Reunite My Spirit (MM)

Spirit Walkers 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 44,263
7 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]

T’narr Salem keeps his distance, locking his heart safely away. He’s never been in love. He has saved that part of himself for his spirit walker and won’t risk it for anyone else.

Now T'narr has finally found his walker, but only in body, not in spirit.

Knox Rosster leads a simple life, fishing for his dinner, making furniture to barter for goods, and praying for the day he can live and love as his heart wishes to. But life is never simple, and when a black witch crosses his path, Knox’s life is no longer his own.

T’narr will risk everything to reunite his walker with his spirit, no matter what it costs. A man’s spirit walker is his destiny. But what price will T’narr have to pay?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Reunite My Spirit (MM)
7 Ratings (4.4)

Reunite My Spirit (MM)

Spirit Walkers 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 44,263
7 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I love this series and it's getting better and better. This story hadme laughing and crying with the characters. The imagagry is so clear it feels as though you could find these places in real life. I hope that this story continues for many more books. :-)



Eyes turned back to T’narr. Okay, truth time. “I’m not going to go through all the details. The way you lot gossip you’ll know the story already. So, to cut everything short, Sunan told me he remembered my walker. His name is Mr. Rosster, so please could everyone call him either that or for the time being? Just Ross will do.” Everyone nodded, and T’narr began to relax. “I’m sorry, Sunan. I never thanked you.”

“Don’t worry, love, you didn’t need to say anything.” Sunan smiled at him, in some ways making T’narr feel worse. He did not want these people’s pity.

“It made me realise I have to go back through Helga’s footsteps.” T’narr turned and looked at Sunan. “You said she was feeding your younger brother when she mentioned my spirit walker and that was when you recognised him as the man in my room.”

“Yes, T’narr, but my brother turned one hundred not so long back, and I think he’d been with her awhile even then.”

“Thanks, Sunan, and don’t worry. I think we all realised Ross has been possessed for a long time. Unfortunately, I may now have to upset you, but I want to go and see your father.”

Sunan’s eyes went wide. “Really?” he asked, his hands fidgeting in his lap.

“Sunan doesn’t have to go,” Hamish said with a snarl, holding his hands in support.

“No, no, I want to go and see Mr. Lee Pung to ask about where he first met his wife as it may give me some ideas as to where she found Ross.”

“Why do you have to find the place where she found him?” Hamish asked, still holding on to Sunan.

T’narr looked at William and Percy for help. They had explained it so much better.

William immediately stood up, seeming to understand exactly what T’narr needed. “I did some research to help T’narr understand the problem with Ross. We think Helga was looking for a long-term possession, probably some kind of compliant bodyguard. To possess someone for more than a few days, you need to contain the conscious mind. The reason for this is the mind will search for its body, not immediately, but within a few days of possession.”

“That was why the other chap came round so quickly,” Ben stated. “His conscious mind was just down the road.”

“Aye, Ben, that is correct,” William confirmed.

“Would that mean we’d need to take Mr. X—Ross,” Matt corrected himself. “We’d need to take Ross with us.”

“Yes,” William stated emphatically. “Ross needs to come on the trip, too.”

“How are we going to get a comatose body through customs?” Kash asked, looking at William and raising an eyebrow.

“I don’t know. You tell me,” William said, an annoyed look coming across his face.

T’narr had listened to the men discuss this trip and they’d started talking as though they were all going on it.

“Hold on a minute here. I’m going on my own. If I can find this container I’ll bring it back, and then Ross can be reunited with his spirit.”

“You won’t be able to do that, T’narr, firstly because of the length of time the conscious mind has been separated. It’s going to be highly unstable. Secondly, as like the comatose body, I doubt you’d get it through customs.”

“Shit,” T’narr mumbled under his breath.

“So what’s the plan?” Enda asked William.

“We cannot take Ross on a plane, customs excluded, as the changes in air pressure could have a detrimental effect on him. I’m not sure how, but I’d rather not take the risk. The best method, I think, would be by sea, as over land we’d have to cross too many borders to make it safe.”

T’narr looked at Matt, who was practically bouncing in his seat. “We’re ready,” he said when he caught T’narr’s eyes.

“Ready?” T’narr asked, completely dumbfounded. He’d only come to these conclusions this morning.

“Yes, the Lady Jane should get to Hong Kong no problem, especially as we no longer have to go around Cape Horn anymore,” Matt responded cheerfully.

“I’m sorry, William,” Kash said with a rueful grin. “Matt and I had a little discussion when you explained the problems to us. A galleon may stand out, but it’s like the old adage, ‘hide in plain sight.’ No one’s going to be too suspicious if we blatantly sail through international waters, plus having a man asleep because we had to sedate him due to severe seasickness is not uncommon.”

“We’ve already sent our course for a round-the-world trip to the authorities stating where we’re going to stop. All we need now is a crew.”

“But I don’t want to go round the world,” T’narr said. “And how the hell did you plan all this in the first place?”

“We were always going to do the trip, T’narr,” Kash said. “So it wasn’t too difficult to adapt it to your needs. Plus we can always change direction as long as we alert the correct authorities.”

“And Matt is correct. All that is needed now is a crew,” Enda added.

“I’m going,” Percy suddenly announced to the world at large. T’narr was surprised he’d stayed so quiet for so long. He was always butting in normally.

“Then I’m going, too. You are not leaving me with your kinky Great-Uncle Cedric,” William said defensively.

“Great-Uncle Cedric’s back. He’s hot as hell,” Gregor announced just before both Darian and Jonah slapped him up the back of the head. “Hey, that’s not fair. You two haven’t met him yet. Then you’ll understand what I mean.”

“Fine,” Percy said, sounding a little smug. “He can help run the shop.”

“I’m not sure I want Daniel anywhere near Great-Uncle Cedric,” Enda murmured, though he did have a smile. Daniel looked confused. “Don’t worry, love,” Enda said, looking at his walker. “Let’s just say if you want any sex advice Cedric’s your man!”




T’narr laughed. “Are you happy we’re in the right place now, honey?”

“Honey?” Knox quizzed.

“Well, you are a bear. I thought all bears like honey,” T’narr tried to explain his assumption while pulling his shirt from his back.

“Sure, though I do prefer salmon.” Knox leaned up and licked T’narr’s neck, tasting sweat, salt, and male musk, pure T’narr. T’narr grasped his T-shirt, and in seconds that was on the ground with the other. He’d had enough of discussing his diet. The only thing on his menu at the moment was the man in his arms. He wasn’t a dominant man, always frightened his size would be intimidating, and he loved the feel of a man possessing him. But right now he just had to taste, lick, and nuzzle the man he held close. Shifting his weight, he rolled them over. Taking his weight on his arms, he began a slow descent over T’narr’s body. His tongue slid over the pulsing vein at the base of T’narr’s neck. With each stroke of his tongue the pulse beat faster until Knox couldn’t stop himself and nipped the man’s skin. The whimper that crept from T’narr’s lips sent shock waves through his body. He wanted this man boneless with need and desperate to sink his engorged cock inside him.

He lifted away from T’narr, and the man whimpered even more. “I’m still here. I just needed to feast my eyes on the man before me,” Knox expressed breathlessly before he slipped his hands in the waistband of T’narr’s pants. Gently, he pulled them from his lover’s body, watching as T’narr’s long, smooth, cut cock slipped free. “You are perfect,” Knox murmured wistfully, wishing this were real. Knox lowered his mouth round a creamy, brown nipple, smiling inside as he knew T’narr had expected the kiss elsewhere. The nub pebbled in his mouth, and thoughts of reality disappeared from his mind. Knox sucked, feeling the nub swell even more with his warm, moist kiss. T’narr’s body began to writhe beneath him as he teased and tempted T’narr’s body, passing to the other nipple. His breathing became harsh as his body heated up in reaction to T’narr’s breathless pleas.

“Knox, please,” T’narr begged, thrusting his groin against Knox’s abs.

“Hold on, baby, I’m getting there,” Knox murmured between kisses as he slowly made his way to his ultimate destination. He licked the creases of T’narr’s thighs, enjoying the musky male scent of the man helplessly whimpering beneath him. Finally, he took pity on T’narr, though only because he had to taste the man, and ran his tongue up the hot, hard shaft. He lingered on the throbbing vein that ran up its length.

“Yes,” hissed T’narr, his hands gripping Knox’s hair almost painfully, but Knox didn’t care. He flicked his tongue over the weeping head and gloried in the taste that was all T’narr. Warm male musk together with a citrus tang exploded in his mouth. He didn’t think he could ever get enough. He slid his hand down and gave his own thick, heavy cock a few hard tugs.

“Suck me now!” roared T’narr. Knox would have chuckled at the turnabout that seemed to have come over T’narr’s emotions if he hadn’t just swallowed his shaft. “Agh! Yes, yes more, God, yes.” Knox’s ego grew with each of T’narr’s words. He bobbed up and down, hollowing his cheeks as he sucked T’narr down his throat, swallowing around his cock. “I’m gonna—agh!” T’narr yelled as jets of hot cum coated the back of Knox’s throat. Much to his embarrassment, the salty-sweet essence of T’narr pushed Knox over the edge. He erupted with such force he had to pull back from T’narr’s cock, frightened that he’d bite him. The last of T’narr’s seed splattered across Knox’s face. He slipped his tongue out and licked a little of the creamy fluid that had landed on his lip.

Looking up, he saw the raw desire still in T’narr’s eyes. Knox leaned back as T’narr pushed himself forward. Eventually, Knox was back resting on his knees and T’narr was nose to nose with him. Then the man slowly began to lick his own seed off Knox’s face. Things were getting so hot Knox thought he’d melt and go out in a shot of steam.

The sweat was now beaded on his body and running down his length. When T’narr had finished with his face he licked a line of sweat running down his neck and onto Knox’s chest. Knox could not believe his cock had barely gone down and now was getting interested all over again. T’narr reached for his hand that was still curled about his stiffening cock. He brought it to his face and began to lick the cream from his finger. That did it. Knox was painfully hard once again, and this time he wanted his lover buried deep inside him.


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