just from the pleasure but the pain in my heart that this was how I was being mated.

They removed their wrists as I panted and tried to get my breathing and brain back to normal. Then I felt dual tongues licking their bites closed. I couldn’t help it. I started crying soundlessly. My entire body felt as if it had been struck by lightning as energy coursed through me. My brain was mush, and I’d just been claimed by two blood suckers who didn’t even know my name.

“Why are you crying, my mate?” the blond asked quietly as he stroked away my tears. I snapped my eyes open and stared at him with such hate that if I’d had any magic I’d have incinerated him.

“Don’t ever fucking call me that,” I sneered and pushed them both away. I scampered to the wall away from them, stopping when my back hit it. They both stared at me with shock and curiosity. “I hate you both, and I will never, ever forgive you for doing this!”

“How can you hate us?” Calin gasped and glanced at his friend. “We’re your mates.”

“You don’t even know my fucking name!” I shrieked, sounding a little hysterical even to my own ears. “You did this against my will while I begged you not to. You’re no better than rapists, and I should kill you both!”

“Well, then what’s your name?” the other one asked, much calmer than Calin.

“Fuck and You,” I answered as I got up on shaky legs. “I’m going to the elders. There’s got to be a way out of this. This isn’t right.”

“But I called you,” Calin said softly as they followed me. Were they slow in the head or just not listening to me? Fine, I was done talking to them. I raced back into the ballroom, pushing people out of my way as I saw red with rage at what they’d done with me.




“Yes, my mate,” I said, my voice sounding husky. “Take what you need from me.”

“Thank fuck,” he moaned and leaned forward. They pushed me back onto the bed as Dustin placed soft kisses on my throat. I was assuming that it was Calin pulling off my shorts as our mate bit me. He drank from me, and I reached down and fisted his cock, hissing in pleasure when Calin swallowed me down.

I cried out and came as my body was overwhelmed with sensations. Dustin stopped drinking and licked the bite closed while I was still coming. My mates took good care of me, Calin swallowing every drop of my cum while Dustin kissed my neck and played with my nipples.

“Sweet mercy,” I gasped as my orgasm ebbed, and I tried to get air back in my lungs. “The two of you are going to kill me.”

“And we’re not done with you yet,” Dustin purred. “Are you okay with me taking you while Calin rides you?”

“I could get behind that.” I moaned, mostly at my own pun. They both laughed after Calin pulled off my dick, the damn thing still hard as a rock. Dustin crawled over to the nightstand and retrieved the lube while Calin pushed my knees to my chest. Then I got a front-row seat to both of them preparing me.

“Thank you for forgiving us, Shea,” Calin whispered as his eyes twinkled with happiness. A slick finger pushed inside my hole, and I forced myself to relax. “You won’t regret it. We’ll take such good care of you that you’ll be so glad we jumped you at the conference.”

“Uh-huh,” I mumbled as another finger slid in with the first one. I realized one was Calin’s and the other was Dustin’s. Fuck, that was hot! I wriggled in pleasure as they quickly stretched me, both of them. When I was ready, Calin moved to my side and kissed me as Dustin pushed his impressive-sized cock in my ass. “I forgot how good this feels.”

“Like a hard cock in you, do you?” Dustin purred as he rubbed my stomach and thrust the rest of the way inside me. I threw back my head and cried out at the slight burn.

“My turn,” Calin said as Dustin wrapped my legs around his hips.

“Wait, we need to stretch you out.” I panted as I got used to being filled.

“We did while getting you ready.” He giggled and straddled my lap. Dustin braced his hips and helped lower our man onto my cock. I groaned loudly at the dual sensations of one in me and one surrounding me. “I love feeling this full.”

“You should feel his ass,” Dustin said tightly, showing how hard it was for him to keep still.

“This feels right,” I whispered to myself as I stared at my two mates loving on me.

“What?” Calin asked softly as he leaned forward and ran his hands over my chest.

“It feels so good,” I answered instead of the truth. Why? I have no fucking clue. It just came out before I could think with the lack of blood flowing to my brain. I mentally shrugged and guessed I just wasn’t ready for such an admission.

“This is so much better than having to do it on camera.” Dustin moaned and picked up the pace. That was a comment we needed to talk about later, but not just yet. I didn’t want to spoil the mood of our first real time together. He changed the angle and started nailing my sweet spot.

“Fuck, gonna come,” I shouted. Calin looked close as well, so I reached up and started stroking his cock in time with his hips. I was rewarded with a wide smile and then a kiss. My mate threw back his head, the tendons of his neck bulging as his eyes fluttered closed. He rode me with complete abandonment, and it was a thing of beauty.

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