[Ménage and More: Erotic Futuristic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, vampires, shape-shifters, voyeurism, bondage, paddling, whipping, sex toys, HFN]
Emerald Slade is enjoying her life with Rory Laroche, Sylvester "Salt" Angelicas Lancaster Trantono, and the shifter Russell Cane. Winter is raging around them, and the power sources at her fortress are failing. When Em is charred by the sun, she may be forced to give up everything and become the mate of the Vampire governor who once spared her life.
Vidar is cordial and kind during the night, but during the day, he torments Em’s dreams, leaving her in an ever-growing state of arousal. The governor's caves are magnificent, and Vidar shows Em that she can again walk in the sun, in the protected gardens on the upper floor. Everything is far more alluring than reality, and when Em returns to her own fortress, she discovers that Vidar’s world is but a grand illusion.
With the knowledge that Vidar will come for her again, Em fights to regain her life with the three men that she loves.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Claiming Emerald (MFMM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




They walked down the vampire’s hallway and into the main room. Em glanced around. A few of the household members who relied on gas for power had gathered in the main room. They were playing cards. Jerry glanced up from the game. “Good evening. We figured that it would save power if we came in here. We all turned our units down to fifty just to keep things from freezing. We’re gonna sleep in the cubicles tonight.”

Most of the remaining cubicles were used for storage, but a few of them were still empty. Em saw that there was a pile of blankets on one of the back tables. “I think that is a good idea. We are going to go see if we can hunt down some windmills.”

“Adrial told us. Francis knows about windmills, but he is refusing to leave the house tonight. It is really nasty out there. I’m not even sure if you are going to be able to get the door open.”

“I’ll get it open,” replied Rory. “Enjoy your game. We need to get hunting.”

“Be careful.”

“Always,” replied Em with a smile. Jerry smiled back.

In her side vision, Em saw Mia hurried over as they were walking toward the door. “Em.”

She stopped and turned to face the child. “Hi, Mia.”

“I made you a present for good luck.” Mia held up a bracelet with bright red beads on it.

Em took off one of her gloves and took it from her. “Mia, this is beautiful. Thank you so much.”

“You are welcome so much. Mommy said that red is a color of protection.”

“Why do we need protection?”

“I don’t know. I just think you need the bracelet.”

It had been discovered when Mia began to talk that she had premonitions about things. When Mia told an adult that something was going to happen, they had all learned to pay attention. Em pushed the bracelet onto her arm. It was brilliant against her lighter than human skin. “What do you think?”

“I think it looks nice, and it will do its job well.”

Salt leaned down to look at her. “What about us? Don’t we need protecting?”


The vehemence in which Mia had replied sent a chill up Em’s spine. As a vampire she was almost indestructible, but reverence had to be given to concept of almost. She pulled her glove back on. “Give us some good vibes to find the windmill, Mia.”

“I already have. You will find them.”

“Will we all make it back, Mia?” asked Rory.

Mia turned her small brown eyes up to Rory. “I think so.”

Rory tugged off his gloves. “We are not going. I’m not going to risk your life to find the windmills. We will wait until the weather clears.”

The door opened. Holden and Adrial came in, stomping the snow from their boots. They walked up to face Em. “Two of the generators are gone. The filters got gunked up with the bad fuel and the motors burned out. We need to put up a couple of windmills and run direct power lines from them. Make sure that you grab the inverter with each unit. Hopefully the batteries aren’t fried after five years. The newer units had a life expectancy of fifteen to twenty years. If we need updated storage, the only other thing we can do is go search out some car batteries and see if we can wire them in. They won’t hold as much power, but they will do for now.”

“What the hell is an inverter?”

“It’s a big box that is usually in the base of the tower that stores the power that the windmills create. We have them for the solar units also.”

Em felt really stupid. She had learned a lot since the sonic, but had no idea how the solar panels worked. Wiring was not her forte. “Okay. Any suggestion of what to use as a sled to get the damn things back here?”




Salt was to her left. He flashed the leather in air to create the noise and then let it drop onto her skin. Somewhere in her mind, she had gotten it into her head that they were in a mood to hurt her. She had been so wrong. They were simply toying with her, knowing that she would close her eyes. On how many occasions had they blindfolded her? It was normal for her to keep her eyes closed.

Rory ran his fingers up the fold of her pussy. “I win.”

Salt glared at him. “You cheated. She opened her eyes because you pressed yourself against her twat. She would have kept them closed for at least another two rounds if you hadn’t.”

“Did I cheat, Em?”

“I wasn’t aware that you had a bet on me. If I may ask, what exactly was the bet?”

“I said that you would open your eyes before we got to five each. Salt said it would be longer if you opened them at all before we started to fuck you. The winner gets you, the loser gets his palm.”

Em considered how to reply. If she said that Rory had cheated then he wouldn’t be the one fucking her. If she said that he hadn’t, then Salt would be fucked. She was greedy. She wanted them both. “No matter how I reply, I will be deprived.” Her skin had completely healed, but her pussy was still on fire. Having Rory standing flush against her groin certainly wasn’t helping anything. She wanted them to do something and wasn’t particular about which one of them did what. She was a true creature of vampire imprint and needed at least two men in her life to be happy. Maybe now she needed three, but Em wasn’t sure. “One of you needs to do something. My pussy is cooling off to match my flesh.”

Rory flipped the paddle, catching it on the downward swing. He cracked it across her ass, the tines biting into her skin to draw blood. Em shivered, the concussion catching her completely by surprise. He bent forward and kissed her, his lips delicately soft as he enticed her mouth open with his tongue. He gyrated his lower body against her outer cunt, her throbbing pussy singing his praise even as the flesh of her ass continued to burn angrily.

Rory stepped back and was gone. Em turned to the side and he was on the sofa. He shrugged. “He’s right. I cheated. I know you like to know who has taken what position.”

She smiled. Salt immediately claimed her attention by dropping her feet. Her hands were free a second later, but a second after that, they were hauled up toward the ceiling and clipped to the hook. Salt bowed his head to her. “It was on a night that you were similarly hung that I became a vampire. I will always adore you for that, my sweet.”

“Luckily times and situations have been dramatically altered since that day so long ago.”

“Yes, but I still adore you.”

She smiled. “I’m very glad. I adore you also.” Salt like to torment her with a cattail, but he would equally tease her with sweet chatter when it was the last thing she was interested in.

His grin was enticing, the sparkle in his green eyes intense. He was so different from Rory, his hair brown, his body not as muscular. He was also about eight or nine inches shorter. Salt had the look of a well-toned runner, thin and perfectly proportioned. He touched her chin with his finger and leaned into her, his lips hard against hers as he thrust his tongue into her mouth. Em returned the gesture, her tongue twining around his. Salt stepped back so the only thing touching her was his mouth. She wanted to feel his chest against hers, his body closer, but he didn’t oblige her wish. With a swish of his finger over her cheek, he pulled back. Salt walked around behind her, his palm brushing over her ass. He dragged the cattail over her cheek, up the center of her spine and across to her right shoulder. The tails tickled her skin as they flowed back down her body and then crack, the bite of leather against her skin. Salt hit her again and again, softly at first and then getting harder. Em’s skin was stinging. She thrashed from side to side, spinning her body against the chain in the ceiling. Salt put his palm to her side, swinging her around in a circle. He twisted the chain tighter and then released her. Em’s body turned in a circle and Salt stood still. The cattail lashed out, striking whatever skin was available as she spun. It burned into her stomach, her back, and her sides, the leather never seeming to hit the same place twice. Em was dizzy, her brain foggy with pain, desire and sexual tension.

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