The Detective's Vampire Mate (MM)

Vamp Mates 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 54,682
7 Ratings (3.7)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal, M/M, vampires, voyeurism, public exhibition, consensual BDSM, flogging, food play, HEA]
Dark forces come at Detective Orrick Sterling and his vampire mate, Drake Wyckoff, from all sides. It’ll take a lot of magic and muscle to save them.
A desperate need to go home suddenly stabs every nerve in Drake’s body. Something is wrong on a level he’s never experienced before. Drake quickly mists home. A fierce tingling circles his chest as lust fires him up. He wonders if there is a siren in his house. Hearing voices coming from a guest room, Drake heads that way. The sight of a man in a hoodie causes the beast in him to rear up. With feral need coursing through him, Drake advances on his mate.
When a golden-fay tries to kill Orrick, Drake’s beast roars in rage. As soon as he finds her, the fay will die for her actions, just like any other person that threatens his mate.
Attinie’s more determined than ever. Paranoia has the Roseanthian stepping up her game.
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Detective's Vampire Mate (MM)
7 Ratings (3.7)

The Detective's Vampire Mate (MM)

Vamp Mates 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 54,682
7 Ratings (3.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Drake could feel Orrick’s displeasure and realized he’d just grabbed the guy and misted him without a heads-up, again. “Sorry. I’ll keep trying,” he said through his mind link.

His mated started for a split second. “This could be tough for both of us,” Orrick admitted as he looked around the office.

Drake fished his cell out of his pocket and called his brothers and his two top men, Jose and Taylor. A moment later his office was filled with tough vampires and one unfazed warlock. But then, as a detective Orrick had probably seen a lot in his lifetime. That was good, he needed a strong mate.

Tristan looked at Drake and his brows drew together. “Why aren’t you still mating?”

“Orrick and I are all right. We’ll return to mating after the surveillance footage has been viewed. With everyone’s help it shouldn’t take too long.” Drake sat in his chair and started pulling up the file he needed.

“How is Wylie doing?” Orrick asked.

Caleb’s gaze went from one of the screens in front of them to Orrick. “He’s about the same. Luke will take good care of him.”

“Where was Osc…Wylie found?” The scent of Orrick was driving him a little crazy with lust, but Drake knew he could push the heat away for a while. Tristan’s voice jerked him back to reality. He pulled up the general area they believed the attacked happened.

The tension in the room was intense as they all watched the screen trying to find out what happened. At first, nothing unusual happened. After a few minutes, Orrick’s scent started driving Drake a little crazy. Lust started building in his groin. The animal in him stirred to life. It wanted to fuck its mate into submission. His human side didn’t believe Orrick would be a good submissive, but the animal in him wanted to totally control the handsome warlock.

Gums itching, Drake was just about to turn to his mate when Oscar, no Wylie, appeared on the lower right screen.

“There’s Oscar.” Taylor pointed at the owl.

“Wylie,” Jose corrected.

Drake was glad he wasn’t the only one calling Wylie, Oscar.

Wylie’s large wings flapped smoothly as he flew over the fence. His keen eyes scanned the area. The owl hooted and circled several times. For no apparent reason, Wylie dove toward the ground. The severe look on the owl’s face was one of a predator spotting its prey and coming in for the kill.

Drake wanted to look for Wylie’s target, but couldn’t take his gaze off of Wylie. One second the owl was after its invisible prey and the next Wylie was crying out and flying through the air backward.

“What the fuck?” Jose’s voice boomed around them.

“Replay the footage,” Tristan barked.

Drake raised a brow at his brother. Because it was such a serious matter, he was going to let it go.

“I’m sorry, Drake. I know you know what to do. Please, replay the footage.”

Drake nodded. “It’s all right. These are difficult times.” He replayed the footage and leaned in closer. They were all intently watching the scene when Greg popped into the room.

Jose nearly jumped out of his skin. The vampire looked at the ghost that was floating near Tristan and crossed himself. Jose really needed to get over his fear of ghosts.

Greg pointed a transparent finger at the screen. “Holy crap! What are those beings? I mean, it’s obvious that one is a human, but the six-armed being as well as the four-armed being are a little freaky.”

Drake looked at Greg. “Where are you seeing them?”

The spirit ran his fingers through his hair. “Nowhere now.”

He backed the feed up and watched where Greg had pointed. Sure enough, he could just make out three figures. He couldn’t tell how many limbs they had though. “Are you sure about the number of limbs they have?”

“Yes, can’t you see them?”

“No,” they all answered in sync.

“Tell us exactly what you see, Greg.” Tristan’s tone was more patient than Drake’s would have been.

Greg nodded and then tilted his see-through head to the left. A moment later, the spirit pointed at the screen. “This is the six-armed one and this is the four-armed one. It looks like they are talking. The four-armed one is now trying to climb the fence. See, he falls off and the six-armed one seems to kick the four-armed one. Now the four-armed one is getting up and the six-armed one is trying to climb the fence. This one’s giving it quite a go. Must be more determined.”

“Oh, I just caught a glimpse of what you’re seeing, but I can’t seem to continue to make them out. They are starting to blend into the surroundings again, damn it.” Orrick sounded as frustrated as Drake felt.

“I believe a human is approaching from here.” Greg pointed at a spot on the edge of the screen. “Now the six-armed one is giving up.”

Wylie flew overhead and Drake watched the owl closely.

Greg shifted excitedly. “Here. It looks like the six-armed one just held up four of its arms and then all you see is Wylie sailing through the air.”

Jose crossed himself again. “Something bad is out there. I can feel it in my bones.”

Orrick agreed, “Yes, it is. I don’t know of any beings on earth that have more than two arms. With the force it sent Wylie shooting through the air, he’s lucky to be alive.”

Gregg pointed at the screen again. “The six-armed one is bending down and doing something on the ground. I can’t make out what’s happening.”

“Drake, can you zoom in on the ground?”

“Yes.” They all leaned in closer. To Drake’s surprise, he saw ants swarm an area and then just disappear. What the hell? Did that creature just eat some ants?

“Look, it’s happening again and again,” Taylor pointed out.




After his muscled mate moved back, Orrick was able to see everything in the room. His cock jumped to attention. He moved to the curtain and pulled it open. People milled around the corridor peeking in every window. Knowing he’d have an audience ratcheted his lust to a higher level. He suddenly needed to dominate his big mate.

Orrick turned to Drake. “Strip,” he ordered. His mate immediately took his clothes off and piled them in a chair. Orrick walked over to the cuffs that were hanging from the ceiling. Drake came over and raised his arms over his head. Orrick loved the way his mate’s muscles rippled with every move he made. Since he didn’t want to use magic, he slid a mental step over and quickly cupped Drake. After sliding the step back against the wall, he knelt and secured his lover’s ankles with the wide spread cuffs attached to the floor.

With his man securely bound, he slowly walked around Drake. “Exquisite. That’s what you are.”

Drake’s gaze cut to the window. Orrick snapped his fingers and tsked. “Eyes over here. I’m the only person you need to worry about.” When Drake’s gaze landed on Orrick, he rewarded his mate by running his hands down the vampire’s sides and then slipping his hand around and cupping his bound lover’s balls.

A groan rumbled up from Drake’s chest. The sound inflamed Orrick’s blood. He massaged Drake’s sac until the man’s cock was hard and leaking pre-cum. To bring his lover down a bit, he stepped back and slowly circled Drake. Touching him lightly here and there. When his vampire growled, he tsked and stepped back to look at his man. A vein was throbbing in Drake’s forehead. “You are gorgeous.” Stepping forward, he flicked his tongue over Drake’s right nipple a few times before latching onto it and sucking. Hard muscles tensed when he ran his hand over a nice firm butt.

“I think this ass needs to be oiled and loosened. What do you think?”

“I think you should hurry the fuck up,” Drake replied through gritted teeth.

Orrick tsked and pinched his wayward lover’s left nipple. Drake’s erection bobbed eagerly. “You like that, huh?”

After circling around to stand behind his cuffed mate, Orrick picked up a bottle of lube and drizzled it over Drake’s tight ass. His mate moaned as he started rubbing the oil into his rounded globes and then into the crack that led to paradise. Pouring more oil into his hand, and onto the dark star between Drake’s spread legs, Orrick, started circling Drake’s puckered entrance round and round. When the tight muscle ease, he slid a finger in and started gently fucking his mate. As he worked his mate over the dimples in Drake’s lower back called to him. While he slid a second finger into Drake’s hot passage, he leaned in and kissed each indent. A shudder ripped through his vampire.

“Take me now,” Drake ordered in a passion-roughened voice.

“No, I’m in control.”

“You’ll pay.”

“I don’t care.” He slapped Drake’s ass a few times and then licked each dimple again. Sliding his hand up his mate’s inner thigh, Orrick slowly caressed the firm the flesh. At the junction of Drake’s strong legs, Orrick cupped the jewels hanging freely and started kneading them.

Drake’s body tightened and he cried out. Tugging the soft sac made his mate growled sexily. Leaning in, he licked Drake’s tantalizing lower back indent as he sank a third finger into his mate.

Drake hissed low and long. The sound shot pure lust through Orrick’s groin. Drake made the sound again and Orrick lost it. He removed his fingers from his mate and jumped to his feet. Moving to the front of his mate, Orrick stripped and growled. “You asked for it.”

He oiled his cock up slowly to show Drake who was in control. Walking around his bound vampire, he pulled Drake’s hips back and fitted his crown to Drake’s dark star. A breath later, he thrust forward.

The magical current that shot from him made them both groan. Three more thrusts and he was totally inside his mate’s body.

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