A New Beginning (MM)

Nehalem Pack 22

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 41,330
29 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
It’s been five years since Rowan Morris’s brother’s death. In hopes of understanding what became of his brother he visits Silver Creek. On the outside the town looks perfect but there are secrets here and Rowan will stop at nothing to figure them out. 
Dix Garrett hasn’t spoken a single word in seventeen years, that is until he comes face to face with Rowan. The connection is instant but his loyalty to his new pack keeps him at a distance. How can he possibly fall for the brother of the man who wreaked so much havoc in their quiet town?
Obligations to his pack are pushed aside because Rowan and Dix can’t stay away from each other but Dix keeping the truth of what really happened to Rowan’s brother shoves a wedge between them. Can the truth cure Rowan’s curiosity or will it just turn him bitter? It’s a gamble Dix isn’t sure he’s ready to take, if ever. 
A Siren Erotic Romance
AJ Jarrett is a Siren-exclusive author.
A New Beginning (MM)
29 Ratings (4.6)

A New Beginning (MM)

Nehalem Pack 22

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 41,330
29 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
A wonderful read as always

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Noel said good-bye as Rowan walked out the door. It was still windy but the café was only a few doors down so he decided to just walk. Once he reached the front door he opened it up and a rush of warmth and the intoxicating aroma of coffee smacked him in the face. In front of him was a long glass counter with all types of cookies, cakes, pies, and breads in it. Behind the counter was the coffee-making station. Rowan glanced up at the handpainted menu that hung on the wall.

“I’ll be with you in just a moment.” A voice from the back called up to him.

Rowan turned to glance around the café. There were tables and chairs and even some large leather chairs and couches further back by a little stage. The floors were a dark hardwood and the walls were painted a subdued pale green. Copper metal artwork hung on the walls and Rowan had to say he really liked this place. It was very inviting.

“What can I get for you?”

Rowan turned back around to look up at the sign. He couldn’t decide between regular black coffee and an espresso.

“Oh my God.”

Rowan glanced down at the man behind the counter. He’d been too busy trying to decide what he wanted to see the look of utter fear on his face.

“It can’t be,” the man whispered as he took a step back toward the counter behind him. “You’re dead.”

“Excuse me?” Rowan looked over his shoulder to see if someone else was standing behind him. When he didn’t see anyone he turned back toward the man and looked down at his name tag. “Dominic. Are you okay?” Rowan took a step toward him.

“Stop!” Dominic shouted. “Don’t come near me.”

“All right.” Rowan held up his hands in a show of surrender. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

“This can’t be happening,” Dominic mumbled to himself. “I saw your body. You were dead.”

Rowan didn’t understand this man’s reaction to him. They had never met before but maybe…

“Dominic, my name is Rowan. I think you have me confused with my brother, Fredrick.” The similarities between him and his brother were the only thing that he could come up with as to what was causing this man’s distress but even then why did he act as if he were afraid of him?

Dominic’s face had gone pale and Rowan could see the sheen of sweat on his forehead. The doctor in him told him to push aside his own questions and help the man.

“Dominic, I think you are having a panic attack.” Rowan walked to where there was a gap in the counter to reach the other side.

“Don’t come near me!” Dominic jumped back, knocking over a few coffee mugs. “Brother?” Dominic shook his head, his hair flying into his eyes.

“I’m a doctor. I can see that you’re not well. If you won’t let me help you, is there someone I can call for you?” Rowan asked. He didn’t want to make this situation any worse but he couldn’t in good conscience leave Dominic like this and a part of him wanted to know if this man knew his brother.

Dominic’s chest heaved up and down as he gasped for breath. He squeezed his eyes shut and when he opened them, Rowan could have sworn the man’s blue eyes were glowing. A low growl seeped past Dominic’s lips and now it was Rowan’s turn to take a step back.

The sounds of a door slamming and stomping feet grew louder. The next thing Rowan knew another man had his hands fisted in Rowan’s black pea coat. Rowan looked up to meet the man’s hard stare and his breath stuttered in his chest.

The man was stunning. He stood at least three inches taller than him and even though he was wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt, Rowan could see the bulging muscles that the material concealed. The darkest blue eyes stared down into his own and Rowan could actually feel himself leaning toward the guy. His short blond hair was so light that as his face turned red, the soft strands nearly looked white.

The man grunted and gave Rowan a little shake. Rowan could feel the man raise him up off the ground. His toes scraped across the floor. To get a better grip Rowan reached out and wrapped his hands around the man’s wrist and something weird happened. It was as if a current of electricity quivered over his skin and Rowan gasped as warmth overcame his body. Suddenly he felt too hot.

“Get. Out!” the man said in a low raspy voice.

“What was that?” Rowan asked as he looked up into the man’s hard eyes, searching for some sort of answer. “Did you feel it too?” Rowan whispered as he leaned in closer.

“Get. Out!” The man pushed Rowan away from him and turned his back to him.

Rowan stumbled a few steps but caught himself in time before he fell down, making this situation just that much more humiliating. He looked over to see the blond man wrapping Dominic in his strong thick arms. A part of Rowan was jealous. He wanted to be the one encompassed in that warm embrace.

What the hell is wrong with me? Get your shit and get out of here, Rowan, the little voice inside his head screamed at him.

Rowan grabbed his bag and ran out the door. He never looked back. He got into his car and drove. He had no destination in mind. Rowan just knew he had to get away from the coffee shop and the alluring man who wanted to kick his ass.




The strong stench of fear mingled with his desirable aroma and it caused Dix to stop moving. By the time he took his last step he was only inches from Rowan. He was only a few inches taller than the man but it was enough to allow Dix to hover over Rowan. Rowan’s tongue flicked out to nervously lick his lips and Dix’s eyes followed the movement. Everything this man did seemed to turn him on. His cock jerked in his jeans and Dix reached down to press his palm over the growing bulge.

“If this is about yesterday in the café, I didn’t do anything to upset your friend,” Rowan quickly explained.

“Please be quiet,” Dix whispered softly in a low husky tone. He raised his hand and caressed the side of Rowan’s cheek. The man trembled at first but as Dix’s skin made contact with his, Rowan relaxed and leaned into his touch. “There’s something about you.” Dix bent his knees just enough to look more clearly into Rowan’s dark blue eyes.

“Wh–what’s that?” Rowan asked, his gaze dropping to stare at Dix’s lips.

Dix smiled, flashing his bright white teeth. This was fun. Dix loved the effect he was having over this other man. Not saying another word, Dix just reacted. He pressed his lips to Rowan’s, hard. Rowan’s hands came up to grab at Dix’s chest but they weren’t pushing him away. If anything, they were pulling him closer. Dix growled into the kiss and forced his tongue into Rowan’s mouth, tasting every part he could. Rowan moaned and fidgeted against him, trying to get closer.

Dix wound his arms around Rowan and let his hands drift lower to lightly touch his back until he reached his firm ass. He squeezed his hands into the hard muscles and pulled Rowan in tighter to his body. Dix growled around Rowan’s tongue and lifted him up onto the desk top. Rowan clutched at Dix’s neck, moaning and arching his hardened length into Dix’s stomach.

“Oh, fuck, we shouldn’t be doing this here,” Rowan said as Dix tugged open the fastening on his pants and stuck his hand in to grab Rowan’s erect cock. “Shit, fuck!” Rowan bit down on his lower lip. “We need to stop.” Rowan straightened out his arms, pushing Dix back a few inches.

“Why?” Dix asked, staring down at Rowan’s swollen red lips.

“Because …” Rowan took in a deep breath, his eyes closing just for a moment. “I don’t even know your name and yesterday you nearly kicked my ass.”

Dix heard what Rowan said but he didn’t care. His mind was consumed with taking what he wanted from Rowan and he wanted everything. Dix leaned in for another kiss and Rowan gave in but only for a few seconds before he pushed Dix away.

“Can I at least have your name?” Rowan whispered.

“Dix.” He moved in for another kiss. This one was more gentle and thorough. Giving that information seemed to ease some of Rowan’s misgivings about what was happening between them because he didn’t say another word.

 Dix tightened his fist on Rowan’s heated shaft. It never lost its hardness while they spoke. The tip was wet, leaking sticky juices. Dix ran his finger through the clear drops, smearing it down Rowan’s length. The sweet smell of Rowan’s sex had Dix seeing red. Dix used his other hand to fumble with his own zipper. When he couldn’t get it open, Rowan’s smooth cool fingers pushed his out of the way and he pulled Dix’s dick free.

Rowan moved to the edge of the table and Dix took a step forward, pressing their pulsing cocks together. Dix groaned at the sensation of bare skin against bare skin. Rowan moaned and arched up into Dix’s thrusting hips.

Dix rested his forehead against Rowan’s and he growled as his body started to tremble. Rowan’s eyes were closed tight and his moans grew louder and his cock harder. Dix rocked his hips harder and faster into Rowan’s and he couldn’t tear his eyes from the beautiful sight. His teeth started to descend and he felt the prick of his sharp canines digging into his bottom lip. He so badly wanted to claim this man.

Mine, mine, mine, a voice shouted inside his head. Dix didn’t want to think about what that might mean. All he wanted was to enjoy this. He’d messed around with a few guys since he’d moved to Silver Creek but none of those times compared to this. A part of Dix knew it was wrong to do this with Rowan, knowing who this man was and all he’d learned about Rowan’s brother, but Dix couldn’t muster the energy to care at that very moment. Dix liked the way Rowan made him feel and every moan and whimper tumbling out of Rowan’s mouth made Dix grow harder.

Dix moved his hand to grip both their straining lengths and pumped his fist up and down. The combined pre-cum leaking from the swollen caps of their cocks made this easy. Rowan’s body grew stiff and he kept repeating yes, yes, yes, then his body erupted. Thick ropes of cum jetted from Rowan’s cock and the sight of this man succumbing to his release and the smell and feel of his cum sent Dix flying over the edge. He dropped his head down to Rowan’s neck and growled against his shoulder. He so badly wanted to bite into the soft flesh but he held back. Dix didn’t know what was causing this over powering need inside him but he knew biting Rowan would be a bad thing.

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