Gabriel's Pretty (MM)

Rescue for Hire 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,324
33 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, light consensual BDSM, HEA]
Welcome back to the world of Rescue for Hire. Meet the team members that form a family of heroes. Gabriel Simmons has just interviewed and has been offered a field medic position with the rescue company, when a rescue call comes in. When the helicopter pilot arrives, the attraction between them is instantaneous and Gabriel’s wild, single days are over. But they have to push it aside because it’s going to take clear heads to save a kid mauled by a bear.
Little did Pete Kenyon know on the day of his father’s funeral, he would get a call to find a missing hiker and meet the love of his life. Of course, trust doesn’t come easy for an abused kid who grew up in a drug den. Then there’s the puzzle of his uncle’s threats to stay away from the house and land he just inherited. Can Gabriel and the team get there in time when Pete finds out the truth?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Gabriel's Pretty (MM)
33 Ratings (4.5)

Gabriel's Pretty (MM)

Rescue for Hire 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,324
33 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Love Love Loved it! I was so excited that this series was continuing and couldn't be happier with how the story turned out and leaving enough to possibly continue on to another book!




“Are you going to get your ass moving over there, or just keep looking at the rock?” Treb’s voice broke through his thoughts.

Gabriel climbed another ten feet. Tipping his head up, he estimated there was about twenty more to go. Treb was just a little ahead of him, but the smaller wiry man had a tough out-crop coming up and was going to have to take his time getting over it.

The warmth of the sun heated Gabriel’s back as he advanced a few more feet, and he was glad for the small breeze that kept him from overheating.

This last week had gone well. It had been decided that he would stay at Cade’s until he found a place of his own. The rest of the team had finally made it back about two days after his arrival and there had been a team-meeting the next day. He had learned then that the team met at Cade’s for a meeting every week, although everyone was in and out of Cade’s office most days.

With one last foothold and using his arm strength, Gabriel made it over the ridge and landed on his back, taking a moment to catch his breath and look up at the bright blue cloudless sky. Seconds later Treb was joining him just a few feet away.

“So, you want to tell me why Pete got all flustered when Damian asked him how everything went, when he took the helicopter out on a rescue with you?” Treb asked.

Gabriel blinked. He really had two choices dealing with the deadly man. He could answer him honestly. Or, he could answer him honestly. The only one scarier than Treb on the team was Cade’s brother Shane, who everyone called, Commander. Gabriel knew a few moves of his own, but he wasn’t foolish enough to take on either of those men.

“You’re taking too long to answer and thinking too much. Am I going to have to cut something off to get you to talk?” Treb asked.

Gabriel would have laughed, but he knew Treb wasn’t kidding. “I’m interested in Pete.” There, he said it. Now he had to see how long it took before he would be fighting for his life.

“Interested, as in screwing? Dating? A hot and now? Or a forever?” Treb’s voice had gone cold and calm. The hair on Gabriel’s arms stood up straight. Shit.

“I want to spend more time with him. Get to know him better,” Gabriel answered. “But I’m planning on a forever.”

Treb was quiet for a long time and Gabriel started contemplating his chances of ever being able to walk again if he threw himself off the rock cliff they had just climbed.

“I’m getting thirsty and I’m sure Damian has left some food in the refrigerator. Want to come over for a beer?” Treb asked.

Gabriel deliberately didn’t look at the belt around Treb’s waist that held a half-full bottle of water. “Sure, that would be great,” he answered.


* * * *


Pete picked up his fork, ready to work on eating a group of large meatballs, swimming in rich red sauce, covering a huge plate of spaghetti. It was good to be back and sitting at Damian’s table ready to discuss any concerns about the planes. They would also go over the maintenance and flying schedules.

“How was the trip? Did Iowa treat you right?” Damian asked.

“It went okay, no problems,” Pete answered. Carefully he separated the meatballs so they weren’t touching each other, before cutting them up into smaller pieces.

“I was a little surprised that you stayed there instead of coming back right away. The clients had said upfront that their meetings would last almost a week, if not more.”

Pete stared at his plate of food. He should have known Damian would eventually ask. His intension had been to find as many hookups as he could, so that when he came back, he could withstand Gabriel’s charms and leave the man in the dust.

Except, that awesome plan completely backfired. Gabriel kept calling and Pete couldn’t stop himself from looking forward to every second of those calls. Meeting men in the bars every night was easy. Taking it a step further, was like hitting a solid wall of ice. He wanted no part of it. He wanted Gabriel’s warm strong arms wrapped tightly around him.

“I just thought a few days in the city would be fun.” Yep, that sounded lame.

“My Treble thought life was easier if he avoided emotions and complications,” Damian said.

Pete looked at Damian, not sure what the man was getting at.

“It took a bit of doing, but Treble eventually found out that life is so much better when you share it with someone.” Damian’s tone was so calm and kind, but his face was very serious.

“What are you trying to say?” Pete asked.

“Five years ago, I gave you the opportunity to get out of that hole you grew up in. I know you hated having to leave your cousin behind, but you did everything you could to help him, and still are. In that time I’ve watched you grow stronger and heal more every day.” Damian set his fork down and folded his hands over his plate. “The Rescue for Hire Company is a team of men who have to work closely together to be as outstandingly successful as they are. That closeness has also made them a family. The kind of family that worries, cares, supports, and meddles in each other’s business.”

“What has that to do with me? I’m your employee.”

“How’s Gabriel adjusting to working with Jack and the rest of the team?” Damian asked, changing the subject abruptly.

“He really likes it. He says it’s the perfect fit for him and he’s been working hard to be ready for their first rescue together,” Pete answered automatically. Then he saw the huge smile on Damian’s face and knew he had been busted.

“Welcome to the family, Pete,” Damian said.




Gabriel followed Pete’s fine ass up the stair steps and right into his apartment. Entering the bright sunlit, yellow kitchen, everything sparkled and shined at him from the smooth white cupboards to the creamy tan colored tiled floors.

Nothing was out of place on the kitchen-counters, not a crumb to be seen. He also couldn’t help but note that the three pairs of shoes sitting on a red, yellow and black striped rug were lined up so that their heels were in an exact straight line. His pretty Pete definitely had a few quirks.

Beyond the kitchen was a small living room, its brown carpet worn, but clean. Sometime in the future Gabriel had plans for the dark-brown leather sofa that matched the oversized chair that adorn the room. These plans included a naked Pete. Besides an average-sized television the room didn’t contain much else. Gabriel couldn’t contain a smile when he saw that there wasn’t a book, newspaper or dirty glass in sight.

Pete disappeared through a doorway on the left. Gabriel reached the door and stopped. Before him was his pretty Pete, T-shirt off and carefully folding it, before laying it on a hard backed wooden chair. The ever-present dark-blue coveralls pooled at his waist exposing Pete’s beautiful golden tanned skin that extended from his arms to his shoulders, and down his back.

Going over to his soon to be lover, Gabriel couldn’t and didn’t want to stop his hands from stroking the small of Pete’s back. Slowly exploring as much as his widespread fingers could reach, Gabriel caressed the silky skin all the way up to the nape of Pete’s neck. He was rewarded with Pete arching back into his touch and lifting his arms until fingers locked around the back of Gabriel’s neck.

“Keep them there, lovely,” Gabriel ordered.

Putting one hand on Pete’s warm flat belly, Gabriel reached with his other for the brown nipple that was pebble-hard begging for his touch. Still holding on with his back delightfully arched, Pete rested his blond head against Gabriel’s chest, while Gabriel pinched the nip hard and then rubbed it soothingly. Pete’s small whimper caused Gabriel’s cock to jerk hard in his jeans.

Again Gabriel ran his fingertips over the nip before taking it between two fingers and pulling it out tight. A little twist had Pete humping the air in front of him.

“Gabriel,” Pete whispered. He looked so pretty in his pleasure, eyes tight, and his mouth slightly open.

Gabriel followed the smooth golden-tan skin to the other nipple and pressed his blunt finger nail into it.

“Ah,” Pete moaned. “More please, more.”

Gabriel’s rough hand glided over Pete’s smooth taut stomach. After he dipped his finger in Pete’s belly-button a few times, Gabriel followed the white-blond silky treasure trail to the waistband of Pete’s blue jeans. The pants of the protective overalls clung precariously to the jeans, ready to fall into a heap at his ankles at any moment.

Gabriel had no problem sliding his hand under the waistband and exploring the course hair surrounding Pete’s cock. Taking a few minutes to card his fingers through the hair, he searched out the swollen root of Pete’s dick. Circling and rubbing the edges where the base met the hair-covered skin, Gabriel continued to tease Pete.

“Please Gabriel, hold it, squeeze it tight,” Pete begged.

Gabriel ignored Pete’s begging and reached in further past his tight ball sack and started rubbing the flat piece of skin behind it. Pete surged on to his toes, crying out. With his free hand, Gabriel flicked the overalls loose as he opened Pete’s jeans. The clothing easily slid to the floor with a soft whisper.

“Let me go and step out, lovely,” Gabriel ordered.

Pete’s arms dropped down and he stepped forward with Gabriel pressed close behind. Hands rough and over dry from climbing rocks and water training exercises swept over Pete’s naked body leaving goose bumps in their wake.

Gabriel leaned down and placed his lips on the vein pulsing with excitement on Pete’s slim neck. Moving further up to the tender spot behind Pete’s ear, Gabriel bit down lightly on the paper-thin skin, before soothingly licking it, then he roughly sucked up a deep bruise.

“Shit, damn, oh, oh. Come on Gabriel, shit, I’m going to come.” Pete’s words turned to moans.

“We need supplies, lovely,” Gabriel whispered in the ear next to the spot he was tormenting.

“You need to let me go. They’re in my overnight bag.”

While Gabriel watched Pete move to the closet and pull a small black toiletry kit off the shelf, he quickly took his own clothes off. By the time Pete came back, Gabriel had the top covers pulled down to the bottom of the bed. Something niggled at Gabriel’s mind, but by the time he was settled in the soft bed he had a naked wiggling Pete in his arms and forgot about figuring out what had bothered him.

Flipping Pete onto his back, Gabriel covered his body and started humping his hips so that their straining hard cocks rubbed against each other. Pete caught on real quick and soon both men were breathing hard from the sensations against the sensitive skin of their pricks.

Bracing himself on one hand, Gabriel took both leaking cocks into his large rough hand and held them firmly together. Humping his hips faster, brought out deep moans from Pete and Gabriel felt his balls pull up tight. Knowing that if he kept the pace going, he was going to come, Gabriel slowed his hips down. Pete’s eyes opened and he glared at Gabriel.

With a smile, Gabriel said, “Put a rubber on me.”

As Pete leaned up to grab the opened box of condoms, Gabriel swiped up some leaking pre-cum from the head of his cock and reached around to wet Pete’s small tight hole. He continued to rub the cum around, softening the rosette until it let one of his fingers press inside. By now Pete had the condom on Gabriel’s almost painfully hard dick.

Pete stretched under him and his fingers grabbed the well-used tube of slick next to the box of condoms. Flipping the cap, Pete waited for Gabriel to hold out his hand. Reluctantly Gabriel pulled his finger loose. After letting Pete squeeze some of the lubricant onto his fingers, Gabriel quickly pressed two fingers inside Pete’s warmth.

The tube was dropped, forgotten as Pete started impaling himself on Gabriel’s fingers.

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