Wild Knights (mmf)

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,000
2 Ratings (3.5)

Secretary Maggie Dunning loves her romance novels. Her favorite -- Conquered by the Knight, the story of two dominant, sexy shapeshifters, Xander and Bastien. To be possessed by two powerful Masters? Heavy, happy, lust-filled sigh!

But that’s just fantasy. It could never happen in real life… right?

Little did she know that a paper cut and a few muttered words would make all her fantasies come to life, including the hunky Xander and Bastien. One minute she’s cozy in bed sleeping, the next she’s dragged into a world she’d thought only existed in her imagination, to face her most secret desires… and her worst fears.

Bastien and Xander have their own challenges to face -- a crime to investigate and a dangerous threat to the Twelfth Night Brotherhood to uncover. But they won’t let that stop them from seizing their fascinating new bride and introducing her to the ecstasy of complete surrender.

Wild Knights (mmf)
2 Ratings (3.5)

Wild Knights (mmf)

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,000
2 Ratings (3.5)
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I really enjoyed this story but I was a bit disappointed that it ended when it did as I felt it could have gone on to cover them getting back through the portal and so I was expecting to get to this hot sexy claiming ceremony which never happened of course but the story was really good and if it had of been more fully completed it would be in the excellent rating.

Someone, or rather several someones, were in her bedroom. Broken in. Should've forked over the extra hundred dollars a month for the apartment with the security system and intercom.

What now?

Playing possum until she could think of what to do, she made a conscious effort to keep her breathing slow and steady -- no easy task, considering she was petrified. Her heart was beating faster than a hummingbird's, and a mega-dose of adrenaline was pounding through her veins.

What did these guys want? How many were there?

She heard at least two sets of footsteps treading softly across the carpet. They were coming closer to her bed. To her.


This couldn't be good. Her eyes still closed, she tensed her arms and legs and psyched herself up for what promised to be a harrowing escape. She'd never had to run for her life before. Would she make it? She wasn't exactly athletic. Nor did she know a lick of self defense, outside of the tried and true kick-'em-in-the-balls routine.

The footsteps stopped. She guessed there were two intruders, both standing on the same side of the bed. This was both good and bad, since that side also happened to lead to the most direct route out of the room.

On the count of three. One, two...
Two and a half...
Two and three quarters...
Two and five eights...
Something brushed the side of her face.

She snapped open her eyes, log-rolled to the far side of the bed, and landed on the floor with a heavy thud. Her head smacked into the corner of her nightstand.

"Ouch! Dammit!" Twinkling stars obscuring her vision, she staggered to her feet and groped her way down the side of her bed.

The sound of someone racing toward her, coupled with the slowly clearing image of two enormous males headed her way, inspired her to speed up her progress toward the door. Full speed ahead, she made a desperate dash for freedom.

A blow from behind sent her tumbling to the floor but she didn't let that stop her. Escape. Door. Ohmygod!

Panic mounting, she scrabbled on hands and knees, her gaze fixed on her target. Unfortunately, she was stopped dead in her tracks when some two hundred plus pounds of lean, hard male landed on top of her, literally flattening her to the floor. Her nose jammed painfully into the carpet, the musty odor giving rise to an irrational vow to have the carpet steam cleaned if she got out of this situation alive. She wheezed, struggling to refill her oxygen-starved lungs with air, and squirmed, the adrenaline now blasting through her body in massive tidal waves, giving her a strength she hadn't known she possessed.

She fought like a pissed-off wolverine, yet it wasn't enough. The man on top of her easily overpowered her. Before she could beg for mercy, she was dragged to her feet and forced to face her captor for the first time.

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