What the Hand Creates (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 46,504
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Fantasy/Paranormal Romance, HEA]
Amathist Cross is a talented artist about to start art school. Joseph Steel has a playboy reputation. Ammie is leery of his past but desperately wants to believe that Joey loves her as he says. When Joey asks her to paint his favorite war game creatures on his bedroom walls, Ammie is honored.
Ammie’s alcoholic stepfather hates Joey and wants to control her life. He lusts after the trust fund that Ammie’s father left her and is desperate for her to give up the money.
When Ammie's best friend Lee makes a terrified call to Ammie asking her to get a protective spell book for her, Ammie’s agrees. She is afraid for her friend, but knows that Lee’s brother is into some very dark black magic. As events coincide, the danger is far greater than Ammie realizes, and it threatens to destroy her entire life.
A Siren Erotic Romance
What the Hand Creates (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

What the Hand Creates (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 46,504
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff




Her hand went to thelight blue granite headstone, and she closed her eyes.

Her father stood in memory before her, his face soft and loving. “I miss you, Daddy. I need you here to give me advice. I need your strength to face the decisions in my future. You left me with a gift that I don’t understand.”

Ammie shivered, getting to her feet. Before her on the path loomed the elderly maple. It stood as a passive reminder of her first premonition.

The tree had been her childhood challenge, and as Ammie would walk to school, she would jump up, trying to catch the only low branch. Her fingers would skim the bark, just an inch too short of success. It was not a defeat in her mind, but rather just a game that would be won on another day. It had been a sunny day, just a week after her father died, as she walked the path home. As she neared the tree, a voice in her head had called out, “Ammie, No!” but she ignored it. The tree had been beckoning to her, and she ran leaping into the air in wild flight. Success, as her palms caught the branch. “Yes!” she yelled in triumph, her childish howls of glee blocking out the warning crackle of the wood in her grasp. Ammie fell, the branch crashing down onto her arm as she was slammed into the stone path.

Ammie rubbed her shoulder with the memory of the long ago broken bone. She walked past the tree and out onto the sidewalk. The street was quiet, the houses marked with inner lights. They were filled with families eating dinner, children doing homework or playing games. Out on the street, Ammie felt vulnerable, and she hurried up to Joey’s house, knocking on the door in a sudden wave of self-induced panic.

Bruce answered, his neutral expression instantly turning into a smug grin. “Oh, it’s the little honey from around the corner. I was just leaving, forbid I should interrupt your fun.”

He strutted past her, purposely bumping her on the way by.

Ammie spun and slapped him in the head, yelling at his back, “You’re a shit, Bruce.”

His upraised finger served as an answer, as he slid into his car.

“What a jerk,” she snapped as she walked into the house.

Joey was playing a game on the computer. Ammie strolled up behind him, standing to rub his shoulders. “How goes things, Joey?”

He leaned back slightly, obviously enjoying her massage. His eyes never left the screen as he continued to click and move the mouse. “Ammie, check out the graphics in this game. Do you think you could do something like this on my bedroom wall? It’s really hot!”

“You need to be a little more specific. There are a thousand images I’ve seen in the last thirty seconds. Which ones?”

The word “pause” flashed on the screen, and he rolled his head back to look up at her. Without warning he snatched her hair, and pulled her down into a kiss. When he released her, it was with a low animal growl of pleasure. He winked and turned his gaze back to the game. “I know you have an amazing ability for mental images, so pay attention. There is a big, green, monster, dinosaur thing that will be walking onto the screen in a minute. Its rider is a blue guy with a big rounded blade.”

Ammie watched as they appeared in all their gruesome glory, and she grunted. The blue man’s skin was covered with quills like a porcupine. The curved blade hung in the leather belt at his side and gave the illusion of being incredibly sharp and deadly. She grabbed the digital camera off the shelf and snapped an image of the scene. Joey leaned back. “Oh, great idea. I play and tell you when to snap.”

When he spoke again, Joey was fighting a woman with long platinum blond hair. She wore a webbed body suit, and rode a large black spider. Her weapon of choice was a clawed glove with talons on all of her fingers. The claws dripped with a white sappy liquid. Ammie groaned, “Yuck, what’s on her hand?”

“It’s poison. If she cuts you, you die. It is great when it happens. On the screen, it’s as if you are looking down at where you are cut. The body part bloats up, turns black, and then you are dead.”

He dodged in and out of traps while doing battle with things as they came at him in realistic waves of hellish gore. The game itself was violent and gruesome, blood splattering across the screen only to disappear as another image came forward.

“Get a picture of this. I like this thing.”

Ammie snapped a shot of a dog that appeared to be a creature from hell. Its long fangs dripped with blood as it walked along on black furred feet with sharpened claws. It unfolded furry wings and pulled its large muscled body into flight. Ammie shivered, swallowing hard at the dry spot in her throat. “I don’t know, Joey. Are you sure you want these things painted in your room? I mean, shit, they will give me nightmares.”

Joey leaned back to scowl at her, his voice high pitched and childish. “Oh my, they are so scary, Joey, I’m going to be afraid to sleep in your room anymore. I will wake up screaming in fear, Joey. Get real, Ammie. You are the one who’s into weird shit, not me. I just think the graphics are cool. Are you wimping out on me because you can’t handle painting something so complicated?”

His smile was haughty, and Ammie slapped him in the back of the head. “Don’t be an idiot, Joey. I can paint just about anything. I did your ugly mug, didn’t I?”




He tugged his shirt off, and she leaned up to run her tongue over his chin and into his mouth. Joey dropped lower, as he pulled her into a kiss, groaning at the taste of her skin. His tongue was hot and moist, leaving a thin trail of dampness as he pulled away from her lips, and began to unbutton her shit. As he pushed the fabric back from her shoulders, he leaned inward, caressing her breasts with his mouth. Ammie was again reminded of the glorious feel of Joey, his hands drifting over her skin, his lips inhaling her nipples to suck on them softly. It was a glorious sensation that rolled from his embrace, down her body to collect in her pussy. “I love when you do that.”

She could feel him smile, his silky lips leaving her nipple damp and throbbing as he slid downward. His hands were following his mouth, as he kissed and licked his way south. His fingers massaged their way down her back until the waistband of her pants stopped him. It was an irritation that he quickly removed. Joey grasped her ass cheeks firmly, pulling her towards his mouth. His mouth, his beautiful, sexy lips were on her clit, his tongue rolling over her skin in waves of delicious delight. Her pussy began to throb, desire building with the steady pressure he was applying. His fingers slipped through the outer ring sinking deeply into the pulse of her needy pussy. Ammie whimpered, the muscles of her cunt snatching at his fingers as he caressed the inner nerves with skilled precision. Heat seemed to radiate from his touch, her body burning her alive with ever growing throbs of bliss. He brought her to the brink of climax and then backed off, leaving her craving his taut cock.

Joe stood, tugging off his jeans impatiently and then hopping on one foot as they snagged on his other foot. Ammie giggled quietly to herself, not wanting to hurt his feelings. Joey was normally very coordinated, but at the moment, he was struggling not to fall on his ass. He looked at her and chuckled. “See what you do to me? You are so fucking wet that I can’t even concentrate enough to get my pants off.”

“I see that. Please concentrate enough to get a rubber on that luscious dick please.”

He grunted and kicked at his pant leg as he walked across the room. Joey sat down in the chair and tugged the fabric off. “Please remind me not to buy skinny jeans again.”

She couldn’t help but release her contained giggle. “But they look so good on those sexy legs.” Joey had very sexy legs with nicely muscled calves and even nicer thighs. Of course in her eyes, Joey had nice everything.

He threw her a smile and dug a condom out of the drawer beneath his monitor. Joey tore it open as he walked back to her, rolling it over his dick in a single flawless motion. “Care to play with my sword, my lady?”

Ammie giggled again as he held out his hand, pulling her off the sofa. Joey led her around the couch and boosted her up onto the low padded back. “Legs up.”

She lifted her legs, wrapping them around his waist, as he stepped forward into her body. Joey kissed her, the feel of his tongue against hers enthralling. His lips were soft and sensual, perfection in the pressure against her mouth. His hands stroked her shoulders, floating down her back to land again on the cheeks of her ass.

His arms against her palms were flawlessly curved with muscle, ripples under soft skin. The embrace lasted for an eternity, rekindling the flare of arousal, and when Joey pulled back, Ammie felt stoned on the caress. He gave her a brief, slightly serious smile, and then put a hand to her chest, shoving her upper body back. Ammie was already off balance on the sofa back. She dropped onto the cushions, her spine arching as she adjusted to the angle. Joey was forever testing her flexibility with odd sexual positions, but it was fine with her. 

Leaning forward, he offered her an adorable grin and then his cock sank into the heat of her cunt. Ammie groaned, the position causing him to grind against the upper inner walls as he thrust forward and back. She couldn’t participate, leaving her to hang out and enjoy his attention. It was, as always, Joey at his finest. He controlled her lower body with his hands, moving her pussy around his dick with a casual side-to-side flick of his hips. He filled her, shifting the nerves of her cunt with glorious intensity that made Ammie cry out in pleasure. It was beautiful friction, tight muscles rubbing and caressing each other. Her pussy was screaming for release, the flesh throbbing with intensity.

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