Branding Alex (MM)

Rough Riders 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,094
13 Ratings (4.2)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Consensual BDSM Cowboy Romance, M/M, spanking, sex toys, HEA]
Border Agent Alex Warren is in an elite Homeland Security Unit, code named Rough Riders. Lance Moss is a cowboy who has reluctantly opened his land to the government. When Alex is embedded on Lance’s land, things become intense.
For the first time in Alex’s life, he’s out of his element. He dominates his professional life but longs to be a submissive in the bedroom. As he lives, works, and protects the border on Lance’s property, he finds himself falling for the devastating cowboy.
Alex is no cowboy. Cowboys don’t go jogging without a shirt every morning. Lance is a Dom in need of a sub who loves ropes, riding crops, and spanking as much as he does. One passionate kiss leads to a fiery affair that Lance doesn’t want to end. Lance is a Dom who only wants Alex as his sub.
Will Alex realize that he has everything he ever wanted before it’s too late?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Branding Alex (MM)
13 Ratings (4.2)

Branding Alex (MM)

Rough Riders 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,094
13 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Who doesn't love hot sexy hunky kinky lick worthy cowboys? Meeee :-) what a way to kick off a new series. This was fantastic!!! Loved Alex and Lance...they were SMOKIN HOT!!! I cant wait for more..,,, Congrats
donna b buccella




Alex cranked his hand on the door, but it was a no go. The water pressure was too much. He unbuckled from his seatbelt. The water was up to his legs. There was nothing in the car to break the window. Had he been in his police-issued cruiser, he would have had his baton to use. Of course, he wasn’t in Dallas anymore and wouldn’t be for a really long time, if he lived through this mess.

If he lived…

Water was up to his arms. There wasn’t much time before the car would be completely submerged. Alex didn’t want to die. He didn’t want things to end this way. He always thought his death would be by the tip of a bullet engraved with his name and not water. Alex came to Eagle Pass, Texas to start over. He wasn’t supposed to die this way, but it looked like he was going to. How had he gotten here?

Alex’s ass was firmly planted in the hospital emergency room bed. He’d been jumped outside a bar in downtown Dallas and carted to the hospital. They suspected that the random act of violence wasn’t so random, but he was targeted. The damage to Alex’s body was minimal, but it was still enough to leave him feeling as though he went a few rounds with a semi truck.

“You’re an excellent agent, Alex. Smart. One of the best I have in this department. I can’t have your blood on my hands.”

Alex couldn’t believe his director was going for this crap. “They’re just threats, sir. I’ve dealt with them before.”

“Threats don’t put you in the hospital.”

“It was coincidental.”

“Not like this. Not with an attempt on your life. We both know that’s been the reason why you’ve been sleeping in your office.”

It was, but he wasn’t about to admit it out loud or to anyone else within or outside punching distance.

Director Lang sighed as he moved around the cramped hospital room. He went to the curtain separating them from the chaos and, looked out. “How is recruiting going for the Rough Rider program?”

“Good. We roll out in two days.”

Lang nodded. “I want you down there overseeing things.”

“Excuse me?”

“I’m transferring you to Eagle Pass to personally see to things. I want you working with the Rough Riders program since it’s just getting underway.”

“What the fuck?”

“You’ll be monitoring the border for your country.”

“With all due respect, that sounds a lot like a demotion, sir.”

“Eagle Pass is known for smuggling black market goods. Not to mention, drugs…I need someone down there I can trust.”

“Do I have a choice?” Alex asked.

“Not this time, you don’t.”

“Sounds like a long-term job to me, sir.”

“It’s the closest thing I can get for you in terms of a vacation. Agent Sam Peters runs that division of the Rough Riders. You will be a good addition to his team.”

The Rough Riders would be working around the clock to keep America’s borders safe. Alex lived and breathed for his Homeland Security job in Dallas. He did not want to move to Eagle Pass to babysit cowboys.

Vacation time wasn’t something he ever took. Alex didn’t know what that word meant. He worked through holidays and skipped going to any non related work outings. Alex knew he was a workaholic. He let his paid time off roll over. He’d use it eventually. Maybe when he retired? He wasn’t going to think about it now.

“What about my job here in Dallas?”

Director Lang sighed heavily, sitting down on the wide windowsill, crossing his arms. “Alex…I don’t often say this to anyone, but have you thought about settling down and starting a family? It’s all about balance. Maybe you need to start thinking about that.”

Alex never thought about having a family. He didn’t even have enough time to date. It wasn’t easy finding a partner with the hours he kept. It wasn’t easy dating.

“Maybe I will find the right person in Eagle Pass.”

“Perhaps you will.”

“Iacta alea est.”

“Translation?” Lang asked.

“The decision is made.”

“Careful what you say. I doubt most cowboys speak dead languages.”

Alex fisted his hand. He didn’t have a choice. A threat on his life took him out of the game. He was going to be a bench warmer for a long time. He just knew his transfer to Eagle Pass was going to be a permanent one. Noises carried from deep within the emergency room. Alex glanced out the break in the curtain.. He knew his life was about to change forever.

Water sloshed against Alex’s lips as he shifted in the seat, trying the door again. The pressure was too great. He needed it to equalize before he could escape the car. Alex knew he had to remain calm, but his mind wasn’t listening. Panic reached around his neck, choking him hard.

The director had promised him that this sleepy little cow-patty town would be his redemption. They promised him that nothing bad would happen while he was down here. He’d only been in Eagle Pass for less than twelve hours. Rain hammered the car. Alex was a strong swimmer, but he wouldn’t last long in this raging flood. Debris washed past the car. A log smashed into the windshield, making Alex jump and the windshield implode in a spot. Dirty brown water came flooding inside, slapping Alex in the face. He took a deep breath, plunging his face under water. He was out of time.

It was time to go to work on the door.

He pulled, shoving it open hard. Alex swam out of the car and into the water. He surfaced on a gasp. Rain pounded his face as the current tossed him down river. Disoriented, Alex tried to swim for the embankment, but he kept going sideways.




Alex’s mouth went dry as Lance tossed his Stetson aside. He pulled his shirt off. His cowboy boots followed. Lance undid his belt and unzipped his jeans. His cock sprang free, slapping against his leg as it did. Alex’s gaze followed the dark happy trail south and down over his cock.

“Clothes off.”

The order snapped Alex’s mind back to attention as though a flogger had been smacked against his ass. Alex’s rim tingled as a flash of heat moved through his cock. He tossed his baseball cap aside, along with his sunglasses. He stripped slowly, allowing Lance to take his body in like a long drink of water.


Sunlight filtered through the trees, making Lance’s muscled body glisten. That scar looked as though it’d been caused by a knife wound. Alex ran his hand down over his hard cock, adjusting his balls to the suddenly too-warm air.

“Crawl to me,” Lance said.

The order made Alex’s cock tighten painfully hard. Pre-cum dripped from the tip of his swollen cock head. He was so fucking hard. Alex got down on his hands and knees, crawling to Lance. When he got to this legs, Lance ran his hand through his hair, tilting up his chin.

“I have something for you,” Lance said. “On your knees.”

Alex’s heart was hammering as he sat back on his knees within the soft, moist grass. Lance pulled a strip of silver leather from his backpack.

“You’ve earned your first collar for showing me obedience.”

The leather was cool against Alex’s skin as Lance wrapped it around his neck, pulling it tight. Lance ran his warm fingers over his jaw, wrapping one of his hands behind his neck as he titled up his head. Their lips brushed. As Lance pulled his lips away, his hard cock rubbed against the collar and Alex’s neck. Lance leaned back down, brushing his lips against Alex’s. Everything around Alex faded away as Lance thrust his tongue inside, whipping it against his tongue. Alex’s breath left him, and his mind went fuzzy as he took a hard dive into Lance. Alex’s cock brushed up against Lance’s leg as they kissed passionately. Alex wrapped his hands around Lance’s waist, searching for a much-needed physical balance he didn’t feel inside.

Lance broke his lips away. They were both breathing hard. “I have something else for you.”

Alex’s heart raced as Lance pulled away, picking up his backpack again. He pulled out a long thin chain. It looked like a necklace, but Alex suspected that it wasn’t. There was a beaded loop at the bottom that caught his attention.

“What’s that?”

“Your cock chain. You will wear it when we are together. Stand.”

Heat rippled through Alex’s cock as Lance palmed his cock, giving it a possessive tug. The pad of Lance’s thumb rubbed over Alex’s cockhead, smearing his pre-cum over his ridge. Alex sucked in a harsh breath as Lance pulled his cock down, slipping the cock chain over his prick. The beads knocked against Alex’s balls. Lance pulled up his balls, slipping them through that beaded loop. He pulled the ends of the cock chain tight, wrapping it around Alex’s waist. Alex felt Lance clip the chain together behind his back. Lance smoothed his hand between Alex’s legs. He rubbed his fingers over Alex’s perineum, pulling the ends of the chain between his ass cheeks and toward his balls. Alex moaned as the twin chains rubbed over his rim.

Lance clipped both ends to the cock ring around his prick. When he was finished, Lance gave the chain a pull, testing the links. Alex groaned as the cock chain tightened around his prick. His cock started to throb hard as his orgasm began to twist up from his balls. Lance smoothed his palm over Alex’s cockhead, clamping his hand down tight.

Alex cried out. “I’m close.”

“Do not come. I will give you permission to come.’

“Oh fuck. I’m really close.”

“If you come, I’m going to punish you.”

The erotic threat was nearly Alex’s undoing. He never had anyone take control of his coming before. He loved it. Having a cowboy wasn’t a fantasy he ever had. Now, he couldn’t stop thinking about having this cowboy every way imaginable.

“Are you okay?” Lance asked.

“I’m tight.”

Lance came in close, brushing his lips back and forth. “You definitely are.”

With Lance’s hand gripping his cock tightly, Lance led him toward the stream where they stepped together in the cool, clear water. They went under the cover of a weeping willow tree. Lance began to brush soft kisses over his lips. He trailed them over the blond stubble on his jaw, ending at the lobe of his ear. Lance licked his tongue out, catching the curve of his ear.

“You need to pick a safe word. It’s something that you can say if things get a little too intense for you.”

“I don’t need one.”

Lance chuckled. “You do, babe.”

“I can’t just scream help?”

“You could, but I don’t think you want the neighbors running to see what’s going on.”

“I don’t think any of your neighbors are within yelling distance.”

Lance rubbed his cock up and down, up and down. “They’re not. That’s another reason why you need to pick a word that cools things off if I’m coming on too strong.”

Alex’s body swayed forward, making his eyes go heavy. “Red.”

“I like it.”

They started to kiss again. The cool water lapped around Alex’s balls. It felt so good to be so naked with Lance. Way off in the distance, Alex heard Johnny’s voice. Lance pulled his lips away.

“Ignore it,” Lance said.

“What if someone catches us?”

“They won’t.”

“How do you know?”

“Trust me. Johnny never comes out here.”

He did. Alex trusted Lance completely. Their cocks brushed as they came in for another kiss.

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