Armored Hearts (LoveXtreme)

The Town of Pearl 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 47,371
49 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M, spanking, HEA]
India Brooks is living the life in Chicago. She’s a successful businesswoman. Her best friend, Aspen, is being hunted by the Russian mafia. To send a message that they mean business, they come after India, abduct her, assault her, then leave her for dead. To save India, her brother Silas and Aspen’s men, send India to the town of Pearl and the safe protection of five guns for hire.
Ford Montgomery and his team, Grey More, Fisher Lent, Fenton Lewis, and Flynn O’Connor, have just about had enough of dangerous, life-threatening missions. When their friend calls in need of protection for his sister, they of course bend the rules. But once India arrives and they see the damage that has been done to her, all five hardcore soldiers feel exactly the same thing. They want to protect her, get close to her, and take full advantage of the time they have together. But they are scarred men, and despite their capabilities, they feel India is out of their league. Will India head back to Chicago, or take a chance on her five American Soldiers? 
Note: This book contains excessive violence against the heroine.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.
Armored Hearts (LoveXtreme)
49 Ratings (4.6)

Armored Hearts (LoveXtreme)

The Town of Pearl 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 47,371
49 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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Another great book
Love this book. You can't go wrong with a book from Dixie!!




The bullet whizzed by Fenton Lewis’s head as he covered the package with his entire body. The man had to make it out alive or Fenton, Ford, and Flynn would lose their hefty pay.

“What the fuck? Where are those coming from?” Fenton asked Flynn as Flynn pulled out the sniper rifle, aimed, and took several shots. The bullets flying through the air instantly halted.

“The coast is clear, let’s move,” Flynn said, placing the black rifle back over his shoulder and standing.

Whoever had been trying to kill them and prevent Mr. Smith, their package, from leaving, was now taken out of commission.

Ford helped Mr. Smith stand up as Fenton moved forward, taking the front position, gun pointed and eyes scanning their escape route.

“Our ride is going to land in that clearing in about one minute ten seconds. Let’s take cover in that brush by the side there,” Ford ordered. He was their commander, their best friend, and always would be. They’d each officially retired five years ago from the service. However, now they took on secret jobs for close friends, for the military, for people they trusted, and for large amounts of money. The five of them were very well trained and Special Forces.

Fenton was still recovering from the bullets that whizzed by his head. The adrenaline rush got so intense sometimes, he felt as if he could feel his own blood pumping through every vein. His hearing was impeccable. They all had excellent hearing, and as he listened, he could hear the slight hum of rotors from the helicopter making its way toward them. Just as the chopper came into sight over the horizon, the sound of more bullets hitting the tree trunks around them and the three of them plus Mr. Smith took cover.

“These fuckers are relentless, Flynn. I thought you took them all out,” he teased Flynn as Flynn and Ford took out their guns.

“You two stay here with the package. I’ll take care of this so we don’t get turned into Swiss cheese as we hop in the chopper,” Fenton said as he pulled out his gun and headed deeper into the woods and around the men who were trying to kill them.

He felt that uneasy sensation in his gut. Where years ago, and during most of his military life, he’d felt solid and hardened inside. More recently he’d been feeling unsure. That bit of fear or uncertainty could get him or his brothers killed. Maybe taking on less of these gun-for-hire jobs was coming soon. Perhaps total retirement.

He ducked down as he heard voices. A foreign language, but still a dialect he understood. It seemed they’d received an order to kill Mr. Smith. Things just changed rather quickly thanks to Fenton and his brothers.

He adjusted his position and proceeded to approach. That feeling bothered him even more. He saw the men moving closer to Mr. Smith, Ford, and Flynn. They were outnumbered.

Fenton pulled out a grenade. This would do the trick and then some.

He pulled the pin and tossed the grenade then covered his head as he hid behind the tree.

The explosion rocked the general area and a cloud of smoke erupted to the sky.

He turned to head back to his friends when the sound of gunfire then bullets barely missing his flesh fell upon him.

He saw the culprit immediately, locked eyes with the guy, and fired his weapon.

Fenton killed him before the guy had the opportunity to fire back.

He quickly headed toward Ford and Flynn, who now had Smith standing as the helicopter lowered down to pick them up. The wind was blowing from the helicopter rotors, the sound loud, and nothing could be heard until Ford gave him a hand to help him jump into the helicopter.

“The grenade was really fucking necessary with us this close, too?” Ford asked as he gave Fenton a hand.

“Yes, sir. I thought you’d like to get back to the estate and tell Grey and Fisher all about the exciting journey we went on this weekend.”

Ford shook his head and slapped Fenton on the shoulder as Flynn helped Mr. Smith get into the helicopter.

“Hey, we didn’t get killed, so I will be telling Fisher and Grey all about the job they missed.”

“Yeah, and maybe even add a bit more action in the story just to get under their skin,” Flynn added.

“Just another day’s work, gentlemen,” Ford said to them, but Fenton felt different. He felt like he didn’t want to do shit like this anymore. The smell of gun powder, death, and the risk to his life was no longer giving him the adrenaline rush it once had. He liked the ranch, the estate, and all it had to offer. It helped him to live with his demons and fears from the past. He was a hardened man, a lost soul. He had his team. Deputy Grey Moore, who’d found a second calling in the local Sheriff’s department in Pearl. Then there was Fisher Lent, a Texas Ranger who loved his job. Their commander, Ford Montgomery, was the one who still enjoyed organizing and strategically planning these missions when they came up. Then of course there was Flynn O’Connor, a martial artist and weapon connoisseur, who had a passion for photography that helped him deal with his emotions and past.

Fenton had shit. He hunted. He was a tracker for hire, a survivalist, and a man who felt out of place in most everywhere but surrounded by his team.

He didn’t trust anyone but his four buddies. Everyone else, he cautiously appraised.

He really didn’t want to do this shit anymore.




Ford was in shock for so many reasons. He couldn’t believe how, in a matter of seconds, the atmosphere in the bedroom changed. He still had fears and reservations about making love to India. He wasn’t stupid. This wasn’t about sex, about a physical attraction. They never took a woman together. They never shared the same woman. It wasn’t that they never talked about it because they had close friends who were involved in serious committed relationships. It was very common around Pearl. But he never truly understood the power, the electricity that inundated the room, his body, and what appeared to be happening to his team as well. He couldn’t help but to wonder if this connection and bond would be as strong as what they felt together as a team on a mission, working in sync, and having one another’s backs. That security, that natural connection couldn’t be forced. It was exactly what kept them alive. It was something sacred and pure.

The sight of India lifting upward so Fenton could kiss her more deeply had Ford reacting immediately.

He caressed both hands along her hips to her ass and massaged her. She pressed back as she leaned forward and straddled Fenton’s hips.

Fenton spread his thighs wider and the sight of her wet pussy was too hard to resist. He touched her skin, relished in making contact with such femininity.

He stroked her cunt, sunk his fingers into her juices, and India moaned. Ford’s heart hammered inside of his chest.

He pulled his finger out slowly then pushed it back into her wet cunt. The slower he did it the more aroused she got and then began to press back and forth against his finger. He added a second digit and pumped a little faster, her scent filtered through the air, and he felt his cock harden beneath his boxers. He gripped her ass with his other hand and massaged, manipulated her muscles, and she continued to moan, her cunt dripping cream.

He scooted back, unable to resist tasting her, and licked where his fingers stroked and then back over her anus.

“Oh God,” she moaned aloud as she pulled from Fenton’s mouth.

“Feel good, baby?” Grey asked, standing next to Ford. Flynn was to the left of Ford, watching and stroking his own cock.

“Yes. More, Ford. Don’t stop, please,” she told him.

“We’ll make you feel really good, baby. You want that?” Ford asked her.

“Yes. It’s crazy but yes.”

“It is crazy. Since the moment you came here I’ve felt crazy. You’re perfect and I want to learn every inch of this amazing body. I want to learn everything I can about you.”

“Yes, Fenton. I do, too. I’ve never felt this kind of excitement and energy. Are we out of our minds?” she asked him.

Fenton smirked.

“If wanting to be inside of you so badly it hurts makes me out of my mind then so be it. I want you. Every part of you. Let us all have you, India? We’ll protect you and make you ours.”

“I want to.”

“Good. Then just feel. Let go and we’ll catch you,” Flynn told her as he reached out and caressed her cheek. She smiled.

Ford leaned back down to feast on her pussy from behind. India shocked them when she pushed Fenton’s boxers lower and gripped his cock in her hands.

When Fenton hissed, Ford knew that she was sucking Fenton’s cock and he thrust his fingers a little faster.

India spread her thighs wider and titled her ass back to give Ford better access. Flynn, Grey, and Fisher began to touch her, too. Her breasts, her ass, her hair. Fenton gripped her hair and thrust upward as she moaned and exploded on Ford’s fingers.

“Holy fuck,” Fisher exclaimed.

“India, stop. India,” Fenton reprimanded and India lifted upward, breathing heavily.

“When I come, I want to be inside of you.”

“Hurry. I need you,” she said. Fenton pushed down his boxers and Ford lifted her back, his fingers still deep in her cunt. He pressed and flexed his fingers, making her moan and lean back. Their lips touched and he kissed her awkwardly yet it felt so erotic and wild.

“I love these breasts,” Flynn said and licked her nipple, making her gasp and cream some more.

Grey appeared with a box of condoms, handing a packet to Fenton, who quickly got it on.

“Come here, baby,” Fenton said with his arms out. Ford placed her on top of Fenton as he eased his fingers from her cunt.

India moaned and Ford felt his heart pounding against his chest as he realized what they were about to do. They were going to all make love to India. She was going to be part of them. The only woman they ever let into their hearts, their home. A woman to share and make their own.

“Oh God, Fenton. You’re too big,” she said and she gripped Fenton’s shoulders and tried to ease down onto his cock.

Ford gripped her hips and then stroked a finger along her ass. Things sped up immediately.


* * * *


India didn’t know what came over her or them for that matter. They were no longer just military men, friends of Silas’s who were watching over her while she healed. They had become a desire, a sexual need, and the connection she felt with all of them was unique and different. She knew this was an intense decision and that every part of her heart warned her to not do it and not give in to the strange power around them, but she couldn’t resist. Not when their hands felt so good, so right on her body. Every bit of her ached for a totally different reason than bruising and pain. It ached for their touch.

Her pussy even felt foreign. She’d had a few lovers and she knew her body well, but it had never felt so swollen, so filled with anticipation and desire for a man or men. She wanted to kiss, lick, and suck every inch of these men. Fenton, the hard-ass, obnoxious guy she thought he was, turned out to be a lot like her. Stubborn, defiant, unwilling to acknowledge emotions and feelings. Yet here she was trying to ease her tight pussy down his thick, hard shaft. The man was big.

When she felt Ford’s tongue and fingers stroking her ass, she thought she was going to have a stroke.

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