Grave Peril (MM)

Maple Grove 23

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,401
22 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, ManLove, Alternative, Paranormal, Shape-shifters, Romantic Suspense, MM, HEA]

Richie was on Braydon’s side when it came to the trouble he’d been in. He was right there for Braydon, until he met the guy his brother hated. Cannon was undercover, trying to take Vela Davila down, and had held a gun to Braydon. Richie should hate the cop, too. But did Cannon have to be so damn sexy? That made it hard to hate the guy, and even harder to resist him.

For the first time since Cannon could recall, he’s on vacation. Instead of going to see his father, he steered his Jeep toward Maple Grove. As if he hadn’t had enough of the town in his last visit. But he knew he’d made the right call when he ran into his mate, which happened to be the brother of the man who hated him. Cannon is determined to win Richie over, but fate has other plans. One of the corrupt cops he put away has escaped, and he’s gunning for Cannon.

Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Grave Peril (MM)
22 Ratings (4.6)

Grave Peril (MM)

Maple Grove 23

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,401
22 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole


He spotted a diner to his right and pulled into the slotted parking space, cutting off the engine and sitting there for a moment, soaking everything in.

The fading sun, the smell of the summer breeze, the birds chirping, and his blood pressure falling. Cannon leaned his head back and closed his eyes, inhaling the freedom to be himself for a short while.


Well, that didn’t last too long. Cannon opened his eyes and spotted Braydon. The redhead looked furiously at him with pinched lips and narrowed blue eyes, like a volcano ready to explode. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“Not trying to run into you.” Cannon sat up and stared at the guy with Braydon. They had to be related. Both had that fiery red hair and spatters of freckles over their noses and cheeks. Both had those diamond blue eyes, too. The color reminded Cannon of the sky on a cloudless day.

But it wasn’t Braydon Cannon was paying any attention to. It was his brother…cousin…however they were related. The two looked alike, but the one Cannon didn’t know had softer features, and his eyes were bemused and vivid.

Cannon got out and stepped onto the sidewalk, ignoring Braydon’s death stare as he held his hand out to the other guy. “Cannon Treynor.”

“I thought it was Boyd,” Braydon said with a slight sneer.

“You know damn well that was my undercover alias. I’m pretty sure you followed the trial closely.”

Braydon blushed, as if he were embarrassed that Cannon was right.

“Cosmo,” the other guy said as he shook Cannon’s hand.

“His real name is Richie,” Braydon said. “But that doesn’t matter because you’re going to stay away from both of us.”

Richie glared at Braydon. “Cockblock much?”

“Oh, hell no,” Braydon said. “You’re not interested in him.” He shoved a finger at Cannon. “He held a gun to me, pretended to be a bad guy, and scared ten years off my life.”

Cannon released Richie’s hand and shoved his own into his front pockets, enjoying the bickering while checking Richie out. The little human had a spark inside of him that Cannon found hot as fuck.

“We’re heading into the diner for dinner.” Richie looked at Cannon. “You can join us.” He batted those thick eyelashes at him, and damn if Cannon didn’t want to do whatever the guy asked. He didn’t even care if Richie noticed the open gaze that Cannon swept over him, the hunger he knew was in his eyes. It had been awhile since Cannon had gotten laid, and this little firecracker was right up his alley.

“Just as long as I can have you for dessert.” Cannon held the door open.

Richie blushed and snickered. It was the most adorable sound Cannon had ever heard. “You’re so bad.”

“I’m gonna throw up,” Braydon grumbled as he shot daggers at Cannon. “Are you always this fast when you meet a guy?” He wrinkled his nose and narrowed his eyes. “Pump the brakes, buddy. You’re not scoring with my brother.”

Richie shoved at Braydon’s shoulder. “I’m old enough to say yes to whomever I want.” He turned to Cannon. “But Braydon’s right. I don’t even know you.”

A fact Cannon wanted to change. “We introduced ourselves. Now we know each other,” he teased. He was just having fun, but in the end, if that got him laid, no harm done.

Richie looked as if he didn’t want to say no, either. He kept giving Cannon heated glances as they found a booth and sat. The little firecracker’s gaze kept flickering over Cannon with lingering heat.

Braydon rolled his eyes. “Now I’ve lost my appetite. Will you two stop looking at each other like you want to fuck on the table?”

Richie punched Braydon’s arm. “And you say I have an uncensored mouth. That was rude and embarrassing.”

“Sorry.” Braydon looked away, staring out the window with a scowl, sulking as he rubbed where Richie had struck him. Cannon didn’t think the hit was that hard. More like Braydon was occupying his hand as he thought of a million ways to kill Cannon without getting caught.

“Look, Braydon.” Cannon sighed. “We got off on the wrong foot. Why don’t we start over?”

Richie’s red brows tugged together. “Did you really aim a gun at my brother?”

This was going downhill fast. Cannon knew he’d fucked up, and he was trying to make it right, but it seemed as if Braydon didn’t want to hear anything he had to say.

He got up and nodded toward them. “I’m going to let you two enjoy your dinner in peace. Sorry to have bothered you.”

Richie looked like he wanted to protest but pressed his lips together. Braydon didn’t even look Cannon’s way. He kept glaring at the window.

Knowing when to fold ’em, Cannon went to the other end of the diner and sat on one of the stools at the counter. His promising night had just crashed and burned.

He ate his meal in silence but kept looking down the aisle where Braydon and Richie sat, talking and laughing and enjoying their food, which Cannon had to admit was amazing.

He normally walked away when rejected, but he couldn’t seem to forget that Richie was there, those sweet lips taunting him in a way that had Cannon’s insides twisting up and heat simmering in his veins.

A hunger so raw ate at him that Cannon had to do a double take. He’d never reacted to anyone like this before.

He caught Richie looking his way, his lip trapped between his teeth as a blush surfaced and he averted his eyes. Cannon’s panther yowled at the color that crept across Richie’s cheeks.

Braydon had taken the seat opposite, so his back was turned to Cannon, which was good because Cannon didn’t want any more death stares. Not when he had the hottest guy in the diner stealing glances his way.

Maybe his night wasn’t a bust after all. Cannon just had to make sure Braydon was out of sight before he made his move.




A flush colored Richie’s cheeks as he met Cannon’s gaze. His eyes, the color of sapphires, widened as Cannon dipped his head, feathering his mouth over soft, plump, kissable lips. He drew in Richie’s breath, enjoying the surprise on the human’s face before he snaked his tongue out and ran the tip over pearly-white, straight teeth, rubbing his tongue over the grooves, playfully nipping Richie’s tongue. “How often do you use this?”

Instead of answering him, Richie’s eyes fluttered closed as he reached with his mouth to take more of Cannon’s kisses. Cannon would let the subject drop for now.

Cannon plunged his tongue deeper, his chest pressed against Richie’s, their dicks aligned. He could feel that Richie was just as hard as he was. The man’s cock rubbed against Cannon’s through their fabric, making him wish they were naked. Releasing Richie’s wrists, Cannon used one hand to balance his weight and the other to move between their bodies, pulling at his mate’s pajama bottoms until he had them down to Richie’s thighs.

He wasn’t as coordinated as he would have liked, but he managed to free Richie’s cock and then his own, gripping them both with his hand.

Richie bucked, his back arching as his head pushed into the headboard. Damn, he was so fucking beautiful when he was aroused. And the noises, god, the noises excited Cannon’s blood. They told him that Richie was becoming unhinged in his arms, that Cannon was setting his mate on fire. Cannon captured his mate’s lips, feeling the vibrations of the whining and gasping against his mouth.

Though the feelings riding him were taking him to heights, Cannon needed more. The soft skin, the heated flesh, and the sensuality coming from Richie were too much.

Cannon wanted to be inside his mate as he voiced his erotic pleasure. Giving his hips one last roll, Cannon moved back onto his knees and pulled at Richie’s pants, guiding them down the masculine legs. He pushed Richie’s left leg over so he could take them all the way off.

Tossing them aside, Cannon drank in the legs that he wanted to feel wrapped around him as he fucked his mate, claimed him. His hands smoothed up Richie’s thighs, cupped his balls, and gave them a light squeeze.

Richie groaned his approval.

Right before he knelt back between Richie’s legs, Cannon pulled his shirt over his head and let it fall to the floor.

Richie’s eyes stared at Cannon before lowering, going down the length of Cannon’s body. They lingered at his erection before moving lower. The heated gaze made Cannon move closer, loving that his mate appreciated what he was seeing.

“You look like you want to gobble me up.”

Richie’s cheeks filled with a pink blush as he sucked in his bottom lip. “You have a very nice body.”

“I have to stay in shape for my job.” He wasn’t sure why he had said that. He could have just thanked Richie for the compliment. Cannon realized he was just as nervous about claiming Richie as his mate was.

He’d never been edgy when it came to sex. He’d had plenty of it—never boasting that he was an expert—but his heart never pounded as hard as it was now and his hands never shook. But they were as Cannon showed Richie the lube. “We’re good.”

Cannon inwardly rolled his eyes. Maybe he needed to shut up. Pressing his lips firmly together, Cannon rejoined Richie. He tucked the bottle by Richie’s head before pressing his body over his mate’s, taking his lips in another unhurried kiss.

Richie warmed right back up to Cannon’s touch, his hands gripping Cannon’s shoulders as their tongues dueled. He reached for the bottle, grabbing it.

“Ow,” Richie cried as his hand flew to his head.

Cannon realized he had pulled a few strands of Richie’s red hair while grabbing the tube. What in the fuck was wrong with him tonight? He was acting like a teenager having awkward and fumbling sex for the first time. He didn’t understand what was going on, but Cannon didn’t like it.

“Sorry,” he said lamely, wishing he could reverse what had just happened and avoid the embarrassment.

Richie chuckled. “Excited?”

His mate’s easy laugh had Cannon grinning. He was so amped up about claiming the man that he wasn’t enjoying himself. He was all exposed nerves and clumsy moves. Once he knew why he was acting this way, Cannon relaxed. “It isn’t every day I claim someone for my mate.”

Richie’s blue eyes began to smolder as he gave a deep nod.

“Shit,” Cannon whispered under his breath, knowing he was about to lose—and maybe already had lost—himself in this gorgeous creature. Richie was about to become his life, his to protect and love, his lifelong companion. There was going to be no other for Cannon.

Richie was it.

But he couldn’t find it in himself to regret a lonely love life that had consisted of random lovers. His panther was purring, ready to settle down with this one human being.

And so was Cannon. He still wasn’t sure what he would do about his job, his undercover work, and Cannon wasn’t going to think about it. Not right now. He had a mate to claim. Everything else could wait.

Reaching between his mate’s parted legs, Cannon used two well-lubed fingers to spear inside Richie’s tight ass. Richie gasped, clenching his fingers tighter into Cannon’s shoulders as he worked the flesh, stretching the muscle he was going to soon take.

Cannon watched the volley of emotions that flickered across Richie’s face, the way his body tensed and then relaxed as he listened to the sounds falling from the man’s parted lips. Richie’s knees drew toward his chest, his legs falling to the sides as Cannon inserted a third finger.

The image of Richie underneath him was seared into Cannon’s mind as he pulled his hand back. He wanted to remember this moment, the moment when he claimed Richie for his own. With a purr Cannon removed his fingers to a soft whimper, which was quickly replaced by groans as the broad head of his erection was pushed up against Richie’s glistening and pulsating entrance.

Cannon felt Richie’s body welcome him as he inched his cock inside. They both groaned at the same time.

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