Avenging His Vampire Mate (MM)

Vamp Mates 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 63,252
11 Ratings (4.4)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, vampires, public exhibition, spanking, flogging, caning, sex toys, HEA]
While on a case, Detective Oswin Sterling’s world is shattered and changed forever.
Vampire Yarom Thorpe is released from an enchanted state he’d been forced to endure for over sixty years. His rescuer turns out to be his mate, Oswin Sterling. Unfortunately, his mate is suffocating under the weight of intense mourning and anger.
Passion and tempers flare as Yarom strives to recover. He is consumed with the need to thoroughly claim his mate and to kill Attinie.  
The sadist in Yarom stirs victoriously when it realizes that Oswin needs a little pain to keep him grounded. His dominant side firmly takes control of Oswin and leads them both to a euphoric state of satisfaction and love.
Attinie of Roseanthia is pissed beyond words when her favorite servant is taken. She turns her rage on innocent people and then on the group that invades her property. Attinie’s strongest enemy will die or she will.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Avenging His Vampire Mate (MM)
11 Ratings (4.4)

Avenging His Vampire Mate (MM)

Vamp Mates 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 63,252
11 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
This was a great addition to the series. Glad to read more about Oswin. I just REALLY hope this isn't the last of the series. Need Sal's and Neil's stories to name a few.
The Wyckoff family and friends, I hope this not the end. Beautiful story.




“More spit, Harvey.”

Detective Oswin Sterling grinned as his partner spit on the small mound of dirt.

“If we have to do this much longer, I’m going to need to drink a gallon of water.” Detective Harvey Snapp’s brown curls bounced as he spoke.

“I personally hope we’re close to finishing this spell.” Detective Orrick Sterling’s stomach growled its displeasure.

“I think we could all use a break, bro. First, let’s try the next word combo and see if it works. I have a good feeling about this one.”

At his little brother’s nod, they concentrated on the wet mound of dirt in a bowl on Oswin’s kitchen table. They spoke a few lines of magical words and then repeated them twice more.

Thunder rumbled and lightning cracked. Harvey shivered and looked around. A second later the dirt became luminescent, drawing all of their focus to it. Fist-bumps were given as victory shouts resounded through the room.

“This calls for a beer and then some much-needed food.” He went to his fridge and pulled out three beers. He handed one to Orrick and one to Harvey.

“You guys are now master warlocks in my eyes.” Harvey held up two fingers. “This is the second time you conquered alien magic.”

Oswin patted his partner’s shoulder. “Your contribution helped, never doubt that.”

“Since you’re so sure I’ve got some shaman blood in my veins, maybe I should give magic a try.” Harvey tapped his beer bottle thoughtfully.

“I’m glad you’ve decided to take me up on my offer. After we take down Attinie, we can start your training.” As he took a swig of his beer, a flash of orange and white drew his gaze to his sliding glass doors.

Orrick went over and opened the door. White paws padded into the room, stealthily as ever. The orange-bodied cat meowed and circled all three of them before shifting into a naked woman with lots of calf-length auburn hair.

“Mom, it’s good to see you.” Oswin hugged Lona and then released her so she could hug his brother and partner.

Once she was done greeting them all, Lona looked them over. “You three should be naked so your skin can breathe.”

“We were working, not hanging out.”

Harvey snickered when he heard the words “hanging out.”

Lona wasn’t fazed. “So, you could get more done if your bodies were allowed to move freely.” She headed to her drawer in his kitchen and pulled out a pack of slender cigarettes and a lighter.

As she lit up, Orrick said, “Not everyone is comfortable being naked while working. Harvey isn’t used to it.”

Harvey clutched at his chest. The big curls on his head bounced extra heavily as he whipped around to look at Orrick. “Why are you throwing me under the bus?”

Orrick shrugged. “I wasn’t. I was just telling the truth.”

Oswin pushed his partner’s shoulder. “Looks like you’ve forgotten that Orrick is the serious one.”

“Yeah, and you’re the crazy one. How did I get stuck with you?”

“You know you’re lucky to be my partner,” he shot back. Luck had been on his side the day the Paranormal Crimes Department had paired them up. Boring never described their day.

Lona blew out a stream of smoke that turned into smiling faces. “Boys, stop your bantering and tell me why you three were so excited when I was walking up.”

He pointed at the still glowing dirt. “We just figured out how to take down the cloaking shield around an alien’s lair.”

The next stream of smoke Lona blew out turned into a burst of fireworks. “I’m proud of you, kittens.”

Oswin always did like her fireworks. He finished his beer and tossed the bottle in the trashcan. “Thanks, Mom. I hate to leave so soon after you showed up, but we have to go get some food and then head over to the Wyckoff’s. They’ll be excited about our news.”




“That’s better. You are a pup compared to me. I’m four hundred and twenty-five years old. I’ve learned a lot in those years and one of those things was how to secure any being.” At Oswin’s groan, Yarom chuckled. Excitement suddenly built in his mate. Yarom wondered what was going through his mate’s mind. He moved to the side of the bed so he could look into Oswin’s eyes.

A smug look entered his mate’s green eyes. “You’ll have to let me go in a bit because we won’t be fully mated until I’ve come in your sweet ass.”

The beast in him stirred. “You are mine to control and pleasure. Today you will learn a lot, boy.”

I love a sassy man. Yarom moved behind Oswin and began heating the man’s back, buttocks, and thighs with medium pressured hits of the flogger. When his mate was a pretty pink color, Yarom stopped and ran his hands soothingly over Oswin’s heated flesh.

A shiver ran through his mate at the same time as a wave of carnal desire came from his man. Yarom let his own arousal flow through their empathic link. He was rewarded with a guttural groan from Oswin.

Needing more, he put the flogger back in its place on the wall and then climbed onto the bed. For the split second he’d been gone, he’d felt a shift in his mate. He knew just what the man needed.

Oswin’s beautiful cock was jutting out proudly and leaking pre-cum. The precious flesh was begging for attention. Yarom licked his lips and positioned himself so that he could eat his bound lover’s erection. He fisted Oswin’s free-hanging balls and squeezed them with enough pressure to make his mate squirm. “Now that I’ve got your full attention, I want you to focus on what I’m doing to you. Don’t let any other thoughts enter your mind, boy.”

“I’ll try.”

He slapped Oswin’s thigh and growled. “You’ll do it.” He had detected Oswin’s emotions slipping to the sad side. As Oswin’s master, it was his job to make sure Oswin was cared for in every area of the warlock’s life.

As Yarom massaged his mate’s balls, he felt the man’s heated gaze on his body. Desire was quickly crowding out the sadness that had been trying to dominate his mate’s thoughts.

Echoing his own desire to his mate was a glorious feeling. Oswin shivered in response to his lust. Rewarding the man, he started tracing every vessel on his lover’s beautiful cock with his wet tongue. The need to feed from one of those plump vessels was strong, but since it was their first mating, he forced the need aside for now.

Yarom licked and kissed at the hard flesh before him until Oswin was moaning loudly and murmuring guttural words of praise. He continued to suck Oswin’s cockhead until he felt his mate tense. A moment later, Oswin’s lust peaked to an almost painful level. Yarom then pulled back and looked up at his mate. Mmm, Oswin is close, so very close.

Oswin’s chest heaved, and his handsome face was scrunched up. “Why didn’t you finish me off?”

“Because I have other plans for your luscious body, boy. Don’t question me, Just focus on the pleasure I’m giving you.”

He got up and retrieved the lube he’d seen earlier. He admired his bound mate’s stretched-out body for a long moment. Fuck, he’s fine with all those sleek muscles and tight little ass. Moving back onto the bed, Yarom massaged some oil into Oswin’s cock and then drizzled some on it. He then lay down in front of his mate and quickly began oiling his own ass.

Oswin’s nostrils flared as the man watched Yarom slide one and then two fingers into his own ass and slowly fuck himself. The young male looked at his own glistening cock and then back at Yarom’s oil-slicked ass.

“You can’t do this. I’m supposed to fuck you. Don’t make me spell my way out of your bonds. Just because my other spell didn’t work doesn’t mean my next one won’t.” His mate’s tone was fraught with frustration and lust.

Yarom grinned at his mate as he slotted Oswin’s cockhead to his own puckered entrance. In a quick, smooth movement, he wrapped his legs around his warlock, impaling himself onto Oswin’s pulsing, hard dick. Fireworks burst in his ass as the magical current in his warlock shot through him. Sparks lit him up as he used his legs and hands to rock his mate’s body. The magical man groaned sexily and then shouted a few ancient words. When Oswin’s eyes widened in surprise, the sadist in Yarom rejoiced in its victory over its mate.

As he continued to use Oswin’s steely erection to fuck himself, he relished the feel of his electrical mate’s cock in him. This wouldn’t happen often, so he planned on enjoying it and his mate’s surrender for a while. Lust rolled off of Oswin in great waves. Oh yes, we are perfect for one another.

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