Until the End of Time (MMF)

Council Enforcers 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,645
11 Ratings (4.4)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Ryan Denton and Kenneth Bolton are both top Enforcers for the Shifter Council. They are also mates. Although neither had ever looked at another man romantically, accepting their mating was easy, but both feel it’s incomplete. They believe there is a third out there, a female, meant for them.
Talia Westin has spent the last three years living in misery. Her mate was killed hunting a rogue and she has been spiraling further into depression ever since. When she is offered to be the midwife for the infamous Mitch Ericson’s mate, Talia agrees to take the job because he was her mate’s idol. Had she known the job came with two shifters claiming to be her mates, she would have never left her bed.
Ryan and Ken have their work cut out for them, not only in convincing Talia she belongs to them, but keeping her safe from a man determined to destroy them all for ruining his plans.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Until the End of Time (MMF)
11 Ratings (4.4)

Until the End of Time (MMF)

Council Enforcers 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,645
11 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Good book to read
Wow & wow! Oh, and Tiny!!!!!!!




Talia sighed and stepped on the gas pedal, getting out of there before either the bear decided to change its mind and come back or she broke down crying on the side of the road. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw the trees thinning out and lights up ahead. The house was sitting in the middle of the clearing, and she saw a tall, lean man leaning against the railing of the porch.

She parked and looked around her to make sure the bear hadn’t followed her before getting out of the car. The blond man who had been standing on the porch when she arrived was suddenly at her door when she opened it, and Talia gasped at how fast he had moved. As she sucked in a breath, his scent surrounded her and nearly brought her to her knees. It was a mixture of crisp green apples and something else. In her mind, she pictured a warm spring day just before it rained. If it was possible, then that’s what the man standing in front of her smelled like. Talia found herself leaning toward him before she even realized what she was doing.

“I’m Ryan Dent—” The man cut himself off then snarled and sniffed the air. “Mate!”

Talia felt her blood run cold. Coming here had been a mistake because there was no way she could go through that again. Her heart still hurt from losing one mate. There was no way she could open it up to another, only to lose him as well.

She knew this wasn’t the man who had hired her based on the name he’d been about to say, and she wondered if he knew who she was. She was tempted to close her car door and leave, but she had made a commitment to Enforcer Ericson. As much as she wanted to get back in her car and run until she was safely back in her bed, she couldn’t. Squaring her shoulders, she looked at the man who was claiming she was his. “I already had a mate, and I certainly don’t want another.”

With that, she turned and practically ran up the steps to the house, regretting having ever gotten out of bed that morning. She forced herself not to look behind her to make sure the man wasn’t following her as she climbed the stairs to the house. Talia couldn’t deny she was running, but she had a good reason. She didn’t want or need another mate so she needed to stay as far away from Ryan as possible. She hoped the man was just visiting and didn’t live there. If so, then she was in a lot of trouble.

Talia cursed herself again. If she had known there was going to be this much drama when she agreed to take the midwife job, and she hadn’t even started the job yet, then her and Tiny would have still been curled up in bed together. She thought of Tiny, still in his carrier in the back of the car, but the thought of the man behind her stopped her from turning back to get him. She would have rather faced the huge bear, than the man behind her claiming she was his mate.

Her nerves were so frazzled that Talia didn’t think to knock before stepping into the house. If truth be told, she still wasn’t even sure she was in the right place. Damn, you, she cursed Ryan. Why did the man have to say anything? He could have kept things to himself, at least for a little while. Now, not only did Talia have to worry about being in a new place and out of her element, she had to worry about avoiding him as well.

“You must be Talia.”

The large golden man standing in front of her snapped her out of her thoughts only to cause her to take a step back at the scowl on his face. “Y—yes. I’m Talia Weston.” She held her hand out to him and prayed he didn’t notice it shaking. Her bed was sounding better and better with each passing moment.




Talia whimpered, but not from pain. It was the anticipation. The waiting to see what Ken was about to do that had the noise slipping from her throat before she could catch it. She was glad when Ken placed his other hand on her hip to hold her still because she couldn’t stop the movement if she tried. Her clit throbbed to be touched. Talia could feel the moisture seeping from her pussy as it readied itself for her mates and knew her panties were soaked.

“I can smell that sweet pussy of yours,” Ken said, confirming her thoughts. “I can’t wait to taste that cream seeping from between your thighs. I’m going to feast on you all night long.”

Talia was all for that. She shook her head rapidly up and down, giving Ken permission to do exactly that, but all she got was a wicked grin from him just before she heard the material of her panties tearing. Ken knew exactly what to do and say to distract her as he shredded her panties with one of his sharp claws. By the time she looked down, her panties lay in two on the bed and Ken’s hands were back to normal.

“There, that’s better. Nothing left to distract us from this beautiful body.” Ken’s normal fingers traced the same path down her body that his claws had done until he got to her cunt. He cupped it with his large hand. “Mine.”

Talia wanted to tell him that it was all his. She would give him whatever he wanted if he only moved that hand and slid one of his large fingers inside her, but the only thing that got past the lump in her throat was a whimper. She thought she would shatter when she felt another hand snake between her thighs.

“Ours,” Ryan whispered in her ear as he twined his fingers with Ken’s and ground their joined hands against her clit.

That was all it took for Talia to explode as she rocked her hips against their hands. She lost all sense of time as the sharp waves of pleasure tormented her body over and over again. By the time she came back to reality, she had no idea how much time had passed. It could have been ten minutes or ten hours, but Talia didn’t care. “You guys are going to make me greedy.” Her voice was hoarse from yelling, and she had a feeling everyone in the house had heard her, but she wasn’t embarrassed. “I’m still shivering from coming, but all I can think about is that I want more. I want you guys to make me come over and over again until I pass out.”

The growl coming from the front and the feline purr from her back told her that her guys agreed with her idea wholeheartedly. Talia felt the steel band of Ryan’s arm around her waist before she was lifted from Ken’s lap and laid on her back on the bed. She lay there looking up as both her men rose from the bed to remove the sleep pants they had started sleeping in to make her more comfortable. Now, she watched as they each slid them down until they dropped to the floor and instantly her mouth went dry at the sight while her clit twitched with anticipation. The men were the complete opposite from each other in all appearances but one. They were both well endowed with long thick cocks that she couldn’t wait to have inside her.

Talia held out her hands for her mates to join her on the bed and they wasted no time complying. Kneeling on either side of her, Ryan and Ken began running their hands all over her body. They made sure not to miss a single inch of her skin, leaving burning heat and need in their wake. Talia’s back arched off the bed as she moaned as one of those hands parted her legs. She had no idea her eyes had closed until she snapped them open when the bed shifted. She was about to beg them not to leave her, but Talia wisely kept her mouth shut. Instead, she watched wide eyed as both her men moved between her legs and each placed one over their shoulders. With her legs spread so wide, Talia was completely exposed, but she couldn’t bring herself to care. All she could do was pant while trying to anticipate what her mates were going to do next. She wasn’t forced to wait long as both of her men leaned towards her center with wicked grins on their faces.

“Enjoy,” was all Ryan said before he stuck his tongue out and lapped at her clit.

When Ken’s tongue joined in, Talia couldn’t hold back the hiss that slipped through her clenched teeth. Never in her life has she felt anything close to the pleasure of having both of their mouths on her at the same time. Talia didn’t think she would survive much longer. All she could do was close her eyes, lay back on the bed, and feel. She could feel both of their tongues twine with each other’s as they circled her clit and Talia thought she was going to explode from that alone. She could feel the detonation of her orgasm coming and knew that it was going to be spectacular. Talia didn’t know if she would survive it, but she was damn well going to try. Her mates hadn’t been lying when they’d said they had spent a lot of time planning what they wanted to do to her. If she hadn’t believed it then, then she definitely believed it now.

Talia’s body shivered when one of her mate’s lips clamped around her clit before he sucked it into his mouth.

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